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Steal the Briefcase!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Sciencewars, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I summon my Japanese kung fu fighting warrior samurais who ambush you as soon as you enter Tokyo. Also Godzilla appears for some reason. I swipe the ambush is successful and I grab the Briefcase from my clients.
  2. I just grab it from you since you didn't move and teleported to a place that no one ever heard of...
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    You are unable to grab it off me completely because my hands and body are covered in sharp spikes. This makes you drop the briefcase onto the floor. I grab it.
  4. Unfortunately for you, every single body of liquid contains a Magikarp. So when WalterTheRalts' blood begins pooling on the ground, a Magikarp leaps out and uppercuts you. I use this chance to run past and grab the briefcase, with my spike-proof gloves
  5. I trip you with a big stick and grab the briefcase while wearing cool shades for no apparent reason what so ever. :p
  6. I drove you over with an motorcycle abd took the briefcase from yiu and started moving to the upper town of tokyo where the most busiest crossing are.
  7. Motorcycle fuel is also a liquid, so there are Magikarp in that too. Your Motorcycle explodes as the Magikarp bursts out, and you fall right into the middle of the crossing. Every car's fuel tanks also explode as Magikarp burst out, and soon you're surrounded. I march to where the Briefcase has fallen, and pick it up.
  8. Just you realised, the ground is shaking. i drill up to the surface and the surrounded me was a dummy. i took the briefcase and went to the middle of the sahara desert where no water can be seen. just sand.
  9. *??? comes over and decides to engage in the game when his trainer isn’t around*

    I happened to be at the desert at perfect timing when I was there for an hour to meet with a friend of mine to have some Kheia Metal to power myself tenfold. Taking advantage that the area is mostly secluded, I grabbed my blue scalchop with my left arm and unleashed a wave of dark energy at your body! The briefcase was sent flying a good twenty feet in the air, as I immediately grabbed it when I picked up the soft thud seconds later.

    I then activated my ability after dishing out some damage to gain my lovely speed bonus and other things. Utilizing these bonuses, I decided to make a hasty getaway towards a forest and hide in a small pond deep enough to conceal my presence. I then hid the briefcase in a pile of seaweed and decided to take a nap in order to not become too cranky later on.
  10. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    Little did anyone know, I hid a tracking device inside the briefcase. I followed the tracking to a pond, and wondered how to approach it. It seemed so obvious to call in a naval submarine, so I did. The naval submarine was not very big, but just small enough to fit in the pond with me inside it. I see a small patch of pond grass, where it take the briefcase, as that’s where the beeping tracking machine says it is. I then explode the naval submarine in the pond, and use my fellow engineers teleporter, which he destroys as soon as I get back to base. “All in a days work, men!” I say, showing of the briefcase, and tipping my helmet.

    (@Kiraru nice profile pic! My favorite starter)
  11. I hit your handsbwit an wooden plank,grab the briefcase and i take the portal to the middle of game central where fictional game charaters hang out. Famous games lives on the upper towns, while the lower had unpopular games. The current president of game central was mario. There are different portals leading to each game in the game building. On the other side is the Literature land, Sound Acres, Video city, Meme town, Ad mountain, Bitcoin mines, Fandom city, Online shopping hills, Art crater, and D.i.y Volcano (They sell real d.i.y volcanos) But there is the dangerous parts of the internet world, which some is the malware valley, Hacking sea (where pirates live), cyber bullying island, and the pit of cyber crimes. i go inside video city where towers represent of how a video uploader is popular. There are portals leading to different kinds of videos. Comedy, horror, depressing, you know it! Then i venture to the sound acres. Trees represent music creators. And its fruit represent its songs. As big the fruit is the song is popular. They say everytime you bite on one of the fruit, a song will play everytime you munch. I jump diwb to literature land, where alot of books are organised in order. Every shelf is full of books. Then i found the complete works of shakespeare. I went inside after reading it all. The people say when you're new to the book, you need to read it before entering it. Breaking that law will get you to be sent to jail. I go to a random page and hid there.
    (I think this the longest of all of my posts XD)
  12. Everyone was AFK, and all of the effects of everything wore off as I easily grabbed the briefcase.
  13. *Nicaong sits down coloring in a book titled: F-It Let’s Color Already, while deciding to give the game a shot when his trainer isn’t around*

    Taking advantage of the fact that the briefcase was in the game, I used a flash drive to export the briefcase’s data and pull the plug to the device hosting said game. I exported the data into matter and took the briefcase in my room, where I hid the briefcase in a drawer of baby-friendly supplies.

    After noticing that I was becoming exhausted from carrying the briefcase, I decided to take a nap in my cot to prevent myself from getting cranky.
  14. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    While you were sleeping, I, being a Phantom Thief now, went in your room, and used my third eye. I see the briefcase inside a baby supply cabinet, which I find wierd as hell, but hey, it’s a good hiding place. I copy the case to make a decoy and put said case in the cabinet. I then back in to the Metaverse, a place only acessed if you are a special chosen one by Igor that is given the Metaverse Nav.
  15. I found the case in a cabinet then proceeded to open it. As soon as it was opened, there was a note that read "Decoy Case, Doppelganger Inc." The fake case immediately broke in half.
    My phone went off as I checked it in disappointment of the case. A mysterious app appeared, which allowed me to I access the location of the case in the Metaverse and take it back.
    Following that incident, I traveled to the Emerald Forest and proceeded to toss the case into a Nevermore's nest before running away from it in terror.

    Leaping from Beacon Cliff, I land near the Nevermore Nest. Using a few Magikarp as bait, I lure the Nevermore away and take the briefcase. Sliding down into the Death Stalker cave, I wait.
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  17. *Torloger comes over and decides to add a bit of a twist when his trainer isn’t around*

    Taking advantage of such a frightening name the place has, I decided to run in the area at lightning speed utilizing a special move of mine. I snatched the briefcase and unleashed a logic bomb upon the area to mask my retreat out of the cavern the moment I layed my hands, or feet I guess... on the briefcase.

    H- Hey! It’s not like I can walk on my hind legs you know!
  18. I was walking down the street minding my own business till the colors in your post gave me epilepsy and in my epileptic trance I accidently stole the briefcase
  19. *Torloger hits you with his Rebuttal Blade, as he decides to use the one true weak point rule to his advantage*

    There is no such thing as epilepsy in this matter since the colors weren’t all flashy!

    I snatched the briefcase while you were under a dazed state, since being in a trance meant that you would hardly have any control of yourself.

    Taking advantage of the time, I decided to make a break for it. I went in my house and climbed the stairs to my room. I hid the briefcase in a safe in which I only know the combination to.
  20. Since I hardly have any control over myself I go on a rampage through town, break into your house, and punch a hole through your safe. Inside I find the briefcase and enough bags of cocaine to put you behind bars for life so I call the cops and one of them drives me to the police station for questioning so I take the briefcase with me
  21. *Torloger grabs some evidence*

    I happened to have one of the robotic guard’s frequency while they were at the police station. I decided to report my proof on the fact that you had framed me and given a false report since those drugs were actually bags of sugar that I was planning to use for a bake sale.

    The robotic guard snatches the briefcase when you were not looking and locks it up in a shockproof, waterproof and traumaproof locker hidden in a wall that cannot be accessed through any normal means whatsoever.
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  22. Lmaooooo I'm so dead right now :D

    I use my superhuman strength to punch a hole in the wall, deciding that I would open the locker later, and grabbed the locker containing the briefcase and flew out of there with my demon wings.
  23. *grabs Torloger and holds RB while pressing Y on the gamepad thing of his*

    Kiraru stated that the locker was shockproof, waterproof and traumaproof. The locker is only able to be destroyed through the means of activating a fail safe system if the locker becomes too cold.

    Kiraru summarized that due to the high density of the locker’s material, it would be nearly impossible for even a superhuman to carry the object since the locker would likely be pulled downwards by a strong force of gravity.

    After the powerful words of refute smacked against your wings, I decided to wait for the locker to come plunging down at a high velocity. Once a small crater was formed from a powerful impact, the snow and freezing waters caused the locker to flash freeze, causing the door to slightly open once the system was activated.

    I dug through the snow and grabbed the briefcase, as I decided to run for a clothing store and hide the briefcase in a huge pile of other identical briefcases.
  24. A smaller version of me was hiding in the briefcase next to the real one, ate a mushroom and grew bigger, running off with the briefcase, but not without thanking you for opening the locker, because I am polite and refined as anyone who carries a briefcase should be. The second me throws the briefcase up to the winged me, who falls from the sky and swallows it.
  25. i hit you on the back with a baseball bat and the winged you spat the case out. i picked it up and ran to new york.
  26. I caught a flight to NYC and immediately headed for the Empire State Building. With binoculars, I waited to ambush you from the tower with a glider. I snatched the case from your hand and traveled to Ontario.

    (C-eh, N-eh, D-eh)
    (Also, I don't regret referencing RWBY earlier >:3)
  27. i throw sticky maple syrup at you and grab the suit case. i go an teleport my self to the beaches of the Philippines (Where i live btw)
  28. *??? and some other new Ultimate Students are sitting nearby*

    As the Ultimate Accountant, I patiently waited in a country far from your area while counting some big wads and writing some huge numbers down. Little did you know, I had a specialized drone snatch the briefcase from your hands in a silent manner after deciding to give the Ultimate Inventor a visit.

    How does this so called drone work?

    This drone thing is a lie!

    Where’s this drone you’re talking about?

    After the drone gave me the briefcase about an hour later, I decided to hide the briefcase in a nearby abandoned house because it was raining.

    Oh boohoo, the money boy is afraid of some water!

    Scared of getting your suit wet kid?

    What time is it right now?
  29. (Ooh are you a fan of danganronpa?)
    I pressed a button and the real briefcase raised from the sand. "I wouldn't leave my case unattended wouldn't i?"
    (And so i will make a danganronpa based post next time.)
    #629 Sniperipheral, Jun 1, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  30. (Surprised you already figured it out. I am making a fan made series right now.)

    *Zorina counts some more stacks of money while sighing when she notices a certain Pokémon trying to get in the freezer again*

    Seeing that the briefcase my drone took was just a decoy, I decided to have my drone fly back to the area to grab the real briefcase.

    You mean there was a fake?!

    H- how could this be?!

    Am I dreaming...?

    Ugh... Whatever, I’ve seen way scarier stuff in that horror movie.

    However, my drone had to take an alternative route since there was a storm not too long ago.

    I thought water and electricity don’t go together...

    Since the real briefcase rose from the sand recently, I had my drone snatch the briefcase when no one was looking!

    After that, the drone flew high in the air and hid the briefcase after arriving in Mount Everest.

    His drone’s the first to go up that place!

    You mean, my drone?

    Wouldn’t that thing break if it goes too high?

    My drone’s not some simple machine you know!
  31. I stayed at the beach and took out a drone and well, being me as the ultimate pastry chef, i put some cakes in the launcher of my drone. "You're not the only one with a drone." My drone got the briefcase and launched cakes at the camera of the drone near it. It flew back to me and i took it. I dug under the sand leading to the academy (you know what im talking about) and went at the back. I put the case under the building.
  32. I, having no idea what is happening because I don't want to read this whole thread again, decided to steal the briefcase (from under a building) and throw it in my personal lava pit, seeing that this briefcase is pretty much indestructible. (Maybe that's why everyone is fighting for it.)
  33. *decides to let Pyravi do the work*

    Since you threw the briefcase in a place that almost no one could access, I decided to take advantage of my love and high resistance for the said liquid that burns most matter on contact.

    Taking advantage that I am a Fire-type (With that being the primary type), I swooped in the warm, mellow liquid and grabbed the briefcase with my wings.

    After managing to swim out safely with my body being as warm as an oven, I decided to make a run for the beach after realizing that the briefcase would be too heavy for me to fly with.
  34. But... the beach... I was just at the... *groan*
    After teleporting to the beach (again!), I took the briefcase from the firey, lava-loving bird with fire-resistant gloves and instead threw it into my big ravine of boiling honey. This honey was hot and sticky and at least five-thirds the size of the tallest thing you could think of. This meant a 6.91001% chance of escape.
  35. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I summoned the greatest honey eaters in the world: Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Bee and an army of Combees and Vespiquens. I then give each of the honey eaters heat resistant gear. They devour the honey and Winnie eats most of it. He is the one to come out with the briefcase.
    I then place the Briefcase into a bank room that is a vacuum with layers of concrete, steel, glass, obsedian surrounding it. The only way to get in is a metal round door like you see in a bank but even the strongest of hands cannot turn it. The code must be entered on a monitor on the right of the metal round door. The code is only known by me but I hire a hypnotist to make me forget the code from my mind. A lava mote and a water mote is placed around the walls and there are thousands of invisible lasers in the room which can kill you or trigger an alarm alerting my guards. Guards are placed in and out of the room and there always 100 guards just outside of the door. Guards are wearing the heaviest of armours. In addition to this, the bank is taken by a space rocket to the planet Jupiter and one of the most heavily trained of wizards has put a magical field over the bank meaning you cannot teleport to Jupiter and you cannot teleport into the bank. Arriving back on Earth, I send my rocket troops to make easy work of all the space stations around the world. You now cannot go into space.
  36. Suddenly a portal over earth opens up over earth, and my Gyarados Ship flies through with the rest of my Magikarp Fleet, starting a lengthy battle with your Rocket Troops. With your army distracted, believing me to be on the Gyarados Ship, I get to work with the greatest Magikarp Magicians from twenty-nine thousand realities, each handpicked for their individual skills. I quickly get past your anti-teleportation spells. Meanwhile, my Magikarp Fleet finish up dealing with your Rocket Troops

    My Fleet completely blockades your planet, and after bombardments from my cannons fail, I gather a force of my Magikarp infiltrators. Portals over up and my Magikarp Army, drafted from many galaxy-spanning Magikarp Empires in dimensions beyond our own, fall through your atmosphere, distracting your guards. Since your guards wear "the heaviest of armours," it isn't hard for my lighter, more agile Magikarp to outmanoeuvre them and knock them over. After weeks of searching, we find your Bank.

    My infiltration team enters swimming through your water moat into the filtrations system of your Bank, and are able to take control of the devices controlling the waterways. Now your troops are cornered with no water supply, even if this mission fails, it won't take long for the fortress to fall. (I would like to take this time to ask how you constructed a moat on a planet made 99% of gas)

    But we push on, disarming traps and taking out your guards. Eventually we reach the large metal door, and quickly manage to hack the system. Opening up the door, we are treated with layers upon layers of easy-to-break materials. Concrete? Smashed away by the Magikarp-Hulk. Metal? Melted away with our Firebreathing Dragon Magikarp. Glass? A mixture of both. I stare incredulously at the Obsidian for a moment. Seriously, it's hard, but it's not as hard as Minecraft would have you believe. Magikarp-Hulk smashes it easily.

    Now I enter the final vault room, when the lasers spring to life. Dragon-Magikarp and Magikarp-Hulk, along with most of the rest of my Infiltration Team are fried instantly. No issue, I have infinite universes to go through. Me, and the five remaining members, avoid the lasers and reach the briefcase.

    Your guards enter, and gun down the remaining five Magikarp with ease. Suddenly I'm surrounded. They fire into me until I'm nearly dead, and keep going. Only to look up and see the Briefcase gone, and a portal closing. My clone winks at you as it's dying, and I take the Briefcase back to my Magikarp Throne Room in the Magikarp Dimension. I have a statue built for the Infiltration Team, and especially my clone, as I prepare for your inevitable counterattack.
  37. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    I send a gang of elite unkillable time travelling wizards. They go back in time and build a device which stops Magikarp or anyone coming in or out of the Magikarp dimension. The events of the Magikarp raid are avoided as time has been changed. In the present, the briefcase has teleported back to the bank on Jupiter. An inpentratable dome surrounds the bank. Electrically charged particles now swarm the room and, as i've said before, you will still need a code to enter. Noone knows the code, so noone can enter. I put an invulnerability field around the bank. All guards and wizards cannot be damaged or killed. An anti-Magikarp field is put up around the bank and the wizards responsible for all of these fields now stand next to the briefcase. The walls have been layered with a special coating taken from the Sirius star system. The coating automatically kills those who touch it. Guards and magicians are unaffected by these coating due to the invulnerability field and their armour. In order to solidify the possibility of Magikarps ever coming back, I send an army to the past with the time travelling wizards. The army invades the Magikarp dimension and kills all the Magikarps.
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  38. Past-me stares blankly as this army slaughters his entire peoples. Suddenly a rift through time and space opens up, and I exit, blade in each hand. Past-me picks up a large spear from his throne, and together we rip through your army. "The one who did this. We will make them pay."
    The first step is getting past your Barrier for the Magikarp Dimension. It's pretty easy once we realise what we need to do. Teleporting even further back in time, we interrupt further-past-me viewing the dimensions preparing to build his Magikarp army.
    We exit the Magikarp Dimension together, and we all leave together before the wizards notice us. I push them into the Magikarp Dimension and activate the barrier, trapping them inside.
    We jump forward and backwards in time, picking up hundreds of versions of myself, and we jump to the present. Even with my massive army, it seems like there's no way to fight our way through your new Bank.
    We all sneak in, separately or in small groups. Lacking the skills of our Magikarp, we get slaughered by the dozens, but a small group reach the dome. We dig underneath and sneak in.
    Using our explosives, we bury the guards under mountains of rubble, unable to die but also unable to really escape. We reach the final room.
    Since most of the wizards are trapped inside the Magikarp Dimension, there's only three left. Most of us are killed trying to reach them, but a half-dozen reach them. I grab the briefcase and reflect a fireball from a Wizard, hitting a wall and causing it to explode. We run out as the wizards chase us. One of me takes the briefcase and we all split up, confusing the wizards long enough to get out. Now that we're out, I set off the explosives that cause the entire place to fall down. We all teleport back to earth, and prepare to break the seal on the Magikarp Dimension
  39. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    Justin, with the power of his Persona, quickly dashes in an snatches the briefcase. Tamashi No Sanzōku lays down coverfire, and he switches to Lucifer, using Morning Star, sending a harmful replica of a star straight at you, and deals Almighty damage. He then brings to run like hell...
  40. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    i punch justin and steal the briefcase going into a megalodon to be safe from them

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