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Summer! :DDDD

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Pyxis, May 29, 2011.

  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    So, for most of us in the north (me not included...), summer vacation has probably started by now. Ya'll have any plans for this vacation? Or are you stuck at home bored to tears?

    As for me, summer was supposed to start this coming Thursday, but because we had a record of 5 bad weather days (from snow! Snow in Texas? o_O), I'm stuck in school doing final exams until next Monday. After that, though, I'mma gonna be visiting Europe for two weeks~ Sadly, I'm unable to visit the UK, since the tour thingie there was far too expensive for my thrifty Asian parents' budget, and they're afraid that you guys will kidnap me or something... ^^; However, I am going to visit some of the low countries, along with France, Italy, and Switzerland~

    Totally looking forward to, say, the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, looking at all those expensive watches, and showing off my knowledge of Renaissance/Neoclassical/Rococo/Baroque/Romantic/Fauvist/Expressionist/Mannerism/Modern/Whatever art to the people who're taking the tour with me (European History and Humanities, ilu so much XD)

    After that, I'm going to some summer Asian Christian camp with a few buddies of mine to the middle of nowhere. I've been to this camp a few times, and I love it, hence why I'm going again XD. In July, though, I'm going to be studying for the SAT... and preparing to teach some little kids origami for another summer camp that's coming up in August. >_<

    So yeah, that's my summer plan. Not getting a job or my license/permit, sadly; parents think I'm too prone to accidents to entrust car keys to me. Anyways, what're your plans? :3
  2. My summer started May 7(yay graduation >:p). I never make plans for summer, and this one is no exception. I'm starting my job on Monday, so that's going to keep me occupied for a while.
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    My summer started May 9 (Lucky you Sho :p) and the first thing I did was go to the beach. Yay for Coastal being a half hour drive from Myrtle Beach! ^_^ The last three weeks have been rather uneventful, but on Tuesday my friends and I are going to the beach as per our tradition since graduating high school. Usually we go the week before Memorial Day, but my one friend wasn't finishing finals until then so...

    The only other thing set in stone is Otakon at the end of July. I'm still looking for a new cosplay to do, but I'll reprise my Organization XIII coat for the third year in a row if I have to.

    I also applied for a job over the summer but none of those miscreants have gotten back to me yet so I still have no idea if I'm making money this summer or not >>;
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  4. This summer shall be jam-butter-and-bread-packed with banter of the sugar-rushing teenage otaku kind. I'll be back and forth from here to the countryside considering my house shall be renovated. Countryside will involve trips to the beach and its related seaside towns~
    Town will involve nearly 3-days a week of having soft-drink induced folly around the city.

    I might do a cooking course sometime in July as well. Then in August, I'll be preparing my Death the Kid cosplay for Nomcon 2011.
  5. wow you american and uk (or others) guys are very lucky, my vacations start on July 9th and end like September 20
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'd feel ashamed of myself if I ever became bored to tears during my summer off work. Any time off is precious, so I'm hoping to make the most of it. I'm just hoping that the temperatures this summer stay within a manageable range. A few hot days are fine, but sitting in front of a fan all day, day after day, is not an enjoyable way to spend my vacation. :p

    Not counting the odd road trip, I currently have two sets of travel plans for the summer - both to Toronto. The first trip will be a longer stay than the second, but the latter will involve attending FanExpo Canada like I do basically every year. :D

    Summer is so close now, yet there's still several weeks to go for me... Work doesn't finish until June 24th. I kinda wish it was done already for the season. :(
  7. You lucky peeps. My freakin' school district doesn't like to let out till the second week of June. I'm so glad I'm a senior this year and am out now.
    Though dafg seems to not have a good time D:

    At any rate, I'll be trying to get a job this summer. I got an application for a Thrift Store place, and my mom and sister are total thrifters so it would work. And then I'd get all the good CDs! Mwuahhahahaha!
  8. Well there's still like a month, I forgot I'm not on elementary anymore so I get vacations from the last week of June at least :p (by the way in the country in which I live there's one more grade added like before first grade and the last year of high school is removed, so I'm in 8th grade in the US and in 7th grade here so I just came from elementary) I hope vacations don't go away too fast ⁓.⁓
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  9. My summer started on the 19th. I wish I was born into a family who actually wanted to go to college and get an awesome job, but unfortunately, I don't, and because I don't, I'm stuck in this backwater town until August.

    Although, I've got my summer figured out. Community service hours. I need 22 DURING my senior year to graduate, and according to my counselor, that starts June 1st, so I'll be (hopefully) at the hospital in material management. If not, I'll be walking and bathing dogs at the animal shelter. I'll be aiming for 40 something hours, that way I'll be counted as a scholar. Butbesides that, I have to read a 500 page book and do notecards for it every ten pages. Calculative wise, If I read 20 pages a day (That's 2 notecards), I'll be finished in 25 days. Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult to read, as it is written in "Ye Olde Englishe", so I'll also have to read notes on it to comprehend that.

    After all that crap is said and done, I'm not sure what I'll do. I want to relax, so hopefully the work won't won't be too demanding. Although, I am scared that after my volunteer hours are done, I'll have to get a real job (my mother is pressing me to get one -_-). Darn, can't a guy get a break from work!?

    Other than that though, since I'm stuck here, I'll be catching up on all the video games I've wanted to try, as well as some lost sleep.....Oh! And I'll try to catch E3 on tv.
  10. My summer holidays start on July 22nd, which is pretty late compared to everyone else here D:

    In the first two weeks, I'm going to Cornwall, which should be nice (provided the weather holds up - if not I guess I'll have to stay in and draw and write my book I guess.)
  11. Uh, I think my school ends on the 24th of June this year. |D I should probably pay more attention to my school dates, keroooo.

    The only thing I can really think of that I'll be doing is pretty big :D I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my auntie on the 25th of June~ We (my auntie; the bride, me, my cousin and my auntie's best friend) are going up on the day beforehand to a hotel spa thing. I'm not a spa kind of person but apparently we'll be having a hot tub too ... not that I'm really a hot tub person either |D
    But yeah, I'll be a bridesmaid, and the rest of my family's coming to the party, too, and I'll be singing and playing "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher" on the uke. So that's cool!

    ... yeah, apart from that it'll probably be lazy tiiiiiimes.
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Been wondering, but what's the main reason some of you US kids finish up school so early (as in, not mid to late June/July)? Is it due to the rising summer temperatures, or something else entirely? =o
  13. My summer starts on June 10 :D Less than 2 weeks left~
    I think that other than our class last meeting right after the end of your school, nothing's going to be that interesting and important... Other than our yearly travel around one of our nearby countries~ ♥
    So yeah. My August is the only month I would have to be less lazy~
  14. I'm on my final countdown until Summer; only 2 more days to go! And then things get really hectic.

    First, I go to Barcelona for a couple of weeks. There is a Spanish camp there that can help me practice and refresh my Spanish since I haven't used it in a long time. Then I get some time off in Mallorca with my family, a touch of what is usually a family tradition to spend forever at.

    I get to go home for a bit after that, in which I'll be working as a Swim Instructor and Lifeguard at the local pool. It pays fairly well, but I still think 5 dollars an hour is a lot due to me not needing to pay rent or mortgage.

    I also have some time reserved to go back up to the UK to check on my grandparents, see some friends, and help sort out with setting up my parents retirement home. And that would wrap up my final Summer as a child
  15. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I'm thinking it's because we might start school earlier? Not sure about that, but for my, school starts in the third/fourth week of August, and there's only a certain number of days per year we're supposed to be in school (like, minimum # of days). Of course, some school districts choose to have more than the minimum number of days, but it all depends.

    That's what I heard from my friends at school, at least.
  16. What Shiny said, or at least, this applies to the people in the South. For me, school usually starts mid-August and lets out sometime in mid- to late-May. This being my senior year, my last day of school was April 22, and I just had to mull around at home until May 7: Graduation. They probably let us out that early so we could get busy doing work and really start doing some college visits and whatnot(we were only allowed maybe 3-4 college visit days during the entire effing year, which I think isn't enough, especially if you have no clue what college you want to go to/are torn between a few).

    I think temperature also plays a role, because it gets(almost literally) hot as hell in the South during summer. Most of the states were into the hundreds last summer, and Arkansas was pushing 120 F for about two weeks.
  17. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    To add to what Shiny and Sho said, college students always get out in May because of Summer Semesters. The exact week differs between campuses as I was done the first week of May and my brother got out the third week.
  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    That's actually even more interesting, because my university used to finish up for summer earlier than that. Classes ended by the first week of April, and exams would be wrapped up by the 25th or so. And yet our grade schools wouldn't end until late, late June...

    Funny how these systems work. XD
  19. Ked


    My summer officially starts on June 17th, so I'm pretty happy about that. Of course this year we have so much more stuff going on, like field trips, middle school tours, the pool party, and stuff like that, so time will go by faster.

    As for my plans during the summer, so far I have one. In early July, the second or third I think, I'll be going to Mexico for a week. My family and I went last year, too, and this time looks like it will be even better! My mom is also planning for my grandma to come over for a little while sometime. She's not sure when, though.Then sometime in late August, like a week before school starts, we'll probably be going to the Outer Banks, North Caroline like we do every year at least once.

    I can't wait :'D

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