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Sunset Mountain

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Persian, May 31, 2007.

  1. ((OOC: decided to make an RP...I don't have a hugely perfect idea of where the plot's gonna go, but I really wanna use my character in an RP. So please join if you'd like, though I'd like it to remain literate and as well-written as possible. But still fun. Funness is niceness. ^_^;; ))

    Rei sighed, shielding her eyes from the early morning sun. Stupid sun, blazing right into her line of sight. Curse the fact that she was traveling east!

    She stared down at the gritty pavement below her black sneaker-covered feet, concentrating on moving one foot ahead of the other without crashing into anything. It turned out to be easier said (or, rather, thought) than done, as she had to narrowly avoid two old men, one Machoke and his young female trainer, three junior high girls, and one rather stubborn Snorlax. Nevertheless, she reached her destination eventually.

    The teenager squinted up at the tall skyscraper - by no means the tallest Saffron City had to offer, but still daunting - and tightened her hold on the yellow furball in her arms.

    The Pichu blinked lazily, stretching his tiny arms. He stared up at the girl's face with a sleepy expression. "Chu?"

    "I'm here to get a job," the girl answered in a taciturn manner.

    Her other traveling partner, a Caterpie latched to her shoulder, nodded her large green head. She explained to the younger Pokemon that their trainer wasn't exactly rich (she spent most of her time wandering around the Kanto region - not exactly the most profitable of occupations), and they couldn't afford to buy food for more than two months. This, naturally, was not good, since without food they would die. Or, at the very least, have uncomfortable stomachs.

    The Pichu nodded, snuggling back up to his trainer's red tank top, wrapping a bit of the unbuttoned black jacket around part of his body. No sense in facing the scary people inside without his adopted mommy.

    Ignoring her two Pokemon, the girl walked inside the building. The lobby was a sterile white with accent colors of a golden yellow, making it look welcoming and cold at the same time. She stepped up to the desk, where she was greeted by a lipstick-covered business smile by the relatively young-looking secretary. "Hello, welcome to Explore Magazines Incorporated," she trilled, reciting a standard welcome. "Do you have an appointment?"

    "Yes, under Kanto. Rei Kanto," the trainer stated, staring at the secretary's made-up face. "I'm here to apply for one of the traveling photography jobs. I agreed to meet with the head of the photojournalism department today at eight-thirty."

    The secretary nodded, never turning off her plastered smile. After tapping a few keys on her keyboard, she glanced back up at Rei. "I've signed you in. Please take a seat until your name is called. Oh, and could you return your Pokemon to your Pokeballs, please?"

    Rei nodded, taking out two Pokeballs without another word. Both the Pichu and the Caterpie disappeared in respective flashes of red, and the trainer sat down in one of the hard yellow chairs without another word.

    She stared at the white ceiling, starting to space out. She'd heard about the photography job, and realized it could be the perfect way to make money. The magazine, a popular trainer's magazine in the Kanto-Johto landmass (and associated subregions), wanted trainers (preferably in their teens or early twenties) to photograph their journies for a certain amount of time. It seemed easy enough - just take at least three pictures each day, compile them onto a disk each time you hit a city with a bit of explanation of each photo, and send the disk to the Saffron offices. Then you'd get a paycheck AND a limited press pass, allowing you to go a bit farther than the normal trainer.

    It wasn't the first time they'd done something like this, or the first time she read the magazine. She knew they were also having trainers document their journies in words, sending out artists to paint what they saw, and trainers to conduct interviews with various people. Trainers were the easiest beginning journalists to recruit, since you didn't have to pay them too much (most of what they were "paid" with were services, like free nights and meals in Pokemon Centers), and they could explore all the knooks and crannies of the training regions to get all the information the companies wanted.

    "Miss Kanto," an attendant called as she stepped into the lobby. Rei stood up, brushed a bit of white dust off of her dark blue jeans, and followed the woman into an interview room.

    A good while later, she exited with a signed contract and a digital camera at the ready. Glancing down at her assignment, she quickly read about the area they wanted her to travel in.

    The mountains west of Cianwood City, Johto Region, are largely unmarked and undocumented territory. We'd like you to travel on foot from Goldenrod City to Olivine City, then take a ship from Olivine City to Cianwood City. Be sure to document your travels to the Cianwood Mountains. The Johto-Kanto Rail bullet train ticket and ferry tickets are enclosed, and there is a set of camping gear for you to pick up in Cianwood City. You are to spend at least one month total in the mountains; if you need to send pictures, then you may go back to Cianwood temporarily or send them via a flying-type. Rei glazed over the rest of the details, as they were mostly trivial matters (boring to her, at least).

    Rei yawned as she began her walk to the Johto-Kanto Rail station, vaguely wondering what her travels in uncharted Johto territory would be like.

    ((OOC: so yar, the plot-stuff will begin to take place in the travels to the mountains, then probably heat up when the group reaches the mountains themselves. You don't have to be another journalist-of-some-sort, though you can if you want to (you don't need to be one limited to the descriptions I gave, either, and you don't even have to work for the same magazine). So neh...I hope this sounds interesting!))
  2. Sonjo and his Rilou sat in front of the Johto-Kanto rail station. It was minutes away from opening, and they were both excited to explore the Johto region. Also, seeing his older brother there would be a plus. "So, are you ready, Rilou? Sonjo asked his partner. He nodded without hesitation.

    Then, Sonjo spotted a figure comming towards the station. Maybe this would be good opprotunity to make a friend. It'd be nice to have a traveling companion while in Johto. he thought. "Hey!"
  3. Carrie sat in one of those cold, terribly uncomfortable metal chairs in the railway station, her bag by her feet and her hands settled gently in her lap. You know, those seats the station put in just to make you shift around for a half hour while you wait for your train?

    Yeah. Those kinds.

    The fingers on her left hand absently played with the edge of the paper packet she was holding, the logo for the National Association of Pokemon Wildlife Research blazing across the bright orange packet. She hung her head a little, a bit embarassed to be caught holding such a brusque-looking item.

    Carrie sighed and let her head fall back against the wall behind her, beating it against the hard surface a few times for good measure. It was still a little while until the rail opened, and until then she would just have to settle down.

    She sat there, dying in quiet boredom, until suddenly she got it in her head to look over the packet again. She flipped it open, the bright color thankfully now shielded from her eyes, and read over the beginning paragraph.

    'Congratulations, wandering trainer. You are among the few selected exclusively by the NAPWR (She tried not to laugh at this point) to cover the landscape of western Johto. Two specific areas--to the west of Cianwood, and one area to the west of Olivine City--have thus far remained undocumented. Your task is to go in, survey the area, make note of notable landmarks, and perhaps take a picture of two. We ask you to remain vigilant, however: our group is not the only group looking to discover these areas. Keep your eyes open.'

    Well, that was how it read, anyways. A slight snicker caught in her throat, and she brought a gloved hand to her face to hide it. It was just too funny; they were so serious! As if it were a top secret mission, upon which the fate of the world balanced!

    She was outright laughing now. Shaking her hair out of her face she looked around the station again. Still being relatively early in the day it was for the most part empty. There were, however, a few trainers up and about. She spotted one sitting a little distance away from her. She wondered how many of them were her for the same reason she was. She briefly shuffled the papers in her hands, considering. It wouldn't be that surprising. Her company was paying her rather well (7,500 every two weeks if she brought in good results) so it wasn't too shocking to find others taking advantage of the oppurtunity as well.

    A scuffle caught her attention, and she turned to see Pearl before her, red bow bouncing as she hopped from one tiny foot to another, trying her hardest to balance the two soda cans she carried. Carrie smiled and took pity, relieving her of one. The Pikachu 'chu'ed thankfully and leapt into the seat next to her, working her little fingers to open her can. Carrie grinned and helped her with it before opening her own, watching the people pass by them.

    ((OC: How's that for a post? :p I can really get into this RP.))
  4. Carrie, your style is AMAZING. *is envious*

    Figured I'd throw myself in where I could, I'm feeling RP deprived and this one sounds like fun. ^^ I loooove Persian! :3

    I'm using Arita from the "wandering entertainer" RP, only she's about 15 years older in this one. I never saw her growing into a trainer, but rather, a ghost pokémon researcher. So, that is what she is.

    I've been meaning to use her for something, and as soon as I saw this, I knew she'd be the thing. I originally didn't want to join, but the post wrote itself in my head and I couldnt resist. . .

    The rail station appeared suddenly from behind several buildings, and Arita sighed. It was about time. She was tired.

    A bench outdside the station was vacant. The sun was still rising, she had always liked an early start. She took the bench, leaning back. Her dark, wavy hair fell behind her. Her thin frame looked strange when her full height was considered.

    Arita pondered the day before's events.

    She had been planning to go into Jhoto to study Misdreavus. They were the true ghost types, pure, and she longed to get an opportunity to see how they worked. She would absolutely love to have one to study. . .

    Skyler, her brother, a pokémon trainer of no small merit, had argued against it.

    "Arita," he had said, "Don't go."

    "Why? This is an opportunity I won't have too many times in my life, Skyler," she had replied.

    "I don't know," he said "I just have. . .a feeling."

    "You've been hanging out with Abra too often," She had shot back.

    But now she couldn't help wondering. . . Was there something behind it? She was well equiped for the journey, her favourite pokemon by her side. She trained them, of course, when doing feild work, one had to be wary. But they were also her friends, her research subjects, and her family. She had learned so much from them. . .

    She was dozing off in her seat. She tapped her pokeballs one by one, remembering how she had come by each of the pokemon. . . She smiled faintly, and the early morning sun was warm. The dull buzz of the city was a comforting lull. . .

    She stood up and looked around. She couldn't fall asleep. Where had she put her ticket? She searched her pockets while watching the people move around her. A girl carrying a Pikachu went into the station.

    Arita sighed and walked into the station herself. A cool wave of air washed over her and the bright glare of the morning light was cut off. Theres was an unusually large number of people waiting for the train this early in the morning. She took a seat in one of the small, hard plastic chairs and waited. For what, she didn't know.
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  5. ((OC: Oooh, I know this is going to be fun now! Ironically, my character has a Misdreavus you can study. :p))

    Carrie watched with interest as an older lady entered behind her, seating herself upon one of those acursed, too-hard-to-sit-in-comfortably chairs. She grimaced in sympathy--it couldn't be any easier on someone older. Pearl tugged at her sleeve in curiosity, the half-empty soda can tipping dangerously on her tiny lap. Carrie gently righted it and inclined her head towards the new arrival.

    "What do you think she's going to Johto for? I doubt it's for the same reason we are. She looks like she has a comfortable job already." Carrie groaned and shifted in her seat irritably. The hard material was beginning to chafe her, despite the thick material of her turtleneck. Carrie drummed her head on the wall again, boredom slowly taking over, but Pearl continued to observe the other woman in curiosity.

    A drawn out 'chu' was the only warning Carrie received; before her hand could snap out to catch the Pikachu by the bow the rodent had bounced out of her seat--her soda almost toppling onto the floor before Carrie caught it--and made a beeline towards her target. Carrie carefully put the soda back onto the seat next to her and took off after her wayward Pokemon.

    Carrie was too late. Pearl was already ensconsing herself aside the lady's tidy feet, tiny paws gripping her leg tightly as she peered up in fascination. Carrie held up a step behind her, crouching down and getting a firm grip around the Pikachu's middle.

    "Pearl! You can't be going around and doing that! It's not polite." Pearl stubbornly held on, her elongated ears twitching rebelliously. Carrie sighed and looked up at the woman apologetically. "I'm sorry. She's normally not like this. She's really very sweet. It must be the soda."

    ((OC: Awww, Pearl is so cute...and determined. Heh.))
  6. Snxxnx....sxnxxnx... Amazing that no matter how loud the din of a crowd gets, snoring could always be heard underlying it. The person doing so in this case happened to be laid back rather comfortably, head lolling, mouth slightly agape, a small drop of drool forming where his lips creased, threatening to overfill and streak down to his chin. Twiddle was quite asleep in the train seat and unaware of how unkempt he looked, or that he was leaving his two pokemon to their own devices.

    Both were Ralts that were sitting in his lap. A strangely colored one was set in the crook of his trainer's crossed legs, a thumb (or whatever you would call it) jabbed underneath his blue helmet and into his tiny mouth. He was sucking it voraciously, maybe due to his hunger settling in, or maybe from the tingling sensation the purple horn on his helmet was giving off; there were too many people for his liking, and their emotions were threatening to overwhelm him. His sister, or twin more like, wasn't as sensitive as he was, but she could also feel the mood of the train and its station. But unlike Luke, she was excited by it, and clapped her hands together with a smile on her face, turning to him to see if he would react. Luke tilted his head at her curiously, but the "thumb" would not be stolen away from its home. Serenity's smile sagged slightly, but returned in full motion within seconds. Sure, Twiddle had spent almost all of their money on the ticket, and that meant they would go hungry for the day, but think of the places they would see! It was too bad her brother didn't share in her enthusiasm.

    |~| Ooc: I haven't roleplayed here before, and it's noticably shorter than everyone else's. ^^; I hope it's good enough, though. |~|
  7. ((OOC: I'm so sorry, everyone! ;_; My internet stopped letting me log into the forums - for awhile, I thought I'd been banned for something. >_
  8. Carrie jumped as the intercom clicked on, and with a final, embarassed apology to the older woman she pried Pearl away, taking her into her arms and making for the bullet train. It was freaky, how the train was almost completely lined up with the yellow lines, but she had ridden the thing itself enough times to know it was perfectly normal. She stepped up to board, noting the number of trainers beginning to step up as well. In her mind she couldn't help but wonder how many held the same--or a similar--job to her own. It was an odd prospect, the idea that they could be taking the same photos for the same company. Would they reject one applicant because they had already received a photo like it? It was a thought to ponder.

    Having been relatively close to the track she managed to grab a seat, Pearl 'chu'ing happily as she sat bouncing upon her lap. Carrie smiled down at her, pleased to note that Pearl was beginning to act normally again. It was utterly bizarre, her stalwart actions from before. Perhaps it had been the soda.
  9. Sonjo and Riolu store at eachother blankly. The two of then shrugged it off, and hopped on board the bullet train. He took his seat, putting his backpack on the seat next to him, seeing as there were plenty of vacant spots. "So, are you ready to see Johto, Riolou?" Sonjo jeered. The aura pokemon smiled as he gave a cheerful response.
  10. Carrie looked up from her mini-conversation with Pearl, glancing around with a frown. She thought she had heard something familiar...

    She twisted in her chair, looking a bit farther down the train. Her jaw dropped.

    "Sonjo? You're going to Johto, too?" Pearl jumped as she spoke, ears bobbing madly as she searched around for the object of her trainer's attention. Carrie pointed her friend out for the rodent's benefit.
  11. The trainer looked up to see none other than Carrie Slovak, a couple seats ahead of him and Riolu. "Ah, hey there!" The pokemon and him moved so they were across from eachother. "Small world, eh?" the baby Lucario imitated Sonjo's movements as if he were a Mime Jr.
  12. A deep, soulful tune from a flute echoed through the station, with the whistling of a Chatot accompanying it. Lute sat against a wall, the flute and the Chatot both belonging to him. Every once in a while someone would toss a little change his way and his Chatot would quickly thank them before continuing to whistle as if she had never stopped. Lute didn't need the money, as he only played the flute to kill time while waiting for the train, but he figured it was better to just thank the people than to make an issue of it.

    When the train arrived, Lute scooped up his change and stood up. His Chatot clung to his green-tuniced shoulder as he put the change in the pocket of his gray slacks. He quickly dashed on board and sat down near a girl, a Pikachu, and a Riolu. Soon, a jaunty traveling tune filled the train car.
  13. ((OOC: Wow. Quick replies. @_@ Yanno, I've studied plenty, and none of my exams are tomorrow...what the heck, I'll take some more time off tonight. It's already sort of late...^_^;; ))

    Rei managed to sit down in between the girl confronted with the "unruly" Pikachu (the girl and the Pikachu herself were farther down the train)...and the boy with that blue-and-black Pokemon from Sinnoh! Riolu, did he say? She tried to get his attention, holding up her camera. "So...picture or no picture?"

    Meanwhile, both of her Pokemon decided to appear simultaneously. Mushiko, the Caterpie, snorted smugly as her trainer glared at her. Well, it was Rei's fault for not letting them out earlier...they needed to stretch, for Mew's sake. The worm shrugged, inching her way up to Rei's shoulder. Rei gave an angry huff, but pretended not to notice. She wanted that Riolu picture, after all.

    Her other charge, Pichu (also known, unofficially, as Tonari), looked around shyly from the safety of Rei's lap. After staring at the other Pokemon in their row for a few seconds, Pichu decided to simply ignore the strange-looking Riolu. After all, if he didn't look at it, maybe it would go away...

    Pichu grabbed Rei's tank top, burrowing himself behind the folds of her black jacket. Rei kept her focus on Sonjo (she wanted that picture!), but managed to snake her left hand around to hide Pichu from view. She just hoped he wouldn't freak out and shock her again.

    "Sonjo? You're going to Johto, too?" Rei blinked at these words (it was pretty silent on the train), glancing at the girl farther up the train. The one with that Pikachu, from before...

    She glanced back at Sonjo. Well duh he was going to Johto - the train was bound for Goldenrod...but still. Rei wondered if they were going to where she was going...Cianwood. Coincidences were always strangley annoying. Such a bother!

    Once he confirmed the girl's inquiries, she sighed. Was this boy going to let her take her picture or not?

    Then a new boy sat down near them! With...oh great, another Pokemon she didn't know. Not to mention the whimpering sounds coming from Pichu...Rei braced herself for a shock.

    At least this newcomer added some music...Rei hoped her "baby" would calm down.
  14. Carrie smiled at him, remembering the Festival back in Celadon City. She waved to Riolu, recalling she had seen him there before. Pearl regarded him curiously.

    "Oh, that's right, you've never met Pearl, have you?" Carrie realized. She held Pearl up, the Pokemon happy to be the center of attention. "This is Rai's daughter--kind of hard to believe, huh? She's coming with me for a bit of training and some exploring. What are you doing in Johto?"

    Carrie stopped short as a boy sat by them, playing a rather beautiful tune on a flute. She paused to listen.

    "What song is that?" She asked. Pearl had taken to disregarding Sonjo completely in favor of staring at the new arrival.

    The sound of someone shifting caught her attention, however, and she peered over Pearl's bobbing ears to spot another girl farther down the train. Other than her Pokemon (a one Caterpie and a Pichu trying unsuccessfully to stay out of sight), she sat alone. Carrie waved to her.

    "Hey! Want to come sit with us? It looks lonely down there."
  15. Lute didn't stop playing, but his attention shifted to Carrie, as did Chatot's. The tune Lute played changed for a moment.

    "I never got the name," the Chatot said. "It's a song I picked up from a video game."
  16. Carrie blinked in mild surprise at the small bird Pokemon. Pearl's ears perked straight up, her eyes widening in shock. She 'chu'ed with slight distress and tugged on Carrie's sleeve, as if demanding why the Chatot could speak and she couldn't. Carrie patted her on the head in consolation.

    "Oh. It's still rather pretty." She still looked at the Chatot with curiosity. However, she herself knew how rude it was to ask questions that were probably personal, so she stayed quiet. Pearl eyed the bird warily.
  17. SORRY CARRIE! *stabs self*  :'( Sometimes, RL gets in the way of RPin'g. ^^;;;;;;;;;;;; I wrote a reply but it got deleted by the computer so I delayed re-writing it. I'm sorry, I'm usually good with this kind of stuff. It was such an awesome reply as well. -_-

    Arita's not THAT old!!! ^^;;; She was only 6 or 7 in the original RP, so adding 15 years only still makes her in her early 20's.

    Arita watched as the girl scurried away with her small Pikachu. She wondered for a moment what the pichu would have thought of her pokemon. It was an unkind thought, however. The little pokemon was sweet, and it reminded her of herself, in ways. She was a pokemon researcher, as in she researched pokemon. The small Pikachu was a pokemon researcher as well, but in a different way. It made Arita smile as she stood to board the train. She wished she had managed a reply before the girl bounced off, but she was absorbed with her last project, which she had been forced to abandon when she failed to acquire a gastly. She hoped she had more sucess with the Misdrevous. . .

    The sleek train idled in the station, quietly humming. She slid throughthe doors quickly as everyone else boarded, one hand tightly gripping her briefcase, the other on her pokeball belt as she was jostled. She grimaced, and hoped none popped open in the confined space. Not that would be much worry, unless it was Tracey that got out. . . The rest would drift peacefully to the ceiling, where they would be content.

    After all the shifting was through, Arita was suprised to find herself with a seat. She smiled at the young girl next to her, who was holding an Umbreon. It appeared to be off colour, and reminded her of her Noctowl. Though she doubted they had gotten the markings in a similar fashion.

    "Your Umbreon is gorgeous," She commented. "Do you mind me asking how he came about his curious markings?" The creatures large eyes shimmered up at her, and she gazed back. Perhaps she would have to expand her research into dark-types? And into why there were no light types to match. . .

    It's short, I'm tired. -_- Sorry!!!!! *will post better ones later* Hope Elle doesn't mind the questions. ^^
  18. ((OOC: Everybody always posts when I write...I'm so slow. ^_^;; ))

    Rei grumbled about how the Riolu trainer kept ignoring her and her plea for a picture, and looked back at Carrie. Hah! The Riolu trainer did move to sit by her!

    Rei shrugged, stood up (while keeping a careful hold on Pichu), and walked over to the row containing Carrie. She gave the girl a standard glare, and sat down next to her. Pichu poked his head out, spotted Pearl, squeaked, and dove back behind Rei's jacket.

    Mushiko just rolled her eyes, glancing down at Pearl. She'd seen enough Pikachu in the Viridian Forest to last her a lifetime - no sense in getting worked up about another one. Just a yellow rat...why were they so popular? Butterfree were better. So the bug didn't pay much attention to Pearl.

    The Chatot across from them, however, was another story completely. That thing could be dangerous...Mushiko made sure her String Shot glands were working just in case.

    Rei gave Mushiko The Look. "Mushiko, you're drooling string," she snapped, tilting her head a bit. She didn't want that stuff in her hair. Again. Mushiko just shrugged, keeping her steady gaze locked on the strange bird.

    The trainer paused to look at the Chatot-human musical pair. "Well, if the Riolu guy won't..." she muttered, then held up her camera for Lute to see. "Hey! Can I take a picture of you and your...Sinnoh bird for my magazine job?"
  19. "Still rather pretty!" the Chatot squawked.

    Lute smiled a little as he played. Again, the tune varied a little.

    "You're wondering about Chatot, aren't you?" the Chatot said. "Chatot is a special Pokemon that can mimic human speech. It can't talk so much as repeat whatever it hears. That's why I chose it as my translator. Usually I talk using sign language, but I've trained my Chatot to also translate musical notes into words."
  20. Carrie wondered briefly if the boy couldn't speak, but denied herself the freedom of asking that question. It sounded rude, even in her head. Instead she smiled at them in understanding, taking out her Pokedex for a moment as she recorded Chatot's data. She put it away just as the other girl spoke, and she turned back to the conversation in general, quietly listening in.

    "Riolu?" She looked at the camera, and then at the small black-and-blue Pokemon, and something clicked. She briefly leaned over towards Sonjo. "I think she wants a picture of your Pokemon."

    She settled back into her seat, content to merely sit comfortably. Pearl, however, had a different idea. She had seen the Pichu huddling in the other trainer's jacket, and, perhaps remembering when she was a Pichu, somehow got it into her head to make friends. Pearl leaned far over, Carrie struggling to keep her from tipping for the sudden movement--and poked the girl with the camera. Carrie suppressed an embarassed groan. Powerful as the Pikachu was, the poor little girl seemed to possess no common sense when it came to behaving in public. Carrie gently pulled her back, apologizing to the victim of Pearl's curiosity.

    "What's your name, by the way?" She queried. Pearl, attempting to take advantage of her trainer's momentary distraction, hopped out of her arms with a 'chu' and faced the girl holding the camera. She tilted her head in fascination.

    Carrie sighed. "Pearl..."

    ((OC: It's fine. I figured you were busy. As long as you came back, I'm happy.))
  21. Sonjo looked back at the Chatot-flute trainer. The melody he had just played was enchanting. He then turned to Carrie. "Oh, I'm doing a favor for my Uncle who resides in Johto. He wanted to examine a sort of rock that I came across in Sinnoh." Sonjo pulled out a shimmering rock, both black and white combined with a tad of red. He looked back at the woman with the camera, but alas, she was now asking another.
  22. Rei raised an eyebrow. So this trainer was ignoring her plea for photographs as well...

    She groaned, frowned, glared at both the Chatot and the Riolu...

    Then she snapped a quick photo of Chatot translating for Lute while he played, then a shot of Sonjo hanging out with Riolu. Checking to make sure they were okay (digital cameras were so nice), she shrugged. "If you don't like that I took your pictures, you'd better say something now. Politeness only goes so far, boys."

    Mushiko peered at the Chatot. Amazing...a translator, huh? She could barely talk quickly in Caterpie...then again, most of the time she did the talking for Pichu (but that was just because of his clinical shyness), but nowhere to the extent of what Chatot did for Lute. It was sort of cool, as long as that Chatot didn't get orders to eat her.

    Meanwhile, Pichu had to keep himself from crying. A big mean Pikachu was coming after him. Rei grumbled about how he needed to grow up, and tugged her jacket tighter around him. Then she realized that the Pikachu's trainer had asked her name.

    "Kanto. Rei K. S. Kanto. Yes, like the region. Who are you?"

    ((OOC: Short post. So sorry...X_X

    Oh, and I didn't see your post, Carrie! Sorry...I edited it to fit it in. ^_^;; ))
  23. ((Sorry for ignoring you. I hadn't realized Rei said anything to Lute.))

    Lute and Chatot turned their attention to Rei. Lute shrugged and continued playing.

    "Sure, we don't mind," the Chatot said. "Snap away." Lute glanced back at Carrie, and Chatot added. "By the way, the name's Lute. Nice to meet both of you."
  24. Rei glanced back at Lute, holding up her camera. "Already took the picture, but thanks. Nice to meet you...erm...Lute. And Chatot."

    Mushiko whispered something in Caterpie to Rei, and Rei rolled her eyes. "My Caterpie wants to make it clear that if you, erm...if your Chatot attacks her, that she has an ungodly amount of string ready. So don't eat her if you don't want your beak glued together."
  25. "Carrie Slovak, from Pallet Town. This is Pearl--though I think you know that already." She glanced about them once again, noting that other than their small gathering, there were still a few trainers about the train. She wondered. "What's everyone heading to Johto for? I'm off to explore the area near Cianwood. I brought Pearl along for some experience."

    Pearl, as if cluing in on the insinuation she wasn't that experienced, huffed slightly. She tottered back to Carrie after the Pichu failed to respond to her friendliness, and she hopped onto her trainer's lap to sulk.

    Carrie rested her hand on the Pikachu's head. "Pearl here, though not really young, hates fighting. I feel she needs more experience in the battlefield." Carrie grinned slyly. "Since she seems to enjoy watching my other Pokemon fight."

    Pearl, for some unknown reason, flushed and tugged at Carrie's hair in retaliation. Carrie smiled down at her.
  26. Lute stopped playing in a motion similar to laughing while drinking something. He put his flute in his lap and started signing.

    "Your Caterpie has nothing to worry about," the Chatot said. "Chatot is an utmost professional. He's always on the job, and he never eats on the job."

    Lute then turned his attention to Carrie.

    "Your Pikachu is in good company," the Chatot said. "My Chatot isn't trained to fight, and I don't think she'd know what to do if I had to battle with her."
  27. Carrie laughed slightly. Pearl grumbled half-heartedly, and Carrie rubbed her behind the ear. She 'chu'ed in sudden contentment.

    "That's a good thing. I'm here mainly to explore, anyways, and at least she's not like Bell. Pearl will fight if she has to. Bell refused altogether." Pearl, hearing her Bellossom friend being mentioned, perked up, her ears twitching. "I had to leave behind Espeon to take Pearl, but I feel it's a fair trade. Espeon seems to like battling too much. It can't be healthy. And Pearl has lots of good qualities; she's kept me from starving before. Can't cook to save my life, but I feel Pearl is an up and coming chef. By the way, nice to meet both of you."
  28. Rei shrugged. "Nice to meet you, Carrie of Pallet," she grumbled. Why were people always so willing to give out more than their name to complete strangers? There were dangerous people out there, contrary to popular belief. But whatever...it was Carrie's life (or death), not hers.

    She glanced at Mushiko, who had relaxed considerably. She spat out a bit of spit that had accumulated in her mouth, watching it land on the black seat in front. "Ugh, Mushiko," Rei chided, pulling the sticky string off with a tissue. She put it in her bag, glancing up the train. "The conductor would kill me..."

    Rei then looked back at Carrie, while making sure Pichu was okay. "Yeah, my Pokemon aren't good fighters. I used to have a good team, but I don't have 'em anymore. Tonari - er, Pichu, can't really fight. He's too...messed up. In the head. So I just take care of him. As for Mushiko, she hasn't really had much of any experience. I'd like to catch something better on the way to -"

    She paused.

    "Wait, you're going to Cianwood, too?"

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  29. Carrie was immediately put on her guard. The air Rei was giving off wasn't a good one, for Carrie.

    "Yes. I take it you received the same offer?"

    Pearl, who had taken to untying and re-tying her bow around her neck, looked up as her trainer tensed ever so slightly. She frowned, wondering what was wrong. Carrie absently put her hand on Pearl's head. It felt heavy to the small Pokemon, and Pearl instinctively knew something was up.
  30. Lute picked up his flute and continued playing again.

    "Sounds to me like you've got better travel plans than I do," the Chatot said. "Mind if I tag along?"
  31. The photographer was back. Sonjo apologized for not noticing her request for the picture. He put the stone away, and closed the backpack up tight. "So, you've taken up a job? For doing what exactly?" Rilou jumped onto Sonjo's shoulder, leaning on the back of the seat, peaking at the energetic Pichu.
  32. Carrie leaned back in her seat, seeing if Rei would divulge the information before she did. Pearl, feeling the tension but deeming it beneath her notice, resumed her tying of before.

    Carrie folded her arms, fingering the silver bolt charm about her neck. She wondered, just as she had before, just how many of the trainers on this ride had the same mission as she did.
  33. Carrie spared a suspicious glance at Rei before smiling at the new arrival. At least this would answer Sonjo's question, as well.

    "Yep. Off to explore. Are you heading that way, as well?" Carrie couldn't imagine any other reason to walk up to someone you didn't know and ask something like that.
  34. Carrie didn't speak. She simply glanced around the entirety of the train, as if indicatin that the other girl was surrounded by the trainers she spoke of. Pearl, who was quite tired and bored with all the humans acting tense and chatting randomly, had curled up and fallen into a light doze, accentuated by 'chu's that sounded more like the sawing of wood.
  35. Lute continued playing. It was a contemporary, easy-listening peice. He was in no hurry for an answer, nor did he need any travel plans. He'd just go wherever the wind took him. The tune carried this sort of airy driftiness, sounding a little lonely in places even, or perhaps especially, with Chatot chiming in with a few whistles.
  36. Carrie looked between the two trainers, and she sighed.

    "I'm fine with you coming along," She told Lute and Chatot both, knowing the Pokemon understood just as much as the trainer. Carrie turned to the other girl.

    "Yes, though it's mainly for exploration. I'm trying to get some training in for Pearl, too." Carrie gestured to the slumbering Pokemon on her lap. "But I've also brought my other Pokemon for insurance. It's good to be prepared, and I felt they needed a vacation anyways."

    Carrie sighed and stretched a bit. "You're plan wasn't so bad. It's normally not very populated. It's just that lately researchers have been interested in the area, so now trainers looking for jobs are flooding the place." She smiled a bit. "I'm afraid I'm guilty of that, too."
  37. Lute raised an eyebrow. The tune he played took on a more mysterious tone.

    "What kind of research?" Chatot squawked. Lute looked a little annoyed, and his Chatot said, "Sorry. I can't really control her tone of voice."
  38. "I don't understand it that much myself, but from what I can gather, since it's a largely unexplored area, researchers have been examining the area; attempting to discover the natural vegetation, Pokemon that are common to the area, the climate up in the mountains...Stuff like that. I'm just going to log my findings, take some pretty pictures and collect my pay."
  39. Upon hearing the chatter, Sonjo began to grow more and more curious about the 'unexplored area'. Maybe, there were rare pokemon were wild there, colorfull surroundings were common, and where ukown mysterious lie. Or... it could be the complete opposite. In any case, it sounded like it was worth the look.

    The boy looked over to the new arrival, with her Pikachu. "You've never seen a Chatot? They're fairly common in the Sinnoh region." Then again, Sinnoh hasn't been visited by trainers of different regions yet. They just opened their gates a few weeks ago. Riolu began snoozing softly, ears rising slowly.
  40. Arita calmly observed the trainers talking. They were all going to Cianwood as well? They would chase off any ghost pokemon of interest. . . But still, this is where her reaserch was taking her next, to rumours of strange happenings in the forest around Cianwood. And rumours of strange happenings meant only one thing in Artia's books: Ghost pokémon.

    She leaned back in her seat and fiddled with her belt. The young trainers would most likely not want a boring old researcher butting into their conversation. They seemed happy enough tittering away and laughing together. Artia found she usually didn't bring much laughter to conversations. Working mainly with ghosts didn't lend itself to amusing stories or bright outlooks. It was a dark business, but one she didn't mind. She settled back in her seat, watching the trainers still.

    One seemed to be using his Chatot to speak for him. It was a fascinating bond. Researchers flocking to the area, huh? The Umbreon and the girl were ignoring her now, but she watched the Umbreon with interest. Perhaps she would look into studying Dark types. . . The markings were curious, but in no means similar to her Noctowls. . . The rythmic swaying of the train was hypnotic. She was considfering letting on of her pokemon out just to make sure she didn't fall asleep, but pulled out her clipboard instead. The useless gastly data occupied the first several pages. She flipped briefly through that, getting to her data about Duskull and Dusclops. It was much easier to research when you had willing pokémon companions to help. . . She began finnishing up equasions, running through numbers and figures, keeping on ear on the conversation. She really would like to know why there was suddenly such a rush to Cianwood. . .

    Poor Arita. :'(
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