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DPPt/HGSS SteelixFan3520's Trades

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by SteelixFan3520, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. i screqed up my whole breeding cycle, and now i really need a ditto.

    really badly.

    let me know what you want to trade, but the only legendary i have is azelf.
  2. I have one, level 23. Its legit.

    Do you have a cyndaquil? Or any of his evos?
  3. i don't, sorry.

    is there anything else you would want?
  4. Name some that you have.
  5. i got:


    those are probably the rarest pokemon i have now... it isn't that much...
  6. I'll take the Cranidos. Thanks. I think I have you added too. So.. I'll be on in a min.
  7. these are the ones i need:

    -finneon's evolution [name?]

    who wants to help me and trade for those pokemon?

    i won't keep them: once they are recorded in my pokedex, i'll trade them right back, i promise!
  8. Here's where to 'find' all of them..

    Dialga.. well you'll see him after you get 149 in your pokedex.
    A trainer on route 214 has a Wormadam.
    Spiritbomb.. I'm pretty sure Cynthia (elite 4 champ) has one.
    Cynthia has a Milotiv
    You can find Lumineon by battling the first trainer on route 223.
    And once again, Cynthia has a Garchomp..

    So I take it you haven't beaten the elite four..?

    Anyway, I hope I helped.
  9. NonAnalogue

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    It's against the rules to have more than one trade topic. Warned.
  10. To be specific,to see Dialga after you beat the game (i think you can do it after beating pailka if u are pearl) go to the old lady in celestice town.She'll show you a picture of him and it'll be put in your pokedex.
  11. I have a Lumineon if you want it's data. I have one that's level 31.

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