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Summer vacations

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Who's taking a vacation this summer and where are you going? If you've already been away and back, tell us about the highlights of your trip. :)

    Myself, I've already been off PEI once this summer but my majorish trip will be closer to the end of August. My family and I will be visiting Toronto for about a week (I'll be hitting Fan Expo Canada 2012 while there), then heading down to Disney World Florida for a few days. From there we'll be taking a 4-night Bahamas Disney cruise, and we'll finish up with one final day at Disney World when the cruise is over.

    It's going to be about a two week trip, but I expect we'll have a great time. I've never been on a fancy cruise ship before and I love Disney, so I'm really looking forward to it. ^^

    *Opens the floor to everyone else~*
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I've been to China already, as some of you guys might already know from me peeping in and out of chat the first few weeks of June. It was awesome; we went to my dad's old place, with all my cousins and aunts and uncles and my dad's own cousins. His cousins and him had a great time getting drunk and making fun of the youngest in their circle *coughmydadcough* while I got to catch up with my brother. I think this was the best part of my trip, too, though we did buy instruments in Shanghai and visited many places in Beijing, with one of my cousins' daughter (would that make her my niece?).

    I also went to DC for a summer camp thing, and went into our Capitol and actually sat in the seats the state Representatives sat. I met lots of awesome people, and I'm kinda sad I might never see a lot of them again.

    And now, the only things I can look forward to is finishing summer school for speech, finishing eschool for physical education, doing my college and uni applications, and the actual start of school. Great.
  3. I came back from FLorida recently, as pointed out in the post your thoughts of the moment thread. It was awesome and fun! I talked to girls, got a number, got a friend request, and went parasailing. I also saw...things... I kind of want to unsee. Like candy underwear... >_< Oh, and they had the world's largest gummy bear. 2000 calories and five pounds.

    I really love Panama City Beach... The beach is so relaxing... and the fact that the place we were staying was in walking distance of that, several pools, a snack shack, and a camp store, I was feeling great. And I got a little tan too! XD
  4. I went to South Africa on two weeks of business, at the start of June, but that kinda was a holiday too as we saw lots of sights and had fun. Get a hold of me or my facebook for some more info and photos ^^ (Cheetahs and guns, anyone?)

    I'll be going to Cornwall (England's southwest pointy bit) in August I believe, as well.
  5. I just got back from Pennsylvania. Me and my family went there to visit family and do some other cool stuff, like visit Hersheypark. If you go there, I recommend a roller coaster called the Storm Runner!

    I also went to a party at Lake Meade for the Fourth of July. I watched fireworks with my friends while swimming in the lake.

    The best part was when I shoved my friend Caleb into the lake while he was standing at the edge of the dock. However, he got revenge by grabbing my leg and pulling me in. -_-
  6. While I wouldn't call it a vacation in the strictest sense, I went to San Antonio for a hueg church conference and had an amazing time. We got there a day early so we could see the beautiful fireworks display. Both the conference and San Antonio were a blast. I love how proud Texans are of being from Texas. Even the sixteen hour drive there was great! Driving on Interstate 10 as it runs through the Atchafalaya swamp? Yes, please ♥
  7. I had two short trips in Germany this summer.

    First, I've been to the Comicsalon in Erlangen (june) to meet some of my fellow cartoonist friends and meet some new ones :) I was deadly exhausted in the end, but man, that was fun. The city is so beautiful :D My highlight was the party that was organized by the big publishers (Carlsen, Panini, Ehapa). Sadly, this convention is only one week every two years :(
    On the way back, we got stuck in the traffic because of a motorbike crash. Even a helicopter had to come.

    The second trip was to the LARP convention Drachenfest (july). It was a disaster. It was such a great expirience last year but this year was just the horror. It was so hot, that it was a pain to stay in character all the time (over 40°C!). I even went home earlier ... Waste of time and money. I hope everything will be better next year.

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