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Sunset Mountain

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Persian, May 31, 2007.

  1. Combusken's eyes lit up, as he flamed the pile of wood. Sonjo played with the ball at the end of his sleeping cap, and he high-fived his Firey companion. "There's nothing like a good camp-fire." Sonjo then went digging into the backpack, and get the hammock out. He tied it to two conveiniently placed trees close to the camping sight.

    He sat down next to his pyro-technicion and warmed himself near the fire. "Anyone know any good stories? I've got my fair share myself." he notioned to the group.
  2. Carrie sat up with a contemplative frown, ignoring the curious growl behind her. She brought her hand to her chin in thought.

    "It's odd, though. Johto is Rocket territory, not Galactic. There shouldn't be that many ambushes set up around here. It's not that populated of an area. Perhaps they need the proximity to Goldenrod for supplies?"

    Carrie almost jumped, shocked out of her deep thinking at Sonjo's inquiry. For some reason her face flamed up in embarassment. Jolteon, seeing her expression, barked a warning at her as if saying 'Don't even think about telling that story!'
  3. Rei glared at the two. Stories? Shouldn't they be sleeping? If they wanted to get to Ecruteak in a timely manner, why were they wasting time staying up late when they should be waking up early. After all, the days were getting longer, and the sun generally was high enough to begin walking around six-fifteen or so.

    She slid in beside Pichu, Mushiko curling up on top of the bag, and sat up, staring at Sonjo and Carrie. "I don't know about you all, but I'm planning on getting up at six. It's about nine-thirty right now. How late are you planning on staying up?"

    She then heard Elle's comment, and looked back at the girl. "I suppose...I guess I could just try my luck with a rather stupid wild Pokemon. Or maybe not...I don't like training stupid Pokemon. I guess I could check the Pokemon Center, though, since we're probably going there anyway." She yawned. "I've trained tougher Pokemon than Tonari and Mushiko, so I could probably whip whatever I get into enough shape to catch me a wild Pokemon."
  4. "Yeah. And I know the Dancing Sisters sometimes put Eevees up for adoption, too, when there's not enough dancers to take them. They might have one there. If not, then we could always do what Elle said and check the Center."

    She paused, slightly relieved, as Rei cracked down on staying up. She normally would stay up until midnight, but she didn't think that would be prudent here.

    She nudged Jolteon. "Hey, buddy," She whispered to him, "wake me up in the middle of the night so I can take over guard duty. Okay?"

    Jolteon gave her a skeptical look but gave a gruff confirmation, resting his head upon his paws. Carrie leaned back, closing her eyes and attempting to sleep.
  5. Rei coughed. "Eevee? No thanks. I'd rather not get one of those annoying, overused little freaks on my team unless I really needed one. They're already enough Eevee in this world, I don't need to have one, too." She looked at the others, especially the Jolteon and Umbreon who could easily kill her in her sleep via a bit to her jugular. "No offense...just a personal thing, really. They're just a bit too popular for me. Oh, and fangirls. Eevee fangirls are annoying."

    With that, she glanced at her watch. "Nine-forty...one sec," she muttered, setting the alarm for six. "Well, I dunno about you, but I'm going to sleep. Try not to be too loud," she said as she dropped down to her back, wrapping her watch around a loop on her sleeping back, and closed her eyes.

    ((OOC: Should I induce the timeskip-to-morning or should somebody else?))
  6. Sonjo eyed the group. He wanted to be the last to go to sleep, just to keep up with his competitive nature. "Aw, you're no fun. Stories are a good way to spice up the night." . Sonjo shrugged to himself and got up, then jumping inside of his Hammock. He then notioned to Combusken. "Can you keep a look out, as well?" The bird nodded energeticly. He smiled, and lied down, eyes still open.
  7. ((OC: I'll go ahead and do the time-skip.))

    Carrie shifted, her eyes crunching. Something was wrong. She could tell.

    She shifted again, turning onto her side. Something moved under her head, and she frowned. Were pillows supposed to move? She groaned, flopping around onto her back once more. She cracked her eyes open, and regretted it immediately. Even in the dim cover of very early morning, the small amount of light there was caused her to hiss. She sat up, rubbing at her eyes, and looked behind her. Jolteon looked at her alert eyes. She frowned at him, scolding him for not waking her up. She glanced around.
  8. Rei's eyes opened blearily as her watch began to beep. Growling about early morning (she hated and loved them), she shut up her accessory, and prodded Mushiko awake. Pichu, who wasn't a very deep sleeper, woke up when Rei's leg spazzed and kneed him lightly.

    Her Pichu scampered out of the sleeping bag, diving inside Rei's jacket. Mushiko yawned, fishing out a pellet that Pichu forgot to eat, chomping down happily. She really couldn't wake up unless she had new food in her belly.

    The trainer eased herself out of the sleeping bag, noted that most of the group was still asleep, and grabbed her stuff. Quickly packing up her sleeping bag, she looked over at Carrie. "'Morning," she greeted sleepily. "If the others don't wake up soon, we kick them."
  9. The fire had gone out hours earlier. Combusken pecked soflty at Sonjo, who was snoozing peacefully. His face however scrinched when he woke up. "... Morning already, hmm?" Sonjo stretched, his arms shooting towards the sky. He then saw the other two. "Ah, 'morning! What's for breakfast?" he said, joking. He hopped out of the hammock and swapped his night cap for his headband.

    ((That's my last post for the night. G'night, everyone!))
  10. ((OOC: I'll probably shut up for the night, too. I just want to get this moving...so I shall make the group move. You may either assume that Rei and the nameless others left with your character, or your character slept to late and in the spirit of arriving in Ecruteak in a timely manner, Rei left you behind. Then you have to run. :) ))

    Rei glanced at Sonjo. "Breakfast is what you have on you. I don't have enough to share with you - Mushiko just ate the surplus for this morning." The Caterpie sheepishly handed Rei her breakfast bar. She couldn't help it that she ate more relative to her trainer! She was a Caterpie, and Caterpie and Metapod needed to eat to fuel the metamorphosis.

    She stood up, keeping one jacket-covered arm around the bulge in between the black jacket and red shirt - namely, her Pichu. The rodent's yellow head shyly peeked out, feeling a little bit better that much of the group was asleep.

    Oh shoot. Now they were waking up...

    Rei gathered her stuff, slipping her arms through her backpack (easier said than done with the whole Pichu situation). She then eyed the gap in the trees to Route 37. "Well, we should probably get going. It's early, so if we don't spend a lot of time stopping and walk above a snail pace, we should arrive in Ecruteak around four or so. Hopefully. Then again, groups do move slower..."

    Glancing back to give Mushiko time to climb up to her normal shoulder perch, she eyed the waking group. "Let's go."

    Soon enough, they'd passed the tree gap, and were walking north on Route 37 to Ecruteak. Rei sincerely hoped they had something better than an Eevee to offer...or she may just buy a lot of Pokeballs and throwable blunt objects, and hope for the best.
  11. Carrie followed along behind Rei, yawning every once in a while. Jolteon walked by her side, wide awake and not the least bit tired, though he had stayed up the entire night. Carrie marveled at his tenacity, yawning again. He cast her a superior look, and she pulled a face at him.

    "Yeah, yeah," She muttered, "be that way. No jerky for you."

    Jolteon growled at her and huffed, turning back to the trail. She rolled her eyes at him.
  12. "Uhhhhhng......." Soundcheck's voice woke Jaxon up.

    "Well that was a bit rude..."

    He yelled again, this time VERY loud.

    "AH, GOD, I'm awake, geez..." He crawled out to see...Nothing.

    "Aww, man, they LEFT WITHOUT ME!?" Jaxon scurried to clean up his space (ever since his mom always yelled at him for it) and look directly and the hulking, blue-green Pokemon. "Sound, you know what to do." With a loud roar, the Bronzong lifted itself up and Jaxon grabbed onto its ear-like protrusions.

    Go, common'!

    "Zonnnng...." "What..." Jaxon then looked at the campsite itself. "They didn't leave too long ago..."

    "BRON!!??" Almost asking,

    What are you waiting for, you friends are leaving.

    ((OOC: Annnnnnd, scene transition!))
  13. Well, thats the last time I go on a date. . .*grumbles* you guys completely FLEW. I didn't even get a chance to make a night post. . . Night is Arita's playground, so to speak. . . (And it wasn't even a very good date. . . ) I would've offered Arita and Shuppet as guards. . . The whole Insomnia bit, eh?

    I'm going on 'vacation' for the next two weeks *winces* I will hopefully be able to make posts all this week, and periodic posts there after. . . I don't suppose anyone would like to auto Arita? No, I guess I'll just have her stop off at Ecruteak and catch up again when I come back. . .

    After their attacker had relented and introduced himself, the rest of the party had backed down. Noctowl had stood out, as had Shuppet. She didn't trust this . . . Jaxon and his unseen ghost. From the feel of it, it was a Dusclops. She had one of her own, and she would be VERY wary of it, and likewise, him, from now on.

    The group had made camp after that, and squabled about guards. Jolteon was left. Arita took up a position outside of the camp, her back to a tree, and waited. Slowly, one by one, everyone in the camp fell asleep. Shuppet bobbed too and fro, inspecting the general area. A flutter of feathers and Arita glanced up. Noctowl was perched in a tree above her, several of his mottled brown feathers drifting down around her. It was only a few hours after sundown. Even Jolteon seemed to have drifted off.

    Arita stood guard through the night with Shuppet. Periodically she dozed, but never more then twenty minutes. She was used to working nights. You had to be, when you worked with ghost pokémon, most of which never came out in the sun and were prone to insomnia. The forest moved around them, but it was nothing more then wild pokémon going about their business. The fire died, and curious Yanma came to inspect the embers. She let them be, they posed no threat. Glittering Dustox drifted over head as the moon slowly rose, then set. Just before daybreak, Arita called Noctowl down to her, thanked him, and recalled him. He didn't like being out in the sunlight, where he could be seen. Soon, the sun began to rise. False dawn broke quickly and lingered, the pale light covering the forest. Some pokémon settled down to rest while others awoke.

    Arita's companions slowly roused themselves, then set off, hurrying to leave Jaxon behind. Arita grinned and followed, watching elle observing the familiar scenery. She observed it herself, and it almost felt like being home. Almost, but not quite. Skyler's persistant whining was no where to be heard. Maybe the pokémon center really would have pokémon up for adoption, and she could get a Gastly. . . Or perhaps Morty would have one for her, she had mentioned her interest in them. . . Or maybe she could get an Eevee. . . Arita yawned in the glittering morning sunlight.
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  14. Sonjo's bag was all packed up once again, and he slightly adjusted his headband, to bear it's usual comfort. Getting his sights back on the destination at hand, Sonjo was reminded with his experience at Ecruteak Gym. Oh, who it drove him and his companions insane. His thought was inturrupted, however, for he'd forgotten that all he had to eat last night was a half-piece of jerky. His stomach grumbled, and Sonjo sweat-dropped in response. Combusken snickered slightly.

    Maybe I shound't have given that Jaxon guy my Ramen...
  15. Rei looked behind her at Arita. "You finally caught up," she noted, shifting her hold on Pichu. He poked his head out, eyeing the girl like she had a machine gun and an itchy trigger finger. She glanced at her watch. "We're on time. It's still early morning, and we've just passed the crossing area. Violet City should be that way," she noted poking the brisk morning air to her right.

    Looking ahead, she checked to make sure they were on the right path. The sign to her left confirmed that they were heading the right way on Route 37. She checked to make sure at least most of the group was following (shoot, that gang member what's-his-face caught up along with Arita), then continued forward.

    ((OOC: Erm...again, not much to do other than walk-and-talk or wild battles until Ecruteak, so if anybody wants to use yet another RP timeskip to that afternoon...unless you want, like, a Ledyba or Pidgeotto or Growlithe or something.

    As for MSDL...hrrrm...if you want to have her jump ship at Ecruteak then meet up later, that's fine, or we could just drag her along or something. Your choice. And I'm sorry the date didn't go well. :( ))
  16. ((OOC: Guess I'll add a tiny time-skip for the sake of moving on...))

    For a giant, floating Pokemon, Soundcheck's rides weren't comfortable. Jaxon looked up from almost puking, to see the bustling city of Ecruteak, in its prime. The main attractions were the Gym, of course, where trainers could put their brains and brawn against Morty, the Ghost Gym leader.

    Maybe he can talk some sense into Shade...that guy could have killed them back there if it wasn't for the Shuppet's Imprison. He shuttered at the thought. Stealing Pokemon was one thing, but killing? He wouldn't have it...

    He saw the great Burned Tower looming in the distance, where the legendary Ho-oh used to roost, and were the three legendary dogs were born as well. Maybe he would stop for a visit...if the party didn't leave him behind.

    And the lovely ladies of the Dance Hall and their Eevee evolution antics.

    "Uhhhng...I hate mornings..."
  17. ((I don't care where everyone else is right now. I'm writing this wake-up scene anyway.))

    Lute snoozed away with Metang hovering protectively over him. Well, the Metang was hovering protectively a few hours last night. Now it's just hovering in its sleep. Chatot, meanwhile, had gotten up at the crack of dawn and had waited patiently for her trainer to do the same. As the others bustled around them, Chatot hopped off her perch in the trees and walked up to Lute's ear. This early in the morning, there was just one sound that could get him up this early in the morning.

    Chatot took a deep breath and uttered an almost perfect replication of banjo music.

    Lute sat bolt-upright with a look of fright in his face. It soon turn to a grimace as his head hit Metang's underside, sending him back onto his back. The metal psychic awoke with a start and found itself wobbling about in the air. It swerved all about wildly as it tried to regain its bearings.

    Lute sat up, rubbed his head, and recalled Metang. He looked about at everyone and sheepishly grinned.


    Lute followed the group through Eckruteak city. He watched the hustle and bustle of the city around him. Like nature, the city had it's own rhythm and he listened intently to it, trusting his companions not to suddenly make a turn without him noticing. Traffic, cell phones, newsies... it all fell into a subconsciously agreed-upon beat.

    His flute to his lips once more, he began to play. Ecruteak was a city of ghosts. An air of mystery quietly lay over the city of the living. Mystic forces lay beyond, but only revealed themselves to those who watched... and listened... What mysteries would the Tower of Ash and the Tower of Tin reveal? Or would they keep those secrets tightly hidden, behind doors unseen?
  18. Sonjo took in the air of Ecruteak and obereved the townsfolk. There was nothing like re-visiting the Johto region. Combusken seemed to be rather jumpy. Knowing him, he wanted to get to Cianwood. The young trainer laighed to himself quietly, and recalled Combusken, and shifted to Riolu again. The small blue pokemon scurried onto his usual spot.

    Back to the task at hand. Sonjo was apted to make a few stops before moving on, like to the mart to re-stock on food and to the pokemon to swap pokemon from Professor Birtch. But, he decided to let the group decide on what to do first. He saw that Jaxon and Lute had come back from lagging behind for awhile.

    He notioned to both of them. " 'Morning, bed bugs. Enjoy your rest?" he said, with a child-like tone to his voice.
  19. "Meh..."


    Jaxon felt sick after riding for so long, but he got used to it... He chatted on the way with Lute, asking how he came about his Chatot and apologizing for...well...almost killing it.

    Man, if he didn't use Substitute...

    The cool breeze echoed inside of Soundcheck, giving the air a tone of eeriness. With the city just a few yards away, he hopped off and walked the rest of the way, leaving his partner out. He started to speed up, so he could catch up with the others.

    ((OOC: Lute and Jaxon's profiles are up in Character Bios, enjoy!))
  20. ((OOC: I need an opinion! For Rei's adopted Pokemon, I want to either do an "rejected eevee from the dancer peoples", an "abandoned Pokemon", or a "unwanted stray Pokemon" type thing. Which should I do? I'm torn...))

    Rei glanced at Elle. "Hmm? Oh right, adoption. Do they charge a lot of money to adopt a Pokemon? I think I'll pass if it's too much...I can always just buy a couple cheap Pokeballs and hope I get lucky with Mushiko's String Shot and my rock-throwing."

    Mushiko rolled her eyes. As if anything worth catching wouldn't be able to break the string in a relatively short amount of time...unless she could get it when sleeping, or something. Although her trainer did always have a general weakness for Persian, and there were wild Meowth on the route they would travel on next...

    Was her trainer planning something? She hoped not. Meowth generally liked to "play" with small, wap-able bug-types like Caterpie, and their "play" generally was synonymous with "snack".

    Pichu, however, was dead terrified of the Pokemon that Rei was going to get. Couldn't his trainer get something from a respectable breeder, not a most-likely-angry-at-the-world adoptable? Knowing Rei, she'd want something strong, since she had to make up for his and Mushiko's lack of battle ability...

    And anything strong enough found in a pile of rejects would be mean and nasty. If anything scared Pichu, it was something that was mean and nasty.

    He whimpered, and dug his face into Rei's chest.

    "Oh come on, Tonari," Rei groaned, brushing her dyed hair out of her face as the group approached the glass doors of the Pokemon Center. "Chances are, there will be a nice nurse to drag away anything rabid before it attacks you."

    This possible light-hearted bit of sarcasm did not exactly prove useful in calming down the juvenile electric rodent.
  21. Sonjo stopped in his tracks. His nature was kicking in, causing him to long for friendship. He wanted to be portrayed as a generous person to the rest of the party, and befriend them deeper... except maybe for Jaxon. Everyone currently hadn't eaten breakfast as far as he knew, and he had a fairly decent amount of money on his person. As if that weren't enough, they had time to kill. So, it was then he decided.

    "Anyone one want breakfast?"

    ((My inner child got the better of me. -_-))
  22. Carrie raised her hand.

    "Food sounds delightful right now," She said. Jolteon yipped agreement at her feet, tongue lolling out in an uncharacteristic moment of childish behaviour. "Besides, I don't really have anything else to do in this town."

    ((OC: I don't think an Eevee would work well with you, so I'm thinking an abandoned Pokemon would suit better, Persian.))
  23. ((OOC: Against better judgment, I'm using Eevee. I was originally going to go with an abandoned, post-anorexic Purugly, but I can always do that later...plus, I have a lot of annoyance with the whole unwanted-eevee cliche, and I hope this works out. >:3

    And I apologize. This post is so long...T_T You can probably just read the beginning and the end and be fine...basically, Rei goes to the Pokemon Center, drops of Mushiko and Pichu, then goes to visit the adoptables. She doesn't want the unwanted bugs or Bidoof, so the lady offers her an eevee. She gets the eevee, and miraculously still has all of her fingers.))

    Rei nodded. "Well, I might as well look around. I'm going into the Pokemon Center, so I'll see you later. I'm assuming we'll all meet up in the Pokemon Center, then?"

    They entered the building, and Rei first located the front desk. Behind it were numerous healing machines for quick check-ups and health-restores, so she headed over there and got in line. She returned both Mushiko and Pichu to their respective Pokeballs, and handed them over to one of the nurses for a routine healing.

    The middle-aged woman sent the Pokeballs through a machine, checking them on the screen. "They're a bit tired, but nothing serious. I'll give them ten minutes in the machine," she told Rei as the Pokeballs zipped into an assembly line of sorts. "You can pick them up at the pick-up counter in ten minutes. Just look for their pictures on the display above it," she ordered, pointing at the large screen above another counter.

    Rei nodded nonchalantly, then stepped out of line to allow the next trainer to heal their Pokemon. She then noticed a group of Pokemon and a few uniformed people on another side of the lobby. "Am I to assume that's the adoption center?" she muttered to herself.

    Without waiting for an answer (she had ten minutes to kill, after all), the teenager moseyed over to the small group of people and Pokemon.

    She immediately was accosted by a kindly-looking middle-aged woman with short brown hair, a red apron over jeans and a t-shirt, and a very large, wrinkled smile. "Hello there, miss," she greeted. "Are you looking to adopt a Pokemon today?"

    Rei leaned away from the woman, a bit worried about the extreme kindness overflowing from the woman. She really didn't like those kinds of people... "Maybe," she grunted.

    "Wonderful! Would you like a Spinerak? We have a Spinerak who got lost, and he can't seem to make it in the wild." She held up a glazy-eyed spider, then quickly handed him back to the young girl who had been holding him before. "Or maybe you want a Caterpie or Kakuna? We have a few of those that were left behind by their trainers. They wanted something a bit stronger, apparently, but these bugs are as sweet as they come, I assure you."

    Rei eyed the large group of bug-types, and, while it was unfortunate that their type wasn't quite so popular as dragon or psychic, it didn't really make a mark on her. "I already have a Caterpie, and I don't need another weak bug. I need something strong. What else do you have?"

    The woman, expecting a gushing reply of sympathy, was a bit taken aback. Was this girl just like the trainers who left behind those poor little bugs? She hoped not. She'd rather not give another sweet little Pokemon to an undeserving trainer.

    "Well," the woman began, checking back at the Pokemon she'd brought with her. "I do have a few that aren't bugs...how does Koffing sound to you? She's very sweet, but her trainer didn't really like her...too ugly, or something. I also have a couple strays that were brought over from Sinnoh. How does a Bidoof sound? We have two boys that aren't too bad, personality-wise. We also have a Kricketot and a male Combee, but you said you didn't want a bug. I used to have a Hippopotas, a Gible, and two Skitty with me, but they were adopted off hours ago." She fought back a victorious smile. "I'm afraid you've come rather late in the day."

    Rei gave the woman a tired look. "I need something strong. If those beavers were any strong, they'd have evolved already. I need something that can handle going to the Cianwood backcountry, and I don't think a weak little bug or beaver's gonna cut it." Testing her luck with a rock and a Pokeball on the route to Olivine was sounding mighty tempting...

    She paused, and looked behind her. She bit her lip, then looked back at Rei. "Actually, I have one more." She smiled sweetly. "Do you like Eevee, my dear? I have one Eevee with me. The dancers didn't want him, so they gave him to me."

    Immediately, the little girl holding the Spinerak and two others playing with the two Bidoof looked up, excited. Why hadn't the woman told them this before?

    Rei rolled her eyes. "If you have one, just give it to one of the fangirls and be done with it. How'd it last this long without getting adopted, anyhow?"

    "Er, well, this is why," the woman mumbled sheepishy, bringing out a cage. Inside was a furry little brown-and-white mass, with beady black eyes that peered out at the humans. A thick, leather muzzle was wrapped firmly around his snout, shutting his jaws together.

    "Aw, why do you have a muzzle on him?" one of the Bidoof girls whined, scooting over to get a better look.

    "Yeah!" chimed another. "Take it off, it's probably hurting the poor thing."

    The woman sighed tiredly. "Well, I could...stand back, everybody. Don't crowd him if you enjoy having all your limbs." This illicited a confuse glance from the young girls, but they scooted away with the bugs and two Bidoof anyway.

    The woman then grabbed a short leash that was sticking out from behind the bars, and opened the cage. The Eevee hurled himself outside, aiming for girl with the Spinerak. The only thing stopping his claws from raking across her face and chest was the leash that pulled him back, leaving the girl safe from harm

    He growled from inside the muzzle, and doubled back upon the woman. Luckily for her, she came prepared with thick leather gloves and a bird-keepers sleeve, so the claws did little to hurt her.

    "If I took off the muzzle," she yelled over the growling, "he'd probably go for my jugular. He's got a couple days before he gets euthanized. I'm assuming you all know why the dancers didn't want him?"

    Rei tapped her lip, thinking for a moment. The terrified squeals of the preteens made her sort of happy, in a way. Finally an Eevee that was abandoned for a good reason.

    Her deep pondering, however, was brought to an untimely end when the Eevee decided to switch targets. He dashed across the floor, pulling the woman along with him. Rei, a bit annoyed that she had to stop her thinking, brought her foot back...

    And kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying in the opposite direction.

    "How much for the rabid Eevee?" Rei asked, getting out her wallet.

    The woman gaped. "You want him?"

    "He looks strong. Can I get the muzzle, leash, and cage? Oh, and is there anywhere I can buy nail clippers? I'd declaw him, but that might hurt his battle ability," Rei explained in a monotonous voice.

    The woman blinked. "Of...of course...nail clippers at the PokeMart, dear," she muttered, glancing at the girls. They too were amazed that somebody would want this atrocity of an Eevee. "...Are you going to be tough on him?" She inquired, getting out a Pokeball. "By the way, this Pokeball has a lock on it, so he can't get out from the inside."

    "Wonderful, and of course I'll be tough." Rei smirked. "I am, by no means, an Eevee fan. They may be 'cute and furry', but I honestly don't care. If I have to kick him everyday in order to make him battle, so be it."

    This comment caused the girls to flinch and the woman to bite her lip. Normally she'd never let such a trainer adopt a Pokemon...but this Pokemon was going to get euthanized anyway...

    She the filled out a receipt, and showed it to Rei. The girl forked over the needed money, and took the Pokeball. "I want you to know I'm only doing this because of his euthanization appointment in two days," the woman called after Rei as she turned to leave. "I wouldn't have given you anything else!"

    Rei shrugged, and went to go pick up her Pokemon at the counter. Once she had all two - three - Pokemon in tow, she shuffled out of the Pokemon Center, and met up with the lagging group.

    "Hey," she mumbled, falling in step next to Carrie. "You'll never guess what I bought in the Pokemon Center," she sneered, flicking a strand of hair back.
  24. ((OC: I think I've finally found an Eevee I would like. O_o It may not seem like it, but the only reason I like Eevees is because of their evolution line. So many types to choose from, you know? I think Jolteon might like that one, too. He'd get along very well with Espeon...*Thinks on that, then shudders* Better not introduce the two. There'd be hell to pay.))

    Carrie eyed her, studying her expression.

    "Don't tell me...You got an Eevee, didn't you? I thought you said you didn't like the furry little critters."

    Jolteon, who sat by her heels, humped in indignation, staring at Rei flatly, as if to say 'You have very poor taste!' Carrie bopped him lightly on the head.

    "Be nice," She muttered to him.
  25. ((OOC: Don't tell me you want him too? Hahah, I actually do like Eevee. It's just the fact that they're so popular and overused...and often Sue'd. It bugged me so much at my site that I started making all the Eevee insane...and for a reason. They're lab rabbits, nyahahah! >:3 ))

    Rei smirked. "Yeah, I don't like them, but I got one. He was really the only thing there worth getting, and that's not saying much. I'm thinking I should get him a blindfold...he's pretty violent." She stretched, yawning. "Dunno what's really wrong with him, but he's strong. He's got no sense of strategy or anything, but he just lashes out at anything he sees." She shrugged. "All I need to do is take off his muzzle, and somebody loses an arm," she stated nonchalantly, looking back at Jaxon. "I think I'm more than prepared for any more ambushes."

    She blinked back a bit of afternoon sleepiness, releasing Mushiko to her normal shoulder perch. The bug stared at Rei, and wondered aloud if she'd gotten anything at the Pokemon Center.

    Rei held up the Eevee's Pokeball. "One rabid Eevee. The lady said he was gonna be euthanized, so I got him cheap. It was either him or a Spinerak, another Caterpie, a Kakuna, a Kricketot, or a Bidoof. And no offense, but I wanted something stronger than a weak bug, and Bidoof...well, the two she had didn't look particularly strong or bright."

    Mushiko retorted that a blindly attacking Eevee probably wouldn't be very bright either, but Rei just waved off the comment.

    "I'm not going to be soft on him. If I kick him enough and make sure his muzzle's on all the time, I might be able to train him to fight somewhat well. He's not something that's going to go anywhere with kindness or sympathy - there are some Pokemon you just need to train forcibly. I don't have high hopes for him, and I doubt his attitude's gonna get better, but he might be able to catch me something else to use," she explained, turning the Pokeball around in her hand.
  26. Carrie, listening to her semi-speech, smirked slightly. "Reminds me of Espeon. I'd like to see those two fight. Perhaps getting his own fair share of bites would make him actually think about what he does in battle. He'd be more useful to you then."

    Jolteon scoffed at her, as if looking upon her opinion with disdain. Carrie couldn't really blame him; he didn't get along very well with Espeon, who was probably as close as a Pokemon could be to an anti-social Hannibal Lecter wannabe. The creature was as likely to rip your face off with his teeth than look at you, and she said so to Rei.

    "Maybe I should go in and trade him for Pearl real quick, see what he thinks of that rabid Eevee of yours," She mused aloud.
  27. "Return Soundcheck, you'll get some rest at the Center."

    He slowed his walk and looked around. Sonjo running to get some food, and Elle close behind, a disgruntled Rei walking into the Pokemon Center for an adoption, Arita, making her way to the Gym, Carrie, playing with her Jolteon, and Lute, walking around playing an upbeat tune for the whole town to hear.

    Jaxon muttered to himself, "I couldn't have ambushed a better group..." One of his Pokeballs started shaking vigorously.

    Oh yeah...Shade. I better go to the Gym and see what Morty can do.

    Once he entered, there were already many trainers there...and they were leaving.

    "Has everybody lost to him? Wow..." He decided against telling he was (or formerly was) in Team Galactic. That...wouldn't bode well...

    He started walking and...

    "WAHHH!! The floor, it's...not there!!!"

    "I know, isn't that great? Most trainers leave before they even get to me." Morty had a smug, yet gentle look on his face as he was talking to Arita. A whole new batch of trainers started to cram into the rather small building.

    I thought it was only one at a time...

    Jaxon left the building with minor cuts and bruises. "Damn, those people mean business." He decided that Gym was WAY to busy for a crazed, megalomaniac of a Ghost.

    He saw Rei with...a cage? "What did she adopt, a insane Mankey?" Jaxon started for the Center and came out with his Pokemon refreshed.

    Afterwards, he walked around, got something to eat and looked the the Burnt Tower. "If I remember correctly...theres some Ghastly in there...maybe if Arita doesn't get a trade, she can come here..." After a hour, he started back near where the forest and the town meet. "Blade needs some exercise. He doesn't like sitting around all day."

    With the signature white flash, out came...a meditating Scizor. His eyes were closed and was either in a very intense trance...or he was asleep.

    "Hey, you wanna' get some training in?" The glossy-red Pokemon's eyes flew open, but that didn't startle Jaxon. It did when he first got Blade, lying on the road with a trainer's Grumpig, Arbok, and Mawile whaling on him. But he kept fighting. He, if I remember correctly, got two of them down...

    The Scizor stood up and, without warning, flew with intense speed cutting right through all the trees on it's way. How frightening would it be if YOU saw hundreds of trees falling from the distance? But it calmed both of them down. Jaxon sat down and took a small nap...

    "After all...you never know what the day will bring..."
  28. Carrie, having already made up her mind, stepped into the Center. It wasn't too crowded, so she passed through with little trouble on her way to the PC. She took a seat and turned it on, the screen lighting up instantly.

    She accessed Professor Oak's network, and after a very short waiting period he appeared on the screen. He was breathing rather hard; she supposed he had come running when he heard the beeps that signified he had someone on the line.

    "Carrie?" He asked, peering closer at his end of the screen. Carrie gave him a small wave, and he smiled. "Ah, it is you!"

    He looked unnaturally glad to see her. She couldn't help but wonder why. "Hello Professor. How are you? You seem to be in a good mood."

    He laughed nervously, glancing from right to left as if staying wary of something. "It's nothing, really. So, have you called to change out your Pokemon?"

    Carrie nodded, holding up Pearl's Pokeball. "I want to trade Pearl in for Espeon."

    The relief that spilled across the Professor's face didn't go unnoticed. "Why the face?" Carrie asked, suspicion clawing at her mind.

    A growl off-screen answered her, and the Professor pushed his wheeling chair from the desk just in time. Espeon landed with a thump where he had been not a minute ago, rumbling savagely. Professor shot her a pleading look.

    "I don't think he likes me."

    Carrie rolled her eyes, placing Pearl's ball on the transporter. "He doesn't like anyone, Professor."

    Espeon, seeming to take notice of her face on the screen, ceased part of his growling. Instead he pawed at the monitor, as if trying to swipe at her through the screen. Carrie swore she heard Oak grumbling 'You're going to pay for the repair bill,' and wondered just how much Espeon was scratching up his computer.

    The dog dissapeared suddenly, however, in a bright burst of red light. His absence revealed Oak holding up his Pokeball, looking very relieved now that he was safely tucked away. He rolled his chair closer, hand going off-screen to put the ball on his transporter.

    It took no more than a minute, and by the end of that minute she held Espeon's Pokeball in her hand. She smiled at Oak, thanked him and asked the man to check up on her mother for her before she turned the PC off. She headed outside, where she held up the ball for her comrades to see.

    "See?" She offered with a jovial grin. "Espeon's with us now."

    Jolteon growled at the ball, having remained outside with the group when she entered the Center.
  29. Sonjo rushed to the nearest restaurant, to see first if they were even open yet. The young trainer was in luck; a worker had just switched the 'Closed' sign to 'open'. He walked in the door, woundering what he should order first.

    As Sonjo walked into the restaurant, he felt the refeshing air conditioning. The little Riolu on his shoulder immediatly licked it's lips, as if he were to say 'Yum! Even the air tastes good! Quick, order something!'. Sonjo took a menu and sat down. There was the usual eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, etc. Nothing to out of the ordinary.

    After awhile, the waitress came around the counter. "Good morning! What can I get you?" He set the menu down. "I'll have two 'Flapjack Specials', please. Could I have them to-go?" the trainer asked. The waitress nodded. After a short wait, she came back, with the food inside of a white paper bag. Sonjo payed and went back outside. Riolu was already trying to sneak into the bag.

    "Now, where did Carrie run off to..."
  30. Lute continued playing, although he was put off by the discussion of the Eevee. Their proposed treatment of the Eevee was horrendous, but then again so what the Eevee itself. However, he knew all too well that music does not always manage to soothe the savage beast. Getting it to listen to it was hard enough.

    "A little muscle can keep a beast in line," Chatot said in response to a few stray notes. "But without compassion it will only become more frustrated."
  31. Carrie looked at the two flatly.

    "If you've ever had to raise Espeon from an egg to where he is now, you'll know that nothing short of harshness gets through to him. I've tried to be nice. The fact is, he doesn't want me to be nice."

    Jolteon grumbled a low agreement, looking a bit put off by that fact. Carrie felt a small moment of pity for both Pokemon. Jolteon--and Carrie as well--had had high hopes when they first found Espeon's egg, but the longer the Psychic remained with them the more obvious it became that he lived only for battle.

    Carrie shook herself out of her thoughts, turning to take the path Sonjo had taken a few minutes before. "It doesn't matter, now. I'm going to get some breakfast. Going to join me?"
  32. Lute stopped playing and put away his flute. He signed something that Chatot translated as, "I'd love to." He offered her his elbow with a joking grin.
  33. After the forest looked like Paul Bunyan went on a drunken rampage, Blade came back, tired but satisfied.

    "Told ya' you'd get a workout. Redwoods are harder then Pines." Jaxon gave Blade a slight wink and started walking toward the town again. Wonder what Mom and Dad are doin'...

    Blade's eyes flew backward as a spike flew right at Jaxon's head. Luckily, he caught it and snapped it in two.

    Jaxon whirled around to see--three members of Team Galactic, uniform and all.

    "Thought you were going to leave us, hmm? We don't take kindly to traitors." The mysterious ambusher's Pokemon, a larger than normal Roserade, aimed its beautiful, floral arm at Jaxon, knowing there were thousands of poisonous needles consealed beneath it.

    "Look dude, I ain't goin' back. I'm sure I don't need to explain to you why..." The team laughed in agreement. They knew far too well he was a failure in their field.

    "Please," said the apparent leader of that particular group, "we just can't have people divulging our secrets left-and-right. It makes us look bad."

    Jaxon scoffed at the remark. "What secrets? That your international now? I'm pretty sure people already know that. And that you can be bribed with pizza? Ohh, scary secrets! Guess you'll have to kill me."

    A long, awkward silence broke into the air...

    Oh shoot...note to self, don't give them ANY ideas...

    "Go Shade!"
  34. Carrie eyed the offered elbow for a moment before taking it. She looked at Rei.

    "Coming? You look kind of hungry. Or irritated. I can't tell which."

    Jolteon's stomach rumbled briefly, a millisecond before her own did. Carrie grinned, looking down at him, but he had already started trotting in Sonjo's footsteps.
  35. After running around town and keeping the starving Riolu from eating the food, Sonjo met a familiuar Jolteon; the scars giving it away. Carrie was closely following. "Oh, there you are!" he said, holding the bag closer to him. "I've got the food. Hope you like pancakes." He took one of the boxes out of the bag, and gave it to Carrie.

    Riolu tryed to sneak off of Sonjo's shoulder, and into the bag. Luckily, he had swiped the bag away before he could fall in, having the aura pokemon landing on the trainer's shoe; making for a safe landing. He laughed softly, seeing Riolu grunting at him. "You just can't resist, eh?"
  36. Arita broke off from the group as it scattered. She was heading straight for Morty's gym.

    The doors opened with a mechanical whoosh, and a trainer came out, looking discouraged. Arita waited for him to pass before making her way inside. A disgruntled group of trainers gathered around the front of the dark floor panels set in the center of the gym. They seemed perplexed, and Arita knew why.

    "Watching?" she called, and lept onto the tiles. Morty had changed the arrangement since she had lasted visited, but as she squinted she could see the way the ones that were really there reflected light. She lept and danced across the tiles with a grin, Shuppet twirling over and around her. The trainers seemed aghast. How had she done it? Arita laughed, landing in front of Morty, face flushed. Shuppet went to greet Morty, and he put out his hand to welcome the old friend.

    "Arita! I had no idea you'd be coming through." He gave her one of his mysterious smiles and she was proud of herself- she didn't blush this time. Since she had first met Morty, she'd had something of a crush on him. . . well, okay, maybe it was a little more then just a crush. . . But you had to respect a man who could talk shop with you, deal with ghost pokémon all day, and still have a sense of humour. Oh, and he was gorgeous. Couldn't forget that.

    "The Gastly project was a bust. I'm traveling with a group of trainers out past Cianwood- I've heard tell there's great Misdreavus hunting there." Morty nodded.

    "WAHHH!! The floor, it's...not there!!!" Cried a trainer, and both Morty and Arita looked up. Jaxon was left looking perplexed as a new wave of trainers crammed in. A few were experimentally trying to find the floor tiles that were extant.

    "Well, the burnt tower is famous for its seemingly endless supply of gastly. I'm sure the pair of us could. . . scare up a few." They shared a dark grin. Ghost puns, heh.

    "I'd like that," Arita replied. "I'm sure I wouldn't be missed if I skipped out a few days and caght up with the rest later. . ." Morty clapped his hands suddenly, a not so dark grin on his face.

    "Great, so it's a date. You can stay with me." Arita could do nothing to hide the blush this time. The trainers were still testing the floor tiles. One of the mediums that graced the decor in Morty's gym had trotted out to meet one of them.


    Shuppet bobbed thoughtfully over Morty's head. Arita gazed at it. "You don't ever get bored here?" Morty shook his head.

    "What, are you kidding me? When I'm not battling challengers, I'm chasing down ghosts in the tower, studying the basements of the place, battling the Kimono girls, training Gastly for the Mediums. . ." He smiled, lost in thought. Being a gym leader was a unique calling, and it was clear Morty loved it. A sweating challenger finally scrabbled up to Morty, looking a bit faint, and he gave Arita a wink. Dammit! she was blushing again! His grin widened as he turned to the trainer.

    "Welcome!" He boomed. "Who dares to challenge Morty, of the Ecruteak Gym?"

    Arita made her unobtrusive exit. Back outside, the sun was just past noon, and she saw . . . Rae, was it? Rei? lugging a cage to the edge of the woods. Carrie gave a wave. She wondered if they'd even notice she was gone. Noctowl was nowhere to be seen, but that was only natural, given the position of the sun. A pair of tittering dancing girls walked past, and she couldn't help but wonder how many Morty had dated. . .

    She was hungry and this was doing her no good. She patted the Shuppet, more to reassure herself then anything, and trotted off aimlessly. She had a few hours until nightfall, when the real ghost hunting happened.

    She couldn't wait.

    Jaxon. . . You could have asked Arita about Shade. . . she not only owns a Dusclops, but studies ghosts for a living. . . ^^'

    As implied, Arita will be stopping here until I get back from vacay. ^^' Try not to move too far, will you? I'll update periodically about Arita's adventures in Ercuteak.
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  37. ((OOC: MSDL, Yes, I was planning on that, just needed some time. Think about it: 'Sorry I attacked you, hey, can you look at my extremely violent Pokemon?' :3))

    "Night Shade."

    Shade seemed to grin as the forest was enveloped in darkness. Everything was distorted, most notably Shade's size, being four-times what he once was. But outside the forest, nothing was noticed. Night Shade is an illusion; a move that preys on the opposing Pokemon's fears.

    "Lets finish this fast. Shadow Sneak." This was the first time in months that Jaxon was truly serious. This was when the tactician shone in him.

    Shade's size started rapidly fluctuating; giant, small, giant, normal. By now, the terrified Roserade couldn't even move. Shade was closing in at a frighteningly fast pace. No contest.

    Afterward, the forest returned to its normal state.

    "Go and tell Jupiter--no--Cyrus, that I'm NOT with you anymore. Now leave before I get Doom out. She doesn't find you cute."

    The whole team ran away, tails between their legs. "That...was too easy. They don't usually fight fair...Something is up."

    He returned Shade to his Pokeball, and even though the horrid apparition was out for blood, he didn't fight Jaxon. Jaxon started his way toward town again, Blade walking by his side. Most trainers would have yelled at their Pokemon for not helping, but Blade respected 1-on-1 matches and every other type of honorable action you can think of. Jaxon saw Elle walking toward them, clutching one of her Pokeballs.
  38. Carrie caught the box, grinning widely.

    "Pancakes. Just what the doctor ordered."

    Jolteon had come back to her, pawing at her boots. She smiled and took her arm away from Lute, moving to a nearby bench. She sat down, Jolteon mimicking her actions as he settled by her feet. She took a bag of beef jerky out of her bag and opened it, laying it on the ground for him. He immediately started in, head covered entirely by the bag. It was rather comical, and she laughed a bit.

    She figured her other Pokemon were hungry, too, and sorted through her bag. She knew she had some other things in here that they liked--She'd have to wait to feed Lapras, the poor guy, he couldn't stand being on land.

    She released her other Pokemon (Raichu, Charles, Mischief, and Espeon), one hand still digging through her bag. They greeted her happily (Espeon the exception) and crowded around, attempting to peer into her bag.

    Carrie gave them each their respective things (Mischief, a bag of donuts for his love of pastries, Raichu her on-the-go-salad, etc.) and watched them settle down. Espeon, however, had not come forward, snorting in his own, superior way and laying down for a nap. Carrie rolled her eyes and stood, bringing him the last bag of beef jerky still in her bag. He eyed it nonchalantly as she put it down before him, opened, but the moment she turned her back she could hear him shuffling through it. She smiled.
  39. Sonjo observed all of the different assortments of food that Carrie fed her respective pokemon. Sadly, the only food he had with him was the food he had just bought. Right after we eat, we're going to the Mart. He thought to himself.

    He sat down opening his box. He ripped the syrup packet open and spread it over his meal. Sonjo took one of the flapjacks by the fork and fed one to Riolu, which filled him up almost instantly. He chomped on his own, and whipped his face with each bite.

    He looked over to Carrie. "So, what's been going on? Has Rei found her pokemon yet?"
  40. "We're in trouble...well, I'M in trouble, which means your in trouble. We gotta' get out of here. Now."

    Passing the slightly confused Elle, he sent Blade back into his Pokeball and ran toward the Pokemart.

    We need supplies if we're to keep moving. "Go, Soundcheck!"

    In a few seconds, the large statue of a Pokemon was in front of him. "No time to explain." Jaxon leaped onto Soundcheck's back and zoomed straight to the Mart.

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