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Private/Closed Stranded on an Unknown Island Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Discussion Thread

    All she heard was a loud crash coming from the S.S. Anne and the people on board in a panic. There were so many people on the cruiser that she was being pushed and shoved all over the place. She had no choice but to get to higher ground to prevent from being pushed so much. Blue, her partner, a shiny Umbreon followed her every step of the way. She saw a lot of the passengers escape in lifeboats off the ship as she tried to at least get to them before she was left behind. However, before she could make it to the lifeboats, the ship crashed again as it exploded causing her and Blue to go overboard including the items she brought with her. She tried to swim up to air but because of the impact, it proved difficult. She looked around in the water and saw Blue just below her trying to gasp for air. She swam down to her before grabbing her and held her close. With no way to gasp up for air because of the force, her vision began to blur until she blacked out.

    In thought. "-Am I dead? I should be but....why is my heart still beating? I must be alive if my heart is still beating...-" She suddenly coughed out a lot of seawater as she felt herself on something wet yet gritty. She pulled herself up before opening her eyes realizing that she was on an unknown island that she was unaware of. She looked around before seeing Blue just next to her as she gently picked her up to try and wake her. "Blue wake up. Can you hear me?" she said as she saw her cough up a lot of seawater before opening her gold eyes to look at JC. "Umbre...("Yes...I'm alright....just took in a lot of seawater...") Blue said. "I did too..." she told her before standing up holding Blue. She scanned the area more closely as she saw a huge forest terrain in the distance and the sand that she had her feet on. She saw the items she had brung were nowhere to be found except her small bag, her katana, her bow and arrow, and three Luxury balls.

    She placed Blue down on the sand before sitting on her legs to grab her bag. She opened before seeing the items inside, a First Aid Kit, 4 bags of Pokemon Food, 6 Cans of Fruit and Meat, 4 Bottles of water, 2 boxes of matches, 1 Lighter, a flashlight, a rope, and a well-insulated tent. She grabbed her three Luxury balls before only two opened as the first one was Blue's Pokeball. A springform Sawsbuck and a Dusk Lycanroc appeared in front of her, Meadow and Wolfa. "The items in here won't be enough to survive here and I am missing 3 out of 6 team members from my party, Gem, Blade, and Delta...I pray that the girls landed ashore here just like we did" she said looking to the girls. "We are going to have to go into survival mood since this island appears uninhabited to me," she told them as they nodded. "Umbre!("It appears that we have no choice but to do that since I don't think help will arrive anytime soon and without Gem, we are pretty much stuck here") Blue answered. "Saws!(" Yes, not to mention that we don't have Delta since she is a water/fairy type as she would have been more useful if water ran out so we will have to rely on these 4 bottles of water in your bag JC") Meadow said. "Lycan!("Apparently, I must agree with Blue and Meadow here, but you can always rely on my nose to find food on this island since I sense no Pokemon at all here") Wolfa answered.

    She sighed before closing her eyes. "Yes, Delta would have been very useful with the water source since she is part water type but since I don't have her we will have to use the water we have now to survive," she said before standing up. "Wolfa, Meadow, return for now until I find a spot where I can build a shelter and set up traps for food," she told them seeing them nod before being sucked in. She picked up the small bag then her Katana and Bow and Arrow. She and Blue made their way into the forest terrain looking for a spot to build shelter unaware of what animals lurk in this mysterious forest.

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    (Finally finished so join in after you read my post and also just a reminder everyone will be on different spots on the island so no one can spot each other until they get into the forest of the unknown and find each other by following the East and West groups that I placed you guys choose and then we will all group together once we find each other. Will that out of the way enjoy the roleplay ^-^)

  2. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    Justin was humbly sleeping in the cabins of the ship. He was rather hard to wake up when it came to sleep, and he was already so comfortable that he couldn’t here the sounds of people screaming and waves furiously crashing against the boat. Buddy, on the other hand... Buddy was very protective of his trainer. Buddy had woken up at the first scream, and he rushed up to the top deck to see what was going on. People were running, yelling, and their Pokémon were freaking out as well. It was chaos at titanic levels. Before Buddy could get down to grab Justin, the ship had exploded. Bits of shrapnel and metal flew through the air. People and Pokémon were sent flying. And Buddy was dropped into the sea. Buddy was a Samurott, a Pokémon well familiar with the water. So he didn’t have much of a problem navigating underwater. Justin was a good swimmer too, but at the moment he was flailing his arms at about 38ft below sea level. Quickly, Buddy swam to his trainer, and helped him back to the surface to get air. Buddy looked above ground. Most of the ship had already sank, and a fire and smoke were still visible from the distance. Buddy was glad that his trainer was safe, but shortly after Justin had laid on his back, a wave carrying a piece of metal hit Buddy’s forehead, knocking him out. And now, they drifted...

    As Justin slowly regained consciousness, he lay on the sand and looked at the sky. He then sluggishly pressed his hand into the ground, which he felt make an imprint. This ground didn’t feel like mud, though, and he knew it definitely wasn’t concrete. It was sand. Justin had felt sand, which he thought was probably the second worst thing to happen to him today. He sat up, and Buddy was nowhere to be seen. In the distance, he could see his backpack, which looked rather empty compared to what it had in it last. “Welp, there goes all my research...” he thought to himself. He then checked his body. He was slightly moist, but almost dry, meaning he’d been unconscious for around 2-3 hours while he was on land. The SS Anne was either completely sunken or out of site, as neither the ship nor the smoke were viewable. Justin’s Xtransceiver was damaged beyond repair, so he took it off and threw it away. He then got up and walked towards his bag. When searching inside, he only found three of his Pokéballs, a small notebook, and a pen. “Where did the others go... Buddy must be around somewhere... well, let’s see who we have...” Justin said, a little sad that his main Pokémon wasn’t there. Freed from their balls were Vixen, Boss, and Sanders. Vixen looked around excitedly, only to realize this place was not their destination. “Delphox?” She cried, looking at her trainer with confused and worried eyes(Where are we? Where’s Buddy? Don’t tell me...). “Well... looks like we’re stranded. And no, I can’t seem to find Buddy or the others at the moment. So...” “Del...” his Delphox continued, with a disappointed and even more worried cry. “Scol.” Said Boss, with a quick response(You can grieve later. Let’s make sure we’re safe first. “Go-goat!” Continued Sanders(Yeah! Plus, if we survived, the chances of the others doing the same rise!. “Del... phox.”(Well... I suppose you guys are right. C’mon, let’s get started). “Okay, so... what to do when stranded on an island...” Justin muttered to himself.

    After picking up his pack, he noticed another package. “Well well... looks like our luck may have already spiked.” Justin said with a small smile. Beneath his pack was not only his trusty whip but somewhat of a care package. He opened the front of the package to pull out the supply list, which read as follows: One First Aid Kit, 4 Bags of Pokémon food, 6 cans of both meat and fruit, 4 bottles of water, 2 match boxes, a lighter, a flashlight, a rope, and a well-insulated tent. Just some of the supplies they needed. His three Pokémon’s faces lit up a small amount. “Well, looks like we have a tent. We’ll need a good place to put it. And I might as well return some of you for now. I know you might me worried about me, but I’ll be find with just one of you out right now.” Justin said. His Pokémon looked at him with stern faces. Vixens eyebrows lowered and she put on a serious face, Boss stretched and gave a bad a** look, and Sanders stomped his feet and lowered his head as if he were to ram something. “Sanders, you’re with me. The rest of you, return for now.” Justin said, as Sanders remained as the last Pokémon loose. “Alright, let’s go look for an open spot, shall we?” He asked Sanders. “Go!” Cried his Pokémon reply with a happy face(Yeah! Let’s get a camp started!). The two then wandered into the forest...
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  3. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cypher had been training in a special room adjecend to his, which as styled after a dojo. Thanks to his parents' wealth, he could afford a lot of things. He had been training a lot in fighting, despite his already plentiful experience of street fights, armed fights and whatnot. Then, he heard a fire crackling, a loud crash coming from somewhere on the ship, and people screaming. Cypher blocked a last hit from his partner pokemon, Rell the Primeape, who he had been training with. The pokemon looked around confused, then looked at his trainer. Cypher nodded and they began going back to training. They knew they couldn't make it out of here. Best make this time count. They trained until they couldn't anymore, upon which they felt the ground underneath them rise up. Cypher and Rell began climbing and running back ontop of the boat as best they could, before jumping straight to the water. From there on, they blacked out due to exhaustion, and left their fate up to the sea.

    Cypher and Rell woke back up on an island unbeknownst to them. They had sea water in their lungs, and sand in their mouths. Cypher and Rell already got annoyed at the fact that they had to cough out sand and salty water. Then, Cypher looked to his left, to see one of the crates that he had in his Dojo. In each he kept his equipment, some food for his pokemon amongst other stuff. He grabbed the lid of the crate and pulled it off with his bare hands, looking inside. Inside were:
    • A high-quality flashlight, with a long-reaching bright light.
    • Exactly four bags of pokemon chow, consisting of dried fruit, berries and meat.
    • Six cans of beef-, potato stew and chicken soup.
    • A pack's worth of bottled water, without fizz.
    • A pack of matches with an extended life-span.
    • A sturdy pile of rope.
    • A fancy silver lighter with vines engraved on it, with improved burning capability.
    • A first-aid kit, decked out with several medicines and an extra large bandage wrap.
    Most of these items were souvenirs or gifts from his parents, as Cypher recognized them. The wind flew past him, giving him a cold touch across his chest. Then he realized, he was wearing no top. He's gotten mad that it got destroyed during the ship wreck. He looked around the crate for an extra, which he could not find. What he also couldn't find was a tent, or something close to one. This got him angry, and he put the lid back on and stormed off into the forest. Rell sat down on the crate to protect it, as he knows that his trainer is skilled enough to hunt and kill wild animals with his bare hands. Cypher yelled up in anger and took out his axe, angrily swinging at the trees. Coconuts fell out of the leaves as the trees were cut down fast. All this had created a whole lot of noise which could easily attract any being, from a person, human or animal.
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  4. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Acacia watched in horror as the ship went down, he knew he had to act quickly in order to save as many of his Pokémon as possible. He sent down Kaiju his Dragonite. He knew that no matter how powerful the Pokémon was he would not be able to fly to safety with him on his back when they were in the middle of the ocean. “Take care of everybody, go to Willow.” Acacia instructed his Pokémon as he handed over his traveling bag that contained all his pokeballs, items, and badges. Acacia only kept a singular dive ball, his key stone necklace, and a rare katana he recently won as a prize for winning a tournament in Johto. Kaiju sadly nodded knowingly and flew off to find his trainers sister.

    Acacia strapped the sword around his back and tapped the pokeball and out came Omi, his Blastoise. “Sorry buddy but you’re stuck taking care of me.” Omi nodded and jumped into the water, allowing Acacia to jump on his back. They surfed for a bit, but the rough waters proved to be too much for them. “Alright Omi time to mega evolve!” He shouted over the storm. A light flashed from his neck and a stream of energy flowed to the bracelet on Omi’s wrist that held a Blastoisinite. Soon Omi was surrounded with energy and grew in size, his two cannons merged into one and two smaller cannons grew on his hands. “Quick, Aqua Jet!” Omi shot water from his hand cannons and rocked forwards, hoping to find land. Eventually the two sped into shore; however, they were exhausted from the amount of energy it took. Omi’s form reverted and the duo passed out on the beach.
  5. She had heard a loud noise in a far distance of the forest as she looked to Meadow who had been pulling a lot of the tree branches to help fix the rooftop of the shelter she was building and used her antlers to carry the heavy ones. Meadow's eyes looked to JC as she made contact with her light blue eye. "Meadow dear, would you mind investigating that loud noise I just heard but be careful, just in case its someone or something dangerous, and try not to be seen," she told the Springform Sawsbuck. "Saws!"(Alright JC, and don't worry I will)" Meadow said as she leaped off after placing the materials down. Meadow explored the deep forest terrain closely using her ears to sense danger from her surroundings. She suddenly felt the ground shaking rapidly like something was being cut down frequently. She moved forward slowly until she was secretly looking behind the trees that were still on the ground. She saw a male that was shirtless using an ax to cut down the trees for no apparent reason as if he was angry about something. Meadow probably thought because his shirt was missing and didn't have another one to put on. She shook her head as she had to stop this before he literally cut down the whole forest and attract the unaware animals that lived in this forest which could prove to be dangerous. She walked out slowly as she seemed to just stand there watching him as she saw a coconut on the ground before she gently hit it with her antlers as it rolled to him hitting his leg a bit.

    @DevVoid @EeviumZ @Shadow_Pup @Dubkip_Playz @ThatJustin’sASpy! @Mango137
  6. Shino lounged on the deck of the S.S. Anne, he had been waiting for this for so long. The suddenly he hard it. Screams of fellow passengers, loud footsteps banging hard on the ground. Shino stood up, Den climbed up laying on his head still not awake. “Wooooooosh” was Shino’s last sound he heard before being knocked out by a piece of the ship!

    Shino woke up to sand sliding down his clothes, his hair was wet and face was sore. He looked over to see Den almost the same way. Then he checked his surroundings, he saw a beach stretching as far as he could see. In the middle lied a deep, dark, forest. Shino crawled over to Den, and picked him up. Then he realized, where was his stuff? His bag, supplies, and most importantly, pokeballs! Shino Star Den on his shoulder and ran the the pieces of the ship. There he was it, a beaten up maroon bag. He swam over to it and slung it around his arm before heading back to shore. He stepped on to the land and opened the bag. There was some stuff like a rope, paper, pens, a lighter, not a single pokeball! Great just great here he was stranded on an island with no Pokémon except Den!​
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy was on the ship as a military bodyguard to some of the more well off passengers. The crash happened when he was patrolling the deck and he instantly went to work getting women and children to the lifeboats. It was only after the last lifeboat left that he realised he was probably going to die, he was freaking out and when the next crash occurred he was flung overboard along with his partner Jade.

    Amy was just walking through the corridors when the crash happened, a beam fell from the ceiling and crushed the lower half of her right leg. She sent out Aeris and Talos to assist Ginger in moving the beam. They eventually got it off, but now Amy couldn't run, so She returned Aeris and her and Ginger rode Talos off the ship, but the second explosion cause some shrapnel to tear through Talos's wing. They all tumble to the ocean, where Amy instantly panicked and ended up sinking bellow the surface.


    Bellamy woke up and looked around, it was an island which seemed uninhabited. He saw Jade sitting nearby and decided to check on King and Jay, he sent them out and they seemed fine. So, he checked his bag, a fist aid kit, 4 bags of pokemon food, 6 cans of fruit and meat, 4 bottles of water, a powerful torch, some carbon fibre rope, a military grade tent and a silver lighter with a wolf engraved on it. He spotted as shining object nearby, he walked over to it, stuck in the sand was one of the ships fire axes, must have been thrown by the explosion, he picked it up and turned to the nearby forest, he would enter it maybe at some point, but for now he got out his tent and put it out it was a pop up tent made of military strength fabric. Once the tent was sort he moved on to gathering firewood, he sent King and Jay to get it, King would gather and Jay would use electrical currents through the ground to sense approaching danger. Once the wood was gathered he lit the fire using his lighter, it only took a few tries before it was lit. He rested by the fire with his three pokemon.

    Amy awoke screaming and thrashing until she realised she was on dry land, she looked down at her leg...and threw up, it was a bloody, twisted mess, she then looked around and saw Ginger sitting by an unconscious Talos, she sent out Aeris who she tasked with finding her a walking stick, Amy checked her bag, a first aid kit (she used this too patch both her and Talos up), a torch, 4 bags of pokemon food, 6 six cans of regular food, 4 bottles of water, 2 boxes of matches and some rope, she used the rope to create a harness to carry Talos on her back, she then turned to the forest ready to explore.
  8. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Chopping all that wood had really calmed Cypher down. He looked to his feet where a coconut had rolled up to him. He looked into the direction it came from, and saw a Sawsbuck standing infront of him. He knew that usually, wild Sawsbuck would run from someone like him, a loud mess just cutting down the woods. But strangely, this one did not. Cypher deducted that this one belonged to a trainer. He inhaled deeply a few times, calming down. Then, he waved off the Sawsbuck. " Just getting some wood to make a hut with. I didn't come here with a tent or something. " He told the Sawsbuck, giving her the actual reason he got into the woods, chopping wildly. Then, he walked to the large chopped logs and picked them up, carrying all four, two over each shoulder, held tight with his arms. He walked back to the beach, to the spot where he woke up. Rell turned to his trainer, impressed that he could lift those heavy logs all at once. Cypher set down the logs and nodded to Rell. While Rell used Karate Chop to cut down the wood, Cypher used partially his axe and partially his own chopping hand, as he was a student of Karate once, before he crashed onto this island.
  9. Meadow watched as the unknown male walked off with two logs on his shoulder. She was impressed as she had to admit but then looked at all the coconuts on the ground. "Saws...." She said seeing the mess as she shook her head. She used her nose and antlers to put them in a pile until they could no longer roll. She figured that he could maybe use some help with building his hut. She followed cautiously before seeing him with a Primate its seems. She debated weather to approach closer or not but with him only having one Pokemon with him it may appear difficult.

    She made her way over as her hooves touched the sand before seeing them closely chop the wood. She saw the pieces of wood he and his Primate had chopped down. She knew she had to return to JC soon but she was curious at what they were both doing.

    JC continued to fix the roof of the shelter she was building with the help of Blue and Wolfa only until Meadow returns. "-She is taking a bit of a while, maybe she is helping the person since she like to do that-" she thought as she continued to tie it down with the rope.

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  10. All she remembered was chaos. A crash. Cold waves thrashing her about. People screaming.
    When she woke up, Allie coughed. She had water and sand in her mouth and throat, likely as a result of the storm. Eve was jumping on her chest, obviously trying for some form of CPR.
    “That’s enough, Eve,” she said.
    She got to her feet, looking around in confusion. Around her was what looked like a completely deserted island.
  11. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cypher cut one of the logs in vertically and horizontally, equalling in four pieces half the size of the original log. He stuck the four pieces into the ground forcefully, in a square shape. Then Rell handed him pieces of the same size and length that he had cut. Cypher layed them ontop of the posts, making sure the edges held it up. Then, he looked back inside the crate. He didn't have all his pokeballs with him, so he had better made sure. He reached down to the bottom of the crate, and could feel three premier balls. He knew one of them was Rells', so he took out the other two. He cast them out into an open area, finding out that he still had Frost the Abomasnow and Fang the Shiny Tyrantrum with him. He nodded to Fang and let him patrol the area. Fang moved his head down to sniff the Sawsbuck that snuck to them. He saw no sign of hostility in it and went on to patrol, going in a circle around the group. Cypher waved Frost over and pointed at the edges of the wooden beams. Frost went around the structure, shooting out a precise frost beam that froze the edges together into a smooth ice block. Then Frost used Frost Breath at the bottom of the wooden beams, freezing them into the ground. Cypher nodded thankfully to the Abomasnow and pointed into the forest, nodding to him and Rell. Frost and Rell went back into the forest to gather up some of the palm leaves to use as a roof. Cypher then whistled to Fang to get his attention. " Use Ancient Power to bring up some stones for the walls, if you please. " The Tyrantrum nodded and rocks with a prehistoric purple energy surrounding them began rising from the sand of the shores. Fang set them into a large pile next to the hut, and Cypher got to work in putting them together while Fang went back to patrolling.
  12. Shino had finally finished, a make-do shelter. It was held up by two surrounding trees wrapped in vines with a stick roof. “Crackle!” Screeched across the sky. Shino looked up to see a rainstorm coming his way. Yeah he just made a shelter, but would it be strong enough?
  13. Over and under, again and again, Kia had been through many seas, but never this bad.
    All she could hear was people screaming and falling, tumbling and crashing, even people dying all over the place, so she held her breath and waited...
    She woke up on the shore with Saikuk, her partner, and realized they were stuck on a desert island, with only a couple of tools for survival. "I guess this could be a dream... who am I kidding, we crashed, didn't we?" Saikuk squealed with worry and nodded.
  14. Meadow saw the shiny Tyrantrum sniff her as she looked up at the dinosaur Pokemon using her own nose to do the same since he was way bigger then her. She lowered her back back down before seeing him walk off to patrol. She saw the structure being built by the frost breath and the Ancient Power as this seemed to catch some interest to her. Her ears flicked before shifting her eyes to the sky seeing that a rainstorm could pass by soon. Although she sensed something in the forest that seemed odd as she became more defensive. "Saws! Sawsbuck!(" There's something coming from inside that forest") Meadow said warning the Tyrantrum, Abomasnow, and Primate. The moment her cries told them a wild dog leaped out towards Meadow as it appeared to be just an average wild dog. She wasn't afraid as she lowered her head showing her antlers before lifting the wolf up off the ground throwing it up in the air as it turned around quick once it heard its yelp as it hit the ground. It got up with no problem going at her again. She kicked the sand before turning around swiftly using Jump kick as her hind legs hit the dog hard in the chest. It yelped again hitting the ground coughing up blood as its vision was cut in half.

    She sensed something from behind her as another wild dog appeared as it latched on to her back. She bucked wildly with a fearless look on her face until she lifted the back of her high knocking it off leaving claw marks that bled a bit. She ended up laying down on the sand as the two dogs ran at her. She used Energy ball twice to hit them to defend herself.

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  15. (going to introduce my second character later.)
    Allie looked around, less scared, more exasperated. Why was it that stupid things seemed to happen to her every other Tuesday? Obviously, she'd never been in a situation like this, but she'd certainly come close before.
    In a long, drawn out sigh, she released a quiet "Shoot."
    She patted her belt at her side, checking that all three of her Pokeballs were there. To her relief, they were.
    Eve climbed back up on her shoulder. "Vee..."
    Allie sighed. "Well... the only course of action... is to go into the forest. Maybe some other survivors will have a similar mindset."
    She had some supplies, but she could always use more. She did have some survival skills, but didn't feel completely confident without others around. That was how everything in this situation seemed: not enough.
    With a deep breath in, she ventured into the forest, with Eve looking around warily.
  16. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    As Justin walked, he stayed within view of the beach area, but in the woods. That way, if he’d have to fight any animal creature, he could quickly run to the sand to get an open fight area. Sanders was walking close beside his trainer, ready to defend or support him if he needed it. It seemed the only injuries Justin had sustained after landing were a few arm, face, and knee scrapes, and a tiny amount of blunt force trauma from hitting the sand. Justin was aware of these, but there wasn’t much he could do about them, because he wanted to save the first aid supplies, and his injuries weren’t serious. “Hmm... I mean, call it cliche, but do you think anyone else survived?” He joked to his partner. “Go-goat!” His Pokémon responded with a serious but comical tone(Yeah! I’m sure of it!). Justin continued to wander, until he saw another of what he assumed was a trainer in the distance. “Speak of Giratina. Looks like our luck has risen a bit! But, what is he doing?” Justin said as he squinted to try to tell. It looked like the other person was trying to build a shelter. “Well, there’s something that we- I didn’t think about.” Justin corrected himself. “Go-goat? Go.” Sanders said, as he gestured towards a tree(Well, let’s get started, shall we? I can probably ram down a tree.) “Yeah, good thinking! You’ll have to do because Edge isn’t here. Not that I don’t appreciate you.” Justin replied, as Sanders quickly rammed into a tree at full force, knocking it down before Justin finished his sentence. The tree landed with a loud crash.
  17. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    "Ughhhhhh." Acacia groaned as he came back into consciousness. He tilted his head to the side, happy to still see Omi there with him. He was reminded of his current situation when he reached for his travel pack only to not find anything there. Omi and his sword were all he had. Fortunately, there were much worse things to be stranded with than a champion tier Pokemon and an ancient legendary katana. "Let's get to work buddy." Acacia jumped up and sprung into action with Omi following suit. "Let's establish a water source." Omi nodded and used aqua ring. A sphere of water floated in the air and dripped the purest water there was, it would prevent the duo from being dehydrated. “Wanna catch us something to eat?” Omi obliged and jumped into the water, beginning to catch fish in his mouth. While his Blastoise was hunting, Acacia went to work gathering branches and stick and started a fire with sparks from two rocks. He skewered the fish Omi emerged with and poked the bottom of the skewers into the ground, angling the fish so they could cook over the fire like he had seen in movies and tv shows. As the fish cooked Acacia sat next to Omi and chatted like old friends, hoping any other survivors would see the smoke or smell the food.
  18. Kia had decided to finish making her tent, before finding anymore survivors. She told Saikuk to get ready for a long trek as they would have to go pretty far to find others. She was happy to have Saikuk, but she noticed that half of her pokeballs were gone. "Great... just great. I'm lost on an island, hungry and now I've got only 3 pokemon. At least we have a tent and weapons to protect us." She brought out her pokeballs to see who she had left. Inu leaped out and Chinchira was soon to follow. Kia wondered where her other pokemon were, but tried not to worry to much. "Inu, use smog to send a signal to any other survivors, and Chinchira, climb up a tree in the forest to see if there is another survivor. The two pokemon obeyed immediately. Inu used smog and the purple gas was sent, gradually rising higher and higher into the air. Chinchira raced to the closest tree and clambered to the top of it. Chinchira seemed to have spotted something or someone in the forest. "Chinchira, use echoed voice to see if it responds." Chinchira followed Kia's instructions and use echoed voice. "Great job Chinchira, return, same for you Inu."
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  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Amy and crew were walking slowly through the trees when Ginger stopped and sniffed, "what is it Ginger?", "Vee [another survivor]". Amy cautiously walked forward seeing a girl (@EeviumZ ) she stepped out "hello, did you come from the boat, or were you hear already" she asked not looking away from the girl while Aeris and Ginger sniffed at her pokemon. Talos stirred slightly on Amy's back, g"he was no longer unconscious, just sleeping" Amy thought to herself.

    Bellamy was laying against some rocks he had moved, with help from King. He noticed a nearby fire, "maybe another survivor, well I'm going to remained here until it is unsafe to do so" he muttered to himself. He added more to his own fire making it brighter and larger. He then lay back against his rock, enjoying looking at the sky.
  20. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cypher had stopped setting rocks inbetween the wooden beams to look up, seeing a pack of two wolves attack the Sawsbuck. He questioned how they could live on a tropical island, but it didn't matter. Cypher whistled for Fang again, who turned around and got a good look at the wolves. The Tyrantrum licked his lips and Cypher pointed at them. " Here's your meal, boy. Catch them if you can. "

    The Tyrantrum roared loudly, then came running after the Wolves. Two more arrived at the scene, but saw the giant dinosaur approach them and tried to run back. Fang moved his head downwards and scooped up the four easily thanks to his large jaws. Since the sharp teeth were slightly bigger than the wolves themselves, and it is known that a Tyrantrum can easily crush a car with its jaws, they stood no chance. Fang ate them up quickly and went back to patrolling.

    Frost the Abomasnow and Rell the Primeape had, in the time it took for Fang to kill the attackers, returned from their gathering. Rell had some blood on him, and a seriously mad look. Cypher could tell what had happened. A few wolves must've attacked them too, and met an unfortunate end at the Primeape's unyielding rage. The Abomasnow helped Rell carefully put the leaves ontop of the beams in an orderly fashion. The Primeape went into the water to wash the blood off as Cypher went back to his work of creating the rock walls. Frost had in the meantime also been using Frost Breath to freeze the leaves to the beam, ensuring they wouldn't cave in some other time. Atleast, they can't slide off the beams anymore. He couldn't freeze the middle as it would put weight on it and bring it down anyway. Then Frost went to help his trainer with setting up the rocks ontop of eachother.
  21. Meadow had stood up carefully before she closed her eyes using her grass type aura to heal the injuries she had received from the two wild dogs. Meadow looked up to the Tyrantrum. "Sawsbuck! Saws!("Thank you Tyrantrum but I should warn you that a rainstorm is coming, I can sense it just by looking at the skies there, although I should head back myself before it gets worse. Say goodbye to your trainer for me") Meadow told him before nodding her head as she leaped off back in the forest to her trainer.

    JC could feel that a rainstorm was going to come soon so quickly hurried with the roof so she could take shelter inside before it got worse. She was sure that Meadow would head back quickly after she sensed it.

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  22. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Rell the Primeape came back from washing the wolf blood off his fur. Then Rell took over Frosts' help, who went back to gather some coconuts and the three wolf bodies they had left behind. With Rell's agility, the walls were finished quickly. Frost returned with the fruits in one hand, and the bodies in the other, clenched inbetween his arm and body. He used frost breath to freeze the rocks together, then to freeze them to the beams. Together, Frost and Rell went inside, Rell starting to make a campfire from the few rock shards and smaller log pieces that remained. Cypher had also went inside, but not before calling Fang back into his pokeball. He didn't want to leave his Tyrantrum out in the rain. Chances are he could've caught a cold, or worse. Instead, he let Frost, his Abomasnow, go outside to guard the entrance. Frost may fall asleep, but due to him being an ice type, being out in the cold while it was raining didn't affect him. Frost froze the entrance to the hut shut with a Frost Beam and stood outside, guarding.

    Inside the hut, Cypher looked around. There wasn't much space inbetween him, the fire and the wall, but there was enough to atleast sleep while laying down. While Rell broke himself open a coconut to drink from it, Cypher used a knife he found in the crate to remove the fur pelt from a wolf body. He tore himself a chunk of meat out, stuck it onto a sharpened branch and held it over the fire, roasting it like a marshmellow. Smoke from the fire neatly moved inbetween the tiny spaces of the stacked palm leaves and rose up from the ceiling, spreading into the air.
  23. Meadow made her way back to JC as she was about to go inside. "Saws!("Sorry for taking so long") she said leaping inside the shelter. "Its alright Meadow, as long as your safe and returned in one piece then its ok" JC said as Meadow walked over to a bed area as she laid down as Wolfa and Blue did as well. "You girls are tired huh?" She asked them seeing them nod. She pulled out the Pokefood and put it in one bowl for the girls to eat. She had to start the fire with the matches and lighter since she didn't have Blade on her who knows Fire blast. She pulled out the can of meat and food before cooking the meat inside a container she had created. She heard the hard rain fall instantly after as she watched the meat cook in silence. "-I hope my brother and Mask are alright...I didn't see them fall next to me-" she thought.

    Meanwhile on another part of the island

    Shadow and Mask coughed up a lot of the seawater once they came back to themselves before standing up. "Where are we and where's JC? Mask do you know?" He asked looking to the silent male. Mask nodded his head no as if not having a clue. "We must have gotten separated when the crash happened" he said as he looked around not noticing the two bags yet and the three beside each bag.-

    @DevVoid @EeviumZ @Clunpsy @Mango137
  24. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Acacia and his Pokémon had very different reactions to the storm they could see not far off. Omi’s was one of excitement, while Acacia dreaded it. Not because he hated rain or anything, but he didn’t have a change of clothes if these got wet. “Alright Omi lets build us a nice place to sleep.” Acacia was a little bummed, his decision to only keep Omi was just to provide the bare minimum he needed to survive and spare his other Pokémon the troubles of being stranded, if he had opted to take some of his other Pokémon this experience would have been much easier. He was hoping others would have seen the smoke from his fire and come join, that way he could provide them with water, food, and protection if they needed it and they could lend him their talents. But alas, it was just the two of them. Acacia and his Blastoise went to work cutting down trees from the edge of the forest, Acacia knew better than to venture far into the unknown island.

    It was a long process, for Acacia at least. While he hacked away at small trees with his sword and dragging them to their base, Omi was using his cannons like a water saw, easily cutting down trees triple the size of those his trainer slowly chipped away at. The Blastoise would then cut these massive trees into reasonable pieces and carry them onto his shoulder back to their base where he would easily plant them into the ground. In the time it took Acacia to move one measly tree Omi would have easily transported five large ones. In an hour or so the duo created a circular one room hut with 6ft tall trunks that was about 15ft in diameter. They then made a conical roof so the ran would drain off, making the height of the hut at its tallest point about 10ft. They gathered leaves and twigs to place on the roof in order to seal any cracks.

    Acacia smiled and felt accomplished looking at their makeshift base, it looked like a minimal budget beach bungalow that he would hang out in on vacation. The trainer laid down inside while the Blastoise enjoyed the rain. “Hey, maybe shoot something off so other people can come take shelter if they need it. Omi nodded in agreement and shot multiple dragon pulse’s into the sky. The attacks reached their maximum height and bursted like fireworks. Acacia hoped other survivors would be able to tell that Omi’s attack came from a well trained Pokémon rather than a wild one and would come seek refuge with him.
  25. "VEE?!" Eve cried out in shock. Allie turned around, startled.
    When she saw that it was another survivor, she relaxed.
    "Oh, thank Arceus - yeah, I'm from the ship - guessing you are too?" she gasped. She hadn't been expecting to find a survivor so quickly.
    Suddenly, Allie's Kirlia popped out of her Luxury Ball. Zelda looked around, confused.
    "Who is this girl?" Zelda asked telepathically.
    "Another survivor. I think." Allie used the mental link, not wanting to look like a crazy person.
  26. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy was resting when he heard growling, a bear had come out the forest and slowly walked towards him, instinctively Bellamy's hand went to his gun holster where his gun was still strapped in. He pulled it out and fired a shot hitting the bear in the side, but then the gun stopped firing "f***, it's full of water great" then throwing the gun aside he picked up his axe and charged at the wounded bear, King and Jade had woken up, Jade used vines to keep the bear rooted to the spot and King was blocking it's exit if it did break free. Bellamy stood in front of the clean swing put the bear out of it's misery. He then sat back, before noticing the storm and running into his tent followed by Jade and Jay, but he returned King who was too large to fit in the tent.

    Amy smiled sweetly "yes, I'm from the ship, god I'm so happy I found another survivor", she motioned for Aeris and Ginger to move away from the girl's Pokemon. "My name is Amy and this is Aeris and Ginger, and the bird on my back here is Talos". She said this pointing out each Pokemon respectively. She looked around, "so do you think there are any other survivors here" she asked quietly.
  27. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    After eating the one piece he cooked, Cypher decided he was cooking too inefficiently. He cut up multiple large chunks of meat from the wolf body and stuck it on the one sharpened branch, making it an effective shish kebab. He held the handle of the branch in his mouth while he prepared another stick with the same amount of pieces. Then, he grabbed the handle of the branch in his mouth with his free left hand, now holding two wolf kebab sticks. He held them over the fire and cooked them, while Rell went to eat the Coconut, pulling the hard shell from the soft flesh with his hands.
  28. She was hearing the rain fall hard for a while as she remained in the shelter she had built to keep dry. Eventually, the rain subsided hearing the birds chirp and the sun come out. "-Hm, maybe its a good time to go hunting for fish-" She thought as she stood up before turning to the girls. "How about we go fishing, we need a lot of food on our hands" she said. The girls agreed as she nodded before setting up all of her traps just in case wild animals lurked by here when she was away. She returned Wolfa for now before getting on Meadow"s back as Blue followed leaping in front of her. Meadow leaped off out of the shelter before heading to the ocean. Meadow came to a stop as they were at the ocean edge. JC pulled out a fishing rod she had made that was folded for easy travel. She undid it before putting the bait on the hook before throwing the line into the water. She sat on Meadow waiting as she could only see the ocean under her mask. Meadow had laid down as JC sat just next to her leaning on her waiting patiently.

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  29. Allie shrugged. “Probably, I highly doubt we’d be the only two and just happen to come across each other.”
    Eve looked around curiously. “Vee, vevee...”
    Zelda seemed to relax a bit. “There seems to be people on the island... I can sense the emotions of some other people and Pokémon. I can’t tell where or who though.”
  30. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    As Cypher and Rell ate, Frost thawed out the ice blocking the entrance, entering the rectangular hut. Rell tossed him a coconut as he finished his and layed down, ready to sleep. Cypher tossed Frost another Coconut before casting him back in his pokeball with the two, ensuring he could eat in the meantime. Cypher then laid down and threw some more wood shards into the fire to keep it warm in the hut. He rolled through the sand, grabbed him and Rell three Palm leaves. He put one ontop of Rell as a Blanket, then put the other two over himself. Then, he headed to sleep, with the fire keeping his hut warm. Thanks to the rain fading, the smoke from his hut was now more visible as it rose inbetween the small spaces of the palm leaf roof.
  31. She was still in the middle of fishing with the rod she made waiting to get a bite. She was sure that Delta her Primarina would do well with the fishing since she will use her tail and flippers to knock it out of the water easy but since she didn't have her she will have to do it the old fashion way. She felt a wind blow throw as she looked up at the sky thinking. "-I wonder how long we will he stuck on this island-" Meadow still laid down behind her as Blue sat next to her waiting as well. She had caught sight of flares as she looked to Blue. "Blue dear, could you investigate that for me" she asked her. "Umbre!("Alright") she said leaping off.

    (@Mango137 Blue will find your char unless you make your char see her)
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  32. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Rell and Cypher woke up again to the sound of the storm stopping, hearing the last rain drops falling. Cypher stood up and rubbed his eyes. Then, he slapped himself awake. Rell had done the same, and it sprung them both into the world of the awoken pretty quickly. " Rell, I'm gonna need to cast you back. I need to go find someone and only Fang can help me with that. " He told his Primeape as he made his way outside to get the Crate. He lifted it up with both arms and carried it back in the hut, lowering it in the far back, against the wall. Rell had an idea instead. Rell ran outside to get the lid of the crate, then put it on the crate and sat on it. " ..oh, right. I suppose you can also stay here and guard the cache while I look. " He said, then nodded to the Primeape before he went outside.
    Cypher had took out one of the three premier balls on the holsters of his black belt, casting out Fang the Tyrantrum. He leaped and climbed onto the Tyrantrum's back while it awaited some orders. " Fang, run full speed into that Forest. We need to find Sensei and Quartz. Or King. Can't really take preferences here. " He ordered his Tyrantrum. The Tyrantrum used Roar to ensure no further animals, pokemon or humans were to approach them. It sounded off loudly, a booming roar of a Tyrantrum echoed across the island. Then, footsteps began to shake the ground to those near Fang as it ran off into the forest, on the search for his buddies.
  33. She was hearing roars from a Pokemon. "-Was that a Tyrantrum?-" she thought as she suddenly felt her line being pulled. "I got a bite! Meadow get ready!" She told her. "Saws!" She said standing up helping her. Eventually they got the fish out of the water but for some reason it was having a bit of trouble breathing. She grabbed the fish and felt something...round inside of it. She had no choice but to cut it open and inside was a Luxury ball. "Its one of my Luxury balls!" She said as Meadow lit up. She released the Pokemon inside as it revealed to be Delta her Primarina. "Delta your ok!" She said to her. "Prima!("JC! Thank goodness your ok") she told her. "I'll explain what happened later but could you help me with these fish" she asked her. "Prima!("Of course I can!") She said leaping into the water. They collected enough fish to bring back as she returned Delta thanking her for her help. She got on Meadow's back before she leaped off back to camp. Once she arrived back, she got off Meadow and grabbed the bag of fish they collected before bringing it inside. She noticed Wolfa hold something in her mouth. "Wolfa? What is that you are holding in your mouth?" She asked her. Wolfa walked up to her before dropping the items on her hands. "Two Pokeballs? Where did you find them?" She said. "Lycanroc!("I found them floating on a leaf in a large puddle") Wolfa said sitting down. "This must be someone's Pokeballs, we will keep them here for now until we find the person who is looking for them" she said gently petting her head before placing the two Pokeballs in a basket for now.

    Blue kept searching around to whete that flare came from until she saw it. A girl had used a flare. She leaped down in front of her as she looked to her with her gold eyes. "Umbre!" She cried to get her attention.

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  34. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cypher rid around the forest on his Tyrantrum, when it suddendly came to a stop. Something got into his eye, and caused him to come to a sudden halt. Cypher fell off his back, but managed to roll to safety upon landing. He covered his head and eyes with his arms, peeking out with one eye. And then, there was the strangest weather situation they had discovered. But, also the best discovery they could've done. Around the area was a heavy sandstorm that was blowing around small animals and viciously attacking. Above the sandstorm were dark clouds spewing thunder and lightning, striking down birds and beasts alike. Cypher squinted, but could see something in the very center of the storm. It seemed to be a large rock with glowing cyan crystals, and a small boulder sitting ontop. The small boulder seemed to have some sort of electric cannon ontop that send the lightning bolts into the sky before it struck down the surrounding attackers. He recognized who it was, but walked back a bit. He casted Fang back into his pokeball and stretched, preparing to run through these rugged conditions to break up the defense tactic that he trained his two teammates to do should they ever be seperated.
  35. She looked outside as she did see the sudden sandstorm come through. She closed her door immediately before it flew into the shelter she had built including the windows. She looked to Wolfa and Meadow. "You girls stay in here, I am going to check where that sandstorm is coming from" she said to them as they both nodding agreeing with them. She quickly ran out her door shutting it and thanks to her mask the sand was kept out of her eyes. She used her ninja skills to leap from tree to tree so she wouldn't be caught in the sandstorm but even that proved difficult. She had her katana with her just in case it was a wild animal. She looked around for the moment before looking down. She saw an unfamiliar male running as fast as his legs can carry him. She knew she had to help him somehow as she let a coconut fall to get his attention.

  36. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cypher was in the middle of running through the sandstorm, when he heard the leaves rattling behind him. He looked to the noise, spotting someone knocking down a coconut. But, this moment was a big mistake. Because as it turns out, the boulder creature in the center sent a lightning bolt into the sky, which soon struck down Cypher where he stood. He fell on one knee as the bolt hit him. He could feel the electricity run through his body, but this only energized him. He shrugged off the bolt as he broke into a sprint, running towards the two creatures. He began hopping around the ground, spotting stealth rocks that came into his view. As a final defense, a rock was brought up from infront and behind Cypher, rising from the ground. The intented purpose was for them to crush him. However, Cypher jumped back, off of the Rock to his back. He landed with one foot on the rock that was infront of him, on the very ledge. He put his other foot down as he used the first one to hop off into the air. He rolled off the ground on landing, infront of the two. " Sensei, Quartz, cease your defenses! " He ordered with a voice of calm emotion, yet also mixed in anger. It was a strange emotion. It was like a creepy tranquility. Like the voice of a person that's snapped, but try their best to remain calm. Like the emotion of a killer trying to comfort their victim before killing them. Now, Cypher was a killer, but he was no murderer. He killed because he had to. Either he had to, or he couldn't control it. The Sandstorm had ceased, and the Boulder Pokemon, which was now revealed to be an Alolan Golem, jumped down from the top of the biggest spike of the giant rock. The rock itself began moving, and revealed itself to be a shiny Gigalith as it stood up. The Golem, which seemed to be called Sensei, held his arms behind his back and bowed, just as Cypher and the Gigalith did, to greet eachother. The clouds above also seemed to settle as a calm silence took over. The Sandstorm had revealed several wolf corpses, some dead deer, even a few dead bears. All these creatures, whether or not trying to go after the pair, had finally succumbed to the harsh, rugged sandstorm and their casters' attacks. Around the ground lay bird corpses aswellm, fried to a nearly ashen point by lightning.
  37. She saw the Shiny Gigalithe that was causing this sandstorm. She didn't have Meadow or Wolfa with her but she did have Delta with her. She looked at the situation more closely seeing the male with the Gigalithe and the Golem bowing to each other. She landed on the ground quietly as she let out Delta behind her just in case. She was only watching the scene through her mask in front of her not making sudden moves.-

  38. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Cypher looked down at Sensei, then up at Gigalithe. " Nice to find you again, Sensei. And you too, Quartz. But, I have to ask.. where are your premier balls? " He asked the Golem and Gigalithe. Sensei jumped back onto Quartz and jumped down onto the center of his back, where two premier balls were stored inside a circle of small rocks to keep them from moving. Sensei tossed them to Cypher, Cypher catching them with no problem. He cast back Quartz into his pokeball, but kept Sensei out. " I know we should train soon, but first we need to get back to the hut. Shall we, Sensei? " He said, then went to turn around. Sensei nodded, and both went back the way they came, based on the stomped down trees caused by Cyphers' Tyrantrum. Sensei looked to the side for a second, glancing at the stranger hiding behind the bushes. He noticed them dropping down from the ground. He glanced back into Cyphers' direction, letting her know that he knows that she cannot hide from him.
  39. She sensed that she was seen in hiding as she glimpsed a bit ahead seeing something shiny in the sunlight just behind them both. She saw the color in the distance as it was black. "Hm, its another one of my team members, well I guess there is no point in hiding since he already knows I am here-" she thought as she leaped up on the branch again before using it to jump over them as she landed just behind him. She took the time to grab one of her missing Luxury balls and put it away before looking to the two under her wolf mask. She had her hand on the handle on her blade as she felt something was coming after them that smelled animal like. Delta quickly appeared right behind her just in case they would attack her. She remained silent looking at the two. "...."

  40. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    ( @LunarSilvally I feel like this'll turn into just the two of us roleplaying, like with the second part of epidemic virus. But that's just a premonition)

    Cypher turned around to look at the newcomer behind them, while Sensei closed his eyes, sensing incoming danger. Sensei listened to the sound of the forest. Two sounds of heavy footsteps, and a deep growling sound. Sensei figured out what was coming from where. A tiger approaching the direction of the girl from the left, and the sound of a grizzly running at his trainer from his right. As the sounds got closer, Cypher could here where the danger closest to him was and turned to face the bear that had already stood up to swing out a paw at him. He blocked the swing with his left arm by putting it infront of the bear's paw and punched the bear against the nose with the other, staggering it back. Then, he used his knowledge of martial arts and strength to outsmart the bear and slowly but surely overpowering it, gaining the upper hand in the fight. Sensei watched his trainer fight, keen to see what his progress had helped him with fighting. Last time he let his trainer fight a bear, it nearly scratched Cyphers' eye out. Yet, he seemed to hold his own against the grizzly pretty well. And Sensei smiled, knowing that his trainer had gotten better at fighting. What he also was smiling at was the fact that Cypher and the Bear seemingly held a contest on who could be louder with their voices, with both yelling and grunting at eachother.

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