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DPPt/HGSS Sunny Day randomness XD

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Shocari, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Shocari

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    I was thinking of making a Sunny Day Team, but giving it a slight twist that is unexpected(I think). This Team will RELY on Double Battles for it to work, and is pitiful on Single Battles.

    Slaking@Toxic Orb
    252 Atk, 112 Spe, 88 SpD, 58 Def
    -Sunny Day

    Facade gets a nice frelling awesome boost from Toxic Orb, and leaves massive dents in 14/17 types for above-average damage due to STAB and Toxic Orb doubling it. A nice move anyway you slice it. EQ hits the Steel Types that resist Facade, and also dishes out powerful damage anyway. Thunderpunch is specifically for Skarm, who avoide Facade and EQ, but can be used to hurt any Flying or Waters. Sunny Day gets it going for the Team in a Combo that will be mentioned below. The EV's maximize Atk, get the Speed up nice, and bolster the defenses in case of something truly dreadful(like anything with Aura Sphere or Draco Meteor)

    Exeggutor@ Focus Band
    252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP
    -Skill Swap

    Here's the combo: Turn 1-Slaking's good speed sets up Sunny Day, doubling Exeggutor's mediocre speed with Chlorophyll. The new Speedy Exeggutor Skill Swaps Slaking, removing Truant and making it deadly fast for the next few turns(see where I'm going with this?) Slaking without Truant means he can dish out more damage more often and not give the opponent a free turn to set up/kill him. Every other move on here is to help out in some way, with Hypnosis to hit something that could ruin the set-up. The EV's make it stronger/faster

    Magmortar@ Passho Berry
    Flame Body
    252 SpA, 140 Spe, 66 Def, 66 SpD, 4 HP
    -Sunny Day
    -Heat Wave

    Yep, its the PBR Magmortar with a few tweaks. Heat Wave replaces Overheat for less SpA removal and more hitting both opponents for still-powerful damage. T-bolt is probably unusual(I think) and SolarBeam just makes the SD all more worth it while taking advantage of that SpA stat. Sunny Day is on the set in case it runs out by the time Exeggutor is dead(it'll probably go first with one X-scissor/Bug Buzz/Signal Beam)

    252 HP, 86 Atk, 80 Def, 92 SpD
    -Sunny Day
    -Gyro Ball

    Bronzong the wall. How...strange. I chose Levitate over Heatproof because it helps if Bronzong is paired up with Slaking so the latter can fire off Earthquakes at will. The defense EVs keep it alive with the respectable defenses and the Atk EVs so Gyro Ball will do some massive damage. He's not getting Skill Swapped at all, so Gyro Ball will be much, much better. Explosion is on this set for in case I decide to use a Pokemon with Protect/Detect or is Ghost.

    Leafeon@Salac Berry
    Adamant/Jolly(haven't picked yet)
    Leaf Guard
    252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 SpD
    -Leaf Blade
    -Swords Dance
    -Aerial Ace

    Leafeon can sub/salac okay with that giant defense, so there isn't really a need to EV that because it'll be really high anyways. Leaf Blade provides STAB while Aerial Ace hits Fighting types decently. Leaf Guard provides for no Status with Sunny Day out, so T-wave, WoW, Hyp, and Toxic will not be a problem.

    I know that's only 5 Pokemon, but I couldn't think of another. Any help would be most appreciated, and anything that can be done to change the above will(most likely). So, in advance,(I'll say it afterwards too) thanks.
  2. KoL

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    Staff Member Moderator

    Just as a reminder from what I said in chat: CHERRIM FOR SIXTH SLOT!! Flower Gift will boost your offensive stats by 50% each in sunlight, and Cherrim also gives that boost to its partner - as if Slaking needed extra power.

    A few other notes:

    - Fire Blast will be superior to Heat Wave on Magmortar for the extra power it provides. Watch the PP though.

    - Heatproof is a possible option on 'Zong. Although Levitate is widely considered the superior ability, it's so common that nobody would try 'Quaking your Bronzong just to check its ability, especially if you have a Grass-type accompanying him as his partner. Plus, Heatproof will lessen the blows of Fire-type attacks, which will sting even more thanks to your sunlight.

    - Sleep Powder is overall more reliable than Hypnosis on Exeggutor.

    - Consider possibly Shadow Claw over ThunderPunch on Slaking to combat Ghost-types who may try to stand in your way. Also, if you want Slaking to be a bit more supportive, use Return or possibly Double-Edge (FR/LG/Emerald/XD tutors only though) and carry a Heat Rock to keep the sun shining a few turns longer. It's an option for you - up to you really.

    That's all for now. May give a Cherrim moveset later when it's not as late at night.
  3. Shocari

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    Cherrim is definately going in. That power boost will help the whole team.

    As for Slaking, I did have Shadow Claw on at first, but switched to T-punch so I wouldn't be walled by Skarm.

    Fire Blast? Well, at least I have a PP Max with me XD Heatproof'll seem nice too.
  4. Stark

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    Having got my own Double Battles Sunny Day team... the only thing I can think of is to make sure you have a backup plan (as with any weather/trick room team) or can function out of the sun.

    Doesn't Heat Wave hit both enemies though? He said this was for double battles, so it might still be an option worth using.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Not necessarily. Keep in mind that due to Heat Wave hitting both opponents, it will inflict only 50% damage to each of them, whereas Fire Blast's single hit will be focused primarily on one target and thus deliver the full 100% of its damage. In a double battle, you have a much greater chance of KO'ing two full-HP opponents in one turn when using two attacks that hit one opponent, with one attack for each enemy.

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