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Steal the Briefcase!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Sciencewars, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. He sabotaged the monster truck's wiring, it didn't move. I take the briefcase whilst singing the troll song.
  2. "oh, you think your clever?" he launched an arrow with rope around the briefcase and pulled it back and ran away. whats inside the briefcase anyways?
  3. He just uses Confusion (anime-wise) and steals the briefcase and continues to sing the troll song: Troll lolololol lololol lololol <.>.
  4. he pulls a rope and @WalterTheRalts trips. he runs once again with the case.
  5. He finally gets up and teleports the real briefcase to him. The one you have is a fake from the sabotaged monster truck. He puts himself in another one of what seems to be an extreme reference to Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Oops. :D
  6. You're hit in the back by a Magikarp, and I run past you and take the briefcase. My army of Magikarp attack you to slow you down as I try to escape through the dungeon
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  7. He simply teleports out of it (OP; I don't think so) and takes the briefcase out of your hands. He then teleports again and goes up the stairs to the next floor, preparing his Petrify Wands.
  8. Hermit uses steal yo briefcase and struts off majestically.
  9. Oh crud king karp is back

    I punch you in the neck and grab it
  10. i shot you with a dart that makes you paralyzed for a few minutes. i shot out a portal and went into the alternate universe where the whole universe is made of candy.
  11. Me and my Magikarp army devout all the candy, and the resulting sugar rush momentarily gives me super-speed, which I use to snatch the briefcase from you before you can even notice
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  12. He got mad, broke the Super Smash Ball, and used his Special Smash. It K.O.s you, and dropped the briefcase. I run into a portal where only Psychic-Fairy types survive.
  13. I use a case magnet to oull it out and close the portal.
  14. I'm waiting behind a tree and I swing around from the back of the tree to meet you. I smile sweetly before snapping my fingers, and a bunch of ninja who I convinced to help me steal the briefcase back jump out of the tree on top of you. While you're busy fighting them off, I grab the briefcase, which was knocked out of your hand, and make a run for it.
  15. Takes the briefcase, sets you on fire, and teleports to the middle of a 58,342 yard maze.
  16. But Magikarp can splash up mountains, so a maze is nothing to them. I climb up with my Magikarp Army and spot you, and the entire army uses bounce to crush you. I take the briefcase and run into the maze
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  17. I angrily Confusion all the Magikarp to an unknown (UNKNOWN to EVERYTHING) part of the universe, teleport to you, and switches the briefcase with a box. He then teleports 12,058 yards into the maze, digs a hole, and covers it up so perfectly, that no one could ever (EVER) tell the difference.
  18. It doesn't matter if I can't find my Magikarp, because they can still find me. Interdimensional portals begin opening up and my army floods back into the maze. With the entire army searching, your "perfect" hiding spot is discovered almost instantly. I snatch the briefcase back from you
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  19. (This game...)
    I snatch the briefcase back from you and just teleport home. Having no stamina left from Magikarps (LOL XD), I just sat on the briefcase, on my couch, watching TV.
  20. i pressed a buttton turning the couch upside down. you feell into a hole and the briefcase in my hands and dug a hole and made a bunker inside i closed the bunker door, (which is heavily guarded btw) and sat with it
  21. When I'm set on fire, I quickly stop, drop, and roll, following directions I've been taught since Elementary school, and pull out a dimensional tracker. I first find the Magikarp man and ask for an alliance.
  22. I very quietly phase through the bunker door, yoink the briefcase out your hand, then disappear into the nearest dimension. I then mutter some choice words after seeing the large number of magikarp, some chick with a dimeni-nav and a fish man in front of me
  23. I reset the universe... again. OOPS!
    It is a white void, and I have the briefcase.
  24. then a big bang (the sequel by the way.) occurred. the explosion caused the briefcase to float to me. i swimmed trough the empty space with 3 oxygen tanks at hand. two for jets and one for air.
  25. One moment I'm about to agree to some alliance and the next, I'm surrounded by white void. I notice that all my Magikarp are gone, vaporised, and I turn to the one who asked for the alliance.
    "We will find the one who did this. And we will make them pay."
    I then poke a hole in VolcanoPheoinix's oxygen tanks and float away with the briefcase
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  26. The white void does wonders for me as I camouflage. I steal the briefcase (sneakily) and teleport somewhere in the long, silent, abandoned void, with no one around.
  27. I bombard you with fakemon and steal the suitcase whail your distracted with the cuteness of the fakemon.
  28. I bombard you with fakemon and steal the suitcase while your distracted with the cuteness of the smallest fakemon.
  29. I slam the empty oxygen tank into the briefcase launching it to nowhere. I follow it with mini air tanks that is secretly in my pockets. I retrieved it then i went to a planet made out of briefcases
  30. I searched the planet, knowing the briefcase's appearance. I found the briefcase, stole it, and teleported to Ryme City.
  31. i pressed a button, the whole city exploded. the briefcase was launched into the air and i jumped into it and ran. "what's inside anyways?" I opened it and HALLELUJAH its ???
  32. The glory of the contents of the briefcase temporarily blind you, and I run past and grab it. Turning around, I slam it into your head and knock you over, before running away
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  33. i pulled a string- or i mean a rope, and an anvil squished you. i took the briefcase and ran away with rocket powered roller-skates
  34. There was a Rope in the ground where you were skating, I pull the rope and the rope sprung out of the ground and tied you up, I grab the brief case and run away
  35. i cut the ropes using a beaver (YEAH ITS REALLY RANDOM) and i throw a stone at your head which knocks you over. i grab the case and i went under the sea.
  36. I drain the sea, leaving you at the bottom. I run down towards you, punching you and stealing the briefcase. I teleported back home (leaving you there alone), threw the case in the closet, covered every single door in the house, and watched more TV.
  37. I jump out of the TV and throw a keyboard at you before stealing the briefcase in all of the confusion.
  38. I throw the broken TV at you and steal the briefcase. By the way, you owe me $650.76 cents for the damage.
  39. It is at that moment that I have a realisation. The universe wipe might've destroyed my Magikarp, but there would always be more. Magikarp were natural survivors! Quickly bringing myself back to the Pokemon world, I dive to the depths of the ocean, where I come face to face with a shiny Magikarp.
    Throughout many months, I gain the trust of the Magikarp and its colony, and eventually the wider Magikarp community. I learn their ways and eventually convince them to join my on my grand journey to conquer the universe. My Magikarp empire spreads throughout the newly-born universe and conquers every planet in their galaxy, and move outwards even quicker. But it all comes to an end after many millennia of rule, when a group of planets rise up and my Magikarp empire is forced to retreat, breaking apart as I seemingly disappear and the rest of the Magikarp fight among themselves for power.
    Little did they know that I simply was using the resources of my empire to create a functional time machine, a massive Gyarados ship that could warp through time and space. Arriving back at your house with a ship full of the most powerful Magikarp warriors in dozens of dimensions and times, I fire a laser that razes your house to the ground.
    My elite group of Magikarp and I then exit the ship, take the briefcase, and then use the ship to escape.
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  40. :-O
    I wake up, seeing it was all a dream. I take the briefcase that I thought was my backpack and go to school.

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