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Private/Closed Stranded on an Island: IC

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Silver-Solis, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. (Look! The OOC Thread! http://pokecharms.com/threads/stranded-on-an-island-ooc-and-signups.14887/)
    "Captain! The ship is going to capsize! We must evacuate the passengers!" said the First Mate of the Businia (Pronounced Bus-in-eye-ah)

    "We cannot evacuate in this kind of weather! The life boats will go down in an instant! We have to hope we can make it through." The Captain said. The Captain's history was deep in sea life, being born of a fisherman and growing up as a sailor. The grim look on his face, the sweat running down his brow, though it could have been sea water getting in from the broken windows, the heavy breathing, and overall the trembling of the hands when he steered, this seemed like it was going to be the end for him and his crew.

    Some of the crew members already seemed to be praying to whatever they worshiped, being Arceus the Author of creation, Xereas giver of life, or even some of the smallest of religions, such as the Church of the Helix. A Siren on the ship went off meaning that part of the hull has been breached and the ship has begun sinking.

    "We could still save the passengers! We can get the Water Pokemon to carry them ashore!" Said one optimistic crew member.

    "The waters are too rough. They would have to go under water to save them. The likelihood of the trainers not drowning is next to none." Said the Captain. His face was now even grimmer than before. He knew for sure what was going to happen; they were going to sink, and all the passengers are going to die with him. He released his hands from the steering mechanism and opened up a small booklet containing a picture of what seemed to be his wife.

    The ocean roared in anticipation of its prey. It was eating the ship, inch by inch. The Captain's quarters was beginning to fill with water now, as the crew began to say its farewell to the world. There was one last act of the Captain, though. He released all of his Pokemon, sending them into the Ocean in hopes that they could live on where he could not. Trainers filled the waters as their water Pokemon tried desperately to save them, but to no avail. All they could do is hope that the Ocean spares them.

    Trainers heads went under left and right, some not returning up. It was a massacre of both Trainers and Pokemon. Items from the ship littered the ocean, filling it with an assortment of all kinds of items. Some trainers tried to hold onto these, but they would soon be devoured by a wave and disappear. Suddenly, a strike of lightning hit the ocean, knocking all the humans unconscious, and most Pokemon too. The only Pokemon to not be affected by this were the ones under water, where the current could not affect them.

    Sometime later...
    A group of trainers began to wake up on an island. They seemed to be the only ones to survive the grand wreckage. The beach was littered with trash, though some of it could be useful because these trainers will be here for a while. Extreme weather surrounded the island, but the island itself was not affected by any of it. Rather the island was quite peaceful. It was an untouched, uncharted sanctuary of Pokemon. A dormant volcano lies in the middle of the island, around it a mixture of jungle, forest, lakes, plains and of course the edges, beach. The Volcano housed a secret, however. This secret could change the lives of these trainers forever, and just save their lives and return to civilization
  2. Ahnoah was washed up on the beach, with a large gash going down the outer side of his right leg. Alongside him was his trusty Floatzel Caesar. The rest of his Pokemon were in their Pokeballs, waiting to be sent out. Caesar began regaining consciousness, slightly rolling over and moaning. He blinked his eyes slowly, trying to process the bright light. He looked over to Ahnoah, clearly exhausted from the incident. Caesar tried to stand up, but his legs gave out due to the intense swimming he had done. He called out to Ahnoah with as much as a voice he could muster, but no verbal reply. Ahnoah rather just made an "ehmmm" sound from the pain. Ahnoah tapped the Pokeballs on his side, all of them coming out one by one, first being Tiberius, then Stardom and Zehriyah, lastly Autumn and Reina.

    "Ahnoah! You made it! We made it! We're alive!" Shouted Zehriyah. She immediately became aware of the pain both Ahnoah and Caesar were in and rushed over to Caesar.

    "Tiberius, help Ahnoah, I'll help Caesar. We need to see if anyone else survived the wreckage." She said.

    Zehriyah helped Caesar up and threw his arm around her neck, supporting him so he didn't fall down. Autumn helped pull up Ahnoah but threw his arm over Tiberius. His leg rubbed up against Tiberius' fur, putting small drops of blood on it. Little droplets also fell onto the sand, staining it red.

    "T-thanks guys... Zehriy..ah's right...we need to find...others." Ahnoah said in his attempt to speak.

    Ahnoah and his team made it down along the coastline without saying a single word to each other along the way. While walking, trash from the wreckage made it to shore, some useful, some not.

    "Hey! I think I see someone!" Said Autumn, breaking the silence. Their speed did not pick up, rather they just aimed themselves to go in that direction.
    (First one to respond is who it is. Got it?)
  3. A Squirtle was washed up near the sandy area that was slightly farther from the water, as his body lied next to a Joltic, motionless. The Joltic attempted to get him to snap out of his unconscious state, as he heard a voice that came from a rather close distance. He squealed back to the voice, as he quietly said to the unconscious Squirtle, "Just stay there, I'll try to get help. Don't go on me now buddy." He crawled up to where the voice came from, as he saw a Serperior, while he felt rather concerned since he didn't know if she could even notice his small size. He rolled over to her in a very clumsy motion, as the Squirtle continued to lie in the sand, while he breathed in tiny breaths now and then.
  4. Capi Tan perched in the trash littered shore, as he coiled over; breathing with exhaustion as his muscles felt they were about to burst all at once. His large head loomed over him in a weak attempt to huddle over the egg he had been trying to keep safe from rupturing over the pressure of the ocean. In exchange however, he was beaten up and knocked over from trying to lead his trainer and team mates to safety. Everyone had barely escaped certain demise if only had the Dewgong not been strong enough to survive the piercing currents with his trainer clinging dearly to life on his back. Still, Capi Tan suffered multiple cuts and wounds, as visibly seen by faintly dried up blood stains and stinging sores displaying over his white fur. His trainer, a young girl named Libby whom he had rescued in the grueling hours at sea, tried to treat his wounds with medicine she had tucked in her bag. However, the horrific turmoil and utter shock of what happened last night crippled her into a frozen state of grieving; so her pokemon took turns comforting both her and using the medicine to care for Capi Tan. Her Skitty, Henrietta; was but a child and had little concept of what had happened. She knew something bad had happened but...enough to cause a stir of all of this? It frustrated her to know end, and made her intensely uncomfortable inside. Still, Henrietta did her best in comforting Libby and Capi Tan in their healing.

    "I-I don't think...he made-"Libby whispered, causing Capi Tan and the other pokemon to glance towards her; and Henrietta to awake from her nap on Libby's lap. Libby didn't say a word for a few moments, before shaking her head. "No..I can't worry about that now...I can't just assume my father-"she gasped for a moment, eyes widening as wide as moons. "Oh Capi...everyone...I-I'm sorry, I need to-Oh gosh how could I be so ignorant?!"she stammered, Henrietta jumping off her as she stood up, clutching her bruised face with her palms, before blinking at Capi Tan. "I'm not about to lose you too Capi...c'mere"she whispered hoarsely, voice full of regret and sorrow as she prodded forward; digging through her worn up bag. She stayed there, quietly tending to Capi Tan with his wounds, as the other pokemon looked after Henrietta. Ponya the Nidorina gently attempted to break the ice in a way a child could understand; but to no avail.

    A half hour later, Libby was almost finished tending as best as she could manage with Capi with her limited medical knowledge; when she caught eye of a snake-like figure in the distance. She squinted, before her face raised up in fear. "Is- Is that a Serperior??!" This wasn't good, if it were a wild Serperior she wouldn't have strong enough pokemon to fight it, as everyone except for Capi Tan was lower-leveled and likely could not hold their own against it. Had Capi been in better shape he could use ice beam as distraction to weaken it, but he wasn't. This didn't stop the Dewgong from snarling protectively in case it came their way. Libby noticed quickly and shushed him. "No! Capi you know you aren't strong enough to fight it, none of you are...and the last thing we need to challenge it"she stated frantically in a quieted tone. "If it does come to that...we'll have no choice but to fight anyway..."she finished, fisting her hand as she prayed that the Serperior wasn't heading their way or noticed her and her pokemon. Ponya quickly ducked and took hold of Henrietta and the egg with the aid of Lilac; as they urged the noisy kitten to keep quiet as they took shelter behind a sand dune a few meters away.
  5. ( @Lotus Trainer Saia @Charlespark )
    "Hey...I think I just say another trainer!" Zehriyah shouted. She cheered as she slightly shook Caesar, but was careful not to shake Caesar too much. Caesar rather just grinned in enjoyment knowing that others had made it out alive.

    "I smell a trainer too! I also smell some Pokemon blood so someone might be hurt..." Tiberius said. To get the attention of the trainer, he let out a loud bark. Tiberius then almost dropped Ahnoah from him trying to cover his ears, but Tiberius caught him before he could land. "Sorry," Tiberius said.

    "Well...it's good to know that...other trainers survived...Reina, fly up and get an aerial view..." Ahnoah said. Reina took to the skies searching for any other survivors. She saw the trainer and landed down right beside them where she could be seen by almost all of them. After staying on the ground for around a second, she flew back. As she was flying, she noticed a small blue figure and a yellow figure. Reina wouldn't have paid much attention to that because they seemed like local Pokemon, but due to one's unconscious state, she assumed that they were a part of the wreckage too. She then landed right back with her group and reported the news.

    "We have a trainer with 4 Pokemon. One of them looked to be severely injured and needs some sort of medical assistance. I also saw a little blue figure that wasn't moving next to a yellow figure that was. Should we do anything about them?" Reina asked.

    "Probably... Autumn, you go over to the little guys... and see if you can do anything...Stardom, see if they need...to be helped over there..." Ahnoah said

    Autumn and Stardom nodded their heads in perfect sync and began going towards their objective. Autumn almost immediately noticed the light blue figure compared to the yellow sand but noticed the yellow one a little bit later. Surprisingly, though, Stardom was the faster one in her objective, already getting there at around the same time Autumn did.

    Stardom noticed the little cowering trainer with her Pokemon surrounding her. Then she looked over to the injured Dewong which seemed to be in intense pain. Stardom did what she did best and used wish which caused a small little pink light to hover above her and make its way to Dewong. It came in contact, but only time will tell if it actually worked. Stardom now just stood there, waiting for some sort of reaction from her split second decision.

    Autumn had made her way towards, what was now clear, a Squirtle and Joltic. Trying not to seem threatening, she slowly approached and extended out a vine towards the Joltic.

    Ahnoah was now almost at the Joltic and Squirtle now but didn't notice their presence. Rather he focused on Stardom, who was like a little child to Zehriyah. He couldn't have them be separated now after what they have been through. This was a miracle as if someone was watching to save all of their lives. Maybe by the grace of Arceus or Kyogre is what saved them.
  6. Libby was relieved as the Serperior went the other direction, but her attention soon perked to the small Sylveon whom had wandered in it's place. Sylveon wasn't as much a threat as Serperior, but she knew despite their size they were a force to be reckoned with. 'But...Sylveon aren't know to attack-wait', Libby's brilliant brown eyes bulged with astonishment. Sylveon was an evolution of Eevee, meaning it could only evolve through the help of a trainer's affection; meaning...

    "Someone else..survived?"her eyes lit up, could it mean that trainers from the voyage survived the currents? The fact that this Sylveon existed here meant there was chance other people had been stranded here like her, including her presumably dead father. Libby would cling onto any hope that her dad survived the wreckage, as it made her feel happy to know that her father was still not deceased, still looking for her. But..her hope quickly faded with her dreamy smile; as a part of her in the back of her head keep chanting that there was a possibility..he was very dead.

    Libby shook her head, struggling to attempt brush the thought away before being woken up from her spell by Capi's frantic bark. Ponya and Lilac looked at each other, giving Henrietta just enough time to fiercely wriggle away out of Ponya's grasp.
    "Henrietta no!"Ponya yowled, gritting her teeth as she hared after the kitty runaway. Lilac choked on her breath, desperately trying to keep up whilst balancing the egg in her stem-like arms and running on little stubby toe nubs. Henrietta grinned, even though Ponya was a tough gal, the Skitty was faster than both Lilac and Ponya combined. She paddled though clumps of sand, before skidding to a halt three meters ahead of them at the sight of a mystic, pink glow that resembled a luminescent, pink star in her eyes. Capi Tan, too weak to reject the move used by the Sylveon, succumbed quietly and waited before the light eventually caught up to him. Capi blinked, as a sudden rush of tenderness flooded his body with rejuvenating adrenaline as the light faded with contact of his skin. The Dewgong no longer felt sore as his former deep wounds were covered by new layers of skin and fur. He felt himself regain energy and strength, as he twitched his flippers with great ease and without the stiffness holding him back. The Dewgong yawned, lifting his head as he smiled contently with his own healthy, and usual youthful appearance. Libby held her fingers over her mouth in shock, before quickly hugging her Dewgong in pleasant rejoice of his sudden recovery. Capi Tan tilted his head, before nuzzling his worried trainer on the cheeks to her that he was okay. She giggled, gently touching his nose with her finger in response.

    Just as Libby were about to approach the Sylveon, Henrietta came rushing in; bewildered as she began leaping inhumanely at an energetically fast rate. "Capi Capi! You're okay!"she mewed, skittering over softly toward the Dewgong with a huge grin. "What did it feel like? Do pokemon know some weird healing voodoo like that Nurse Joy lady does when I get hurt? I wanna do that too!"she demanded, tail swaying to and fro. Both Libby and Capi Tan blinked, staring in bafflement at the little Skitty's undying energy even at a time like this.

    "Young lady!"Lilac hollered, nearly out of breath holding the egg as she squatted down to
    rest, nearly about to topple over as Ponya glared daggers at the little pink and cream kitten pokemon from afar. Libby quickly sprung to her knees, running toward Lilac and holding the small grass type in her arms with the egg in in hand. "C'mon Lili, Ponya, return you've helped enough today"Libby sighed as the two retreated into their poke balls after Libby lightly tapped the ball capsules. With the egg in arm, she hurried over toward the Sylveon, heaving as she sat on her knees facing toward it. "You must have a trainer around here...did others survive the wreckage?"she asked, anxiously waiting a reply as Henrietta blabbered onto an extremely patient Capi Tan.
  7. Ashley slowly opened his eyes and closed them again. He struggled to open them once more and attempted to gain consciousness, but with every effort. The eyes slammed shut every time. Ashley's memories of the event that just occurred started to flood through his thoughts with a couple of seconds. He could only remember certain highlights of what happened after the tragedy of the ship he was on.

    He remembers being in a room with Brick and they were just simply relaxing and recovering from their delicious meal. Then the entire boat started to violently shake and the room started to fall apart around them A bit of debris fell from the ceiling and was about to land on Brick. Ashley reacted the only way he knew how and shielded Brick from the debris. This gave Ashley a severe concussion as he frequently went in and out of consciousness. He remembered floating on the surface of a body of water with the sinking ship beside him. The furious and merciless waves then swallowed him as it towered over his vulnerable body and dragged him under the surface.

    Ashley then remembers Brick swimming to him and grabbing him with his real arm and swimming with his mecha arm. Which was clever as he could constantly use his arm without getting tired since it wasn't a genuine body part. Ashley then remembered blackness. He could hear waves hitting a shore, but was a lot less hostile compared to the ones previous. He could also hear the sound of something being dragged across the ground, he then started to hear Brick's scream and cry in pain before his flashback stopped.

    Ashley slowly opened his left eye, after his recollection of what just happened. He couldn't open his left eye since the left half of his face was buried under the sand. His face twitched and could feel all the individual salts that layered his flesh. Ashley dragged his limp arm onto his face to block out the piercing sunlight since it was too much for his eyes to adjust to so quickly. He could hear birds chirping as he processed his thoughts and loaded his body to start up. He lifted his arm and put his palm to the floor and lifted his left side of his body as he put down his elbow on the right side, to keep off the floor. Afraid of closing his eyes again if he laid back down.

    Ashley raised his chin to make out his bearings. He saw a large Volcano ahead of him and surrounding that was a rather tropical, paradise type of landscape. Decorated with Palm trees, springs and other things in that nature. Ashley could finally take control of his abs as he lifted his torso up and sat up on his knees. He looked at the sky and started to breathe heavily as the shock caught up with him. He frantically looked around for Brick as he recalled his scream of pain in his blind memory.

    "Bre..." Ashley's voice failed as he attempted to call out his name. Ashley reached around to his belt and struggled to press the button of his other Pokeball. This sent out a young Elekid. Elekid started to sprint away from Ashley before realizing the foreign place that she was in. Elekid turned and had a shocked face as she saw the terrible state that her trainer was in. Elekid was so used just running away every time she was released that she blindly started to run in a direction when she got sent out. "Surge...go fin-" Ashley said in his weak and quiet voice but stopped as Elekid continued to sprint off in a direction. Ashley whimpered as he watched Elekid flee. Ashley looked around and saw a small hill that peaked out and over looked the near by area.

    Ashley got on to his feet one by one and stood still for a moment as he tried to keep his balance with his weak, wobbly legs. He started to step towards the hill but was long pauses between each one since his muscles had a great deal of fatigue. He slowly struggled his way up the hill and reached the peak. He stumbled over to a tree and leaned on to it. Relieved that he was able to take the weight off his legs and feet slightly. Ashley looked at the view and was astonished at the humungous size of the island that he was washed up on. However, the fact that it was an island depressed him. Ashley put his back against the tree and slid down until his butt landed on the ground.

    His eyes flickered as they edged closer shut with every blink and Ashley felt his head have a sharp pain which let out a small grunt in reaction before fainting once more shortly after.

    Elekid blindly sprinted down the shore at its terminal velocity, it had a mixed emotion of joy and terror. Since of the positive and peaceful look the place had made it seem like a paradise to her but it was so different an unknown to her it scared her at the same time.
  8. ( @Lotus Trainer Saia )
    Stardom nodded and raised up her ribbons, pointing the direction she came from. A figure of a trainer leaning on a large object could be seen. Next to him was another figure that seemed to be of two Pokemon. By now, Zehriyah could hear Stardom if she talked loud enough, so Stardom did just that.

    "Ahnoah's over there with Momma!" Stardom said in a loud voice. Zehriyah, being a Zoroark was able to translate her speech into an auditory illusion. "Did you like my healy ball? Ahnoah taught me how to use it to help other Pokemon and even me!" Stardom said now flailing her ribbons around. "Do you know the human healy? Ahnoah has to lean on Tiberius to even stand, and that isn't good." Stardom said a little quieter because Zehriyah could hear her more clearly.

    Ahnoah was past the small Pokemon Autumn was attending too, now it was the home stretch to have the possibility of being fixed up. Even then, it was a long shot. Ahnoah didn't know if this person had any medical knowledge.

    "Hey Caesar, mind if I lean you against Tiberius to go see what Stardom is doing? She is just sitting there, not even doing anything." Zehriyah said to Caesar.

    "N-not.....really..." Caesar said with his weak voice.

    "Alright, now we can introduce ourselves to this trainer a bit more formally," Zehriyah said. She walked him over to the other side of Tiberius and put his arm over as much as Tiberius as he could. It slid a little but was eventually stopped by the sheer amount of fur.

    Zehriyah darted over to Stardom, leaving an after-image like trail of where Zehriyah was. Almost immediately, she was next to Stardom.

    "Did you do your job well?" Zehriyah asked.

    "I did momma! The seal one seems to be all better now!" Stardom said excitedly. She extended her ribbons to Zehriyah, wrapping them around her arms as Zehriyah pulled her up to carry her. Zehriyah and Stardom's colors clashed with each other, but somehow seemed fitting.

    "Our trainer is just over there. Hopefully you have some sort of medical knowledge, because he isn't going to stand on that leg anytime soon. Oh wait, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Zehriyah, and the Sylveon here is Stardom. Glad you survived the wreckage. I was suprised to find out that even another person survived!" Zehriyah said. Her free flowing hair went with the wind, which was to her left. It slightly blew into Stardom's face so she blew it out of the way.
  9. An umbreon slowly gained consciousness. She lifted her head up looking around. She were on a beach with a forest behind her. Moon shook her head trying to gain her thoughts just as a groan came from near by. The umbreon recognized it as her trainer from the many times she had to wake her up to go to school. The umbreon headed over there worried for her trainer. Moon started to run as she caught sight of her trainer. She started sniffing the trainer to see if she was alright. Moon found her ok, but soon found a gash on her arm. It wasn't serous but moon still worried as she started liking her trainer face trying to wake her.

    Kathleen groaned again. "Go away moon. I don't have school today." She mumbled as she rolled onto her bad arm. "Umbreon!" Moon said quickly as Kathleen shot up form the pain. She looked at her wound and around the area. "Were are we, moon?" Kathleen asked her Pokémon before the memory of water and the bout came to her, "The boat and all the water and now an island? This is not how I pictured a start of an adventure." She then got up quickly and looked around. Moon was confused for a second then remembered the others. Cherry and Stumpy weren't here and accounted for! The umbreon started to look around with her trainer before they found the duo together on the beach. Both raced over to the Pokémon.

    "Stumpy! Cherry!" Kathleen called as they went over to the pair. Luckily they started to stir. Cherry had helped the three-legged eevee to swim around. Sadly they had tried to grab onto the trainer but suddenly blacked out and was swept up here. "eev?" Stumpy said as he wobbly tried to get up. Moon helped him and she started to lick the eevee, happy for him to be alive. Kathleen creaked on cherry and found her still unconscious. "We should stay here until they both get a bit better." She replied showing moon the gash on cherry's face. Moon then set stumpy down as she raced around to find a bandage. When she came back, Moon held a ripped up shirt and a blanket. Kathleen then started with the shirt and ripped it up with moons help. She made a bandage and tided it to cherry's face to stop the bleeding.
  10. The Joltic quietly crawled over to an Umbreon and a trainer who had been patching up a Cherrium, as he went over to her leg. He poked her softly with her front feet, as he loudly squealed out to her, "Joltic, Joltic!" He looked over at the trainer, as he stood next to the Umbreon's leg still. He accidentally shot out a small string of silk at the sand, as it was clearly noticeable in close proximity. He rubbed on the Umbreon's foot, as trace amounts of static electricity started to flow into his tiny body. The Squirtle was still unconscious, while his tail twitched in a slight motion, as his breathing gradually started to go back to a mildly normal pace.

  11. Libby couldn't believe her eyes, or ears for that matter. She remembered reading in a book somewhere that Zoroark and it's prevolution could wield the elusive illusion ability; but she didn't know that they could pull off auditory illusions. She patiently leaned in on their conversation as she waited to chip in.

    "Can Zoroark can transla- never mind that..after whats happened that should be the least of my worries"she heaved, making eye contact as she noticed the male trainer and figure, jaw gapping noticeably in shock. "Oh my stars!-"she gasped, quickly placing the egg in her bag, while pulling out of carton of medicines supplied from her father. She friskily held it out toward them, "Libby, I woke up here awhile ago with my Dewgong, Capi injured from the ocean while carrying me to shore-"she started. "I think this might suffice- theres some remedies in here to help treat the wound and some cloth to help hold it together but uh-"she looked on awkwardly momentarily. "I'm no nurse or doctor, so I can't do much..my-my father was the one who handled medicine-but I...I'm not sure if-"She shook her head, retaining eye contact again. "Nevermind, I'll see what I can do...but without a professional to help out I can only do so much for him..."her voice trailed off, before a glimmer of hope sparked her. "Have you searched the island? If there are more survivors maybe one of them might know how to- you know, apply it accurately?"she mumbled.

    The little Skitty huffed, lip pouting. "She forgot to introduce me Capi, and prissy Liliac and bossy Ponya!"she whimpered. Capi Tan stared at her. "Hush now..Henrietta there will be a time for that"
  12. Moon looked over to the joltic. Kathleen finished fixing the Cherrium before turning to the pokemon. By now, Moon has gone back to her not sociable life as she pushed the tinny. Kathleen looked at the pokemon curiously. "What are you doing here bud?" She asked the pokemon just as stumpy started to walk around. He wobbled over to the pokemon and strted to sniff it. The joltic was new to the young eevee as he started to circle it, the easiest way to walk.
  13. The Joltic looked at the trainer as he was especially focused at the young Eevee that circled around him like a spinning top. He scratched his head the moment he noticed that he only had three legs, as he used his legs to create a slight vibration at him in a confused rhythm. He walked over to the trainer while he gently attached himself to her leg, as he said to her, "Joltic... Jol..." He knew that he had to get help for the Squirtle quickly, as he didn't know if he was knocked out or just exhausted.

    Meanwhile, the Squirtle began to snap out of his unconsciousness, as his eyes slowly opened to the greeting sunlight. The gentle breeze cuddled around his soft shell, as he slowly wiggled his arms and legs along. He attempted to get up, as he quickly fell like a domino the moment when he had gotten one foot planted on the ground. His sight and hearing were both fuzzy, as his eyes swirled around like the world that was spinning before him. He toddled around, while he used the trees and bushes for support, as he fell near a trainer that was with an Umbreon, an Eevee, and a Cherrium. He was oblivious to the Joltic that was on the trainer's leg, as his quick heartbeat was now audible inside himself.
  14. Surge continued to sprint along the water on the beach. It had its arms raised behind her above her head and she had her head faced down as she sprinted down the shore. She came to a stop as she felt an electrical current coming from nearby. It was coming from further along the beach. Surge continued to make her way down the beach but walked slower and being a bit more wary as to where she's going. Her feet pitter-pattered on the sand as she strolled towards the electrical reading. The more she walked, the more the electricity reacted and the more active it was on the plugs on her head. It was going crazy above her head, so she was reaching incredibly close. The coast turned a corner and so knowing that whatever it was, was round that corner, she rushed over to a palm tree and hid behind it so she could scout out what it is without being seen. She peeked her head out after sprinted and slightly stumbling over a Dwebble shell over to it. She noticed a few Pokemon and a trainer. There was a Squirtle, Eevee and some other Pokemon too. However, the one that Surge sensed was the Joltic. Surge felt that it was a friendly, she wasn't sure about the trainer and the other Pokemon, but she felt that the Joltic was a friendly.

    Surge hesitantly walked over to the group and waved her arm. "Ele," She said as she smiled. However, she started to feel doubt and stepped back slightly before she got too close.
    @Charlespark @The_life_as_a_shadow
  15. ( @Lotus Trainer Saia / Everyone? Flute melody that attracts Pokemon possibly)

    "Anything could help right now. We just need to prevent that bleeding." Zehriyah said.

    "Or else Ahnoah will go to bed!" Said Stardom.

    Ahnoah seemed relieved that the trainer finally noticed his presence. Suddenly, he remembered something. The flute that he had since he was young, he didn't have it. He gave it to Tiberius to make sure it didn't get lost but now he had to search through his immense amount of fur. He stopped walking and rubbed his hands around Tiberius' fur until he touched a stick like object. He pulled it out and revealed a bamboo flute which had a bit of Arcanine fur on it.

    "Good..." Ahnoah said pulling the fur out of the reed. Ahnoah then blew into the flute with a bit of fur coming out. He tried again, but this time, a pleasant melody rang out. Ahnoah tried the different holes on the flute one by one to make sure they functioned properly, which they did. Some wild Pokemon seemed to be attracted to the noise and Zehriyah and Stardom turned back.

    "Well, he found his Chángdí. If he would have lost that, he might have just given up." Zehriyah said. "I will see if Reina will be able to find other survivors, in the meantime, could you please tend to his leg?"

    Ahnoah was now only a few feet away from Zehriyah and Stardom. Caesar seemed a bit worn out from the walking and Autumn had returned to the group due to the failed attempt at socializing.

    "Hey, could I help with it? I'm Autumn and I'm the medical one on this team." The Red, Orange, Yellow, and Brown snake said. Her voice was faint and soft, a bit soothing as well. She gave a small smile and approached the trainer and its team slowly.

    "Yeah...she knows a thing.. or two" Ahnoah said.
  16. She briskly nodded, a bit confused at why a Serperior could achieve medical knowledge. Then again...Pokemon were literally speaking to her through advanced auditory illusion; so she dared not to question it. "Of course...but I was wondering if any of you had well- an incubator or something around", she inquired awkwardly;gazing at her egg, which felt somewhat cold all of a sudden, but still held some heat to keep it kicking. "The incubator got lost in the wreck, and I was lucky enough to salvage this guy up from harm, but if I don't find something to warm it up it'll lose all the heat keeping it alive..."she muttered, eyes trailing off as she frowned upon it. The egg itself was a jet black shade, only silenced by a streak of a zig-zag line in the middle. Libby already had a few theories herself on what it could be. It could possibly be a Shinx, maybe even a Croagunk? Right now all she was concerned about was it's own wellbeing and helping this trainer get fixed. She pondered in thought, trying to think of possible solutions to the dilemma. "I guess I could leave in in the sand- but then a Trapinch or- hmm-"she thought, before her eyes flickered into realization of the situation at hand. "Oh uh-gosh I'm sorry- um let me see-"she stuttered, as her hands ravaged through the medical kit. "I have stitches here and a couple of needles there- also some bondage- bandage? What do you call those-Drat...I'm stressed, sorry"she mustered between words, before pulling out a peculiar supplement that perked her interest. "Let's see..tah tah tah..Oh! Here use this, it's some treatment that'll help his leg from getting infection, think you can help me with putting it on Autumn?"she asked, forcing a polite smile to facade her disoriented apparel.
  17. Moon instantly gently knocked the pokemon off her trainer's leg. She didnt really want the "wild" pokemon to get attched to her trainer unless they got a backround chech with her.

    Kathleen only looked a bit confused at the pokemon before a soft thud of a falling pokemon caught her attention. She looked over to find a fallen squirtle. Kathleen felt acward as she looked at the water-type. She has never been good with water-types no matter how hard she tryed but this was different.

    "Um... hello." Kathleen said feeling awkward, "do you need help." Stumpy then ran over to the electric pokemon in the bushes. She didn't hear the sound of the Pokemon, but her eevee did. "Eev!" Stumpy said excitedly. Kathleen felt strange having alot of pokemon come tword her, but decided that they were probably from the ship and were looking for a trainer.

    A small flute sound came to the group. Kathleen looked around to see who could have made it. Just then cherry started to move. Moon was the first to react. "Umbreon!" She yelled in Kathleen ear. She winced before turning tword the grass-type. "Cher?" She said looking around. "Your ok!" Kathleen said happly as she hugged her pokemon. "Cherrium!" Cherry said loudly as she was surprised from the hug.
    @Charlespark @Gpig5
  18. Ashley awoke from his nap sometime later. He was pleasantly greeted by a soothing melody that came from somewhere else on the island. Ashley turned his head to the shore, where the tune was coming from. He then saw Surge on the beach with some Pokemon and possibly a person. Ashley let out a huge sigh of relief and felt so happy that he could try, but his sudden coughing fit interrupted his emotions being shown. He struggled himself up and started to waddle towards them.

    Surge got quite startled as Stumpy approached her. She jumped back in panic and slightly retaliated in anger. "Ele...Kid!" Surge yelled at Stumpy. However, Surge then heard the flute also and seemed to calm down and stopped being on edge. She frowned and looked at Stumpy. "Elekid..." Surge apologized to Stumpy as she looked at her feet. She kicked the sand the other way in frustration. Asley started to approach the group and was getting happier with every step since he realized that his eyes didn't deceive him and that there was others. "Sur-" Ashley got interrupted by falling over a tree root and face planted in the sand as he emerged from the greenery and reached the beach. Ashley seemed to just stay lying down since his body was too tired to even do the simplest things.
  19. The Joltic crawled over to Ashley, while his body vibrated from all the electricity that he had gathered up earlier. He gently poked his right arm with his left arm, as his eyes darted around her area, not seeming to notice anything else that was new. He crawled up on his arm, while he absorbed a trace amount that was on it, as his fur started to slowly puff up from all the electricity he had in his tiny body. He lied on his arm still, waiting for him to respond, as he squealed out in a concerned tone, "Joltic! Jol?"

    Meanwhile, the Squirtle continued to lie next to Kathleen, as he couldn't seem to hear what she said to him. He looked over at her, while his eyes swirled around like disks, as he was oblivious to the other Pokémon and trainer in the area.
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  20. OOC: BTW, Ashley's a guy. @Charlespark and Surge the Elekid is the girl

    Ashley struggled to lift his head from the sand that he was unintentionally eating. He shook his head from side to side in an attempt to get as much sand off his face as he can. He felt something crawl something up his arm and heard a cute and quiet, "Joltic! Jol?" from his arm as well. Ashley turned his head and rested it on the floor, on its side as it looked at Joltic. "Oh...hey little buddy. I'm fine. Just a little...tired," Ashley chuckled with a big smile.

    Surge sensed Joltic's electricity becoming more and more noticeable as she noticed Joltic was moving somewhere. She turned to see where it went and saw it talking to Ashley. Surge looked at Ashley with a concerned look as he lied on the floor. Ashley glanced over at Surge back and saw her concerned face for a brief moment before Surge realized that Ashley noticed and urgently turned and faced back to Stumpy. Ashley scoffed at Surge's comical reaction.
  21. Kathleen headed over to the fallen guy after placing cherry down. She commanded moon to watched over the water-type as she tried to help the man up. Meanwhile, Stumpy was looking at the elekid. Curiosity bumbled through him as she saw the Pokémon reject his trainer after looking consernly at her. Stumpy guessed it was a moon like relationship as he pent down wanting to play with the Pokémon. The eevee then stated to nudge the Pokémon as her started to run around in circle trying to get the Pokémon to play with him.

    Moon and cherry looked at the water-type. He Cleary was deprived of energy, but the two couldn't think of anything. "chrrium?" Cherry suggested as moon nodded. Moon then headed to the water and picked up a large sea shell. The umbreon the used it the carry some salt water as she headed back to the fallen squirtle. Moon then dumped the water onto the Pokémon's head and the 2 Pokémon waited for something to happen.

    "eating sand isn't health for you. I am pretty sure there are fruits in the jungle." Kathleen replied sarcastically to the man as she tried to help him up.
    @Charlespark @Gpig5
  22. Ashley chuckled as he heard the stranger's comic remark. "Oh really? I'll keep that in mind next time," Ashley sarcastically replied. He got helped up by the girl and he had his arm over her shoulder as he struggled to stand up, he slightly leaned on her a bit before fully standing up and no longer needing any assistance. "Okay, I'm good. Thank you. It's a huge relief to see someone else on this island. My name's Ashley, and that Elekid over is Surge. She's definitely a handful," Ashley smiled. Ashley soon changed his smile to a concerned look as he remembered something important. "Hey, you haven't seen a Machop, that responds to the name Brick around here have you? Oh and he also has a mechanical arm," Ashley asked with a concerned and intrigued face as to if the stranger knows anything about Brick's whereabouts.

    Surge looked at the excited and hyped Eevee as it ran around her. She blankly looked at Eevee at first but then realized what her intentions were. Surge felt quite smug as she took it as she was the chosen one, that Eevee picked her to play with her. Surge put her fists on her waists and sis a smug smile as she raised her chin at Stumpy. Surge then reached down and tapped Stumpy. "Kid," Surge said as she started to run away from Stumpy ,wanting to play it/tag.

  23. ( @Lotus Trainer Saia / Very Important post at the end, please read)
    "We don't have an incubator, but we have a fluffy fire dog? Tiberius could keep the egg warm in his fur, we just have to tie it in and tell 'em to be careful." Zehriyah said.

    Ahnoah stopped his walking and took a break to breathe in order to deal with the pain. Tiberius seemed curious about the egg, probably due to the fact he was mentioned. He looked at the egg and sniffed it, even though he wasn't that close.

    Autumn started to grow a leaf. It was a little bit of fuzz on it, almost like a Peach. She then picked it and handed it to the trainer.

    "It doesn't exactly have medical uses, but it's nice and soft. Ahnoah also likes the smell of the leaf for some reason." Autumn said.She then signalled Zehriyah to hold up Ahnoah. Zehriyah put down Stardom, who Immediately ran up to the egg to just watch it. She stared it down, being careful not to touch it. Zehriyah lifted Ahnoah off of Tiberius, who had a dark red spot near the bottom of his fur.

    "Alright, let's fix up Ahnoah,, " Zehriyah said. She actually seemed concerned more than anything. Everyone on the team cared about Ahnoah, but she was supposed to be the responsible one. It was her job to worry, take care of Stardom, and provide the things that Ahnoah can't, even taking care of how he looks. That was more Autumn's job, but Zehriyah kept him in check. Now she has to deal with her trainer being hurt, which was the one thing she was the most worried about, tied with Stardom of course. Zehriyah was disappointed in herself, from something that was out of her control. All she could do now is hope and make sure everyone survives, even if it means others get lost along the way.

    The melody of the flute rang out across the island. A certain Pokemon, never hearing a melody like this, went to investigate.

    Ahnoah saw something, or at least he thought he did. It was a mirage of some sort of dragon with a long neck that had a Triangle inscribed along her chest. It didn't have sharp edges, though. Rather, it was a smooth looking triangle. The back of this Pokemon had an X shape, possibly wings. It seemed to be crystal clear, but at the same time, not. Ahnoah didn't think of it mu and ignored the situation due to the rest of his team not noticing.The question is, did the other trainer notice?

    (If you don't know what Pokemon I am describing, don't bother looking for descriptions. This is totally original description. Just pm me askin)
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  24. @SilverSolis, @Gpig5

    The Joltic smiled at Ashley, as he continued to lie on his arm still, while he continued to absorb the static electricity that was on her arm. He looked around at the other Pokémon that were in the area, as he rubbed his puffy fur with his left leg. The Squirtle quietly looked up at Kathleen, as he felt a little awkward when the Umbreon poured salt water onto his head. He took in rather deep breaths when his head became coated within the saline liquid, as his tail flailed about in protest. He thought to himself as he quietly sneezed, "Ack, this stuff feels so weird... what is this stuff even?"

    The Joltic's eyes widened when he saw something fly off in the air, or so he thought, as his mind started to debate as if the thing was real, or if it was just an illusion. It was an extremely faint image of a strange dragon that slightly lagged behind another, with an aerodynamic body that also had a triangle that was imprinted on his chest. His wings had the shape that appeared like an aircraft, possibly making it look like it was just an airplane flying over. The Joltic didn't seem to be too concerned with the situation, as everyone else seemed to be oblivious to it. He dozed off on Ashley's arm soon after, as he quietly snored while the gentle breeze cuddled around him.
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  25. (stumpy is a girl)
    Kathleen shook her head. "sorry no. My name is Kathleen. That 3-legged eevee over there is Stumpy, The umbreon is moon, and the chrrium is Cherry." She replied noting that the eevee was playing with the elekid. The eevee had noticed surge had tried to play tag with him. "eevee!" Stumpy exclaimed excitedly as he started after the Pokémon. Instantly he fell on his face from the sudden acesseleration. He got back up and shook of the sand before chasing the Pokémon.

    "It was just salt water." Moon said as she looked at the water-type, "Anyway shouldn't you know that since your a water-type." "we are sorry!" Cherry said in the middle of moon sentence as she looked up, "what's that?" Moon also looked up to what the Pokémon was pointing at. "I never seen that Pokémon before." She remarked.
  26. "Oh okay...Well, he disappeared and I know he's on this island. The last thing I remember was him screaming in pain before I went unconscious." Ashley explained to Lee, getting a bit worried for Brick. He got cheered up by the cute, fuzzy Joltic who seemed adamant to move from his arm. "I guess I made a little friend," Ashley chuckled.

    Surge turned and saw Stumpy fall over. Surge then insensitively pointed and laughed at the handicapped Pokemon. Ashley noticed Surge's rude behavior and got him a bit riled up. "Hey! Stop that Surge! That's not very nice!" Ashley yelled assertively, but his voice wasn't the most intimidating thing ever, so Surge just giggled at Ashley's attempt at being disciplined and rolled her eyes and continued to run away from Stumpy. Ashley turned to Lee all flustered. "I am so terribly sorry about that. Surge is quite insensitive to things like this," Ashley said a bit embarrassed and worried that Lee will get annoyed at him and/or Surge.
  27. "Oh thats just perfect for the egg thank you so much! Hey Autumn you should use this-"
    Libby was abruptly cut off as she was immediately flung back in surprise as a vivid image flashed through her. Her pupils narrowed in fear, her adrenaline growing dangerously high by the second as anxiety flushed through. It didn't take much to startle Libby or get her riled up, but the sight she was seeing was probably enough to make any human spineless. At least, that was Libby's mindset. As she noticed Ahnoah didn't look spooked by the sight of the crystal clear silhouette in the slightest.

    Her heart still pounding, it took a concerned nudge from Capi Tan to snap her back to her senses. Gasping, Libby stiffened upwards, catching her breath as she stared at the worried gaze of her first pokemon. Sighing, Libby patted him on the head, lovingly rubbing against the short bristles of fur as she continued to frown. For a few moments everything had been hauntingly silent, enough silence to make little Henrietta uneasy as she trailed behind Capi Tan's tail. Libby averted back towards the plethora of pokemon and their trainer, gulping in an uneasy and shaky tone as she started to form hushed whispers.

    "D-Did any of you see that?- Th-There was a silhouette in the sky...It flew right past-It didn't look like anything I've ever seen-"

    "Really? Capi do you think that pokemon Trainer is talking about is stronger than you?"Henrietta beamed, attempting to lighten the moment and she bounced in excitement around the Dewgong. However, the once energetic kitten was sulken and still after being shot a harsh glare in response. "Sorry..."she muttered off, sitting down with her tail wrapped around her short little paws.
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  28. @Lotus Trainer Saia, @The_life_as_a_shadow, @Gpig5

    A trainer had walked over to Libby panting, while green goggles glimmered along with the sunlight, as she looked over her with a cautious look. A small Tyrunt stood by her leg and looked over at the Pokémon that were with Libby, as he kept an eye on the Minun that the trainer held with a tight grip. She quietly said to him in a calm tone while his arms and tail shook in protest, "Shh... I know it hurts, but don't worry, it'll go away with some time." She stroked his head while she avoided his upper torso, as it had been bandaged and she knew that it would had caused a lot of discomfort if someone were to touch that area.

    Meanwhile, the Squirtle squirmed from the salty substance that was still on his body, as he quietly cried in front of Kathleen. He crawled up to her leg, as he lied next to her while some tears fell from his eye. The Joltic was still asleep on Ashley's arm, as he snored quietly while his fur remained puffy. They both didn't seem to notice that their trainer was around, as they were more focused on other things.
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  29. (in this it is just Kathleen not lee)
    Stumpy growled at the elekid in a joking way as he started to run after him again. "It's fine." Kathleen stated happy that the trainer was worried about he getting mad, "If stumpy doesn't mind then neither do I." Stumpy continued running after the elekid and eventually catch up to her. As an effort to tag her, The eevee just head-butted her back and they both fell. "Eevee!" Stumpy said excitedly happy to have finally caught up to the Pokémon.

    Mean while, Moon and cherry had noticed the squirtles absent. Cherry noticed it crying by her trainer leg. "CHERRIUM CHER! (I am so sorry we didn't mean to make you cry! We didn't know you didn't like salt water!" Cherry exclaimed as she ran up to the Pokémon apologizing. Moon looked at the cherrium bordly. She was more interested about the mysterious Pokémon then the crying water-type. 'Not my problem now' She though as she watched her trainer finally notice the water-type by cherry's yelling. "CHER! (I didn't mean to! I didn't know he hated salt water!)" Cherry exclaimed to her trainer. "Its ok, cherry I know you would have never meant to make a Pokémon cry." Kathleen said reassuringly to the grass-type.
    @Charlespark @Gpig5
  30. Surge was caught off guard at how Stumpy found some random boost in his legs and caught up to her. Surge got knocked over as Stumpy had to resort to headbutting her to tag her. Surge laid on the floor, staring at the sky with a distraught face. Obviously not taking the loss very well. She was wondering how a small Pokemon with three legs managed to catch her. Surge then didn't like the fact that she got headbutted, despite the fact that he had three legs, she wasn't having it. Surge got up and marched over to Stumpy. She started to wave her finger around in Stumpy's face, somewhat scolding her. When deep down, she was only salty about losing. "Ele-Elekid," Surge said assertively to Stumpy.

    Ashley sighed in relief as Kathleen reassured him that it was fine. However, when Ashley looked back at Surge, he noticed her scolding Stumpy randomly. "What the? Hey Surge! Chill out, Stumpy was playing, regardless of what he did," Ashley said, getting a bit fed up of her being rather mean to the cute and innocent Eevee. Ashley stumbled over toSurge and slapped her arm, that she was pointing at Stumpy with, away from Stumpy. "You misbehave, one more time. You're going in and staying in your Pokeball," Ashley said assertively, pointing his finger in her face, mimicking her.
  31. ( @Lotus Trainer Saia @Charlespark )

    "Y-yeah. I saw it." Ahnoah said. The experience almost gave him a newfound strength. His voice seemed stronger than it was just a few seconds ago. Caesar seemed a bit stronger too, resting only 1 arm around Tiberius and pointed at the area he saw it.

    "Well, maybe it's a sign. Maybe we can survive, 'cause I know I'm not dying here. I have something I need to do first" Ahnoah said. Autumn didn't happen to see it, so she didn't know what was going on. She felt left out because everyone on Ahnoah's team seemed to see it. Regardless, she still had a job to do. Autumn examined Ahnoah's wound more closely, making sure that there wasn't anything that could interfere. Once she was satisfied, she went to Libby.

    "He is good to go, so could you please apply it? I can't exactly do that with vines..." Autumn said. She seemed a bit disappointed in her lack of ability. Autumn never really feels satisfied with herself. She always feels like that she needs to be able to do more, even if it is physically impossible. Everyone on the team knows this and tries to reassure her when they notice. It isn't her job to do everything. She tried to hide this behind a smile that was clearly embarrassed. She seemed convincing, but anyone that has known her for a while can realize that she is trying to cover something up.

    Stardom suddenly ran past the egg. Something had caught her eye, something moving. It was a trainer with her Pokemon, a Tyrunt and Minun.

    "Hey, Momma! Some new friends arrived.One of them looks like a Chu!" Stardom said. She hopped around the trainer and team with Zehriyah chasing her. Stardom was clever still, dodging Zehriyah by using her ribbons to pivot herself. In order to catch her, Zehriyah split into 3. They all chased Stardom until she bumped into something invisible. She was picked up and then revealed the real Zehriyah, while the other 3 disappeared.

    "You can't just go running like that Stardom. What if these Pokemon tried to attack you?" Zehriyah said.

    Stardom simply grinned back but slowly turned into a more thoughtful look. She then said back "Well I would just make friends with them so they stop!"

    Reina seemed quiet. All she had done is think with a slightly terrified look on her face. Her being the more educated one, knew what the odds were of surviving. She had almost seemed to given up already, barely trying to even keep up with the group. Suddenly, she had an idea. But before she knew it Ahnoah was falling. He was trying to support his own weight but only lasted for a few seconds before falling. Autumn went into action to support Ahnoah, pushing her body against his back. She wrapped her vines around his arms to gain better support of him.

    "Zehriyah! Even if Stardom was running around, you can't just leave Ahnoah here to fall over. What if he broke his back?" Autumn said. Reina flew over and landed on Tiberius' head. She usually did this when she wanted everyone's attention, or to prove she was in charge.

    "Don't blame her. She is clearly stressed out from the whole shipwreck situation. I mean, we have less than a percent chance of surviving all of this. We raise our chances little by little for each trainer that comes here. So we might just have a percent." Reina said. Her news was a bit pessimistic to the team, but just alone the fact she said they have a chance of surviving.

    "Of course, rounded up to make you feel better around the numbers," Reina said. Never mind, she made it even worse.
  32. Ashley heard a faint cry of pain coming from somewhere. Ashley swiveled towards the direction it came. "Th-That's Brack!" Ashley exclaimed before sprinting off and running over the hill. His ripped and ruined lab coat was pushed back as Ashley ran, making him look like a bootleg superhero. The cries of pain started to become louder and louder. He could hear some creaking and some sort of electricity sounds as well as the cries of pain. Ashley was a bit oblivious to the Joltic still on his arm.

    Surge simply watched Ashley sprint off manically with a surprised face as she was majorly caught off guard with the sudden level of urgency that he had just shown. Surge stepped back and looked at the other Pokemon and people to see if anyone knows why he acted like that.

  33. Libby blinked at Autumn's comment, sudden realization of the Serperior's own limitations suddenly hitting her in the noggin."Of course- sorry it was silly of me to assume-"Libby stopped once more to take note of the little Sylveon named Stardom's excitable squeaks. Clearly Capi Tan took note of this phenomenon as well, as he too turned to face an unfamiliar trainer with a couple of what was presumably said trainers pokemon. Henrietta simply sat in silence, smiling as if nothing had happened while sitting near Capi Tan's flippers. "Oh no..."Libby muttered, eyes widening as her pupils seemed to shrink with nervousness as she was conflicted with two difficult choices.

    "I-I'll take care of him for now- c-could one of you help that trainer? Thanks-Capi come here and help me- Henrietta I need you to return" Libby finally decided as she pulled out a heal ball belonging to the kitten pokemon. Before she could protest, she was quickly sucked back into the object without hesitation. Libby may have not liked it, but she couldn't risk having Henrietta running off halfway through the procedure, even with backup from her Dewgong. She was feeling extremely stressed out already from all the commotion being thrusted upon them, and she didn't need any further casualties by delaying Ahnoah's care by further length. Libby let an exasperated sigh escape from under her breath, as she trudged through the sand with Capi Tan following her close behind. As she reached the group consisting of Ahnoah and several of his pokemon, she leaned over on one knee, carrying the formula with her. "This might sting a little- try not to flinch...it'll make it worse..I'm too nervous as it is with all thats going on suddenly, so Capi will help me with doing this..We good?...Okay"she mumbled, as she began to slowly reach towards his leg to begin.
  34. Ashley continued to sprint through the jungle, fighting his way through the vines and jumping over any obstacle. He came to an opening to find Brick on the floor with his mechanical arm sparking and not moving, whilst being surrounded by Spearows.

    "Go Away!" Ashley yelled as he rushed over to Brick and shielded him from the Spearow. The flock of Spearow flew above the two as they occasional Spearow flew down to unleash a wing attack or a Peck on Ashley.
  35. (I had a post written up and then my CPU crashed before I could post it! @Lotus Trainer Saia @Charlespark has to respond to my last post still. Remember, Legendaries, then your character can officially be a friend to them, but only if we last that long for the rp to finish. Let's go!)

    "It's going to sting...figured..." Ahnoah said. Ahnoah didn't have a problem with medicine but is kinda like a baby when it comes to receiving treatment. He had a small fear of needles and some medical items just weirded him out. Knowing that he was going to flinch from the medicinal ointment, he called for Autumn to wrap his legs in vines.

    "Autumn, I'm going to need...you to wrap my leg in vines..." Ahnoah said. Small vines grew out of the ground and wrapped around his leg, but trying to not wrap around the wound, but in some parts had too. Tiberius was watching closely at Libby, ready to maul essentially if she did anything to purposely hurt Ahnoah. Reina hopped off of Tiberius' head to Libby with a somewhat good look on her face.

    "If it wasn't for you, Ahnoah would have died of poisoning within two weeks!" Reina said with a bit of a smile on her face, which was kind of hard to make out on a bird, but the facial expression added to it making it seem more like a smile.

    Ahnoah seemed a bit worried from that statement. Not because he knew that he was not going to die, but the fact that he had to rely on someone else who isn't in his family. Everyone on this island had to work together in order to survive, and Ahnoah wasn't an exception.

    "Let's...just get this over with," Ahnoah said. Caesar simply watched unthreatening, unlike Tiberius. He was just curious about how the medicine would be applied.
  36. (OOC: I have been getting myself together since my health was just declined recently, as I also have not been receiving any alerts from this thread until now unfortunately, so I apologize. This post is going directly to @Silver-Solis, @Gpig5, and @The_life_as_a_shadow for all the posts here, so there is going to be a ton of writing below.)


    The Squirtle went inside his shell while he continued to cry, as the saline substance felt rather intolerable to his body. A spout of water slowly gushed out of his mouth and went around inside his shell. He attempted to filter out as much of the sodium chloride on his body as quickly as he could. A sharp pain started to gradually escalate within his body, as he took in a huge deep breath and attempted to toughen it out, since he didn't want to appear weak in front of Moon and the Cherrim. He couldn't respond to them though, as he was too busy attempting to get his body into better shape, while the pain on his body felt like burning swords that pierced throughout his shell.

    The Joltic crawled down Ashley's arm, as he went down his leg, while he slowly inched towards the ground. He quietly trailed over towards the Squirtle, while his movements became quicker the moment he heard a crying noise from his location. His body occasionally vibrated while he crawled up on the Squirtle's shell, as it felt as smooth as a silky cloth. He quietly said to him while his compounded eyes scanned around the area, "Hey, are you alright there buddy? You don't seem to happy here..." The Squirtle's crying started to cease, as he sulked over the burning pain and the past visions he had. The Joltic said to him in a slightly louder and calm tone, "Come on baby, you can't be this quiet on me now. If there's something that's really bothering you, then let's talk about it alright?" He quietly cried at the Joltic in a faint tone, as it could be heard in close proximity.

    Meanwhile, Zala noticed a Sylveon that hopped around her, as she noticed a Zoroark that swiftly caught her with her illusions. She noticed the two of them arguing with each other, as she was oblivious to the other Pokémon that were in the area with a trainer and an egg. She quietly said to the Tyrunt that was sniffing around at the sand, "Altraz, volgen." He nodded at her, while he quietly took tiny steps towards her, as he glanced over at a Serperior that attempted to support up what he saw to be her trainer. She looked down at the Minun who was now asleep in her arms, as she patted his head while his arms quietly shook about, as she whispered to him, "Just relax now, we're now here with some others. I just might need to talk with you with just the both of us for a little once the time comes, since you were way too quiet when I tried to talk with you earlier."
  37. (Oh my...I'm so sorry to hear that. I sincerely hope you get better soon; please take your time)

    Libby couldn't help but nod quietly at the group's private conversation, it was all she knew how to at this moment; not being close or content enough to pitch in. Not that she needed to add to it either, that is. Capi Tan brushed closer towards her side, big blue eyes observing curiously as he monitored the wound. He cringed slightly as Tiberius diverted a warning growl towards them, causing Libby to squeak lightly under her breath. Capi Tan thrusted his head towards Ahnoah's pokemon, eyebrows furrowing with slight dismay at his actions. "I know we only just met...but Libby is a good kid and is trying her best here, now I know you don't have to take my word for it but...she gets a bit well- flimsy under pressure if frightened..."he whispered in a hushed tone, swiftly locking his concerned gaze towards his trainer once more. Libby hyperventilated for merely a few seconds, before calming down, staring up at Reina whom had come down to speak to the girl. "...You're welcome then.."she mustered awkwardly. She tried not to sound too muddled in her words, but she had feeling she messed up somehow. Right now though, this wasn't important; she had delayed the process far too long.
    'Took you long enough...I tend to dawdle don't I now?' Libby mumbled in her head, as she slipped off the bottle cap as it made a small 'clink' as it rocketed onto the sandy island terrain. Carefully, she adjusted the bottle that held the medicine inside so that it would direct slightly downwards and drip onto the wound. Immediately the medicine oozed out fairly quickly, pouring out as it made the journey towards Ahnoah's wrapped up leg. Generally, the pain would differ from person to person depending on how infected the wound was; but generally it wasn't to last long...as long as you didn't squirm too much. Before the medicine reached him Libby suddenly blurted out, "Uh- after this I'll need to find some- something to cloth your leg with...I might have to keep an eye on it to make sure it heals well- or well...maybe Autumn could do it?"
  38. (Yeah, I'm sorry too! Hope you feel better man! @Lotus Trainer Saia @Charlespark I swear, I keep reading this post wrong. I had to delete my post twice because it didn't add up...)

    "Uh...let me see, one of Autumn's soft leaves could work, at least I think it would, or If I really need to, cut some fur off of Tiberius' chest. Autumn should be able to watch it, and don't worry Autumn we will get your medicine just after this." Ahnoah said. After Capi Tan's statement, Ahnoah turned his head towards his fluffy dog. He noticed that he was being a bit aggressive, so he snapped his fingers and pointed at Tiberius.

    "Tiberius, it's going to hurt. Just let her do her job, she doesn't seem like the type to try and hurt me. Just, try to look away or close your eyes, ok?" Ahnoah said. Caesar knew what he had to do if Tiberius did attack, and that would be to punch him out of the way, but that would most likely not be nessicary. Reina returned to her post back on Tiberius' head just in case he did something too because all she needed to do what just give him a tap.

    "It's good to know that other people survive the wreck. I'm Zehriyah, and the man behind me on the Serperior is my trainer Ahnoah. This little fluffball around my chest is Stardom. She thinks everyone she meets is going to be her friend, but she is pretty nice. Does that Pokemon need healing? Stardom can use wish to heal 'em if you want."

    "He looks like a nice Pokemon!" Stardom shouted as a sort of agreement to the statement.
  39. Upon hearing that last statement, the medicine seeped onto Ahnoah's leg before Libby could respond. She tensed, glancing up towards the dog pokemon in anticipation, as she had have expected the pokemon to smither her to ashes. Despite Ahnoah telling him off, Libby couldn't help but get the sinking feeling as she remembered the instilled image of the Arcanine's glowering, sharp glare that seemed to strike fear into her soul. Libby may be being paranoid, yes, but for her it was only natural to feel mortified after being shipwrecked onto a desolate island away from any civilization. Libby herself was consistently crafty, quiet, and an engaging young lady to be in vicinity with before the horrific devastation that had claimed so many lives in the duration of it. Now after the madness, she was completely spineless and extremely apprehensive as a result of the trauma.

    She shuddered to the bone thinking about it, as if an Ekans had sunk it's fangs on her shoulder and leeched out all her strength to stand upright. Luckily, her softhearted Dewgong seized the situation by brushing his head against her waist affectionately. Libby broke out of her trance as her eyes suddenly flickered back to reality. Giving a warm glance towards the seal pokemon, she quickly turned towards the group. "Ah..sorry about that-I was just lost in thought...the pain will surpass through you only for a few seconds, after that I'll see what I can find from the wreckage to help it heal faster"she sighed, clinging to feet again with the aid of Capi Tan. Capi Tan stayed silent before adding, "I can probably get Ponya and Lilac to help me out with finding other survivors and items we may need- I think at least one of you saw them right? Anyways, if you see a Roseilia and a Nidorina while searching around somewhere; thats them"
  40. ( @Lotus Trainer Saia )
    Ahnoah clenched his teeth in breathed in heavily with some sort of silent scream. His leg twitched at the unexpected contact of the medicine, but before he knew it, it was gone. Tiberius closed his eyes and whined because he wanted to obey Ahnoah. Tiberius was just a big fluffy dog that wanted to protect his master, and that's it. He didn't want to hurt anyone, but if he had to he would. Ahnoah would put it, Bigger the Beast, Bigger the heart.

    Once the medicine's sting left, Ahnoah sighed a bit and prepared for what was going to be possibly the hardest part of his life. Survival on a desolate island. It was clear that Pokemon lived here, but the question was if other humans have even been here before. Autumn let go of his leg and relaxed a bit to regain her strength. In this, Ahnoah fell just a little bit, but Autumn made sure to catch him again. She escorted him to the side of Tiberius where he would lean.

    "Before you do anything, I have to get Autumn her medicine. I know how to make it by hand, granted it takes a bit of time, but it should last her two weeks if done correctly." Ahnoah said. Autumn felt a bit bad that she had to be taken care of so tediously by Ahnoah, especially now it's going to take some time that they can use trying to set up a shelter.

    "No no Ahnoah! I'm fine...I can breathe alright, see?" Autumn said. She looked a bit nervous trying to prevent any form of weakness from coming out.

    "Autumn, you had to regain your breath. You would have never needed that if you were fine. Not like I can do anything anyways, I'm injured. I have to time to help you out." Ahnoah said.

    Tiberius opened his eyes to see Ahnoah and licked his face knowing he was alright. He was joyed and ready to do anything Ahnoah asked of him.

    "I'm just going to need leaves, a bunch of them. Could you get them for me, Libby? I'll get Reina to help out as much as she can" Ahnoah said. Reina merely nodded without a remark, for Autumn's medicine is important and Ahnoah doesn't like it joked about.

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