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Sunset Mountain

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Persian, May 31, 2007.

  1. Jaxon grunted in dissatisfaction.

    Imprison...fine. Looks like I'm gonna' have some fun.

    Jaxon threw all hopes of being secret ot the window. After all, they already knew something was up.

    "Shade, Shadow Sneak!"

    The Dusclops moved with intense speed, going directly behind the trainer who seemed to know a bit about what they were up against.

    Grasp wasn't doing so well...

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  2. The Shadow Sneak was fast approaching, Sonjo had to think of a battle plan quick. He quickly knelt down and closed his eyes. we could get to effectively is the Ariados, who was already getting the end of the sword. Still, with one less target on the feild, it would make thing a whole lot easier.

    He stood up, knowing full well what the could do. "Alright, Combusken, Blaze Kick the Aridos!" The fiery fighter kicked off of the ground, acceling it high off of the ground. As soon as it was hurdling towards the Earth, Combusken's leg began to set fire, aiming for the bug.
  3. Arita felt a jolt behind her, and found Shuppet staring there. She turned, but too slow. She was caught by surpise and knocked to the ground. Shuoppet seemed to have escaped the worst of the attack.

    "You want to play it that way?" She was down, and the ghost had rushed on after bowling her down. Fumbling at her belt, she managed to pull a pokéball off. Her oldest companion and a family heirloom, she threw the ball high and it split like a dazzling sun.

    A trilling . . . it almost sounded like a purr. . . and a large Noctowl quickly swooped under the cover of the trees. Concealed in darkness, he seemed a ghost himself, though Arita knew better then that. His red eyes blazed with fire. He'd be fighting this one from the sidelines, with so many people.

    "Shuppet!" she called, as the small pokémon bobbed nervously, sensing he was next on the list. "Psychic, but be careful not to hit any of the other's pokémon. No friendly fire!" The Shuppet turned, and she left it to its own defenses.

    "Noctowl! You know what to do." The eyes still glowed like fire, but they turned slowly now. Shuppet would be fine with insomnia, but nothing else that fell into that gaze would be able to stand it for long. She was hoping to catch the trainer of these creatures, but if not, his pokémon being knocked out was just fine with her. A dreameater later, and they wouldn't be so cocky. She hoped to make whoever had attacked her regret it ad she struggled to get off the ground.

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  4. The realease of the Noctowl startled Jaxon; he knew what was up.

    Hypnosis...gotta' think fast...Psychic too?! O.K.

    Looking around, he found a lone Chatot with it's trainer.

    I can't win, thought Jaxon.

    So I'll deal with a T.K.O.

    "Shade, use Toxic on the Chatot!"

    The mummified monster was filled with bloodlust by now, as Jaxon feared. He would have to make this fast.

    Shade's arms flung out and tightly gripped the small bird creature and a foul ooze soaked into it's skin.

    He's not going to let go...My god, he's not gonna' let go!!!!
    "SHADE, RETURN!!!"

    The beast looked back at him with murder in his...well...eye...as he returned into the Pokeball.

    "Grasp, you return as well!" The charred-and-scarred Pokemon whent without a fuss.

    "Ok, you can fight me all day, but if you don't get that Chatot to a Pokecenter A.S.A.P., he's gonna' be in a world of hurt." Thinking on his feet, he added, "And I'm coming with you...I need to get Grasp healed...its...umm...not mine."
  5. It was about then that Jaxon noticed the second Chatot on Lute's shoulder. The one Shade grabbed promptly disappeared in a puff of smoke.

    "Guess who knows Substitute!" the Chatot squawked. By now, Lute's song had changed into a battle hymn. A Pokeball on Lute's belt opened, and a Metang materialized. "I think you'll find that I'm far more prepared to battle than I may look."
  6. Rei coughed, feeling just a tad insulted. So what if she only had a Caterpie and an effectively mentally disabled Pichu? Couldn't the stalker have at least sent some sort of attack her way?

    Really. She had a rather nice camera, he could have pawned it off somewhere, at the very least...

    Mushiko rolled her eyes, and chittered a bit to her trainer in Caterpie.

    "Shut up," she snapped, walking over to Jaxon. "Guess we fooled you. Or, rather, Lute did," she said in a deadpan. She glanced back at Lute. "Mushiko knows String Shot. Is that of any help? It does slow down the foe, since they have to pick off the string. If they can, that is."

    Mushiko yawned, feeling a bit hungry. She hated being her trainer's best Pokemon. Rei used to have Pokemon. Battle-worthy Pokemon. Of course, half of them were released, a few died, and the rest had gone to other people...curse her trainer's mental breakdown a few years ago!

    Or whatever it was. She was in the PC at the time...

    Rei glanced at Mushiko. "Prepare a String Shot just in case," she told her teammate, getting her camera out. She then looked at Jaxon. "Pose, ghost boy," she ordered, before snapping a picture of a rather surprised Jaxon. "I wonder if I could simply buy a Pokemon in Ecruteak," she muttered, her color-contact-ed eyes swiveled down to check the picture.

    ((OOC: Have fun on your date, MSDL! :D)
  7. Carrie sweat-dropped, watching the proceedings. Charles was now looking mind-bogglingly bored, and in pity of the poor creature she recalled him. She took the oppurtunity to flomp down upon the grass, yawning herself. This was getting boring fast. All that adrenaline suddenly pumping through her veins then Poof! gone.

    "Should we even bother with him? He did attack us. Let him go to the Center on his own. I don't want to waste time here."

    Okay, so perhaps she was being rude, but she did not take well to being ambushed by someone who didn't even use his own Pokemon. She yawned again.
  8. Lute's song calmed down. It was no longer a battle hymn, but it was slow and plodding. He wasn't going to attack, but he wasn't letting his guard down.

    "We don't need to think of it as an escort," Chatot squawked, her voice missing the intent of the phrase entirely. "More of a citizen's arrest."
  9. "Ok, I give up..............Not you guys, this job.............I couldn't catch a Caterpie if it stared me in the face. Whatever, I'm going home...........Uhh........Anybody know the way to Cianwood?"

    Jaxon's Pokeball shuffled a little.

    No. He's gotta' calm down.

    Despite being with Team Galactic for quite some time, he's just a kid.

    "Never liked that Jupiter person anyway..." he muttered to himself as he started walking past the party, in front of the huge web Grasp made.
  10. Sonjo gained a nice veign on his forehead. "Heh! You actually expect us to show you pity after you just ambushed us!? Forget get it, I'm against!" He glared at the villian, with a burning anger. "People like you drive me crazy." Combusken seemed to be trying to calm the disgruntled trainer, who was inches away from punching the guy.
  11. Carrie reached out and knocked her fist against the back of Sonjo's knee.

    "Cool it," She said blandly. "As long as he doesn't attack again we shouldn't attack him."

    She turned to their ambusher. "Cianwood is across the sea to the west. You'll have to take a ferry in Olivine."

    Not caring if she gained any incredulous looks for her actions she stood up, brushing dirt from her knees. She took one last look around and backed up.

    "Are we going to continue on or what?"
  12. Lute sighed and put away his flute. He walked up to Jaxon and started signing.

    "I'm not condoning a life of crime or anything," his Chatot translated, "but you don't have to give up. There's more to being a success than the number of Pokemon you catch, and life isn't all about success. Living life and doing what you love is what's important. Be in the moment, and don't let the sorrows of the past weigh you down."
  13. "Pfft, don't flatter yourselves. I don't stalk people. And yes, in this line of work, it is the number of Pokemon you catch. But whatever."

    "Come out Magma." After the initial flash, a large, flaming figure stood before them. "Burn the web so I can go home, will ya'?" The Pokemon responded quickly, not even touching the web before them, it burst into many strands of flame. Rather beautiful...

    Not even turning back, he shouted, "You comin'?"
  14. Carrie mentally agreed with Elle, despite Lute's lecture.

    "He'll have to have a guard." She grinned rather wickedly. "Unless someone else is willing, I'll have Jolteon keep an eye on him. I don't want him to suddenly attack again."
  15. Sonjo crossed his arms. "I still don't like him... I'm keeping Combusken out in case he tries something again." The boy often lost himself to anger; he's had trouble containing himself ever since he was young. "So... Should we be going? We need to get to Cianwood as soon as possible, after all."
  16. Carrie nodded, reaching for Jolteon's Pokeball as she began walking. The Electric dog materialized in step with her, trotting along before he was even fully formed. She smiled down at him and pointed at the Team Galactic member.

    "Keep an eye on him," she said simply. He growled an affirmative, eyes glued to his back.

    Carrie called out to him. "Who are you anyhow?"
  17. Lute didn't say anything as he followed Carrie, but he didn't recall his Metang, either. He may have some sympathy for the rogue, but he still didn't trust him any further than he could throw him.
  18. "Me? Names' Jaxon, age 20, I like pizza and long walks on the beach. I live in Cianwood with my parents, who work with Team Galactic. A family business really..." He reached toward one of his Pokeballs, but the Jolteon and Combusken behind him tensed up. "Guess riding on Soundcheck isn't gonna' fly...whatever, a little exercise never killed anyone..."
  19. Jolteon eyed Adrin out of the corner of his eye, huffing a small greeting as his eyes came back to rest upon his 'ward'.

    In the meantime, Carrie looked at Adrin in curiosity, for the first time really taking note of him.

    "I have an Umbreon, too," she confided, smiling down at the two Eevee evolutions, "but she's been at Oak's for quite some time. Maybe I'll use her in my next competition."

    Jolteon didn't bat an eye at her proclamation, not even turning to acknowledge her speech, but she knew he agreed with her. Arianna was, after all, one of his kids. And anyways, she was better behaved than her Vaporeon brother... Vaporeon would rather sit around all day, snoozing and eating chocolate.

    Carrie looked away from the Pokemon as Jaxon spoke, and she introduced herself. "Carrie. And no, riding isn't going to go down well. If we have to walk, so do you."
  20. The both of them picked up the pace, mantaining their position in the middle. "Family bussiness? Last time I checked Team Galactic was an organization bent on creating an entirely new world. Just because your family works in it doesn't mean you have too..." Combusken kept tabs on the man, being ever percise.

    "Well, anyway, my name's Sonjo. Remember it."
  21. "I'll remember alright..." Jaxon added a slight hint of sarchasm.

    His stomach rummbled so much he almost fell over.

    "Hehe...uhh...don't suppose you got some spare food? I've been out here for 3 days looking for a...*cough* 'target'"

    He kept walking with Magma, his Magmortar out. With the sun going down, some light would help.
  22. Lute got out a couple berries. He fed one to Chatot, then tossed the other to Jaxon. He signed again, and Chatot translated, "I'm Lute, the mute with the flute. But don't go around saying it. I'm a little embarrassed by the alliteration."
  23. Sonjo sweatdropped. Jaxon reminded him of the grunts of other villian organizations he confronted in the past, like Team Rocket. "Jeez, you really are un-prepared aren't you?" His friendliness overpowered his grudge, and took cupped ramen out of his backpack. "Here. Just add hot water." He tossed it to him lightly.
  24. As if Jaxon's growling stomach reminded her, she pulled her duffle bag to her front, zipped it open, and began rooting through it. Jolteon sent the smallest of glances her way, but she still caught it. She grinned at him, pulling out a packet of beef jerky. Jolteon almost stopped, his attention focused soley upon the bag.

    Carrie rolled her eyes and tossed him a piece, pointing bluntly at Jaxon in indication of 'Stay focused!' Carrie looked around, waving the packet.

    "Anyone want any?"
  25. Carrie offered the bag to Elle, watching Adrin closely.

    "He can have some, too. Most of my Pokemon like it, so I think he would as well."

    Carrie let Elle have control of the bag for awhile, not feeling very hungry herself. She had grabbed a bite to eat before getting on the train, and wasn't too big a fan of snacking between meals. If she was to eat anything it would be ice cream, though she wasn't about to admit that.

    Jolteon, who had been watching her out of the corner of his eye, offered her a wiry, knowing grin. Carrie stuck her tongue out at him playfully.
  26. "The sun is setting fast...should we make camp?"


    I mean, that would be the logical move, not that we should or...

    Stop saying we dammit!

    "Ahh, screw it." Jaxon sat down, took a Pokeball and threw it, ignoring the barks and yelps of his guards.

    A figure shaped like a bell appeared before them, with a rather eeire, unchanging face.

    "This...is Soundcheck. He's my sleeping tent. If you wanna' go ahead, fine. But I'm not the only ambusher in the woods, especially at night."
  27. Carrie shrugged. She wasn't afraid of a few ambushers, and she was fine to go on, but she didn't know about the rest of her group.

    She turned to gather their opinions on the matter. Meanwhile, Jolteon growled quietly at Jaxon, fur sharpening unconsciously into spikes. As far as he knew the man hadn't been cleared for stopping yet.

    Carrie, noticing Jolteon's hostility in her peripheral vision, whistled at him. He calmed almost instantly, his fur softening again, but the low growl still rumbled quietly in his throat.
  28. Sonjo grabbed one of the jerky, splitting it in half, and giving it to Combusken. They both gave eachother a wide grin and chomped on it. He then turned to Jaxon. "I guess we have no choice. I'd rather not be ambushed twice in the same night. I'd be a further waste of time." He took off his headband, and replaced it with a bedcap, having eyes and teeth near the rim.
  29. Metang flexed its claws and Chatot dug her claws into Lute's shoulder. The mute trainer started playing a soothing melody, perfect in the face of the setting sun and the changing face of nature. Things sleeping, things awakening, and things that watch over always. His Pokemon started to relax a little as well.

    ((I think I'll be going off-line now. Getting too hungry to continue...))
  30. Carrie sighed, plopping upon the ground herself. Jolteon trotted over towards her, thinking of offering his back as a pillow. She smiled and accepted gratefully, reclining back and resting her head on him as he, too, laid down. She relaxed, but Jolteon kept a pair of sharp eyes on Jaxon from their position eight feet away.

    Carrie looked up at Sonjo. "Can your Combusken start a fire?"
  31. "Sure can, right Combusken?" Sonjo looked upon Combusken too make sure it was okay, and sure enough, it nodded. "All we meed is firewood, and we can build a fire that can last forever." He said, half joking. "Seeing as we're in the woods, getting some shouldn't be too hard."
  32. Jaxon crawled inside of the large Bronzong with some freshly boiled water and the ramen...Whats his name...ahh, yes, Sonjo gave him.

    "What do you think of them Soundcheck?" His voice echoed inside the large area. This Bronzong had a unique ability to "read people". Kinda' ironic...since he doesn't have any emotions himself...

    "Well?" The Pokemon had a low hum resinate inside of him. Jaxon hated that feeling, but he knew what it meant. He could trust them. "Not like they'd trust me though...and why should they, honestly, I wouldn't trust me, I mean the way I"--Soundcheck hummed very loudly, hurting Jaxons ears a little.

    Guess thats his polite way of saying "Shut up"...
  33. Carrie offered to help gather some as well.

    "Jolteon can watch the camp," She explained. Jolteon yipped in protest of letting her wander around the dark woods without him, and she winced. His muzzle was very close to her ear.

    "I'm sure we'll be fine," Carrie went on, half-deaf. Jolteon growled apologetically.
  34. Sonjo looked up at Elle. "Yes, please." Combusken was starring at the spot where the fire would be constructed. He laughed playfully at the large bird's might. Knowing him, the fire was probally already burning in his eyes. "Thanks, everyone."
  35. Carrie patted Jolteon on the head and stood, stretching briefly. She waved for Elle to follow as she set off into the wood.

    There were many twigs scattered along the ground, but no real candidates for firewood. She sighed and began gathering them, looking around for any broken branches or some such.
  36. Jaxon lifted up Bornzong (Bonzong did most of it though...that guy is heavy!) and shouted, "My Scizor could find fire wood fast and"--the rest of the group seemed to look at him and say Yeah, right.

    Jaxon crawled back in. "Yeah, should have thought so..."

    He dozed of with the low hum of Soundcheck rocking him to sleep,

    ((OOC: As if on que, I'm going to bed. We need to move the story along a bit tomorrow. Good night everybody!))
  37. Carrie sweat-dropped.

    "Note to self: Next time I go camping, bring Bell."

    Carrie moved over to where Elle was, gathering as many pieces of wood into her arms as she could (and that was quite a bit). She looked at her companion.

    "We shouldn't need more than two piles, I think. We can always come and get more if we need it."

    With that she turned on her heel, heading back to camp. She was sure to keep her balance, with the heavy load in her arms.
  38. ((OOC: Ack! Missed all the action again!))

    Rei paused, hanging back. He works for a - hold on, Galactic is interregional now? That's...new. But if he works for some sort of interregional gang, why would he just tell us all about it? Idiot, she thought. Pondering this thought, she swung her backpack to the ground, and quietly began taking out a sleeping bag. She never bothered with a tent, they took up too much space.

    She glanced at Soundcheck, wondering vaguely what it was. She'd seen a picture of it, but hadn't ever bothered to learn its name...since the opening of Sinnoh to foreign regions and trainers (as well as Sinnoh trainers leaving to said foreign regions) had been relatively recent, she hadn't spent a lot of time trying to memorize the names of Sinnoh-native Pokemon.

    She was about to take a picture, then caught herself. Of course she couldn't take a picture - it was night! The camera's flash wasn't that good.

    "But I suppose I should test it out anyway," she muttered, raising the camera and snapping a picture of the bell Pokemon. The flash brightened the camping sight for a second, then was gone, leaving a negative burst of light in Rei and Mushiko's retinas.

    Peering down at the picture, she shrugged. Thanks to the backlight of the screen, she could see the picture...but the picture definitely was lacking in quality, compared to the daytime ones. She supposed it would be fine if something important began happening during the night, but something like this just seemed absurd. So she deleted the picture, and put her camera back in it's pouch.

    Mushiko, who took the chance to zoom off into the night (she was rather speedy on land if she located any food), and came back with a few wild berries to eat. Rei pulled out her own dinner (a few food bars and pellets for Pichu), and let out her other Pokemon.

    Needless to say, the darkness sort of freaked out Pichu, and he zoomed underneath the covers of the sleeping bag without a moment's waste. She had to slip the pellets in after him to get him to eat anything.

    ((OOC: It's sad that ten posts went up during the time I typed this. X_X))
  39. Carrie emerged from the woods, shifting the load in her arms and making a beeline for Combusken. She gently deposited the wood at the bird Pokemon's feet.

    Jolteon yipped a greeting to her, and after brushing splinters from her sleeves she returned to her spot, scratching the dog behind the ears as she laid down again. She wondered how far they would get tomorrow.

    She turned her head to Rei, who seemed to have memorized the shortest route to Olivine.

    "How long will it take us to reach Ecruteak?"
  40. Rei paused. "Well, if we start early tomorrow, we should get there by the end of the day." She eyed Jaxon, and added, "unless we get ambushed again."

    She yawned, looking at Mushiko. "D'you think they sell Pokemon in Ecruteak? I'm a little reluctant to simply throw a Pokeball at a wild Pokemon. Or throw a rock. Or throw something."

    Mushiko rolled her eyes, and muttered something inaudible even to Rei.

    Pichu just wimpered, peeking out from underneath the sleeping back. Rei stuck her hand in after him, which quieted him a bit...he liked making sure his trainer was near him. She made him feel a bit safer than he usually felt - which wasn't safe at all.

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