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Summer in Kanto.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Picnicker Virgil, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Summer had always been Holly Jagger's least favorite time of year. She used to hate the season. Summer was the time everyone was out having fun. New trainers started their journies, catching whatever bug Pokémon was popular at the time, and they always had a great time battling each other and camping out. Meanwhile, Holly was stuck inside because "Holly, a Nidoran is not going to be enough to protect you from wild Pokémon, or even other trainers!". She'd heard the same thing every year and she was sick of it. That's why she'd caught a curious Gloom that wandered into her father's garden last month and trained hard until she proved to her mother that her Pokémon could protect her.

    Holly smiled at the memory as she dipped her toe into the small pond she'd found in a nice park somewhere close to Viridian forest, which had taken her a good three hours to work her way through. Gloom and Nidoran♀ were enjoying the cool taste of the water in their mouths, not actually drinking it but instead just opening their mouths and resting them in the pond. Holly half wanted to get up and get going again, but she knew her Pokémon deserved a rest, they'd been battling wild Pokémon in the forest all day and they needed to catch their breath.

    Holly retracted her toe from the water and lay down. Her brown hair sprawled out and hugged the grass as her equally brown eyes closed in a relaxed manner. A small smile played across the thirteen year old's face. Holly felt a nudge, which was Nidoran, and she reached out to stroke her Pokémon without opening her eyes. Nidoran grew bored of this and began nibbling on Holly's shirt, which was red with a large brown tree imprint on the front and back. She'd made the shirt herself and liked it quite a bit so she pushed Nidoran away, sitting up. "No." She said plainly before noticing Gloom was ready to go. Holly smiled. "Looks like we're ready to get going again."

    Most trainers, at least Holly thought, most trainers kept their Pokémon in PokéBalls when traveling, but she didn't mind having them out. She'd made a mental note to get in the habit of returning them once she caught more Pokémon, which she also had a mental note to do, but for now she enjoyed the company. Holly had heard it got lonely on the road.

    ((OOC: Ok, this is a pretty bad post but I'm really tired and I wanna RP so yeah. The generic 'starting on a journey' thing was all I could come up with. Crappy title. Someone please join...))
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  2. ((I'll give it a try.))

    Azami lay under the cool shade of an oak tree, almost asleep. Her brown hair spilled out around her shouder blades like a chocolate waterfall, her hazel eyes were half-closed as she stared at the curtain of leaves above her head. Her shirt was a sky blue, an she wore capri jeans and tennis shoes, the ideal clothing for summer time in Kanto. She had only started her pokemon journey three days ago, deciding on a Bulbasaur as her starter pokemon. Even now the Bulbasaur, which she had named Laverne, was asleep next to her stomach, which she absently scratched his head. Much to the Grass/Poison pokemon's pleasure.

    So far her journey had been great, she won gainst one trainer by a stroke of luck and added some cash to her supply that she had saved up for months for this journey. Although she had gone rather far from Pallet Town, her only pokemon besides Laverne was her Weedle, Binah. Whom at the moment was literally haging by a thread of silk from one of the branches of the tree Azami was under. She had an obsession with hanging upside down, which made Azami wonder if she would evolve soon.

    Viridian Forest had been hard to get through, due to the fact that many wild pokemon jumped out in front of her, but Azami was never able to catch any. Most of the time her attacks were too strong, and at one point she almost caught a Sandshrew, but her pokeball wasn't strong enough and the Sandshrew escaped and ran away. Azami didn't really mind having only two pokemon, but she would need a lot more if she wanted to survive Kanto. Now taking a rest in the park she had found outside of the forest, she took a rest under the tree with her pokemon, for the two of them were tired. Azami understood that, she was tired too, but inside her excitment was boiling as she itched to go on.

    (Crappy in my opinion, but gets the point across.)
  3. (my turn)

    Wow Kanto is alot different then the other regions thought a trainer walking through a forest, his name was chase a trainer originally from sinnoh he's been to Johto and Hoen but this is his first time in kanto, at least alone that is. After a few hours of being lost in the lush green maze he tryed to make his was out by sending out his trusty chikorita to help him. After a few more hours of endless walking him and chikorita still couldnt make thry're way out "Fine.... chikorita return" Chase just couldnt take it anymore finally he came to a decision. "All Right! no more mister nice guy, this may be a nice forest but im not gonna tolerate anymore branches in my face" so he took off running!

    "Why!!!" it wasnt a hard forest to get out of if chase just went through a few more trees he would have been out of the forest but unfortunately chase dosnt have a good sence of direction if it wasnt for his pokemon he would still be lost in the sinnoh region. "Theres not a single soul in this forest. how am i gonna get out of here?" thats when he came to an opening and saw a figure at the otherside it looked like a human, a trainer to be exact. chase had pretty good eye-sight for a 14 year old that spent most his time playin games. So he called over to the person a kindly as he could "Hey you, could ya help me for a sec!".........

    (well thats my entry lets have fun :))
  4. (I think this would be a good time to start working with a different character)

    Jake continued up the path humming an old fisherman song. He pushed his blonde hair aside as it got in his face again. He could almost feel how powerful the two pokemon on his belt were getting. It was almost as if he had formed a mental bond with his pokemon. He felt that he could even take on the Pewter gym at that very second. But he knew that he was going to need a different pokemon to stand a chance. Which was why he was here, he was hoping to obtain a grass type in the forest. He spent enoug time in Pallet town to learn that grass pokemon sometimes exerted a scent, so he was constantly sniffing the air alot. It was really the wind, but it looked like he was trying to sniff his white shirt up to his nose.

    Suddenly, he was almost knocked over by a strong smell. It wasn't a pleasent smell like he expected, but it wasn't that horrible in reality. Jake shifted his senses to his eyes and saw a girl around his age by a small pond and a Nidoran and Gloom stood next to her. Nidoran was gnawing at the girl's red shirt playfully. Although if Jake was only a foot away, he could have sworn that Nidoran was eating her.

    (I hope you enjoy my company)
  5. (Pick me! I wanna join! Starting a journey seems to be a common theme soooo.....)

    "Why'd we have to move..." Tyler was, needless to say, upset. His family was from Johto, but they had to move to Kanto because "it was best for the family" his mother often explained. Before they had left Johto, however, the local prof, Elm had given him a Cyndaquil. The proffessor had explained to him that this was a special one, it was specially breed to have the moves Double Kick and Howl.

    "Hey, be careful Mud." Ty said softly. His Cyndaquil had begun snooping in his backpack his mother gave him, and everything had fallen out. Mud had a Pokeball, but like his Pokemon, when they stopped somewhere, they got to come out. His other Pokemon, a Sentret named Layla, was relaxing in a lake in the park outside of Viridian forest. Tyler wanted to teach her Aqua Tail, and he assumed that being in the water was a good way to start. He also had a Hoothoot, named Beyata, and a Spinirak, named
    Spitz. Normally, during the day, they were kept in their Pokeballs, as they didn't like sunlight too much. That's where they were now, Two Pokeballs, in Tyler's pocket.

    Around him in the park were several small pounds, but Ty saw fit to go by the lake. His brown hair was cut neatly, but not short. It went down above his ears, by about an inch. His brown eyes were such a color that they could almost appear red, but the 13 year old knew that they weren't. He wasn't that tall, only about 5' 2". The T-shirt he wore was red, with nothing else on it. It was paler then the color of the crimson red Pokedex and Pokegear he always had with him, the latter being kept in his khaki shorts pocket.

    It wasn't long before Tyler noticed another trainer not too far away, resting under an oak tree. For half a second, a certain though passed through his head, he was, after all, 13. He quickly pushed it out and began wondering if he should go over and wake the girl, or wait until she woke up. Either way seemed kind of stalk-ish. Perhaps offering a battle when she woke up? Before deciding what to do, Ty remembered the mess that Mud had made of his backpack, and began scrambling to pick up the clothes and Pokemon related items that had scattered on the ground. His mother had packed him a "first aid kit" of sorts for Pokemon, containing all the "heals" and several potions. Ty was fairly organized, and kept every "category" of items in different pockets. Of course, that wasn't much at the moment.

    (Not my best ever...)
  6. (Ignoring Kasangi7's post since he's in the Realm.)

    Holly felt a pair of eyes on her, she was pretty good at that kind of thing. Her mother always said if she didn't get 'a real job' she could always be a psychic at the Saffron city gym. There were times when Holly desperately wanted to do that and in the past couple days she'd had plans of capturing an Abra. Her eyes opened and she looked around for the exact location of whoever it was that was looking at her. Gloom was sitting down and drooling, showing no signs that he had seen the trainer, but Nidoran was alert and looked ready to pounce on the trainer. Sometimes Holly loved that about her Pokémon.

    "Hi." She said to the trainer, hoping that if he was dangerous at all she'd know it early on by starting the conversation. That way she got to ask about him before he got to ask about her. "What's up?" She asked casually, wrapping an arm around Gloom who had walked to her side, either to protect her or to be protected. Nidoran kept her death stare on the boy but Holly held the Pokémon's tiny body to let it know that she didn't need to be so tense.
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  7. (well now I 100% know that this is a female nidoran, makes a big difference. And yeah, that was what I was thinking when I saw Kasangi's post, kinda creepy how similar his and kalseng's names are)

    Jake was caught off guard again when the girl spotted him without even looking. Nidoran stared at him baring her teeth, but the small teeth looked kinda funny on Nidoran's blue skin.

    "Hi. What's up?" the girl asked, holding her Nidoran down. Jake shrugged,

    "Nothing big, I was just looking for some grass pokemon when I smelt your Gloom. Did you find that locally?" Jake asked. Maybe smelling out a trainer pokemon wasn't all that bad, if she was a similar skill level as he had, it would have to have been found nearby. And maybe other Gloom or Oddish lived in that area, or even some other grass types like Hoppip or possibly Bulbasaur.
  8. Holly blushed red, embarrased that her people could smell her Pokémon from a distance when she hardly even noticed the smell anymore. She hoped she Gloom didn't get any of its stink on her. "Um, yeah I found it in my garden. Well, my dad's garden." Her words sounded awkward, she was still a bit embarrassed about Gloom, although if this trainer was interested in her Gloom maybe he liked the species. Or just wanted to know where not to walk. "That's in Pallet," She added, deciding he probably wouldn't know where her dad's garden was.

    'Wait,' Holly thought suddenly. She was a trainer, and it seemed like this boy might be as well. She'd heard the rule about trainers battling if they lock eyes, and they'd done that. She wasn't sure if he was going to ask or if she should but, deciding if she was going to be a trainer now she was going to do it right, she said, "Wanna battle?
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  9. (out of one battle and into another, eh? Might be useful for my PRP skills)

    Jake considered the offer, Gloom poised a problem for Jaws, but would be quite easy for Feathers. Nidoran was somewhere in between. So the odds were somewhat in his favour. But it could be quite problematic should the girl pick the right pokemon at the right time.

    "I'll accept your challenge, gives me a break from all the Charmanders, Squirtles, and Rattatas all the other trainers I have battled uses" Jake explained, he then stepped towards the girl and extended his hand. "Name's Jake by the way, a local of Maghoney Town"
  10. Holly smiled, happy that he had accepted her challenge. "Mahogany Town..." She said, mostly to herself but loud enough so Jake could hear. She had no idea where that was but didn't want to sound dumb. "That's cool, I've always wanted to go there." She wasn't sure if he bought her lie but she decided to speak again so he didn't have time to think about it. "I'm Holly Jagger, from Pallet like I said." Holly regretted saying her last name. She didn't want Jake to know too much about her. What if he was a creepy stalker or something? Holly dismissed the thought, she had the bad habit of asuming anyone unfamiliar was a bad person.

    Looking down at her Pokémon it was obvious which one she would use, Nidoran. She was still baring her teeth, wary of this trainer and Holly knew an angry Nidoran was a Nidoran that would win. That, and Gloom had begun swimming around in the pond, happy to be staying here just a bit longer. "I chose Nidoran." Holly said, stepping back to allow some room for the battle to take place.
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  11. As Holly stepped back, Jake did the same and took out a pokeball.

    "It's clear that Nidoran is the one that likes fighting the most, so I'll go with my answer for that. Go! Jaws!" Jake called. He threw the ball like a baseball and it opened with a white light and opened up to show a blue crocodile pokemon with a giant jaw, and a spotty belly. Nidoran was going to be going against a Croconaw for this fight.

    "Now, would you like to make the first attack Holly?" Jake asked, he was usually the first to attack in most of his most recent battles and he was wanting to make this one a little challengy.
  12. Holly went over Nidoran's moves in her head as Jake stepped back. She thought back to a battle Nidoran had been in, against a Tackling Metapod in the Viridian forest, where she had let the Pokémon choose its own moves. She knew Nidoran loved to use Poison Sting, but was usually unaware when she stopped shooting poisonous quills and was just looking at the foe. That left time for them to counter with their own attack. Double kick was her best bet.

    "Go, Jaws!" Jake called, throwing his PokéBall which opened and revealed a Pokémon Holly recognized as a Johto starter Pokémon. So that's where Magogany was! She smiled, pleased with herself for figuring that out. She stared at what she thought was a Tododile until she realized it looked a bit different than the ones she'd seen on TV and in magazines. Evolution, she figured. "Now, would you like to make the first attack, Holly?" Jake asked, snapping Holly back to the battle.

    "Huh? Oh, um," She'd forgotten her strategy and made herself sound inexperienced. Holly felt herself go red again. "Double Kick!" She blurted. Nidoran nodded, a fierce look on her face. She ran fast towards Jaws and when she was just a few feet away she jumped, retracted her hind legs and readied herself to extend them fully and attack.
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  13. Azami had not realised that she had fallen asleep under the oak tree, but everything was so quiet and peaceful, it was hard not to. She couldn't shake the paranoid feeling that something was watching her, her eyelashes fluttered, then parted to reveal her eyes like black ferns surrounding a hazel pool. She found herself staring at Binah's face about four inches away from her.

    "Wee! Weedile!" Binah chirped, cocking her upside-down head at Azami, her eyes shinning in a friendly way. They certainly weren't what caused Azami to feel so uneasy. Another, louder call from Binah caused Laverne to stir by Azami's side. The Bulbasaur raised his head and gave Binah a "What-are-you-talking-about? I'm-trying-to-sleep-here" look with his clouded red eyes. Azami peeked behind Binah and saw a person, male, digging through his backpack. He glanced briefly in Azami's direction before dropping back to his backpack.

    Azami sat up, then sttod up, almost knocking her head into Binah. Laverne seemed to notice what she was looking at and stood up too, shaking himself all over. "Hey," Azami called uneasily to the kid, who are you?"
  14. "Huh?" Tyler shot his head up rather quickly. The girl he had noticed before had suddenly called out to him, asking him who he was.

    He glanced at Layla, who was still having a good time in the lake. He picked up his brand new blue backpack, contrasting agaisnt his red T-shirt. Mud leaped onto his shoulder, a feat he wouldn't be able to do once he he hit evolution. Tyler stood up, his brown hair flapping in the slight breeze.

    He ]quickly walked across the clearing, to the girl who had called out to him. "Hey!" he called, "I'm Tyler, or Ty, whichever you prefer." He said with a slight grin. In school, Tyler was considered one of those "uber-popular" types, everyone knew who he was. He wasn't very athletic like most of them were, he was artistic. On each of his Pokeballs, he drew in marker a symbol reminding him what was in it.

    "This is Mud, which yea, is a strange name for a Cyndaquil." With this, the tiny Fire Mouse took a slight offense, as evidenced by his playful nip of Tyler's ear. He noticed the Weedle hanging nearby, and quickly connected that it was hers. He wondered for a second if it would get along with Spitz, then decided it wasn't important.
  15. (would have come back to this earlier, but internet was down for the last three days)

    "Jaws, block it then follow up with water gun!" Jake ordered, Jaws held his hands up, parted just enough to allow both eyes to see the poison pin pokemon. As Nidoran approached, Jaws tried to block the kick. He failed to do so however and was kicked on the nose, rather hard for Nidoran's size. As Nidoran tried to hit Jaws with her second kick, Jaws successfully knocked it away. Next, in the course of a second, Jaws reared his head back to get the water inside him flowing, then he launched a sharp jet of water into Nidoran's hide. Nidoran span away, bounced twice, and then landed on her feet.

    Jaws lowered his body so that he was on all fours, red eyes gleaming as they watched Nidoran, waiting for both Jake's orders or Nidoran's next attack.
  16. "Strange indeed, but he seems to like it." Azami said as the boy that had been watching her introdunced himself as Tyler. His pokemon (he called it a Cyndaquil?) took a playful nibble at his ear.

    "My name is Azami," she told Tyler, "no one calls me anything else. I started my pokemon journey a few days ago and picked Bulbasaur. His name's Laverne." The Bulbasaur let out a "Saur" at the sound of his name being called. "And this little Weedle behind my head is Binah. She's obsessed with hanging upside down like that." Binah blinked in the same friendly way that she did with Azami and chirped.

    By this time, Azami noticed a small, brown pokemon playing by the edge of the water. Azami had never seen it before, it looked a little odd. "Is that your pokemon?" She asked, "what is it?"
  17. Holly bit her lip, she was still new to battling and wasn't very good. The only people she had actually had battles with were the other very new trainers, most of whom enjoyed catching Pokémon more than training them, so the battles usually went in her favor. But this trainer seemed like he was tougher than that, like he actually trained his team rather than just put new members in it. So far, Holly had won all the battles she'd been in, which was three, and she didn't want to lose that streak.

    "Nidoran, Poison Sting!" Holly ordered. Nidoran grunted once, hopped back to allow herself some room and began her attack. The horn on Nidoran's head started to glow a bright purple as Nidoran took aim at Jaws.

    "Ran!" Nidoran shouted. In a burst of purple light glowing poison filled quills shot towards Jaws. Nidoran was pushed back slightly from the force of her own attack. As the quills kept coming Nidoran kept her gaze on the opponent. And then, just what Holly was afraid of, Nidoran stopped shooting quills without knowing it.

    "Nidoran!" Holly shouted, trying to let her Pokémon know what had happened before Jake ordered a counter attack.
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  18. "Jaws! Try slowing them down with water gun!" Jake ordered as the pins came full force. Jaws kept his low position and fired another jet which collided with most of the pins and slowed them down, even stopping a few. The pins penetrated certain parts of his face and on his tail, but not enough to do a reasonable amount of damage.

    "Now follow up with a scratch attack!" Jake continued,

    "Croc!" Jaws grunted, then lunged towards the poison pin pokemon and leapt up. His somewhat small claws began to glow and he came crashing down directly above Nidoran.
  19. OOC-Sorry this took so long, been away))

    Tyler smiled at the girls words. Something about them made him happy. "Never have seen a Bulbasaur, just came here from Johto." Ty sighed, looking at his pocket, where the tool of choice for Johto trainers waited use.

    "what is it?" The girl, Azami was her name, had suddenly asked.

    Ty glanced back at the Layla, she was playfully dipping her tail in the the water, and whipping it out. In the light, the water seemed to shine, it reminded Ty of an attack he had seen a long time ago on T.V.

    "That's Layla, she's a Sentret. Sort of Johto's version of that annoying purple mouse thing..." Tyler sighed. Those mice had annoyed him quite alot in the short time he had been here.

    "And since you had never seen either of these two..." Ty said quite happily reffering to the two Pokemon he had out now, "I can only assume you've never seen a Hoothoot or Spinirak." He gave a slight flirtatious grin. In his pocket opposite his Pokegear, his fingers rubbed the crimson red spheres that held the two Pokemon he had caught one warm night in Johto, right before the move.
  20. "Annoying purple rat?" Azami said with a giggle. "Those things are Ratticates, they're everywhere here in Kanto. I've never attempted to catch one because I heard they were rather useless." The boy had explained that the brown mouse-like pokemon was a Sentret, it was actually a little cute.

    "Never heard of a Spinirak or a Hoothoot." Azami said, "no doubt they're from Johto." She rubbed her heel in the grass, making a perfect circle. Laverne made another "Saur" sound before stepping out into a patch of sunlight. There he curled up again and was asleep in an instant, letting his bulb soak up the sunlight. "He's kind of lazy," Azami explained, but that's only when there's nothing else to do."

    "Weedle!" Binah exclaimed, bouncing up and down playfully on her silk string.

    "Oh stop before you lose a part of your body from blood lose." Azami said, taking the golden-brown worm in her arms.
  21. Tyler laughed softly. The girl had suddenly taken the Weedle off of his perch, and placed it in her arms. Binah, she called it.

    "Never even heard of them?" Tyler asked with a slight touch of laughter in his voice. "Well then, just in case you're not one for spiders..." He reached into his pocket. Thumbling with two Pokeballs in his hand for a moment, and pulled one out. The marker drawing looked horribly misshapen while the Pokeball was minimized, and he quickly fixed that by expanding it. Right above the center button, was a small, but incredibly well drawn owl. It was drawn in a symbol like matter, making it simplistic. A circle, two large eyes, and a golden beak was mainly what it was. With a smile, Tyler threw the red sphere into the air, softly whispering "Beyata, come meet a new friend..." In a flash of white light, the ray of red energy began to take the circular form of the Owl Pokemon. Bursting her wings open, and realeasing a "Hooo!" Beyata landed softly with one foot on top of Tyler's head.

    "This," he said, wincing a bit as she pecked her head, "Is a Hoothoot."

    "You don't happen to be afraid of spiders, do you?" He asked slyly.
  22. "Nido-!" Holly cried, tensing as she knew she didn't have time do order anything. Jaws' claws smacked Nidoran right in the face, sending her small frame into the dirt hard. "No!" Holly called, unsure if Nidoran was still conscious. She sighed with relief as Nidoran started to stand. She was weak, but not done yet. "Ok," Holly said, gathering herself. "Nice one." She said to Jake. "Now it's our turn." Holly smirked slightly, looking to her Pokémon to make sure it was ok. "Nidoran, use Scratch!" Nidoran's face formed a Pokémon smile, Scratch was one of her first and strongest attacks. Holly had witnessed her Nidoran crack a rather thick branch off of an old tree with this attack after missing a quick Weedle. The problem was her accuracy, she often missed. But if this attack did hit Holly was sure the rest of the battle would go smoothly.

    Nidoran gathered her remaining strength and began to charge at Jaws. Her entire right paw was glowing with energy that sizzled and cracked with power. Holly was on her toes in anticipation, she loved winning and so far she was unbeatable. Nidoran lunged forward, paw back and ready to meet with her opponents face.
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  23. "Dodge it quick!" Jake ordered, Jaws tried to leap back, but was still scratched on the nose. Jaws in response swung around and smashed Nidoran with his tail. Nothing powerful, but enough to get distance between the two pokemon. Nidoran got to his feet in less than a second.

    "Now follow up with bite!" Jake ordered, Jaws ran head first towards Nidoran, slowly opening his jaws as if they were being opened by a car jack (those things that hold up a car while you change a tire). If Jake knew one thing about perfect battle strategies, then it would be that a move like bite used by a pokemon like Croconaw is famous for intimidation and increases the chances of a good connection with the foe.
  24. Azami 'oooo'ed when the owl-like pokemon came out. It had two huge red eyes and a single leg. It let out a "Hooo!" cry and flapped its wings that looked to small to get it off the ground, and amazingly landed on Tyler's head. Azami smiled, it looked kind of cute actually.

    Laverne was awakening by the cry, and responded with a "Bulba?" before coming over closer to investigate the strange bird. Binah blinked bright, inquisitive black eyes at the bird's red ones before chirpping in a friendly way at the bird.

    "You not afraid of spiders are you?" Tyler asked, a sly grin pulling at his mouth.

    Azami xhuckled. "not at all. Which is why my family finds me weird." She had a pretty good idea what the next pokemon would basically look like.
  25. "All right then!" Ty grinned. Azami wasn't afraid of spiders. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out yet another Red Pokeball. As he enlarged it, the design could be seen. It was a simple black circle, with 8 diagnal lines protuding bending halfway, 4 oneach side. In the center of the black circle was a red hourglass, something Ty always thought of when he thought of Spiders.

    "Spitz, join our party!" He laughed. He tossed the Pokeball onto the ground, and in a flash of white light, the Spinirak appeared. He was an indigo hue instead of the regular green.

    "Shzzshhshiii!" He squeeled in excitement. Shooting silk-like web from his abdomen, he began haning directly in between Ty and Azami, swinging back and forth a bit. "Shhztii!" He squeeled.

    "That's a Spinirak, and they're not normally blue. They're supposed to be green, so you can imagine my suprise when I found this guy!" He laughed and patted Spitz softly, rewarding him for his good behaviour.

    "You have any other Pokemon from Kanto?" Ty asked instersted, Azami had gotten to see all of his, and Ty had seen two of Azami's. "I'd like to see them if you do!"
  26. Binah squeaked and wormed her way out of Azami's arms and onto the grass. She squirmed forward until she was looking the indigo spider right in the face and chirpped. She bobbed her head in a greeting.

    Azami smiled an amused smile. "Sorry, but I don't have any more pokemon. I have a tenacy to accidently knock them out before catching them. Although I could show some to you in a different way." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a dark blue pokedex from it. "This is a Kanto pokedex. It shows all of the pokemon i've seen so far."

    She went over to the boy and turned on the menu. Accesing her dex, she got to the list of all the pokemon she had seen so far. "It's not much," she said sheepishsly, "but there's Ratticate, Pidgey,"(the screen showed a small, bird pokemon that was brown and tan in coloring) "then there's Sandshrew" (a golden brown pokemon with tiny claws and a sharp face that had twinkling black eyes) "and then there's a Caterpie" (this time there was another worm pokemon that had very mch in commom with a Weedle, but was lime green) "and there's also some evolutions on Bulbasaur and Weedle." Azami continued scrolling through her dex, showing Tyler the unfamiliar (to him) pokemon of Kanto.
  27. I think I've seen Pidgey and Caterpie before...never really took to them though." It was true. They were both native to Johto, as well as Kanto. "But that Sandshrew thing is kinda cool. I might have to get me one of them!" He lauged, and decided to take out his own Pokedex, crimson red, like his Pokegear. It was different then the Kanto version, shaped a little bit differently, and slightly smaller.

    "This thing," he said, scrolling to a Pokemon, "Is a Mareep. Outside of my old house, there was a small Mareep farm." It was a small rotund sheep, with soft yellow fluff. "I lived near this place called the Ruins of Alph, and outside of them, were a buncha cool Pokemon. He scrolled a bit again. "That's a Natu, I don't likethem very much...." He sighed, before scrolling a bit more, "This here is a Wooper, and that's a Quagsire." He pointed to the two Pokemon side-by-side. One was larger then the other, evolution. "And the last one around there, was this." He scrolled a little bit more, "A Smeargle." He smiled, "It was seeing a painting one of these made one day that got me into my art."

    Tyler smiled a bit, and handed the 'Dex to Azami. That way, she could continue looking at it for a few moments if she wanted to. Tyler then quickly pulled out dual Pokeballs, returning both Beyeta and Spitz, who had begun to wander off a bit. In the flash of light, they had dissapeared. As he pocketed the spheres, Layla came running over from the lake, her tail still a bit wet. Mud and Layla began playing on the ground, rolling and tumbling, and invited Laverne with a soft bark.
  28. Nidoran wasn't afraid of the oncoming attack, and if she had the energy she probably would have dodged it, but she was too weak and her attempt failed. The tiny poison type managed a weak jump before coming crashing to the ground, half her head trapped in the Croconaw's mouth. There was an obvious power struggle as Nidoran attempted to free herself but she eventually gave up and let her consciousness fade away. Holly's figure immediately dropped in enthusiasm. She had lost. She did, of course, still have Gloom conscious but she didn't dare send her out. If Gloom was unconscious she would have no protection. She could see Jake was expecting her to send out Gloom, but she held up her hands to show she was done.

    Holly's hand dissappeared into her pocket for a second before coming back out holding a small red and white sphere. She casually pressed the center button and returned Nidoran. She had mostly passed out from exhaustion so Holly figured she'd be fine after a good rest. "Nice job," She congratulated Jake. Holly wasn't sure if he said something in response because at that moment a preset alert went off on her PokéDex. She froze, looking around. Gloom looked around in imitation of her trainer. And then she spotted it, a brown tail hanging down from nearby tree.

    The alert had been set by herself as soon as she encountered an Abra for the first time. Her PokéDex had the option to alert her whenever an Abra was in range and she had immediately set that when she found out how. "Gloom," Holly said quietly, gaining her Pokémon's attention. She pointed to the tail and Gloom acted surprised, pretending she knew what was going on. "It's an Abra," She informed both Gloom and Jake, who was watching her. "I'm going to catch it." Holly's hand dove into her pocket once more, this time her back pocket, and came out with a blue, red and white ball. Holly had been saving this for an elusive Pokémon, like Abra.

    Gloom stepped in front of Holly and she picked up the grass-poison type quietly. Together, they snuck under the tree and looked up. An Abra was indeed in the tree, and it was asleep. Holly sighed with relief, this would be easier than she thought. "Gloom," She spoke, ready to order an attack. No sooner had the attack left her lips then Abra's eyes shot open. Its head zoomed towards Holly and Gloom and its eyebrows narrowed. Abra hissed once and disappeared.

    Holly knew Abras could teleport and had been prepared for it. The hissing, however, had scared her quite a bit. This Abra seemed angrier than most, but that wouldn't stop her. She was determined to catch an Abra and she wasn't going to let it get away.

    "Over there!" Holly said, pointing in the distance. Abra had only teleported a few feet away and was walking now. It probably didn't notice Holly advancing on it. "Gloom, Absorb!" Holly ordered, tossing her Pokémon slightly ahead of her. Gloom landed on her feet and began to jog, aiming her head towards Abra. Abra was a good twenty five feet away when it stopped suddenly, looking like it had just been stuck by something. White orbs of energy flew from the Psychic type towards Gloom, some fizzling away before the reached her. Gloom sucked in the energy greedily, she loved this attack. But there was one attack she loved more. "Acid!" Holly shouted, aware she had distracted Abra enough to get in range for the attack.

    Gloom ran faster, mouth opening slightly. Abra noticed her coming and started to run. He was fast, but Gloom's range was far. "Gloom!" Gloom shouted, spitting a thick purple substance from her mouth and hitting Abra in the back. As Holly got closer she could hear sizzling sounds and she winced at the noises. The Acid was eating away at Abra. A horrible thought, except that it would be easier to catch now. "Another Absorb." Holly breathed. Running, even short distances, tired her out. Gloom nodded once and more glowing white orbs shot from the now weak Abra. As Gloom took in the energy Abra teleported once more.

    Holly studied her surroundings. She spun around, looking for the Pokémon. "Aha!" She said, noticing it appear before two now startled trainers and their Pokémon, one of which she didn't recognize. "One last Absorb and it'll be good!" Holly said. Gloom's moves were powerful, but limited. Absorb, Acid, and Poison Powder were all she could do. Another set of glowing orbs shot from Abra and it collapsed from exhaustion. Holly ran closer and threw her Great Ball. The ball made contact and sucked abra inside in a flash of red. The ball shook once, paused for a long time and then shook again. The ball shook a third time before Abra finally gave in and allowed itself to be captured. Holly jumped in excitement and picked up Gloom, hugging her Pokémon for a long time.

    She ran over to the Great Ball and scooped it up. She had almost forgot about the trainers and she looked up at them. "Hi." She said awkwardly, clipping Abra's ball to her belt.
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  29. (100 posts to me! yay! :D)

    Jake was somewhat dissappointed that Holly wanted to end the battle so soon, it would have been interesting to see how good Gloom was. Jake about to return Jaws to his pokeball, when he heard the beep like the rustling leaves. He looked around in suprise, then remembered that the latest pokedexes could sense nearby wild pokemon. Jake didn't have one, so it must have been Holly's. She took out her pokedex and scanned the area, Jake did the same.

    "It's an Abra" Holly said, almost a whisper. Jake flicked his head to where she was looking and, from his position, could see the yellow two-toed legs. The tone of voice told Jake that she wasn't just facinating it. Her next line told him that she was going to capture it. Jake returned Jaws to his pokeball to prevent any interruptions and watched the show. About a minute later, Holly was kneeling down and picking up the great ball Abra now lived in.

    "Nicely done, I wish I could capture pokemon like that" Jake commented, it was true that he had lost quite a handful of pokemon in Johto Falls when he tried to capture them.

    "Hi" Holly responded, Jake was pretty confused by that. He then realized that Holly wasn't talking to him. He turned around and saw that there were two trainers showing off their pokedexes to each other by the lake behind him. Jake took a step back in suprise and was now in full view of both trainers.
  30. "What the-" Ty was suddenly thrown off. A small, imp-like creature had just appeared, and dissapeared in front of him. He had no idea what it was, and decided to return to his conversation with Azami. Mud, had other plans. He leaped off of Ty's shoulder, and onto the soft grass below. With his long snout, he began sniffing the ground beneath them, trying to identify the strange yellow-and-brown Pokemon.

    "Hi!" Several minutes later, Tyler was suddenly thrown off yet again. Another new face had come up to greet Tyler and Azami, possibly to apologize for the disturbance.

    "Er..Hey." Ty responded. The girl had a Gloom with her. What kind of a trainer actually liked Gloom? "Nice Gloom you have there." He lied, trying not to sound too rude. "I don't have too much of a taste for them myselve though.

    Tyler only knew of Gloom because of the many warnings he had recieved as a child to stay away from them. He was almost positive they didn't realy exist in his little corner of Johto, as he had never seen one other then in pictures.
  31. "What the-" Azami heard Tyler say and she saw him look down. she looked down too, and gasped. A golden-brown, almost cat-looking pokemon appeared at their feet.

    "It's an Abra," she whispered as Tyler's Cyndaquil jumped down to examine the pokemon. "They're supposed to be really hard to catch." Before she could tell Tyler that she was going to try and catch it, a red, white, and blue ball flew out of nowhere and hit the exhausted pokemon. It twitched three times before laying still.

    Suddenly, a girl appeared, no doubt the one that threw the Great Ball, and picked it up. She suddenly seemed to realize they were there and looked a little startled. "Hi," she said, looking a little embarassed.

    "Hello." Azami said somewhat lamely, she wished she could think of a better thing to say.

    "Nice Gloom you have there," Tyler commented. Azami realised that there was also a Gloom at the girl's feet. It must have been the one that battled the Abra. Laverne made a friendly growl in the back of his throat and went over to his fellow Grass/Poison pokemon, giving it a friendly nudge.

    "Yes, it must have been strong if it took on that Abra." Azami commented further. Binah, the incorrectably binah, once again hung upside down from a string. She had somehow crawled back to the tree and began hanging from it.
  32. Jake took a closer look at the other two trainers, both seemed to be at the same skill level as he and Holly. It was hard to tell who owned what pokemon. But the pokemon that Jake could see were Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Weedle, Sentret, Hoothoot, and Spinirak. Jake was familiar with Sentret and Hoothoot, both being Johto pokemon that lived in his community. And there was a chance for Jake to start his adventure with a Cyndaquil, so that was mandatory to know. As they made compliments on Holly based on the capture, Jake took out his pokedex and looked up the ones he didn't know like Weedle and Spinirak.

    When he finished, he put the pokedex away and stepped forward to introduce himself, "Hey, how's everything in the hood? Name's Jake, of Maghoney Town." he introduced.
  33. Holly blushed at the complements her Gloom was receiving. She wasn't used to being praised and Gloom probably wasn't either. She decided not to tell the two new trainers that she had just lost a battle, or that Abra only knew Teleport. "Thanks," Holly said, trying to hide her smile. She suddenly remembered that most people thought Gloom stunk so she decided to return her Pokémon. Holly grabbed a PokéBall from her belt, expanded it and aimed it at Gloom. Gloom wasn't sure why she was being returned but allowed the red light to dematerialize her anyways. It was weird not having one of her own Pokémon by her side, especially when everyone around her did, but Holly decided to just get used to it. "I'm Holly," Holly said, extending a hand for the new trainers to shake.
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  34. "Hey Holly" Ty said, extending his hand for a shake, "I'm Tyler." He then proceeded to introduce her to the Pokemon around her, Layla and Mud, who were still on the ground playing. "I just moved here from Johto, so I'm kinda new to these parts."

    He then decided that his two Pokemon had been out long enough, and pulled out two Pokeballs. One with a flame emblazoned on it, one with a pair of binoculars. Holding one in each hand, he returned his Sentret and Cyndaquil, to rest for a bit in their home. The red light absorbed them both, as they were concentrated into data, and returned to the ball.
  35. Sweat dropped down Jenny's fair skin it was only start of summer but Jenny was used to sub zero conditions. Her black hair didn't help as it absorbed the heat, Raichu's tail dragged along the trail behind them Jenny thought it would be a good idea if they headed into viridian forest to catch some shade.

    the forest didn't help there were hardly any trees
    "Why are there only tree stumps why??? "jenny groaned that's when they realized there weren't tree stumps they where just simply burnt trees.
    jenny went in for a closer look as raichu did the same.
    "these trees don't look burnt"jenny paused to examine closer
    "they look almost blown off like... like a hyper beam did this thunder tail"jenny said in a confident tone
    "there's a rare pokemon in this forest and Im gona catch it."


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