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Sunset Mountain

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Persian, May 31, 2007.

  1. Carrie leaned down and absently scratched the top of Jolteon's head, spreading syrup over her own pancakes with her other hand.

    "Rei got a rabid Eevee. I changed out Pearl for Espeon until we get to Cianwood. Jaxon, Elle and Arita wandered off somewhere--I think two went to the gym, and I don't know where Elle went, though both she and Arita passed by a few minutes ago. I think they're out shopping."

    Rai sat next to her, a paw curled around the handle of a plastic spork. She was shoveling the chef salad into her mouth at a moderate pace, grumbling lightly about the lack of ranch dressing. Carrie patted her atop the head in consolation.

    A few feet away Charles had already finished his bag of barbeque chips, yawning briefly and settling down on the earth for a nap. Espeon was still eating--turning his back on the group as if to safeguard his beloved jerky--and Mischief was neck deep within the bag of donuts, no doubt his face covered with white powder. Carrie rolled her eyes.
  2. Sonjo finished his pancake, throwing his trash in the bag it came in. "I was planning on going to the store myself. The Ramen I gave to Jaxon was the last cup I had. Then, I wanted to exchange Kadabra with Row- my Typhlosion. It's been awhile since I last took him out." Riolu copied Sonjo's gesters as he made them.
  3. Lute had thought it best to feed his own beasts, as well. He silently, as if he had any other way of doing it, released his other Pokemon: Metang, Raticate, Marril, Linoone, and Sandslash. He set out some bowls and his Chatot joined them. He filled them with PokeChow, and his Linoone hovered over his bowl protectively. While the others ate, the Linoone picked up its bowl and carried it over to the bushes to eat in privacy.

    Lute smiled amusedly at the Linoone before getting out a Pop Tart and eating it.
  4. Carrie finished her own pancakes, taking the empty bag of jerky from Jolteon as his head came back into view. She spent the next few minutes gathering the trash from her team's meal, leaving Rai be (she still had half her salad left). She threw the trash away, recalling them all except Jolteon and Rai. She turned to Sonjo.

    "I'll go with you. I need to restock my food. Rai needs more salad (it goes bad if I carry it for too long), and Espeon finished off my jerky."
  5. Lute gathered up the food dishes as his Pokemon finished them and recalled the creatures themselves. Chatot returned his shoulder and whistled. Linoone popped it's head out of the bushes, then ducked back down. It hopped out with its food bowl and handed it to Lute, who then recalled the Pokemon.
  6. ((OOC: Sorry guys, but I'm going to have to post only a couple sentences. I'm sick, very dizzy, and I need to lie down...I can't read what's been posted except for a couple posts, so just carry on without me for now...T_T))

    Rei followed the group silently, and joined in the eating. She let out both Mushiko and Pichu to join her (though Pichu wasn't too happy that they were with the whole group), though her nameless Eevee stayed inside his Pokeball.

    The three ate silently (some more than others - to both, since Pichu whimpered, Rei didn't have much of an appetite, and Mushiko chewed sort of loudly), as they were all too deep in thought to speak.

    Rei wondered how she was going to train her rabid Eevee, and for how long she'd keep him - she really didn't like Eevee, and this one seemed more trouble than it was worth to keep in the long term. She still had some of her juvenile guilt about letting fuzzy creatures die on her watch, just enough to keep her from turning it in for a euthanization; however, she really didn't want to have to deal with the said fuzzy creature...especially not evolve it. Why give it more ways to kill her than it already had? Then again, they were going to the backcountry. Maybe she could release it there?

    Mushiko was wondering just how cheap the Eevee must have been for Rei to buy him...he didn't sound wonderful in any sense, from what she heard from Rei. Honestly, she didn't think he sounded all that powerful. If there was anything Eevee were known for, it wasn't their attack power, or any stat or special battling ability, for that matter.

    Pichu just thought about whether or not any of the people or their Pokemon would eat him...

    They finished in silence, and Rei returned her less confident to his Pokeball. She got up, nodded at Carrie, and followed her for lack of anything better to do (and, although she didn't really think about it much, a run to the store could never do anyone harm).
  7. Sonjo Got up, and pat himself off for any crumbs that might of fell on him while he was eating. "Alright, let's go then." The both of them trotted on down to the PokeMart. The glass door slided open, the cool air hitting their face. Sonjo himself grabbed several Beef flavored Ramen, then moved onto bottled water and several other food for his pokemon. After he brought it all up to the clerk, he stuffed it all into the bag.

    (( Hope you feel better, Persian. ^_^ ))
  8. Carrie went about her business, gathering the jerky, another salad (Rai, with a pout, demanded she receive caeser this time), and a few bottles of water. As an afterthought she purchased some status cures (Antidotes never hurt anyone) and a few potions. However tough her Pokemon were, there was no telling what they might encounter on the way to Olivine.

    Rai and Jolteon remained near her feet, communicating in their own, silent ways. Rai's tail twitched, and in response Jolteon's ear flicked. Rai nodded and tugged at Carrie's sleeve. Carrie looked down at her.

    "Raiii," The Electric mouse drew out with a slight whine, pointing to something on the other end of the store. Carrie twisted about to see.

    An ice cream machine (obviously newly installed, given it's lack of filth) was nestled between the coffee machine and a rack of Pokeballs, gleaming from the light from the windows. Carrie raised an eyebrow and looked between the two Pokemon.

    "Alright," She sighed after a moment, "go get your treats."

    Rai cheered happily, pumping a paw into the air. Jolteon rolled his eyes but followed. The mouse busied herself with the cones, and Carrie couldn't see exactly what she was doing. Her only indication was Jolteon's huffing.

    When Rai came back Carrie couldn't help but gape. Three scoops towered from the graham cracker cone, chocolate and raspberry swirled together. She had topped it with all sorts of things (nuts, fudge and oreo crumbs to name a few), and it looked fairly nauseating.

    Carrie rolled her eyes, pulling out three extra bills to add to the tab. She grabbed the items she purchased and placed them in her bag, sternly trying not to smile at Rai's gleeful outcry behind her.

    She stepped back to allow the next in line to make their purchases. Rai's face was already covered with all sorts of gooey things, and with a smile she offered it to Jolteon. He stared at the sugary concoction for a moment before taking a hesitant lick. Rai--seeing the oppurtunity--briefly pushed it into his face, ignoring his indignant yelps.

    She pulled it back and resumed her eating, looking very smug. Jolteon glared at her through dripping ice cream and fudge smeared across his face, oreo crumbles falling off his nose to land on the floor.

    Carrie sighed and retrieved a napkin, wiping the sticky stuff of the dog and cleaning up the floor. Sometimes Rai could be so childish...
  9. Sonjo looked over to the ice cream machine. Riolu saw Carrie's pokemon enjoying their treats, and wanted some too; he tugged at Sonjo's headband. "Eh? You just ate breakfast! I bought you some treats too, don't worry." The aura pokemon gave Sonjo a glare, and pouted on his shoulder, crossing its arms and looking at the floor.

    Jealousy will get you nowhere.
  10. Jaxon scurried into the Pokemart, ignoring Carrie and Sonjo. He didn't even think they noticed him.

    Potions, Antidotes, Paralyze Heals...alright, I got everything.

    Just as he was leaving the Mart, he shouted back into the store (just so those two could hear), "We move. Now. Find Arita."

    Soundcheck was waiting outside, humming happily as local children climbed and played all over him. Jaxon felt bad to take away their fun, but this was rather urgent. Those agents were a scout troop, not a trained battle squad. Any scout group has a battle squad close by, and they don't play nice. By now, they might even be in the town...

    That thought horrified Jaxon. "Innocents....no...not anymore. Sound, come on."

    He knew Arita could take care of herself, and the others can too. Rei...well...she DOES have a crazy Eevee...But crazy doesn't avoid a bad case of poison. Hopfully, these weren't the specially trained 'Toxic Team'. Those guys were nasty.

    God, I just wanted to sleep...
  11. Lute went about the store, picking up some basic supplies. He saw Carrie buying treats for her Pokemon. He considered doing the same, but he really didn't have that kind of money. Besides, he didn't want to spoil his Pokemon.

    He looked up as Jaxon barked a command at Carrie and Sonjo and wondered what got him all riled up. Just the same, it couldn't mean anything good. He quickly bought his stuff and waited outside the store for Carrie and Sonjo.
  12. Carrie frowned at Jaxon, Rai and Jolteon peering around her legs at him curiously as she left the store. "I think Arita's at the Gym. What's got you fired up?"
  13. Arita passed by a few of her traveling companion looking nervous outside of the pokémart. She raised a hand in greeting before sliding into the pokémart. The cool air greeted her.

    She browsed for a while before coming to the pokéball shelf. Several different kinds were displayed there. She had two open spaces in her party. She picked up two balls, rolling them in her hands. She put one down, picked up a Great ball. That felt better. A pokéball and a Great ball. She trotted down the isles, browsing, tapping an item here and there. Her ghosts didn't eat much, but she was running low on pokéfood for Tracey. . .

    She took her purchases up to the counter and paid. A few full heals, the two balls, and a few super potions. She found the regular potions just didn't do it for her pokémon anymore.

    Her purchases in hand, she trotted out the sliding glass doors, gazing across the town. Her companions were still by the door. She wondered when she should tell then she wouldn't be joining them.
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  14. "Oh, don't mind me," said Jaxon in a mocking tone, "I just wanna' be able to live my life a bit longer. Galactic is after me. And I think they're in this town right now. This isn't..."

    An explosion rattled the city.

    "No...it's started. Get your best Pokemon out and fan the city. See if your can guide women and children to the Center, and drive these lunatics back."

    Now that the stage was set...Doom could take part.

    "Go, Doom!" After the light cleared, a jet-black dog appeared. Doom was undoubtedly Jaxon's strongest Pokemon, its just she...wasn't too keen on battling things she found "cuddly" or "cute". Which happened to be most things. She glanced at a passing Caterpie and gently pawed it.

    "NOT NOW! We got an emergency here!" Doom looked back with an 'Is it THAT important?' kind of look.

    Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a Sneasel and its trainer rushing toward them, poised for attack.

    Hmm...maybe there isn't that many...

    "Doom, Flamethrower!" Not a millisecond after Jaxon issued the attack, Doom responded with a grand pillar of flame. Its part Ice...so that should do it.

    After the trainer (humiliated and slightly charred) ran away, Jaxon sent Doom and Blade to scan the city.

    My luck never changes...
  15. Carrie's eyebrows jumped up to her hairline. Next to her Rai looked at him in shock, her ice cream cone falling from her grasp to splatter across the ground.

    She didn't notice. She cracked her knuckles and looked up at her trainer, Jolteon doing the same. Carrie glanced at them both.


    She grabbed at a Pokeball at her belt, releasing Charles into the air. He flapped his wings to stay afloat, slightly sleepy. He looked at her in confusion.

    "We have an emergency!"

    Another explosion shook the town, and all traces of grogginess vanished from his face. He landed with a heavy thump, bending down to allow her upon his back. Carrie climbed up, looking down at the two still on the ground.

    "You two know where the Tower is. Meet me there. We're going to evacuate the tourists."

    Rai saluted and Jolteon gave a bark of acknowledgement. With an inhuman burst of speed the two raced off towards the Tower, Rai settling down onto all fours to move faster, slightly struggling to keep up with Jolteon, who was moving so fast he almost didn't blur.

    Carrie looked at the group.

    "Normally I wouldn't agree with him, but this seems serious. Arita, since you're good with Ghosts you'll probably take the Gym, right?"

    She didn't wait for an answer. "Come on, guys. We need to help these people."

    Charles took off, heading for the Tower.
  16. Riolu seemed too be fixated at the site of the explosion. "Right. I'll go to the Eevee Sister's to escort them to the Center. He threw several his pokemon, which revealed Sudowoodo, and Zangoose. "Alright, you two go to the restaurant over there, and lead them to the Pokecenter. There's no time to explain." The both of them nodded, and headed towards the diner. He recalled Riolu, seeing as he wasn't really capible of defending himself yet, and sent Combusken out. Soon after, they headed to the Eevee Sisters'.
  17. Lute looked incredulous at the fact that this was even happening. This seemed a little extreme. Attacking an entire city just to get at some minor flunky that can't even steal a Pokemon? Unfortunately, this was the reality of the situation. He got out his flute and started playing. Two PokeBalls on his belt popped open, and his Marril and Sandslash materialized in front of him.

    With the group scattering every which way, Lute needed to decide which spot to cover. The Pokemon Center seemed to be the designated safe spot, but no one has mentioned trying to secure it first. Thus he dashed over to it, his Pokemon close behind.
  18. Charles flew at an amazing speed overhead, powerful wings flapping to keep himself in the air. Carrie rode on his back, peering through the whipping locks of her hair at the ground.

    Trainers were pouring out of the Center, releasing their Pokemon at an incredible rate. It seemed they held the same idea their group had, and it was a relief to know they weren't the only ones trying to rescue the citizens.

    The Towers came into sight and Charles dropped into a dive, slowing enough to land gracefully upon the grass before them. A few tourists huddled by the front doors, looking very frightened. Jolteon and Rai came to greet her, having waited.

    Carrie approached the frightened group, trying to appear calming.

    "It's alright," She said soothingly, "we have it under control. I'm here to escort you to the Pokemon Center. Come along."

    They didn't move, but after a few moments a few people took tentative steps forward, relief at being rescued spilling across their faces. Carrie offered them an encouraging smile.

    Another explosion wiped all relief out of existence. High above plaster and stone showered the sky, a good chunk of the Tower coming crashing down. The group panicked, running, screaming out from under the rubble. Carrie ushered them along, and looked up. High above a Flying Pokemon she didn't recognize burst from the Tower, already descending upon them.

    She looked at the frightened group, then at the Flying Pokemon. She turned to Jolteon.

    "Get them to the Center," She ordered him, brooking no argument. He looked at her hesitantly before turning away, barking a sign for the group to follow.

    Carrie turned back to the inevitable battle before her. The Flying Pokemon landed, someone--the uniform identified him as a member of Team Galactic--climbing off its back.
  19. As soon as Sonjo opened the doors to the Eevee Sisters' studio, a Skuntank sent a Vaporeon flying, soon fainting after landing. Two members of Team Galactic stood before Sonjo, one female, and the other male. "

    "And just what do you think you're doing, little boy?" The woman asked. He gritted his teeth. "That's what I should be asking you." he replied. The team's pokemon turn toward Sonjo, the Skuntank belonging to the man, and a Purugly to the woman. He reached for Alraria, and sent her out.

    This shouldn't take long...
  20. Jaxon was rather shocked to see many other trainers doing what he himself and his (friends?) were. Blade quickly took down two teams with ease. He seemed almost bored. Jaxon knew that there had to be a leader somewhere--it was in the handbook--and he was intent on finding him/her. He clutched Shade's Pokeball.

    I don't know...all the excitement may rile him up...

    Instead, he took Soundcheck out. Since Soundcheck was there during the explosion, he should know exactly where the sound came from. Jaxon hopped onto him and told him what he was looking for. "Sound, remember that big sound you heard?" He reluctantly nodded. Jaxon gripped onto to it very tightly, his knuckles turning white, even though they weren't going anywhere... "Go find it." Soundcheck's eyes flashed and he flew directly at the source, remembering the time, frequency, length, and, most importantly, the place. Wherever that was.

    Doom returned, running next to them, trying to keep at their pace. Jaxon laughed a little. "Doom, return." They were heading toward the corner of the town. A piece of the tower falling startled Jaxon. He saw Carrie's Charizard and another, unrecognisable flying Pokemon duking it out. Retuning his attention forward, he spotted the leader.

    "Your kidding me." Apparently, while Jaxon was gone, Galactic standards went overboard. This was a rookie, a grunt. But he had a leader's uniform.

    He recognized Jaxon immediately. "So," he said with the kind of arrogance that makes you wanna' punch someone, "You come to turn yourself in?" Jaxon was pissed by now. "I know your not the best group to hang around with, but this is going too far! You could have killed someone!" The leader put on a horrifying, ghastly grin. "The night is still young."

    He had enough. "Doom, come out." He said this calmly, like nothing was wrong. Then looked directly at the poor excuse for a leader and said: "Consider this...my resignation. Hyper Beam!"

    A humongous column of light shot out of Doom's mouth, annihilating everything in front of it. This light could be seen from miles away, and may even alert for help.
  21. Carrie wasn't going to let him have all the fun. She waited until the dust settled, seeing the Flying Pokemon still standing. Jaxon stood off to the side with his Houndoom. She hadn't seen them approach.

    "Rai," she said calmly. Rai punched the air in front of her, tail whipping about. Charles snorted, a plume of flame sprouting from his nostrils. "Hit 'em with Thunder. Charles--Fire Blast."

    The Pokemon obeyed. A great fork of electricity shot from Raichu, heading to their opponent. Charles' attack joined hers, and both hit the area around the Team member. Carrie didn't know if it had hit--both attacks had poor accuracy rates, after all--and instead moved to Jaxon's side.

    "Do you know him?" She asked lightly. She had heard him mention the leader; perhaps, if they took him out first, the others would retreat?
  22. Lute was relieved to see that other trainers were taking up positions around the Pokemon Center. He wasn't sure what he was worried about. Surely, the Center would be protected by its own patrons.

    "Yeah, taking out the Pokemon Center isn't going to be easy," a voice behind Lute said. He spun around and leapt back to see a girl standing behind him. She was about his age, but had stark-white hair in long, vicious spikes. She wore a grunt's uniform, except the skirt went down to her ankles, and she was wearing a trenchcoat that was silver on the right side and black on the left. "But if we're razing the city to the ground, then we're razing this city to the ground." She eyed the Chatot on Lute's shoulder. "What are you supposed to be, a pirate?"

    Lute glanced at Chatot, who quickly took off for the Pokemon Center. Marril and Sandslash stepped in front of him. Lute brought his flute to his lips and started playing a battle theme.

    "Gonna be a little hard to battle with that thing in your mouth isn't it?" the girl said. He got out a couple PokeBalls. "Whatever. I've got a job to do. Exploud, Tyranitaur, go!"

    The moment the two Pokemon materialized, Marril shot an Ice Beam into the Tyranitar and Sandslash was rolling into the Exploud. Neither had been taken out, but the girl had been taken by surprise.

    "What are you, psychic?" the girl griped. "Show off. Exploud, Hyper Voice. Tyranitar, Dragonbreath."

    Sandslash dove underground, avoiding the attacks. Marril, meanwhile, was hit by both and promptly exploded, only to be replaced with another.

    "Oh, you're good," the girl commented.
  23. The Eevee sisters seem frightened and defeated, as their team lay fainted on the floor. Sonjo anylised the type differences, and then assigned commands. "Alright, Combusken, Sky Uppercut on the Purugly! Altaria, Dragon Pulse!" Combusken smirked, and run up to his target, and quickly gave it a stong rising punch. Altaria gave her target a blue flame, which scatter into several when it met with its pre-approved enemy.

    "Crap. I'm out..." The female Galactic agent recalled her fainted pokemon. Though, the man's Skuntank seemed to be up for more. "Payback. Skuntank, Sludge Bomb on the runt's Altaira!" The giant skunk pokemon's mouth grow big, as if it had something in it's mouth. Then, it released the sludge bomb, hitting the Clouded-Bird target. It looked like it hurt, but luckily not poisioned.
  24. Lute continued to play his flute, brandishing the music itself as if it were a weapon. He noticed Elle heading for the Pokemon Center, and it soon became quite apparent that Lute's opponent wasn't the only Galactic attacking the place. The white-haired girl had brought a squad with her, but a few of the trainers were taking care of them.

    "Listen to that tune of yours, it stinks!" his opponent taunted. "You're flubbing all over the place. If you try to do two things at once, you do both poorly at both! Tyranitar, Crunch! Exploud, Hyper Voice!"

    Right then, Sandslash burst out of the ground. Still curled into a ball, it first slammed Exploud in the side of the head and ricocheted off to collide with Tyranitar. Marril immediately dashed in, striking the Tyranitar with a glowing, blue tail. Sandslash caught Marril and spun away with it just in time to avoid both attacks.

    "How do they keep doing that?" the girl growled, tapping her foot impatiently. She glanced down at her foot, then at the Sandslash swerving around the field of battle. Both seemed to keep time with Lute's song. "The rhythm! His Pokemon follow the rhythm of his flute, and he's forced the battle to follow the rhythm of his Pokemon. Very clever, Mr. Piper, but I'm on to your game now. I think I've followed your lead long enough. Tyranitar, use Counter!"

    Sandslash let go of Marril, who hopped onto the rolling sand mouse and started running backwards to stay on top. The two barreled towards Exploud, and Tyranitar moved in to intercept. However, Sandslash immediately swerved right and Marril hopped off and ran left. Sandslash continued to roll around all three Pokemon as Marril hopped in front of Exploud.

    "Tyranitar, Crunch the Marril! Exploud, use Hyper Voice on it!"

    Marril's Substitute popped as both attacks passed through it, causing the Tyranitar to slam into Exploud even while being buffeted by the Hyper Voice attack.

    "What!? But where's the real one!?"

    Sandslash used Tyranitar's tail as a ramp and soared into the sky. An Ice Beam showered from the heavens, freezing the Rock-type saurian in place. Sandslash immediately followed, landing right on top of Exploud's head.

    "Curse you and your stupid flute," the girl swore as she recalled her Pokemon. Her hands went to her PokeBelt, and she pondered which ones to send out next.
  25. Jaxon stood back, rather calm now that the leader was vanquished. If he was correct, they wouldn't come after him again after this. He'd be a free man. Jaxon felt out of place with all the battling going on around him, yet he was walking through, as if it was, literally, a walk in the park.

    Jaxon tensed up as Blade rushed back to his side. He would never get used to things sneaking up on him.

    "So, how many did ya' get?" The Scizor gladly clamped its claws together--seven times.

    "Seven?! I don't believe you. Maybe three." Blade frowned, thinking his master doubted his abilities. "It's not that I don't...think you could do it, I do! It's just...well...I'm afraid for you. What if you got caught out there?"

    Blade looked down, brooding about that comment. He never thought about that. "Just because you play fair, doesn't mean they do. Of all people...err...Pokemon, you should know that."

    Their moment was cut off by a very angry woman and what seemed to be a song...


    Jaxon walked over and watched as the annoyed Grunt was being tricked-and-trampled by Lute's tag-team. He thought about sending Blade to break it up, but decided against it. Besides, Blade wouldn't do it anyway. If he could speak, he'd say something like, 'This is his battle' or something sappy like that. So, Jaxon sat by and cheered him on nonchalantly. Everyone seemed startled and slightly annoyed, but Lute seemed to smile as he whent on with his battle.

    Wonder how Sonjo is doing...
  26. All this would take it one more move. The opponent is out-numbered, weakened, and unable to make a move himself. "Alright, finish it! Combusken, Blaze Kick!" The firey fighter lit it's foot a blaze, leaping upwards. It came crashing down upon the foe's skunk, hitting it hard. It was 'Game Over' for this unit.

    "Damn it all, we're retreating." The man recalled his pokemon, and both of them disappeared with a poof of smoke. He himself recalled Altaria, and turned to the Eevee sisters. He notioned to 'follow me', and rushed to the pokecenter. Once there, Sonjo met up with Zangoose and Kadabra.

    "Good job, both of you."
  27. Carrie stared after Jaxon, confused for the briefest of moments. A loud, grating sound behind her alerted her to her opponent's return, and she spun about to face him.

    He was a team Galactic member, all right. A large, leafy Flying Pokemon shook off a few pieces of debris, glaring at her.

    He sneered. "Trying to hit us with that, huh? Won't work. And you're not going to get in our way, either!"

    Carrie assessed the situation. He had one Pokemon; she had two.

    She whipped out her Pokedex, registering the Pokemon. The 'Dex announced it as a Tropius--and Grass/Flying Pokemon.


    Carrie grinned at him, putting the 'Dex away.

    "Rai?" The mouse looked at her. "Charles?"

    Charles turned to her, understanding on his face.

    "Toast him for me."

    To summarize a well-placed Flamethrower and Thunder Wave took care of the Tropius, leaving it burned and paralyzed by its fuming owner.

    Carrie turned away. He wouldn't be able to cause anymore trouble. Charles allowed her up onto his back, Rai waving as she took off on foot. It was time to rendezvous at the Center.


    Jolteon led the scared group through the rubble-littered streets, barking kind encouragement to keep them moving. The Center wasn't far away, now; within another few minutes he'd usher them in, then be able to return to his trainer.

    He was preoccupied with his task and his thoughts, and didn't notice the Team member stepping before him. At least, not until the terrified backing away of his charges.

    Jolteon glared at the man, fur rising into sharp, needle-like spikes along his back.

    The man grinned, whipping out a Pokeball. With a click it became larger.

    "Oh, so scary! It looks like we have a stray here. Why don't I catch it?"

    He threw the Pokeball, the object snapping open to allow a jet of red light out. A large, round form coalesced before Jolteon, taking on the form...of a Graveler.

    Jolteon growled at the group, relieved when they understood his message. They hurried past the impending battle and towards the Center, not looking back.

    The Graveler charged him, and Jolteon nimbly leapt out of the way, hackles rising.

    The Grunt laughed at him.
  28. Lute's opponent had her coat drawn back, her hands poised over her PokeBalls like wild west gunslinger. Her left eyebrow twitched as she continued to listen to his song. It seemed like it was egging her on, daring her to attack him.

    Nuh, uh, I'm not falling into your groove again, the white-haired girl thought. Stupid psychic flutist. You're probably in my head right now, prodding me to select the exact Pokemon you can easily defeat. But I've got news for you. I'm on to your little game. I'm not going to think what you think I'm thinking, so you might as well just...

    "Stay out of my head!" the girl shouted, tossing out a couple PokeBalls. "Go, Tangrowth and Blastoise! Use Vine Whip and Surf!"

    The two Pokemon materialized and executed their attacks. Tangrowth made a fist that stretched across the field towards Marril. Meanwhile, Blastoise summoned a huge wave out of nowhere. Sandslash dove into the ground again, avoiding the wave completely, but Marril was hit by both. It wasn't damaged much by the Surf, but the Vine Whip made it explode. The real Marril was found floating on the surface of the water as it died down.

    "Cut that out!" the girl screamed. "Blastoise, use..."

    She was interrupted as her Blastoise found itself hip-deep in the street. This distraction gave Marril ample time to smack Tangrowth with an Ice Beam.

    "You can't keep that up forever!" the girl shouted. "Sooner or later, that Marril of yours is going to run out of..."

    A ring of water rose around Marril. When it descended, the water mouse was looking quite refreshed.

    "Godammit!" the girl swore.
  29. Jolteon gave a low, threatening growl, a series of deliberate steps moving him out of range as he began to circle his opponent. It was a bad match-up, for him; a Graveler, as he had learned the hard way, was immune to his electricity. That left him with the option of using physical moves, which would inevitably prove to be ineffective against his rock opponent.

    The Graveler charged again, rolling with amazing speed on command. Jolteon dodged it with a mild sense of boredom, knowing the creature held no chance of hitting him.

    That didn't help the situation, though. A Magnitude thrown his way forced him to scramble for cover, ducking under a large piece of hanging debris to escape being crushed. He reemerged with just enough time to dodge another Rollout, and the situation was looking worse and worse as the Graveler turned just enough to avoid smashing into a building.

    Jolteon's eyes snapped back to the building, absently dodging the Graveler's next attack. His trainer was fuming, throwing insults at the dog, but he paid the man no mind. His own brain was working furiously, devising a plan in which he could take out his opponent with one fell blow.

    The Graveler charged him once more, Rollout bringing him to Jolteon with all due speed. Jolteon pretended to dodge; tripping himself just as Graveler passed to give the illusion of being clipped. The Grunt ordered one last Rollout with a triumphant air, and Jolteon grinned to himself as he 'struggled' to his feet.

    The building lay behind him, and Graveler tore towards him with enough force to rip the grass up. Jolteon backed up, waiting, waiting...

    He leapt clean over the Graveler, savoring its befuddled expression as it crashed headfirst into the building. The woodwork collapsed atop him, and when the dust cleared his swirling eyes were revealed.

    The Grunt swore and recalled him, turning with a red, angry face to Jolteon--who had already taken off towards the Center.

    "You...!" The Grunt gave chase, mouthing off loudly as he leapt over chunks of plaster.


    Carrie had long since arrived at the Center, recalling Rai and Charles with a pat of congratulations. She looked around, concerned.

    "Where's Jolteon?" She asked no one in particular. A loud shouting caught her attention, and she turned to see the dog skidding around the corner running almost playfully to her side. He barked once in greeting.

    The Grunt turned the corner soon after, cursing Jolteon with every foul word he knew, swearing he was going 'to catch you accursed thing no matter what it took, then skin you'. He stopped fast when he saw the dog by her legs, and the furious expression on her face.

    "What did you say you were going to do to him?" She asked coldly.

    Jolteon grinned.
  30. Carrie glared coldly at the Grunt before her, temper rising to the breaking point.

    "Did you just threaten to skin my Jolteon?"

    The Grunt mouthed wordlessly for a moment--most likely in surprise--before he straightened up, reaching for a Pokeball at his belt...

    Before he remembered that his Graveler had fainted. He began to back away discreetly, putting on a brave face.

    "I don't have time to deal with you," He spouted, taking another step back. His attempt to beat an honorable retreat was heroic.


    "Jolteon?" The dog looked up at her, anticipating. "Sic 'em."

    Jolteon gave a bark of approval and launched for the Grunt, taking him down with forepaws to the chest. Jolteon gave a vicious growl, bared teeth inches from the man's throat.

    Carrie walked leisurely up to them, looking down at the pinned man.

    "Start talking. Now."
  31. As Sonjo looked around the Pokecenter, he saw more and more pedestirians that had returned to safety. He also spotted several members of his own party. Combusken let out a sigh of relief. More and more Team Galactic members semmed to be fleeing the City. He looked down on his bird friend. "What could they all possibly want with Jaxon, anyway?" he shrugged to show his own confusion.
  32. "I'll tell you what." Jaxon hopped off the debris he was sitting on. "The Galactic goons want to make a 'new world', no? I was kinda' into that," Jaxon looked around at the distruction, "Until I found out what their real plan was. They wanted to cleanse the world. Makes it sound pretty, doesn't it? Everyone is inferior in their eyes, so why not just wipe them all out? They needed to catch Dialga and Palkia. Which is crazy because I'm pretty sure they don't exist, or at least not anymore."

    His Scizor sat down and crossed it's legs, closing it's eyes.

    "So I guess they didn't want me to tell people about that. Hehe, which I just told you. But this just shows how zealous they've become. But I doubt they'll go for me again. They give up way to fast."

    Jaxon looked around. The distruction wasn't too bad, even though the tower was totaled. The town was relatively safe, save for the few Grunts running away, and the few that were losing their battles. Horribly.

    "I guess the authorities will get here in 10 minutes or so, and I suggest we get out of here. I've had a run-in with a few Jenny's in my day and, whoo, word travels fast. They'll think I did it. And since I'm with you," He looked around at the group, "They'll think you had something to do with it too."

    "And don't worry," He tossed a cup of ramen and Sonjo, "I packed for seven."
  33. Carrie regarded Jaxon neutrally. Jolteon never once ceased his growling, and the Grunt currently at his mercy was quickly becoming terrified.

    She looked down at him and smirked cruelly.

    "One last thing."

    She grabbed him by the collar and hauled him up, Jolteon by his feet and harshly rumbling away at the Grunt. She towed him to a collapsed building, and he didn't dare resist. She picked up a long, snapped rope that once held up a sign and used it to bind him.

    She grinned at the group as she began to pull him away. "I'll meet you at the exit to Olivine. I'm taking this guy over to the Tower."

    It wasn't too long before she arrived at her destination--not having to weave around now destroyed buildings helped--and she fastened him to the fence still standing, leaving a large piece of wood as a sign. Across it she had smeared plaster that read 'I did it! Lock me away! I'm a lunatic!' with a large arrow pointing to his head.

    She made her way back to the group, grinning like the Cheshire cat.
  34. Sonjo was sitting in front of the PC in the pokecenter; it seemed that Team Galactic had been fought off for now. Combusken was off in the distance, stretching and such. He'd given Nurse Joy Altaria's Pokeball for healing, though it shouldn't take much longer. He acessed Professor Birtch's PC.

    The man in the backround gave Sonjo a narrow-eyed look, then reconized him. "Oh, hey Sonjo! Long time no see!" He was enjoying what looked like to be a bagel. "Whatcha need?"

    He smirked at the professor. "I was hoping you would give me Row in exchange for Kadabra." He took her pokeball from his belt, and into the transport dock. Birtch, after fumbling around with an assortment of different pokeballs, found the one that Sonjo requested. "Alright, I'm sending him to you now." He waved 'good-bye' to Kadabra, and out popped Row's pokeball.

    "Thanks, Professor. See ya later, then!" He'd logged out of the PC, and took his Typhlosion's pokeball from the dock. He then saw Carrie comming in the Pokecenter. He got up and went within talking range.

    "So, how was your Grunt?"
  35. "Currently occupied. Let's leave it at that."

    Carrie pointed to the western gate of the town. "We should leave now before the authorities arrive, but not everyone is here."

    Indeed, most were no where to be seen. Carrie frowned, pondering where they could possibly be.
  36. There were plenty of trainers around, and even some of their Pokemon, but almost none of their party was at the Pokecenter with them. He scratched his head and took another glance around the intieror.

    "Do you think Team Galactic got the better of them?" he asked, knoiwing the answear himself, but just getting Carrie's opinion.
  37. "I don't care how long it takes, I'm going to kick your sorry, flute-playing, psychic..." Lute's opponent was interrupted but a series of loud beeps. She put a hand up to her ear and listened intently. "What? Now? But I have this chump right where I want him! ... Grrr... Fine, I'm going. Over and out."

    The girl turned back to the mute who was still playing his flute and silently recalled her Pokemon.

    "Count yourself lucky, punk," she said. She sent out a Honchkrow and climbed on its back. "Next time, your Pokemon are mine, in every sense of the word! I'll make you regret hearing the name Stellar J!" She thought for a moment, then added, "Carp! This is the first time I said my name, isn't it? Well, forget it. No, remember it, but... Nevermind. Let's go, Honchkrow!"

    With a sharp kick, the pimped-out Pokemon took the skies. Lute smirked to himself as he recalled his Pokemon and returned to the Center. His Chatot met him halfway and took up her position on his shoulder as he played a victory tune.
  38. "The usual: Getting beat up and left bleeding. You?"

    Jaxon was feeding his Pokemon now. They must have been famished because they practically attacked the food...in his hand. He looked around to see more smiles then he thought possible. I guess an attack broke the monotiny of the day.

    Jaxon saw several police vehicles entering the city. Crap.

    "Well, we need to find Arita and blow this place. I got food and a map. I don't know where you guys are going next but I'm following you." He suddenly broke out in an embarrassed smile. "Sorry for being so urgent, it's just...I wanna' keep movin', you know? That, and I can't get caught here. That would be bad." Jaxon peered outside and saw a struggling Grunt pinned to the wall and a group of poilice surrounding him. He read the sign and looked back into the Center. Carrie had a wicked grin on her face.

    "Nice touch!"
  39. ((OOC: Hi guys - this is just a notice, not an actual RP post.

    Alright, so I'm pretty much better (a bit exhausted, but probably healthy), but I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull out of this RP for now. I sort of hit a brick wall for my character, and am going to stop using her for now. I'm pulling out of this RP until further notice. Luckily, all the plot points I thought up for the "sunset mountain(s)" haven't been used, since the party hasn't reached the actual mountain range, so I don't have to worry about reliquishing a plot I thought up.

    Feel free to morph this RP into whatever you wish - I may join in again at a later date, but please don't wait up for Rei. Consider her disappeared in the takeover of Ecruteak; according to her character, she probably would have left the city and the group at first sign of major trouble. She's not a loyal or sympathetic person, huh? ^_^;;

    I had fun RPing with all of you, and I hope you had fun/continue to have fun with it as well.))

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