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Story requests? Look no further! (ON HOLD)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Il Fantasma, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hey, everyone! The Ringmaster, here!

    So for a while, I've been itching to write something. Some story, or maybe even a series. I had no idea what exactly I wanted to write, and so this thread was born!

    Do you have an idea for a story, but don't want to write it? Do you like reading things? Do you want to see me slave over something? Then this thread's for you! Well, unless you wanna see that last thing. Then you just need to get out! :?

    I'll happily take any requests and write somethin' up for you! Just tell me about the plot, setting, any characters involved, etc. and be patient! Or, if you want, you could just give me one element and I could do the rest! The amount of content you put into your request is up to you, really!

    But I do have a few rules! Sorry 'bout this, but they have to be said:

    1: Make sure the idea isn't very gorey, bloody, or the like. I don't handle that sort of thing well...

    2: Try not to make it an overly-romantic plot. Like, I won't be writing any Fifty Shades of Gray stories here, obviously. Just don't ask for porn or whatever, and you'll be okay.

    3: Please, no matter what the idea may be, add some kind of opposing force. If you don't, then I will. If there's none, the story would undoubtedly be pretty boring to read, since not much would be happening.

    I'll probably think of more of these as time progresses, so check back now and again for updates.

    I'll be keeping a list of current requests here, both for your sakes and mine. This'll just makes things so much easier. Also, I'll only do three at a time, unless I get more requests than I expect, because writing does take time.

    @Rowlet Kid (IN PROGRESS)
    @Lord Of Pain

    So! Who's got an idea? If ya do, go ahead and post below! I'll tell ya if it can be done or not, and then I'll start working! I hope y'all are as excited as I am! <.>

    ~The Ringmaster

    EDIT: I'm super sorry about this, everyone, but I just had an idea for a series I could start writing! This thread's getting put on hold for now, okay? The two requests I have right now will be completed, then the series will get underway! Sorry for any inconvenience! :'|
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  2. I did have an idea, but I'm a little shy to share it.. Mind if I send you a conversation with it?
  3. do you do whole series or just one shot stories?
  4. I can do series, yeah. Just keep in mind that it'll take a while to finish, for obvious reasons. :p

    Also, @Rowlet Kid, I've started yours! I'll try to finish chapter 1 as soon as I can, alright? :D
  5. id like to request a series about a weird team set in a fantasy world with some technology, starting the team with 3 and eventually becoming 8, for details on characters PM me
  6. @Lord Of Pain I'm sure I could write that for ya! :D I would like to know more about the characters, though. If you want me to PM you, just tell me. Otherwise, feel free to send me their info!

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