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Stranger Things rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ethereal_Whispers, Jan 14, 2017.


Should characters from the show make appearences

  1. Yes, they should

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  2. No, they shouldn't

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  1. So recently I've been watching the Netflix series Stranger Things and thought to myself that it would be a good rp idea. If you agree and have watched the series please fill out the form below

    Family (Optional):
    Backstory (optional):

    Here's mine
    Name: Dezmon Lagos
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Short brown hair, a dark grey T-shirt with black jeans, flannel over shirt, often wears a black bandana on his head
    Personality: Dezmon is a kind person who cares deeply about his friends as well as a calculated person being quite intelligent. He could be considered a geek he plays games like D and D (dungeons and dragons) and belives that something is going on something paranormal
    Skills: Using his intelligence he can create traps and other creative weapons. Can throw a knife with a 7 out of 10 accuracy.

    So the story is as follows: After Will is rescued from the upside-down and Eleven kills the Demogorgan and disappears. The year is 1986 the larva that Will coughed up into the sink grew over time and flourished with all the energy of the world. Now in another part of the country (I haven't decided where yet) a new cast of characters have to fight the Demogorgan and attempt to reclaim the poor souls abducted by the Demogorgan. At first the people of the new setting think nothing paranormal is going on but soon learn, that there is a much MUCH bigger universe than just a few kidnappings.

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