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Subway Battle (Rex vs. Satoren)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Rex, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    OoC: This is a Private RP between myself and Satoren. I'd much appreciate it if no one else posted.

    BiC: Landen Robertson sat in the Subway train. He was the thirteenth trainer onboard, out of the twenty that waited before the Subway Boss. He was on the Single Line today, which meant his team was restricted to three Pokemon. That was fine. Singles were where he shown. He was the thirteenth trainer to face a challenger going for Ingo. And it was at him that many found themselves stopped. Or at least, he liked to think that. Really, he’d lost count of his win/loss ratio.

    Hearing the sounds of a battle in the twelfth car, Landen stood and grabbed one of the Pokeballs on his belt. The man certainly didn’t look like all that. 24 years old, short brown hair, white skin, perhaps a bit of a tan. He wore a green hoodie and brown jeans, with black sneakers. However, he’d worked on the subway for well over 6 years, and had the experience to show for it.

    As the door to his car opened, Landen gave his customary cocky grin. “Welcome, challenger. Name’s Landen, and it’s with me that your little joyride comes to an end.”

    Taking the initiative, Landen released the Pokemon inside the ball in his hand. With a bit of a thud and the grinding of the train’s wheels, a Gigalith now blocked the path between the challenger and the door to the next car.
  2. The boy stared at the monitor screen, his gaze travelling down the list of options it offered him. All around him echoed the sounds of wheels clacking against the metal rails and the wind whooshing past as the train car travelled at breakneck speed through the Unovan underground. He did not know where the train was going or where his ride might end; but he had to decide quickly. Such was the system of the Battle Subway, where the most important part of the journey was not its destination, but the means to arrive there.

    Len and his Pokemon had managed to defeat their twelfth opponent on the Singles Train only moments ago. Eight more battles and he would then be able to battle the Subway Master, the ‘final boss’ as it were of the Battle Subway. However, the boy at this moment was not as confident as he was when he first boarded the train. The last opponent was quite tough, and he had only won byt the slimmest of chances. Perhaps he had overestimated his ability as a trainer, at least against the opponents lined before him for this challenge.

    Len closed his eyes and pondered about his choices. What should he do at this point? Should he continue the challenge and see it through to the end, or perhaps take a brief moment’s reprieve to reevalutate his Pokemon and their training. Whatever the decision was, it had to be made soon. The train was already nearing its next stop.

    The boy grunted. He normally didn’t have this much trouble choosing what to do next; perhaps because most of the time, he wasn’t alone and his decisions were forcibly made for him. Unable to decide himself, he peered down at the belt hanging loosely from his waist. “What do you guys think?” he whispered to the set of small metal balls hanging from the belt, each containing the Pokemon he had brought with him. They continued to hang from his belt silently in response.

    “You’re right,” Len said as he adjusted his cap. “We’ve already made it this far thanks to all the training we did. If we lose now, there’s not much we can do ‘bout it.” He then pressed a button on the computer, acknowledging his decision to continue the challenge.

    “If we fall here, then we’ll just have get back up and keep training!” He said confidently as the doors to the next car unlocked themselves. Len looked at them anxiously and smiled. He was as ready as he’ll ever be. It was now or never.

    The doors slid open and the trainer strode into the next car. Across from him stood a young man. He greeted Len with a sneer. “Welcome, challenger. Name’s Landen, and it’s with me that your little joyride comes to an end,” he said as he threw a pokeball into the air. The metallic ball opened with a pop, spilling a huge ray of light into the train car. From the light materialized a gigantic Pokemon made of solid rock; it’s heavy body causing the wheels of the train to screech against the rails.

    “My name’s Len,” the boy responded excitedly. “Remember it; ‘cuz me and my Pokemon are the stars of this show!” As he declared this, he pulled a pokeball from his own belt and threw it into the air; from it popped out an elegant green and yellow Pokemon. It strut across the car then twirled in place before striking a pose, showing off the finely sewn leaf clothes it had made itself.

    “Vaaaan,” the Leavanny cooed softly.

    “Alright, Mitchell; Le’t dazzle this guy with our star power! Leaf Blade!” Len commanded his Pokemon. Without hesitation, Leavanny dashed forward, its leaf-shaped arms glowing bright green before sharpening into large sickles. The Bug Pokemon leapt into the air towards the Gigalith, raising its bladed appendages and striking the foe with speed and power.
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    His opponent introduced himself as Len. He certainly had a winning attitude. The Leavanny he sent out, however, took a bit too long for Landen's liking.

    "Iron Defense," Landen ordered while the Leavanny was busy showing off.

    The Bug Pokemon's attack, when it finally got around to using one, caused the Gigalith to groan, but the Pokemon stood firm. Not that he wouldn't of anyway, but an extra hit or two could make the difference between victory and defeat.

    "Dhaval, while he's where we want him, Stone Edge!" Landen grinned.

    The Gigalith shuttered, before lashing out at the Leavanny with its crystal horn.
  4. “Stone Edge, huh? We’re not going down that easily!” Len replied. The moment he saw Gigalith, he knew this was going to be a drawn out battle, even with Mitchell’s speed and type advantage. The boy had encountered Gigalith’s earlier forms many times in his previous fights and had developed a quick strategy to deal with such a heavily built Pokemon.

    “Mitchell, Protect!” Len called to his Pokemon. Quickly the Leavanny threw himself back and curled his limbs in front of him. As the Gigalith’s horn was about to strike, a wall of green light surrounded the Bug Pokeon, deflecting the Gigalith’s attacks.

    Falling backwards, the Leavanny unfolded its limbs and landed gracefully on the floor. “This guy’s tough. Way tougher than the last ones,” Len commented.

    “Vaahn,” Mitchell nodded.

    “Okay, let’s try something a little different,” The boy said confidently to his Pokemon. “Mitchell, stay back and aim Razor Leaf at its feet.”

    The Leavanny complied and leapt backwards, waving its arms in front of it. As it did, razor-thin leaves flew out and towards the Rock Pokemon’s limbs.
  5. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Landen frowned. He hadn't been expecting Protect, and now the Leavanny was attacking from afar. Trying to cripple Dhaval's movement, perhaps? The Razor Leaf scored hits on the Pokemon's legs, but the Pokemon didn't make a sound. Iron Defense was a godsend in of itself.

    "Show them that you're not always up close and personal," Landen grinned, "Rock Slide."

    Ripples of energy appeared in the air between the Leavanny and Gigalith. With little warning, decent sized boulders shot from them, flying at the bug type.
  6. Len was caught off guard by the large boulders that seemingly materialized out of nowhere. However, he didn’t have time to be surprised. If he didn’t give a command quick, his Pokemon would receive the attack in full force.

    “Mitchell, dodge it!” He cried out. The Leavanny sidestepped just as a stone flew centimetres past his head. Wasting no time, the Bug Pokemon dashed to the side of the car, avoiding several of the boulders.

    Len breathed a sigh of relief. He was glad that he reacted quickly enough to that attack. “Great job, Mitchell,” Len said. The boy looked over to where his Pokemon stood, then at the Gigalith standing squarely in the center of the car. He smiled confidently and raised a hand towards his opponent’s Pokemon.

    “Let’s finish this, Mitchell! Dash over to Gigalith’s side and use Leaf Blade!”

    Leavanny nodded and began sprinting on the cushioned seats of the train car. In no time at all, the Bug Pokemon had dashed past his opponent’s line of sight and to his side. Mitchell’s left arm formed into glowing green blade once again and with it he struck the mighty rock Pokemon with all his might.
  7. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Two could play at that game.

    "Protect!" Landen ordered.

    A green barrier shot up between the Gigalith and Leavanny. It shattered as the Pokemon's attack hit it, but Dhaval himself was unharmed. For the first time in the fight, the Gigalith changed positions, moving to the side of the car. The Leavanny would now find itself with the wall at its back, and Gigalith in front of it.

    "Do you know what happens to the nail that sticks up?" Landen asked, "Dhaval, Stone Edge."

    Once again, the Gigalith lashed at the Leavanny with a crystal horn.
  8. “V-vaaahn?” Leavanny squealed in disbelief as his attack was deflected by a green barrier of light. The Bug Pokemon was knocked back to the wall of the train. As it staggered to its feet, his immense opponent turned towards him.

    "Do you know what happens to the nail that sticks up?" Landen asked, "Dhaval, Stone Edge." The Gigalith complied; lurching forward and ready to strike at the Leavanny with its crystal horn.

    Len gritted his teeth. This battle was just one parry after another. It seemed like the only way to settle this was to clash head on.

    “Mitchell, dive forward!” Len ordered his Pokemon. The Leavanny, though shocked, obeyed the command and slid downward towards the Gigalith’s belly. “ Even if the gap gets smaller, my Leavanny’s still agile enough to squeeze through! Use Razor Leaf on its belly!” The Pokemon could barely be seen under the Gigalith’s girth, but as Len gave his order, several tiny leaves began to fly out from underneath the Rock Pokemon, striking its underside.

    Mitchell crawled up from behind Dhaval, his precious leaf clothes now ragged from sliding across the floor. However, he was still poised and ready to strike.

    “Looks like the only nail sticking out here is your Gigalith!” Len responded coolly. “Mitchell, quick! Leaf Blade, once more!”

    “Vaaaaahhn!” Mitchell cried as he slashed at his opponent’s back.
  9. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Landen chuckled. Dhaval took both of the blows and kept standing. However, it was obvious the Gigalith was on its last legs.

    "The nail that sticks up," Landen repeated, "Is hammered down. Explosion!"

    A flash of light enveloped the car. The force of the blast shattered several windows and knocked Landen on his ass. As his ears stopped ringing, the young man climbed back to his feet. Dhaval was on the ground, charred and unconscious. Landen hated resorting to the attack, but he had to save face. If he looked ruthless, it was more likely that his opponent would freak out and make mistakes. Without a word, the young man returned his downed Gigalith to its Pokeball.

    Landen then grabbed the next of his Pokeballs from his belt, and prepared to release the Pokemon inside.
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  10. “Explosion?!” Len stuttered. No sooner did the words leave his lips did the Gigalith begin to glow. A bright light consumed it and quickly encompassed the boy’s line of vision. Len tipped his cap, shielding his eyes with its visor. A huge, booming sound could be heard as the immense force from the blast blew him backwards towards the door.

    Just as quickly as the sound filled the train, did it quiet down; only the clacking of the wheels against the rails could be heard once again as Len opened his eyes. He looked over to his opponent who was now recalling an unconscious Gigalith to its Pokeball. He seemed rather disappointed with it.

    But where was Mitchell? His eyes then travelled down to the floor. Laying there face-down was the Leavanny, also seemingly unconscious. “Mitchell….?” The boy reached out for the Pokemon.

    The Bug Pokemon’s body began to stir, its limbs pushing its chest off the ground. “Vaaaahhhn,” the Pokemon groaned as it slowly staggered up on to its knees. Its leafy clothes were now almost completely burned away by the explosion.

    “Vaaaahhn,” it said woefully. Len once again sighed, placing a hand to his chest. His heart was pounding heavily from that last attack.

    “I guess it’s a draw then,” the boy said disappointedly. He raised his hand holding Mitchell’s Pokeball and the Pokemon disappeared in a flash of light and returned inside it. His opponent already had a hand to his waist, ready to summon their next opponent. Len wished he could predict what sort of fighting style the Pokemon had, but he wasn’t so talented that he could read his opponents like a book from the first match alone.

    “Let’s try and play it safe for now,” he whispered to the second pokeball he took from his belt. “Come on out Floyd!” The ball emptied its contents onto the field, revealing an elegant white Pokemon. It stretched its beautiful wings out and craned its long, slender neck at its surroundings.

    “Swaaaaaan,” it cooed softly.
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