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Summer Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Linkachu, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    'Tis the season for most of us. :)

    Is there anything from the Pokemon world/franchise that reminds you of summer? It's probably easier using Anime-related examples, but who knows. Maybe certain Pokemon songs give you a summer feel, or certain games/locations in the games.

    For me, it's the Orange Islands season of the Anime. Ever since buying the DVD box set of it last summer, I've really come to associate it with the summer months and find myself rewatching it over again. It's just not the same watching it during other seasons... The Orange League just screams "summer!" to me with all the ocean traveling and tropical islands and beaches and whatnot. It's perfect ^^

    I needs to get myself a Lapras :O
  2. Castform reminds me of most of it but then thats cheating :p

    Summer for me = PMD2 Beach + the Krabbys. Its such a cool image that it creates in your head and I could spend every day there (Except not now, sand + casts = rubbish :().
  3. Basically the exitement and hype of a new pokemon game... *Cues Lugia and Ho-oh to come swooping through, spraying everything with magical dust*
  4. For me, watching any of the Pokemon movies makes me feel like it's summer, or more specifically summer vacation, I suppose. Especially the first movie. I found myself humming that lame vacation song so much in high school *laughs*
  5. The Pokemon movie marathons that will be shown with out a doubt on Jetix this summer.
  6. First off, I'm surprised no one said Buizel reminds them of summer... I mean, the whole inflatable around it's neck just..

    Anyway, Pikachu's Vacation ALWAYS gets me in the summertime mood. The fun music and the atmosphere won't let you forget about summer, and it always increases my appetite for swimming.
  7. Pokemon '07 or '06 Movie (I can't remember which one)
    Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea,the beggining when Ash, May, Max, and Brock were in the middle of nowhere.

    That gets me a warm feeling in the winter.
  8. 'Catch Me If You Can' Which was a song from a...Pokemon Movie...I think...
    Anyway, really reminds me of the summer. I like it =D
  9. Marine Resort from Mystery Dungeon 2, with all the palm trees, the sand etc. It's even called the Pokemon Paradise!
  10. Things that remind me of summer.... Obviously, the move "Sunny Day". xP But aside from that, the really huge places in the anime and games with plenty of sun~ Such as Lilycove, Slateport, Cerulean~ I want to live in Lilycove x3
  11. Ahh, Slateport. XD Just reminds me of the summer ... the beach, the market, just the overall feeling. =3

    And I agree with Rain - Pikachu's vacation just does it. XD Though that song gets stuck in my head ...

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