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Summer Gaming

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Jul 8, 2007.

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    Might not hold true for us all, but most people will be able to enjoy some form of vacation this summer. So, if any, what games have you been focusing on so far this summer, and what games are you hoping to get back into/start before fall?

    Next fall looks no different than right now for me (work is work), but there are number of games I'm rotating between at the moment that I'm hoping to finish up over the next few months. For PS2, there's Wild Arms 4 (which I recently started and love already), Kingdom Hearts 2 (probably about half-way through it), Final Fantasy XII (been playing it since last fall and still hacking away), and Okami (which may or may not see completion anytime soon). I'm also planning to get back into/finish off Wild Arms Alter Code F since I'm about five hours from the end now.

    For Wii, I've got Super Paper Mario, Pokemon Battle Revolution, and Sonic and the Secret Rings going. Elebits is fun, but I can't see myself getting heavily back into anytime soon, and LoZ: Twilight Princess is something I'd like to beat someday, yet probably won't for some time now. In the end, since I've invested more time into it, I'll probably try to beat Okami first.

    On DS, there's Pokemon Pearl, which I'll probably keep hacking away at over the next few weeks until finally beating the E4. I just play it whenever I feel like it, and it's usually what I take along for roadtrips. As for the rest of my DS collection... I have many, many uncompleted games, so it's just a matter of picking which one I want to play next.

    I'd say out of any of my current system collections, PS2 is the one with the most lengthy, unbeaten titles, so I'll probably focus a bit more on them until I start getting through the pile a bit. I still have a few PS2 games that I've yet to even play, and that's something I'd very much like to rectify sooner than later. Since University I've just become rather bad at seeing one game straight through to the end before starting another. I generally strive to beat them all, it just doesn't happen all at once.
  2. NonAnalogue

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    I've been playing Pokemon Battle Revolution a lot, but I'm sorta fading out of it for now. I'll probably pick it up soon enough, though. I also have Super Monkey Ball Adventure, which is surprisingly fun. Elebits is something else I still need to beat, as is Excite Truck.

    I've also been thinking of starting a new game of Live-a-Live in order to get some of the alternate endings. P:
  3. I bought tekken 3 for the playstation cause I miss that game and love it so. Been playing pokemon pearl still, currently on the parts after the league. Also Mario kart on the virtual console, and rarely kirby. Mario party 8 on the wii sometimes and ya.....lol that's about it.

    I won't be buying another game for awhile as all the good ones I want aren't out yet, so If I have a game fix, I'll just turn to the virtual console lol
  4. I'll be playing Pokémon Diamond mainly, when it comes out here. Other than that, I'll probably be on Capcom vs SNK 2, providing I get my controller sometime soon. I also have Advance Wars DS, which I'd like to play a bit more.

    Not that I have anything to take a summer off from. ;)
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  5. For me, it's pretty much Pokemon Pearl right now, since it takes me less time to play it than Diamond. Currently I have two badges, and am caught up in whether or not I should take out poor level 17 Tzou (Bronzor) for my shiny new level 20 Tiel (Shieldon), or even the new level 20 Shieldon on the way. But yargh, my week of vacation was last week, and I couldn't bring my DS...so hopefully, I'll have some down time on the weekends or after work to play it. T_T Maybe my boss will give me a three-day weekend...oh, please, Ms. S, give me a three-day weekend!

    Edit: Just realized I have a bit of unused cash, an Amazon gift certificate of $30 (or something), and paychecks in the future. Maybe I'll consider getting some new games? ^_^;; So future games I might be playing are Pokemon Leaf Green (just to round off the third generation), Pokemon Trozei (looks fun), Brain Age (or whatever the other one is called - they're cheap! And they look fun), Tetris (who doesn't love Tetris? I've never played...'cept once at a friend's house), Pheonix Wright (or whatever it is...my friend was playing it, and it looked fun), or maybe another game I know I've thought of but can't remember the name of...
  6. NonAnalogue

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    If you do not get Phoenix Wright, I'll be forced to hurt you. Even though I don't know where you live. I will invent a device that allows me to hurt you over the internet, then use it on you.

    That is how much you need Phoenix Wright.
  7. I just bought tales of the abyss :p so that should last me the rest of the summer as I got symphonia at the same time and didn't finish it till the next year.

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