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Strange Hippopotas

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by GodlessM, May 14, 2009.

  1. While training in Rune Maniac's Cave I found a brown Hippopotas. It was not the normal colour and according to Psypoke's Psydex it's not the shiny either, so I am wondering if anyone knows what it might be? Is there an alternate form Hippopotas, or are there multiple versions of a shiny?
  2. Male/Female Hippopotas/Hippowdons have different colors.
    This confused me as hell when I was trying to get a beldum and found a yellow hippowdon. I was used to the brown ones, because all the trainers used one.
    so I was like "WTF OMG SHINY", caught it, wondered for a while and then checked some wikis and yeah.
  3. Females are totally brown, and males're yellowish with a bit grey .
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    That line definitely has the most striking differences between the male and female genders... For Hippowdon:

    [​IMG][​IMG] compared to [​IMG][​IMG]

    I wish they'd done similar things with more Pokemon (especially with some of the birds). Instead some of the differences are so sutble you wouldn't even notice without watching for 'em XP
  5. Well the Color change really is confusing and takes away the shinyness of the shinys..except for the shiny animation when you take them out :O
    Or they could make the shinys visually more attractive. with more outstanding colours, because some of the recent shinys really arent that great.
    They could make male charizards more dark and female brighter in red and then go wild with the shiny version~

    But they shoulkd change the appereance in other ways.
    Different horn Heracross was a good idea~
  6. Not sure if this is what you were saying, but in Hippowdon's case, there is a male and female shiny version as well.

    [​IMG] Shiny Male

    [​IMG] Shiny female

    Compare with Linkachu's post and there is a difference. The female's color change is just a bit more noticeable
  7. The problem with a lot of the shinies of g4 is that they look barely any different than the original and is easily mixed up. Shellos and Gastrodon come to mind.
  8. yeah thats what I meant
    this is not what I think of when I'm thinking about shiny pokemon.
    I mean check out shiny charizard or Metagross. Rapidash looks perfect too~

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