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Private/Closed Steven Universe RP (?)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Hisseki, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Hiya! It's me, Hisseki. I've been thinking about starting a Steven Universe RP for a bit, and I figured "Hey, might as well get to it!" So here we are!

    I'm kinda stumped on ideas for the main story at this point. I've been stuck on a few ideas for a while.
    • You are aligned to a diamond and have been sent to Earth on a mission, but your ship crashed. Now you're stuck on Earth without a mode of transport or communication to the Diamonds. (This one is the story I'll probably end up expanding upon, but hey, you guys get to help choose!}
    • You are an offshoot branch to the Crystal Gems or something, like a rebel group. (Not sure how this one would play out)
    • Something else. Any ideas?
    Now for Da Rulez:
    1. All General RP Rules apply. If you haven't checked them out yet, I suggest you do.
    2. The Multi Gem Theory is confirmed, so while there can be multiple of a specific type of gem, limitations exist as to what gem type you can be. You cannot be a diamond.
    3. That being said, if you choose to be something like, for example, Jasper, keep in mind that you are your own individual, not the canon one. You can look different, act different, think different, etc. You aren't the canon character.
    4. Try not to be Over Powered. Like, have flaws, have weaknesses. Nobody is perfect in Steven Universe (but the diamonds). Even the Big Buff Cheeto Puff herself has flaws! XD Also, if you choose an ability that can be used in combat, then maybe a weapon isn't even needed, like Lapis.
    5. This being said, try not to have so many abilities. Like, you can have abilities, but don't have too many, and don't make them OP ;)
    6. Fusion is great and all, but before doing anything fusion-y, make sure you've talked to the one your fusing with. Characters may have opposing views on fusion. Some may see it as fun, while others may see it as a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger (Mwehehehe, reference points!)
    7. Some gem types have multiple variations, like Quartz, and some have more variations, like the several types of Jasper. Super specific details are not needed, but you can specify the type of gem you are if you want (Like, instead of just Jasper, you can say Ocean Jasper or something if you wish)
    8. THIS LIST IS SUBJECT TO UPDATES. IF YOU THINK A RULE SHOULD BE ESTABLISHED, TELL ME. (If you've gotten this far, then when you get to the character creation part, put "Jasper" in your gem's nickname category in parentheses!)
    9. Don't be disrespectful. Please. ♥ K thanks~
    As for character creation, well, here!:
    Gender/Gender Pronouns:
    Romantic Orientation:
    Gem Placement:
    (Can be an image or description)
    Diamond Alignment: (Possibly Previous, depending on the storyline we choose)
    (This is what your Homeworld life was like, basically)
    Other Facts: (Other things that you think should be pointed out, like their views of fusion, preferences with human culture, relations with other gems in the RP, etc. Optional.)

    My character for the RP:
    Name/Gem: Psilomelane (Sigh-lah-muh-lean)
    Nickname(s): Psilo
    Gender/Gender Pronouns: Female, She/Her
    Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
    Weapon:/Ability/ies: Tonfa Blades, Telescopic Vision (only during complete focus), Standard Gem Abilities (Minus shapeshifting, to an extent)
    Gem Placement: Below Ribcage
    [​IMG] This also shows her gem and weapon. I used this to get into a Diamond Court on Deviantart as well as this :p
    Personality: Shy and antisocial on the surface, but once you get to know her, she's gentle and
    Diamond Alignment: White Diamond (Ignore the fact that the appearance sheet says Black Diamond, again, it's a DeviantArt thing that I took/am taking part in)
    History: This Psilomelane in particular was a prototype for others. During her creation, there were some minor hiccups, which caused her hands to become claw-like and for her legs to appear furry. She was also decently shorter than what White Diamond had intended. To make up for these defects, she was given technological enhancements. Back on Homeworld, she worked in a similar fashion to how Peridots did for Yellow Diamond. She was sent on the Earth Mission, and she reluctantly went along with other gems. Because of her flawed appearance and stature, she had a tendency to stay separated from other gems in fear that they might harm her or ridicule her for the flaws. She has been forced to interact at least minimally with the gems on the mission, but whether or not they build relationships with her is beyond even her own knowledge.
    Other Facts: She thinks fusion is wonderful, but fears that any fusion involving her would be flawed and highly unstable. This halts her progress when it comes down to actually fusing. She isn't very good at shape-shifting, as a side effect from the flawed creation process. She is about the same height as canon Lapis Lazuli with her limb enhancers, but without them, she's roughly canon Amethyst sized. She feels as if she would be open to most human ideals and cultures, but she has yet to experience said ideals and cultures.

    Current Members Excluding Myself: (You could be here! *le gasp*)

    Welp. That's about all so far. This first post is subject to change, so check back every now and again. Remember, this isn't the RP thread, it's the discussion thread. This is where OOC talk is to happen if this RP kicks off :p Enjoy!
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Huh. I actually have a gem character that I feel might actually work out in this context. Or at least, a variant of hers - if you don't mind me joining in, that is!

    Name/Gem: Tanzanite
    Nickname(s): Doesn't quite do nicknames, but if one surfaces over time, sure, why not. (And as per creator's rule 7, Jasper. XP)
    Gender/Gender Pronouns: She/Her
    Romantic Orientation: Unknown. She rarely forms deep connections with anyone due to her vagrant nature - and doesn't really feel the need to for the time being.
    Weapon/Ability/ies: Standard gem abilities, out of which the most utilized is her shapeshifting. She often takes on biomechanical-looking, not necessarily humanoid appearances - which she feels more comfortable in than her 'basic' form - utilizing claws and tendrils in combat should it come to that. Her senses are more developed than many other gems, possessing vision along multiple spectra of light (though this may be more of an ability activated by her typical gear rather than by her natural body - but since said gear is generated by her body... it's probably... part of her body somehow anyway? Gem physiology is weird and she gets a headache thinking about it too much.
    Gem Placement: Forehead, teardrop-cut, point facing downwards.
    Appearance: Much like her gem, Tanzanite's general appearance is dominated by shades of bluish-purple, the exact degree of which changes based on the way light hits her. Her "humanoid" form is generally willowy in frame with blue-violet skin. Her hair is not so much 'hair' as an array of longish, segmented, cable-like tendrils which she can manipulate independently - often using them to plug in to assorted devices and recorders. (Don't ask her if she's USB compliant). These match the color of her typical attire - a light, plated encounter suit which resembles in many ways an arthropod carapace with more than a dash of mechanical to it. Normally the suit is a mix of the blue-purple of her gem and black, though she may alter it to match her surroundings.
    Personality: Intelligent, curious, adaptable and fascinated with all things science. She also greatly values intelligence and adaptability to various circumstances in others. She's immensely expressionate, often using her shapeshifting as part of her communication. Her fairly ancient nature leads to a rather sarcastic, wry sense of humor and a tendency to be a bit tactless at times and blending into Earth society may be a bit of a challenge for her, at least at first. She also highly values her freedom to continue exploring and gathering data, and while she prefers to avoid conflict if she can help it - if cornered, she can and will fight to neutralize the threat. She may or may not develop a knack for terrible puns, often involving shapeshifting.
    Diamond Alignment: (Possibly Previous, depending on the storyline we choose) To be entirely honest, she does not remember. "The tall, merciless one" comes to mind, but that is practically all of them.
    History: Tanzanite is a very old gem - her particular class of gems was designed as adaptable explorers and scouts who could operate in areas of the universe where the robotic probes of the time of her creation may not have been able to operate reliably, loaded into explorer craft and launched away, to periodically report to homeworld about their findings and potential new worlds to colonize. If a recall/repurposing order was issued for her type once better robots were developed, Tanzanite never received it - she continued her mission beyond the rim of known gem space, reporting back to homeworld every once in a while as per her mission parameters - though distance from homeworld, lack of response and wondering whether or not homeworld even read her reports made her connection to home erode with time and doubts regarding it rise.

    Then, somewhere further than gems have ever explored, Tanzanite encountered something that thoroughly changed her. She will not (or possibly cannot) go into details of the exact nature of the encounter, but whatever it was - it was profound, terrifying and exhilarating at the same time - and it made her decide that she would like to live rather than just follow the mission. Abandoning her course into Bloody No Where and severing contact with home, Tanzanite began scouting out worlds that she found to be of interest and began spending time on them, taking the shapes of native lifeforms and maintaining whatever elements of them she enjoyed in particular. It is possible that at some point her ship will make it to Earth - or alternately, her ship crashed somewhere and she salvaged it into a warp, somehow ending up on earth through a trail of warp-hopping. That depends on where the story is going to go.

    Other Facts: As stated above, she often prefers taking on less human-like appearances. Having been away from Homeworld for as long as she has, she has had no news of the goings-on in gem society. That is not to say that she has prejudices regarding fusion and the like - on the contrary, she'd probably find it absolutely fascinating - but would most likely not do so herself on account of - as stated - her tendency to not form deep bonds.
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  3. Wow, this looks amazing! I entirely approve :D Though, the question still remains on what story we will be following, I think I'm leaning towards the "stranded on Earth" thing. But still, I'm super glad to have you here!
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Glad to be here - I wanted an excuse to write Tanzanite for quite a while, and it's nice to have one. ^^

    Stranded on Earth sounds good to me, honestly - means we can sort of do our own thing without necessarily interacting or interfering with canon characters/events. ^^
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  5. Im excited for this RP to start!

    Gem: Blue Goldstone
    Nickname: Blue or preferably Gold
    Gender/Gender Pronouns: She/Her
    Romantic Orientation: Gold dosent think of Love or Fusion much. She hasnt since tbe Gem War, in which her last fusion took place, between her and another Blue Goldstone. She was poofed due to not being able to cooperate with the other Goldstone, resulting in hating fusion.

    Weapon/Abilities: Goldstone's weapon is a Blue Battle Axe, carved herself. She like many other gems, has the ability to shapeshift. Hold is also very swift, being able to poof a gem without being seen, but takes most of her energy, also leaving her vulnerable for a short while.

    Gem Placement: Her gem us around her chest area. The gem looks like a 4 point star looking at it directly, while from afar looks like a small spiral.

    Apearence: Goldstone is a Quartz Soldier made on Earth in the Prime Kindergarden. Bursting out the ground she has White hair reaching down to her waist. She also has a classic Quartz uniform, with a marking on her shoulder. She had the 4 Diamond mark on her chest and sholder, representing her as a Home World Elite.

    Personality: Gold isnt very social. She rather sit at a Spire and think about the Gem War. She isnt assigned missions much, making her more relaxed than other gems. Shes often alone and prefers to be alone as well. She isnt one for a fight, but is one for a mission.

    Diamond Allignment: Blue Goldstone's Diamond is Blue Diamond. As she isnt like the other Blue Diamond Gems, who are more of thinkers, than battlers, she was assined to protect Blue Diamond from the Rebel Gems.

    History: Once bursting out the earth, she knew what she was ment to do, like plenty of the other Kindergarden Gems. She was accompanied by other Jems, like Amethyst and Rubys. She was met by Blue Diamond and was informed about the gem war. Since then she had been training for the gem war. During the war she was met face to face with Rose Quartz leader of the rebelion. She had a fair fight as no one was interfearing but was easily deafeated and poofed. She reformed, luckily not shattered, and since then she had always wanted a rematch.

    Other Details: Goldstone rather hang out with other Home World elites, instead of basic soldiers like Ruby. She would often train with the other Elites, and also created her own weapon inspired by Rose's Sword.

    How was that. Took me awhile ti make this, having to be informitive. Im looking foward to this RP, being a Big Fan of steven Universe.
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  6. This looks great! You're in! :D I'm gonna add a list of current members to the first post.
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  7. Do you think I'd be able to join with my limited knowledge of the Steven Universe universe? This RP sounds like fun, and I would really love to be a part of it, but if I don't know a lot about the show in general, would I be able to? :/
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  8. Well, theoretically, yeah! If you don't know everything there is to know about Steven Universe, I don't think it matters. Like, you should at least know of Homeworld and the Diamonds. Also basic gem stuff, like bubbling, poofing, shape-shifting, etc. If you have a basic understanding of Steven Universe, then I think you'd be fine :D and if you don't, a quick wiki search or asking another person can't hurt. ;) I'd personally be happy to help with any knowledge required.
  9. Would I be able to get in on this? I've only really just started watching Steven Universe due to a friend of mine pleading me to do it (half-way through Season 1), and I've really taken a liking to it. I know quite a lot already (and I could probably look up some more details if needed). Just hoping my lack of longer experience with SU won't interfere.

    Anyway, my attempt at a Gem!

    Name/Gem: Golden Beryl
    Nickname(s): Beryl (and because you asked me to put it here, Jasper!)
    Gender/Gender Pronouns: Female, She/ Her
    Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic
    Weapon/Ability/ies: Standard gem abilities. Has no weapon, but has heightened speed/ agility and physical strength as a trade-off (she prefers to fight bare handed, anyway). Very developed perceptions of sight and sound, but this could be used against her if an enemy exploited these senses (would be sensitive to 'flash-bang' type tools and the like). Capable of generating energy from her gem which can be used to strengthen her physical attacks, thrown as projectiles, or even concentrated into a beam (the downside is that overuse can leave her drained and weak).
    Gem Placement: In the palm of her right hand; square shaped cut.
    Appearance: Beryl's color scheme is comprised of yellow, white, and a few patches of dark brown, with her skin tone being that of a creamy-yellow color. Stands at about 170 cm (5'7 ft.) tall and has a slim physique. Wears a thin bodysuit with light armor plating around the chest, arms, and legs. She wears a light-yellow visor (which doubles as a scanner/ data-tool of sorts) over a set of dark yellow eyes. Her hair is shortish length (I'd say just reaching her shoulders) and a little messy, creamy-white in color. Often wears an expression of cool indifference and seriousness.
    Personality: Beryl is arrogant and stubborn, and upon making a decision is slow to change her mind or let anyone stand in her way. Very much convinced of her own abilities. Will tirelessly pursue a task to the very end and attempt to crush anyone she deems an enemy, with little tolerance for anyone who intentionally gets in her way. She has a tendency to go off on her own or challenge forces she hasn't yet become acquainted with, and this attitude can often land her into trouble. She's not above receiving correction when the situation calls for it, however. Despite being somewhat reckless and self-reliant, she can be quite pragmatic; allying with others if she sees benefit in it. She most often puts on an attitude of cool indifference or business like precision, completely uninterested in small talk and prefers to get right to the point. While slow to smile or show warmth, she does have a less serious and more vulnerable side, with her mask of indifference and proud attitude acting as a shield to keep that side hidden (since she's been conditioned to see vulnerability as weak). It's entirely possible a friendly side exists within her...she just might need some good company, is all.
    Diamond Alignment: White Diamond
    History: Beryl was created within a batch of many who, much like her, were created to be warriors capable of fighting and conquering in the name of Homeworld. She was designed to be an adaptable fighter who would adjust to any and all terrain they fought upon, as well as to always prioritize their mission over anything else. As such, Beryl doesn't think too deeply about things that don't concern her, with her goals being only what the task dictated they were at the time. Beryl's past work has mainly involved body-guarding, accompanying and protecting other Gems while exploring, retrieving objects/ resources of importance, or collecting information. For the events of this story, she went along on the Earth Mission to ensure the protection of highly prioritized Gems, and thus would be present should a certain crash leaving them stranded on Earth to occur.
    Other Facts: Beryl's perspective on fusion is a mixed bag; she prefers to avoid the idea because she likes to fight with her own power (and, secretly, she fears becoming one with another Gem is far too personal). Her thoughts on human culture, and the race as a whole, would take some time to properly form, although she'd initially find experiences with humanity to be...boring. Secretly, however, she thinks the planet itself is quite beautiful, and actually somewhat envies it for how peaceful it is.

    (Alright, first time trying something like this. Hope it's good :))
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  10. Alright, I'll give it a shot, then!

    Name/Gem: Maw Sit Sit (also called Chrome Jade)

    Nickname(s): Maw, Sit Sit, Chrome (basically anything) (Jasper >w<)

    Gender/Gender Pronouns: female, she/her

    Romantic Orientation: demi-panromantic

    Weapon/Ability/ies: a sharp-edged boomerang, but her shapeshifting is used every once in a while

    Gem Placement: directly on the heart area of her chest, oval-cut


    Personality: Maw is a major extrovert, always saying things really loud and never shutting up. She is also very spontaneous, never thinking about her actions. That being said, it wouldn't be unusual if she were to throw her boomerang without knowing who she was throwing it at or exactly why. Open, agreeable, but suspicious of new people, Chrome is always ready for a mission, rarely ever saying 'no' to anyone or anything. Almost always has a sucker in her mouth. (I hope you know I'm talking about the lollipop sucker here... you sick people. >:3)

    Diamond Alignment: whoever White Diamond may be, she doesn't really know them all too well, and often gets them confused

    History: As a Kindergarden Gem, for the beginning of her life, Chrome completely forgot about what she was supposed to do, where she was supposed to go, etc. and quickly found out about Earth. As soon as she could, she traveled there, learned about its culture from the many children she would spend her time with, and was instantly fascinated. With no intent on leaving, Pink Diamond herself had to come down to the lively planet and take her back to Homeworld. Teaching her about the history of her true home, Maw found that she really wanted to go back to Earth, not paying much attention to the lesson(s). Getting this mission will make her very happy. :p

    Other Facts: Some of the other Gems may find her annoying. lol
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  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Pink Diamond is most certainly not Rose Quartz - though Pink Diamond was her Diamond before she rebelled. Saying more than that would be spoilers.

    Also - probably not my place to comment this as this is Hisseki's thread - but given the fact that the Earth Kindergartens - both Alpha and Beta - have been confirmed to have been created to incubate Quartz gems, I doubt a gem that isn't a quartz of any definition would have been made in the Earth Kindergartens (though Earth was Pink Diamond's colony and any gem created in the Earth Kindergartens would have been created for Pink Diamond before the rebellion happened with all the crazy stuff that followed).

    I'd suggest actually finding the show and watching it - it's a really good one and since episodes are like 10 minutes each it's fairly easy to binge-watch ^^
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  12. Oh boy, people are actually interested in this :halo:

    Kay, first off:
    This is great! I like it, you're in :D

    Okay, like Stellar pointed out, some things may need some modifications. Other than that, you'd be completely fine :D

    Yay! People actually are interested in what I do!! XD This is so cool, I can't wait for this to get started. I might wait for a few more people, maybe, I dunno. What do you guys think?
  13. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Personally I find that the more people an RP has, the more difficult it is to wrangle them to post in a timely manner and not step on each other's toes - but it's up to you, really. ^^
  14. Yeah, I was afraid I'd mess things up, since I'm only on episode 10. I thought if I joined this RP, I'd learn an extra thing or two. Sorry for not being too good with this. :'| I'll edit my post soon.
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  15. Principessa, no need to apologize :p You'll be fine.

    As for you, Stellar, you are totally right. XD How about this?: On September 1st, I'll close down the thread. That'll leave people a little more than day to do stuff if they wanna join. I think that sounds fair. :D
  16. Sweet! Glad to be here. Can't wait to see where this goes. :)

    (Also, I'm happy Beryl was up to par!)
  17. Could I still keep Earth in her history? She won't be from there, but she'd know about it and travel there. Just tell me if I should not use Earth at all. I hope I'm able to participate in this RP... It may be a bit tricky, but I'll try if I can.
  18. I think that's fine, go on ahead.
  19. This is interesting

    Name/gem : Cinnabar

    Nickname : Cin (also because of the rules....Jasper)

    Gender/Gender Pronouns: he/him

    Romantic Orientation: unknown

    Weapon/Ability/ies: basic pyromancy, emitting heat, telepathy, his weapons are two gauntlets like Canon garnet and a Jaw mask, unlike Canon garnet's gauntlets that are bulky and covers her forearm Cinnabar's gauntlets are slim and go up half his forearm, it has spiked knuckles and bladed fingers that can be extended with chains for a whip like use and can be used for long range slashes or grip and pulling the targets closer, the jaw mask acts like a real jaw with the upper set and lower set of fangs being capable of separating and is worn over his bandage covered mouth

    Gem Placement: right eye

    Appearance: his skin is a pale red, has deep red hair with some white highlights, is wrapped from toes to mouth in white bandages and wears a deep red hood and cloak over it, his left eye is red like the gem in his right eye socket

    Personality: anti social, careless, short tempered, cold hearted, values stealth and agility over power and durability in fights, rarely shows emotions because he is scared of being viewed as soft and/or weak

    Diamond Alignment: yellow diamond

    History: Cinnabar has been an anti social for as long as he can remember, his inability of speach caused him to stay isolated until he developed the ability to use telepathy, often he would spy on people to catch up on news, thanks to missing an eye which limits his vision a bit his other sense have been improved as much as his sight was drawn back, said senses kept him from being forced into body regeneration many many times

    Other Facts: has gotten used to earth culture and can blend in perfectly behaviour-wise
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  20. This one looks good. You're in! Now I gotta update the list .3.
  21. Whelp, I've wanted to make an su oc for a while... Guess this is practice?

    Name/Gem: White Sapphire
    Nickname: White (Jasper :p)
    Gender Pronouns: Male
    Romantic Orientation: None
    Weapon: Assault shield
    Very short-ranged "Future Vision"
    Gem Placement: Right shoulder
    Appearance: Very similar to Rubies, due to lack of time for design. Color scheme is a mainly white body, with grey clothes and hair. The hair is also much smaller, and has a spiked design. (Note: I'll try and mess around with MS Paint and get a design. I'll show it then.)
    Personality: Very protective, and is relaxed. However, he can be very excitable. Not the most serious.
    Diamond Alignment: (Possibly Previous, depending on the storyline we choose) Blue
    History: After coming out of the ground on Homeworld with another White Sapphire, he knew what he needed to do- protect his diamond. However, there was a problem- He didn't know where they were. And so, the two W. Sapphires went thier separate ways. Only one survived and made it to the diamond. This one was eventually sent to earth to guard some other important figures.
    Other Facts: Works best with other gems, mainly offense-related ones.
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  22. I really like this one, but you're missing something (actually a few people are... oops. My brain didn't wanna catch them XD sorry). Check the rules, then I'll add you once the modification is made. Again, I apologize if this looks like I'm targeting you or excluding you, but there was something in the rules that you missed.
  23. How silly of me to forget. There, it should be updated.
  24. Thank you both, you are added :p
  25. Name/Gem: Aquamarine
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Water Sheriekens
    Romantic Orientation: ? Dunno what that means
    Ability: Can form a water shield around himself (it's made out of raging water currents and propels anything that touches it away ( can only when very weak/about to die)
    Gem Placement: Right Shoulder
    Appearance: Coulor scheme is mainly light blue exept his shoes which are white, wears a light blue hoodie, has blue hair spiked to the side, wears blue trousers and has green eyes.
    Personality: Very Curious , A big scardy cat, protective and not very sierous.
    Gem Alignment: Blue Diamond
    I'll be back on Friday
    (Also I'll tell you the history on Friday)
  26. Oh wow, I might have to close up before tomorrow comes o-o I wasn't expecting this. Anyways, you are missing something, read the rules. Aside from that, once the history is put in (along with the other details if you wish), you should be good to go. Also, romantic orientation, I quote, "indicates the sex/gender with which a person is most likely to have a romantic relationship or fall in love." (I honestly had no clue how to put it into words for whatever reason, so thanks Google for doing that for me :'|)
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  27. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Also strikes me a bit odd that there are random male gems seeing how they are canonically established to be all genderless (being, after all, a bunch of rocks!) but use female pronouns (Steven being an exception, but then, he's only half gem) - but yeah.
  28. You bring up a good point, but I've always assumed that there were gems somewhere that insisted on using male pronouns. This could be entirely stupid and false, but meh. That's just me, think whatever you wanna think. *shrug*.

    Though, gems are genderless. That is an established thing. So I guess if the gender area says anything other than Genderless/Non-binary/something along those lines, then that's what the gem wants their gender pronouns to be? I dunno. My mind is still stuck on comprehending the fact that people actually are interested in a Steven Universe RP to the point where they would tolerate it being an RP of mine! :blush:
  29. Um I don't know what gender pronoun means...
    Also I won't be FULLY back till Friday coz I'm busy, I'll manage for like 20 mins a day till then.
    And Romantic Orientation: Female (coz both I and my gem o.c is/are male)
  30. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    That would actually make your character's romantic orientation Heteroromantic, as they are attracted to the opposite gender.

    As much as that applies to gems, anyway.
  31. ARGH!!! TOO MANY BIG WORDS, THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND! cannot compute @.@
  32. Just use google. Please for the life of me use google.
  33. Well I'm sorry for being 11, I don't have to if I don't want to y'know.
  34. As far as you know, I could be younger. I don't want to argue, I've just had enough of people not comprehending stuff, and having to make us explain.
  35. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Children, children. Kindly calm your paridae, posthaste.

    No, "you don't have to if you don't want to", but neither is it our job to educate you if you are too lazy to educate yourself. Age has absolutely nothing to do with anything - and it is most definitely not an excuse for anything - in particular, willful ignorance. Being ignorant out of choice is not a smart idea in general - and it can be immensely frustrating for others who have to deal with this sort of attitude while you demand explanations and dismiss them with "too many big words, can't compute".

    TRY. Exercise your neurons. Broaden your horizons. Utilize that vast repository of human knowledge known as the Internet. Think for yourself, and don't expect to be spoonfed everything. And if someone calls you out on your ignorance, don't get defensive. Strive for improvement.

    At the very least make the effort.

    Now let's stop the blathering and get back to planning this trainwreck, shall we?
  36. Yes!!! \_(",)_/

    I'm also not younger just trying to make a point
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  37. Yeah, can we please get back to RP stuff?

    So where's it gonna start, anyway? We're going with the "ship crashes on Earth while out on a mission" plot, right? Would we start in the ship, or maybe after it crashes? Just throwing out ideas. :p
  38. Bah, all this planning and I didn't actually plan where we would start?! Goodness, I work in ways I don't even comprehend sometimes XD

    The way I see it is this. 2 Options that branch out a bit:
    • Before the Crash: Everyone has been on the ship for a bit, very close to Earth or something. Maybe they're just within reach of the Earth, then something happens, then they crash? Maybe we could be on Homeworld, just getting onto the ship? Either way works.
    • After the Crash: The ship 'sploded, the dust settles, and everyone was in some kind of safehouse/escape pod. The safehouse or bunker idea could grant us immediate access to the wreckage of the ship, assuming there's anything left of the ship after crashing. The escape pod option could land us anywhere, really, and give us the initiative to go find the ship. These options can also be added to the "Before the Crash" options, considering we are going to crash either way. *shrug*
    That's just me spit-balling ideas. Personally, I feel like the "Before the Crash" options would allow for more interaction between characters before panic and chaos ensue, but I don't know for sure. You guys are also an integral part of the RP, so you can help in the decision-making process. I'm kinda just fleshing out the ideas that I can see, and there are probably ideas that I haven't even thought of yet...

    This probably doesn't help, but I just don't wanna make a decision that makes people angry ;-; I'm sorry if me doing this makes you angry anyways, I've been told I'm indecisive like that. :'|

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