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Open Street gang

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Nine_tales, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Welcome to a street gang, where they are leaving Pokémon. Rules: 1. No legendary
    2.You can only play for one pokemon
    How did you get here:
    Special items:

    Sing, Defense Curl, Pound, Disarming Voice
    My trainer has won the competition mysterious pokéball.Ve where I was me.She but not like Jigglypuff, so I left. microphone
  2. This seems kinda cool, I'm in!

    Name: jaw
    Gender: male
    Species: croconaw
    Age/level? : 22 in level, 17 in age
    Moves: crunch, thunder fang, aqua tail, fire fang
    Bio: raised on the streets after his dad left him when he was 8, he joined the gang to fit in somewhere.
  3. Welcome ,, street gang."She said and smiled.
  4. Gender:Male
    Level:20 in level 19 in years
    attacks:fire wheel,ember,flame burst,eruption
    How did you get here:after he mom died, he got a lone wolf but after some years he become to the normal and now he is trying make new friends
    Special items:blue scarf gived by his mom

    "welp already sounds like I have rivals here" he said looking to pinkie and jaw "you can even be more strong by types but with sure i´m the stronger!" shiryu said wanting a battle
  5. Name: Rowl
    Gender: Male
    Species: Rowlet
    Level: 86(23 in age)
    attacks: Leafage, Razor leaf, Shadow ball, Fly
    How did you get here: Abandoned by these team rocket members and boom
    Special items: everstone

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