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Private/Closed Super Hero RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Flame the Trainer, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. You will be a super hero, just hang out, save people, do what any other Super hero would do. Don't be Super hero that already exists.

    No one-liners
    No Double Posting
    No Cursing
    No Cheating
    Keep it at PG
    No One can join, i will delete your post

    People who can join: @Canpan @Julie63 @VulpixNinetales

    Submit this before posting a text.
    Citizen Name:
    Super Hero name:
    Apperence (Please do both citizen and superhero, may use pictures):
    Weapons (Only if you a hero like batman):

    I think thats it.

    My Profile:
    Citizen Name: Doug
    Super Hero name: Flame
    Apperence (Please do both citizen and superhero, may use pictures): Super- red shirt, blue pants, red shoes, red eye mask Citizen- Blue pants, Red shirt, red cap, skull necklace, Blue shoes
    Personality: Friendly, lazy
    Superpowers: Ice and fire Powers, super strength
    Weapons (Only if you a hero like batman):
  2. Citizen name: Alex
    Hero name: Ghost
    Appearance as superhero: Black mask, Black shirt, Black pants, Blakc boots, Black Gloves, has a locker with family photo in it.
    Citizen appearance: Black shirt, Red flannel, dark blue Jeans, Black shoes, black sunglasses, blue eyes blonde hair.
    Personality: Kind, loving, very protective of animals, quiet.
    Powers: invisibility, super strength and super hearing.
    Weapons: none
  3. Citizen Name: Kayleigh
    Super Hero name: Frozen Death
    Apperence (Please do both citizen and superhero, may use pictures):
    Personality: Bragger, One of those mean popular girls, Lazy when citizen but energetic when superhero
    Superpowers: Ice & snow
    Weapons (Only if you a hero like batman): 1 snow-cloud orb and 1 icy orb to control powers.
  4. Good
  5. What about me?
  6. Very uh, creative
  7. Are you surprised Ash?
  8. I like yours.
  9. About what I choose to do for my citizen. And the name I picked. I would of some a guy one but it would of been weird for you.
  10. Also for citizen I wear the family photo in the locket to for motivation because for this I lost my family to a villain.
  11. yes everyone is in,
  12. Can we start already..
  13. you could have been started.
  14. (Ok here we go) the city was huge, I walked the streets to get to my job as a super hero at the HQ. HQ was busy every day. Hero's running left and right and I just walked. The boss wanted to see me, Kayleigh and Doug. To talk about our next mission. I wonder what it will be. We arrive at the boss's office we sat.
  15. (Really, stop quotting me in every time you post.)
    "We really need someone to go get coffee." Flame said to assistant
    "Fine I will go and get it." Assistant replied while leaving
    "Ugh another emergency, why did i agree to be a super hero." Flame said.
  16. (You didn't start it so you got what you got bro)
  17. "Well boss, what will our mission be today?" asked Kayleigh. She had MANY ideas. A new villian?
    A new HQ to build?
    A new..
    Kayleigh just folded her arms and sat, looking exited but trying to hold a straight face.
  18. Ghost looks at Kayleigh and back at boss. "So what will it be boss?" I sat there holding my brother braclet on my wrist hoping to find out who killed my family...
  19. "The Alien returns for revenge." Flame said. (He's in his hero form right now, when he's in citizen form it will be Doug said. btw.)
    "I never thought this will happen again." Flame said remembering the last battle with the alien. It was terriable, half of the world was destroyed. It was Superman and him against the villian. Superman was destroyed so Flame started this hero Academy to get new heroes for when the Alien came back, but it was too soon. No one was ready for this battle.
  20. Sighs. "Aliens... I hate aliens I remember what happened last time they came." Said Ghost. Looks at flame and Kayleigh. I got a sad look on my face. It has been 5 years since my parents and brother and sister died. Asks."any news on my family's death?"
  21. "I gave you the file with the information, read it." FLame replied thinking of what to do. Flame started to go to the emergency Alien button but hesitated to push it. He couldn't do it because he knew many people would die from fighting it.
  22. Looks at flame and sighs because I know we would lose a lot from this again. "Are you ready for this?" Saids Ghost. Them starts think about that file then remembers the file the villains name was one of the worst villains of all. I hated him for what he did but I didn't let the hate over come me like others. Sighs.
  23. "Not really, but i dont think i have a choice." Flame said while his right fist started to flare up and left have started to ice up. "This enemy needs to die, i will not deal with him ever again."
  24. "Let's do this then! We can do this to protect our world and all of humanity! Let's do this!" Said Ghost. Thinks, I'm not ready but we have to do this.
  25. (Stop hitting the reply button on my posts, STOP!)
    "No one is ready to deal with this enemy." Flame said started to walk out. "Put this place on lockdown after I leave, so no one gets hurt."
  26. (I do what I want) "I'm coming with you Flame. You need my help to get everyone ready. And I'm not going to take no for an answer!" Said Ghost. I was scared of the aliens but I had to do this for my family I know they would be proud of me I though.
  27. "No, I'm only fighting them, Mind call the emergency alien help number." FLame said.
    "Alright." Mind said calling and some girl appeared outside. Flame went outside and pushed a button and everyone was locked in and couldn't get out.
    "Let's go Mal." Flame said.
    "Alright, and get this overwith." Mal said.
    "Yeah, so i don't have to deal with this again." FLame said.
  28. I stand there frustrated and I was going to have another out burst when my crush Jay came over and just hugged me. Jay said, " it's going to be ok. He will be fine he can take care of him self." I looked at her and calmed down. "I just wanted to help since I couldn't stop steel from killing my family. That's why I became a hero instead of a villain." I said. I walked over to the intercom and said "Stay calm, we won't be in lock down anymore once flame gets back from his mission." I looked really frustrated and I would of lost my cool if it want for Jay.
  29. Then Flame gets shot through the roof. "That hurt." Flame said jumping up and punches the alien.
    "It's only one alien, how can it be this strong?" Mal asked.
    "Don't ask me, you know alien life is mysterious." Flame replied.
  30. Flame and Mal took the alien into space. No Oxygen but it could be done. Then the alien ship crashed in the building.
    "My bad." Flame said jumping into the building.
    "Wow this place needs to be fixed, I swear the alien was much stronger." Flame said.
    "Yeah, maybe it was a trick or a warning." Mal said.
    "Ain't the alien in jail or something?" Flame asked.
    "Yeah, actually." Mal replied.
  31. As I walked into the gym in the HQ to let out some steam as I walked to the solid steel punching bag I punched it. It hurt more than usual. As shaking my hand Jay walked in and asked "Why do you always punch that one?" Said Jay. "Because it's the only one I can't break. And it's not as soft." Ghost said. "You seem angrier than normal Ghost." Said Jay. " I'm not angrier just upset with Flame, I wanted to help on this fight and he wouldn't let me." Said Ghost. I it went silent and I started to punch the bag again and Jay started to work out to I was upset because I felt like a sitting duck there doing nothing.
  32. "Man, i just want one day off, seems like a new battle everyday." Flame said. "I gotta go." Later in his room.
    "I wonder why an alien came here." Doug said.
    "Maybe it was trying to free its fellow alien." Shrinket said.
    "Why are you here?" Doug asked her.
    "Just wanted to know if I can take the test again." Shrinket said.
    "No, I'm going to have to change it everytime someone takes it now because you take it every week now." Doug replied.
    #35 Flame the Trainer, Sep 29, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2016
  33. I go and pick up the phone and texts Flame. "Hey, let me know when your done with the fight, you have to let us out of the HQ." Said Ghost.
  34. Looks at text and relizes he forgot to stop the lockdown. Pushes a button and the lockdown it over.
    "I completely forgot about the lockdown." Doug said to himself.
    "Your always forgetting stuff." Shrinket said.
    "Shut it." Doug replied. "Get out of my room." Doug closes the door and lays on his bed trying to figure out why the alien came here.
  35. I lockdown was over and it was dark out I was about to walk out and go fight crime with out boss's consent and I heard Jays voice "Where do you think your going?" Said Jay. "I'm going out to stop criminals." Said Ghost. "Without tell the boss?" Said Jay. "I do this every day he knows that i do this. I got to go I will see you tomorrow Jay!" Said Ghost. I walked out that building and a block away I got kidnapped some how by an Alien.
  36. Then the alert went off. "Son of *****." Doug said. He went into his superhero form and headed to his office.
    "What is it now?" Flame asked.
    "One of our heroes have been kidnapped by some creature we dont know about." Assistant said.
    "Good thing i planted a tracking device in every new hero here." Flame said. "Do we know where they are at?"
    "We are finding that out as we speak." Assistant replied trying to track where Ghost was.
  37. I woke up in an abandoned ware house in a cage that blocks my powers but not the tracker. I looked at the Alien and I looked at me I got a bad feeling about this."what are you and what do you want?" Ghost said. It looked at me and put a translator on its neck and said "we come here to take over your planet and destroy all love other than you an you leader" it said in a weird voice. I checked my pocket everything was gone. I listened to the outside world and found Flame and I knew they would attack him. Hearing was the only thing it couldn't block.
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