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DPPt/HGSS SteelixFan3520's Trade Needs! Now More Reasonable!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by SteelixFan3520, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. UPDATED! i started a new game, and i am having trouble beating the elite four. there are a few pokemon i have always wanted, here they are:

    R/B/Y starters
    also, i'll take any extra semi-rare pokemon off your hands as well. =D
  2. i dont have anything that good, but what would you want for it?
  3. ummm do you need a male or female? i have both
  4. i have a female lvl 37 male lvl 36 so not that high um trade whatever you think is worth it
  5. it doesnt matter

    i got a sneasel lv 34 and/or a sudowoodo only lv 29
  6. k register my friend code on my card and go on wifi with th pokemon you wanna trade (dont care what it is)
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Yay for spam! :D That there, sir, is what we around here call spam. You'll recieve another warning, and its your third one, so that means you get a ban too! Oh well.
  8. Hey. Again. :p

    I have a Kadabra, but its only lv 21 so you can have it for free.
    Just give me a Bidoof or a Magikarp or something practically worthless like that.
  9. ok. get on wifi so we can do this. again. ;D
  10. bump

    NOTE: edited 1st post; please read!
  11. BUMP. see list for trades
  12. hi, i have the kanto starters and lunatone. and if you dont mind waiting i can also get a seviper. thanks
  13. ok, what would you want for them?
  14. I have a Seviper and I can see if I can catch a Solrock by the time you reply.
  15. ok, well i dont really have anything rare cause i started over not too long ago....=/

    what would you want for them?
  16. Anything, It really doesn't matter to me.
  17. i can give you...

    a Sneasel and a Snover?

    EDIT: or maybe a Machoke, Wooper, or Medicham?
  18. well if you wouldnt mind looking at my trade topic then i have list of most the things i need. oh and i need a dusk stone and water stone as well which arent on there.
  19. Ok, update!

    Jetsamgirl06: which two do you want?

    Andy: I have a Dusk Stone... I'll look at your topic for something I want =)
  20. Well, if you bring both I have a lv.55 Rhydon and a lv.54 Roselia I can trade them for. But if you don't want to do that I'll take the Snover.
  21. OK, so...

    Rhydon, Roselia, Solrock and Seviper for Sneasel, Snover, Machoke and Wooper/Medicham?

    Sounds good to me.

    When can you trade?
  22. I couldn't find the Solrock, sorry. The rest of that works though and I can get on now.
  23. I can get you a Larvitar and the Scyther if you want. What do you have to offer? Just post what you have to offer and I'll take a look. (I don't mind trading them for some obsolete Pokemon).
  24. well, i dony really need the larvitar anymore... but the scyther i still need!

    i think the rarest tradeable pokemon i have at the moment are happiny and riolu...?
  25. I'll take the Riolu for the Scyther. Give me about 10 minutes and I'll be on the WIFI.
  26. well..... i lied. the "riolu" egg was another happiny egg. i have a lv. 54 roselia, will that do?
  27. Do you have any items i could want? I'm really looking for a Marmarizer and/or a Magby if you could get me one. Otherwise, yes, a Roselia will be fine.
  28. yep, i can give you the roselia... pm me when you're ready to trade.

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