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Ask to Join Steven Universe: We are... not the Crystal Gems!

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticDeg, May 30, 2019.


    ~ Plot Summary ~
    Set starting from around the same time as the first episode of the show, 'Gem Glow', another group of Homeworld rebels, unknown to the Crystal Gems, are also on Earth.

    This group of rebels began as a much larger group- not on the scale of what the Crystal Gems used to be, but they knew that the Diamonds were planning the attack to obliterate all Gems on Earth, and knew to only rebel once the attack had finished. After Earth was supposedly 'abandoned', these Gems began to attempt to gather followers, and then escape.

    However, during the transition from Homeworld to Earth, the Diamonds knew about them planning to steal ships and other resources to travel- and sent a gigantic army to the dock, ready to recapture the rebellious group. Most were captured. Except for a small amount.

    The remaining Gems managed to make it safely to Earth, where they would live, mostly unharmed- with the same job of trying to bubble the corrupted Gems on Earth, and be heroes to the humans nearby. They reside in a large mansion-like cabin connected into a mountain in the Sierra Nevada, with a structure similar to the Temple for the Crystal Gems (granting them their own rooms in the mountain.). Their Warp Pad has access to many areas around California, including a city- Mountain City.

    The bustling city is full of skyscrapers and shopping districts, bringing in many people to the city. It's also well known for having beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada- especially with the recent myth of human-like creatures being seen in the mountain range. Due to so many methods of attraction, the city is rather rich, and most likely won't come out of the state it being in.

    ~ Rules ~​
    o Like always, follow the Pokecharms rules.
    o Swearing is allowed, just don't go overboard.
    o Romance is allowed, as long as it doesn't go past a kiss.
    o Gems don't have blood- and I'm hoping no-one's going to find a hobby out of beating up a human, so gore isn't needed.
    o Two characters at a maximum.

    o Fusions are allowed- as long as all the owners of the participants of the fusion are fine with it.
    o Poofing requires the victim to give permission before it can happen.
    o Do not go overboard on powers.
    o Male gems haven't been seen in the show- and so they aren't able to appear here until we know more on them.

    ~ Bios ~
    (must include gem location)
    Powers: (although two is the limit, don't be afraid to go with one.)

    Name: Amazonite
    Personality: Amazonite is a social butterfly, usually trying to interact with others. This also leads to give her great teamwork, she can organise plans very well and get others to work well through helping others to work together and doing the extra mile to get something done. She is a bubbly person, always happy, lively, cheerful and talkative.
    However, always trying to make everything happen can lead to stress- and she sometimes has random mood-swings because of this and reflecting on past events- which she isn't good at.
    Appearance: Amazonite has fluffy, very pale blue hair, going down to knee-length. On her saturated-cyan face, she has large dark blue eyes, and commonly a content smile on her face. In clothing, she has a strange top, starting off as being a full sleeve on her right shoulder, and then in a wave-like pattern, it lowers until on her left arm, it reveals her shoulder. The sleeves are rather long, oftenly keeping her arms hidden. There is a thin strip of navy blue separating her skin and the dark blue of her top. She also has a pleated miniskirt, the same colour as her top- as it is connected to the top. For shoes, she has bright blue boots with a fluffy rim the same colour around the top of them. Her gem is located on the front of her right shoulder, where it is exposed. She's also not tall, nor small, standing at 5'4" foot.
    Powers: She is able to create wind at varying speed and direction. She also made herself a grappling hook and whip combo using her own materials from a nearby mine in the mountain range. Therefore she can use wind to accurately control the whip.
    Backstory: This Amazonite- although her Gem-type are ideal for Terraformers- was a Commander on Homeworld. Various reasons made her this- but the main being how her Diamond- Blue Diamond- saw her great control over the teams she worked in- any team she worked in tended to excel. Blue Diamond thought of needing another Commander, to keep her Gems in line, and so, she received a promotion (note: promotions are unusual on Homeworld). However, as such a high rank, she found out about the horrible plans that The Great Diamond Authority had in store- and wanted to leave as soon as she could. Due to her knowing about the planned attack on Earth, she knew not to join Rose Quartz and her rebellion- but as soon as a group of other gems knowing about the obliteration of Earth emerged, she joined them as soon as she could. Like the others in the group, she managed to survive the ambush at the Homeworld dock.
    Other: N/A.

    Name: Green Sapphire
    Personality: Green Sapphire acts very similar to the normal Sapphire, but less cold, and instead loves giving advice and help to people- due to her naturally helpful instincts.
    However, she's also a perfectionist, due to her future vision telling her everything- if something goes unplanned, she becomes extremely irritated and angry.
    Appearance: Her gem rests over her only eye, on her pistachio green skin. Her dark olive hair goes down to the bottom of her dress- a short sleeved pine green dress with various simple patterns of extremely dark greens. She also wears white, fingerless gloves. Her height is small, just like every other Sapphire, at 4'4" foot.
    Powers: Enhanced Future Vision (due to everyday usage), the ability to become a statue of an incredibly tough material, as long as her arms remain in an 'X' shape. (Some sapphires, such as green sapphires, have extracts of titanium in them.)
    Backstory: Originally thought as an off-colour- a Sapphire with no vision seems useless, but she naturally used her future vision to see where she went- by predicting what she would feel by going in a direction. Relying on her future vision caused her ability to strengthen, to the point of a near accurate future vision. This got her to be a rather high-ranking Sapphire, shared by both Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond (and no, that's not un-normal, look at Hessonite). She was on the verge of being transferred to Pink Diamond, going back and forth from Earth. However, she developed a love for Earth, similar to Pink, and didn't want to be part of Homeworld for much longer. Soon after she found the rebel group and now lives with Amazonite and the others- being one of the few able to survive the ambush.
    Other: I'm not going to have her predict things from other characters- although she may predict events planned to happen. A lot of her future vision is close range, though.

  2. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Sooo, uhm, i want to join, but can i create like my own crystal for my character to have?

    Please say yes
  3. What do you mean? (can't tag you for some reason.)
  4. Lazy Millenial

    Lazy Millenial Previously Hungry Badass

    Replacement for gems since male characters don't have gems?? I dunno you said males didn't have gems
  5. I'd really recommend knowing Steven Universe's lore before joining... you'll get lost VERY easily if you don't know how it works.

    Especially about the Gem race. There are no male Gems since they take a form similar to female humans, except differently coloured.
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  6. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Name: Covellite (Cove)
    Personality: Covellite is rather stubborn and collected, yet can go full out ballistic if something annoys her so. She is very loyal to close ones and will do anything in her power to protect them. She can be really curious and this makes others get annoyed at her easily.
    Appearance: Her gem is positioned a little lower than her neck. She has indigo skin and dark purple hair with blue and orange streaks in it. She has amber eyes. She wears a white hoodie similar to Astrapi's, but with long sleeves and tumbholes. She wears grey undershorts and a purple, fading to blue, then amber, skirt and purple boots. She stands at 5"8', and is rather slim.
    Powers: As long as she's properly focused, anything she looks at that is not a gem will begin to disintegrate and destroy itself. For this reason, she wears a glass like covering over her eyes to protect others. If she uses her powers too much, she experiences migraines, so she tries to keep using them to a minimum.
    Backstory: Originally a terraformer on homeworld, Covellite would practice her powers in her spare time and once bumped into the rebellion, and at first was stubborn towards them, however after a few days of watching them from far away, gathered that they were rebelling against the diamonds. Cove asked to join them and ended up travelling to Earth with them, and she loved it instantly due to how beautiful it was. She now lives with Amazonite and the others, being one of the last survivors of the ambush.
    Other: Has a spear made of a holographic-like material so she can't destroy it. She occasionally uses this weapon, but most of the time doesn't.

    Finally finished oof
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  7. @Astrapi accepted!

    Not going to lie, but I don't know if we'll get enough people to be able to start this.
  8. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    Jodie said she'd make a bio, right? I can make a second character later if it helps

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