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Strawberry Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Strawberry Pikachu, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, welcome to my, err, "shop", of sorts. First up, I have a few things to tell you.
    ~ I am rather... lazy when it comes to spriting. It might take a while for your request to be completed
    ~ I have very little time online or even with access to paint, so that may increase the time it takes for your order to come through
    ~ It's been a while since I last did "precision" spriting.

    And here are some examples (Some are old)


    Trainers & Headshots


    And finally, several other examples of my work (I am known as Shaymin on another Pokémon website)

    Um, so.. request away?
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Not bad, I rather like your scratch sprites, particularly the flying Pidgeot~

    I really like it, and I can tell you have improved quite a bit from your earlier sprites (from what I'm guessing to be your earlier sprites).

    More critically, your outlining could do some work, because it's a little hard to see at times.
  3. Well, the scratch is actually a revamp of the... Gold sprite of Pidgeot, I believe. I am pretty lame at scratching :I

    My earlier sprites weren't the best :U I have improved but seeing as I haven't actually dabbled in spriting for a while, I'm probably crap again lol.

    And with the outlining, I see what you mean, but back then I didn't like using darker outlines because sometimes they stand out a bit too much, if you know what I mean. I like being subtle with my outlining sometimes :B
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Oh... fail on my part with the Pidgeot. XD Yeaaahhh I've never played the older games so it's harder for me to tell. XD

    I had problems with outlining sometimes, it helped to use a darker shade of the color that was relatively close to black but not exactly black, if you know what I mean. ^^;
  5. [​IMG]
    "Sorry to pop in unannounced."

    Ohey, someone who is into TF2 quite a fair bit too :'D

    Alright, that's enough of that and more of the sprites xD
    I really like the some of the stuff you've done - I especially like your recolours - there is a lot more detail in them than the usual, like the Giratina - Tropius, which also gets a thumbs up from me.

    Your trainer sprites are very nice - one thing you do need to work on, however, is applying vague outlining your sprites - some parts of the trainers seem less noticeable - much darker shades which are the same colour of the part of the sprite you are outlining works well.

    Apart from that little bit of cc, I really do like your work! Keep up the good work, and I'd definitely like to see more TF2 sprites from you! :)
  6. [​IMG]

    I agree with Toru. Your sprites are very nice, with the recolours definitly being the best of your work, but I do love your shaded drawings as well.

    Keep it up ^^

    (also what is your Steam name |: )

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