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Steal the Briefcase!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Sciencewars, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. The rainbow farting unicorn summonded a horde of other rainbow farting unicorns - nearly an infinite amount of the to be exact - as the rainbow fart power pretty much destroyed every single planet. The horde of rainbow unicorns reached you and stampeded you with horrifying results as the leader snatched up the briefcase and flew down to Hell.
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  2. I take a gun, screem some profanity, and shoot myself. My soul goes down to hell, where I kill satan, become king of the place, and send all the dead to kill the unicorn army. Each unicorn that dies, becomes part of my army, and the army brings me the briefcase.
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  3. The rainbow unicorn flies up to Heaven and kills God, turning into God with some pretty dang awesome Godly powers and then sends all the angel down to kill the undead army. There is a gigantically colossal war, but in the end the Godly Rainbow Farting Unicorn wins and steals the briefcase before exploding Hell and Heaven into oblivion and flying into a black hole. But with the unicorn's godly powers she cannot die, so she stays in the black hole and turns it into her home, treasuring the briefcase by showing it off on a trophy stand next to her bed.
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  4. The army of dead, already dead, cannot die, and keep attacking the home of the unicorn, as I sneak inside. I take the briefcase and sneak back out as the unicorn is asleep. I place a portal at the only exit that teleports the thing that goes in it to cause an endless loop from the back to the beginning. I also kill the unicorn army because im epic.
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  5. The rainbow unicorn explodes everything around her with rainbow fart power and shoots out into space, using her magic power to sense where Glaceon trainer was. She spotted him and charged towards him, killing him by stabbing him endlessly with the sharp, majestic unicorn horn and snatching the briefcase before zooming away faster than the speed of light.
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  6. I gracefully rocketed through the cosmos, ridding on a Dank Sonic's back, Canadian anthem, once again, blasting in the background. I leap onto @SylvieThePokemonTrainer's unicorn horn, then roundhouse kicked her off, taking the briefcase, then leaping into the portal that sent me to the council of ricks.
  7. I take the briefcase, the end.
  8. The unicorn appears next to you and smashes your face in aggressively before forcing the briefcase out your arm and darting off, flying across the universe an infinite amount of times quicker than the speed of light.
  9. but what you didn't realize, was that the universe was round and you ran in a huge circle, appearing behind me, so that I can take the briefcase again, hoping into my van. But then a meteor hit, and I ran.... from a tornado, and giant cat monsters. And that's when things got kicked into twelve gear: A mexican.... Armada shows up with weapons made from tube tomatoes. But you bet I won't let these MOFOs get to my briefcase! but the Moon comes crashing down, little did you know, I stole one of the mexicans ships and flew to safety with the briefcase.
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  10. the unicorn farts. the power drags the briefcase away from the banana and into the unicorn's mouth, who gobbled it and swallowed it, quickly pooping it out. then the unicorn picked up the briefcase poop and ate it again. Then swallowed it and pooped it out again. a double briefcase poo. She repeated this process again and again until the briefcase was coated in an infinite amount of layers of poop.
  11. I use a portal gun to step in beside the ball of poop, I use Made In Heaven to accelerate the decomposing until the end of time and reveled the briefcase. I grab the briefcase and use the portal gun to jump back into Banana's ship and ride off with him
  12. Out of nowhere, seraphina appears, punches you in the face, and blows something up randomly, after getting the brief case. Then, she goes to John and high-fives him.
  13. In realty the briefcase had metal on it’s handle. I use a concentrated electromagnet, to make the briefcase come to me, right from under you. I leap on my Duel Runner and ride away.
  14. But arlo traps you and steals the briefcase, then 360-noscopes your duel runner. He also breaks open the briefcase, to find a Lenny face saying "you got rekt m8"
  15. Suddenly, an invisible Glaceon snatches the briefcase from Arlo and sends an Icy maze behind her. "Chill out, dude."
  16. I sigh, sock the Glaceon in the face, and take the briefcase home
  17. An new challenger approaches, a Shiny Umbreon.

    The shiny Pokemon snatches the briefcase from Sky, using Thief, running off.
  18. I accidentally stomp on the poor Shiny Umbreon, crushing it. The Pokemon drops the briefcase, I snatch it then run.
  19. I summon the powers of the frost dragon and freeze your legs down to the ground. Scooping up the briefcase, I fly off into the sunrise. "Stay cool! Don't do drugs!"
  20. I, however, make a comeback! With the help of my friendly neighborhood Fire Dragon, I scorch your petty ice lizard and grab the briefcase. Flying back to my beast's temple, I shout, "Pokemon rules always win!"
  21. That's when the Shirt Umbreon is revealed on the tail of your dragon friend, using Thief once again to snatch the briefcase before jumping of and landing safety in a lake a few hundred feet in the air.
  22. Suddenly you're hit in the face by a giant Magikarp, being used as a giant bat, sending you flying. I take the briefcase and barricade myself behind walls of Magikarp
  23. I use Cynthia's mysterious potion from the Diamond and Pearl games, causing the wall to open up. "Wassup?" I said as I walk through it stabbing random Magikarps. Punching @Mr Fishykarp in the stomach, I take the briefcase and fly off on his Magikarpet.
  24. I make chase on a fighter jet made entirely of Magikarp, firing Magikarp from within itself and knocking you off the Magikarpet. I fly past on the one remaining magikarp and snatch away the briefcase
  25. Remi appears, electrifies you, and steals the briefcase while singing songs from the 80's.
  26. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    i appear, behind you, running in the 90s. i grab the suitcase, and continue to run in the 90s.
  27. I suddenly appear in a tricked out Delorean and snatch the briefcase, before traveling to the 50’s.
  28. The Tardis appears behind you and I pull you in, accidentally knocking you against a few buttons and stuff, sending both of us back to right before King Arthur pulls the sword from the stone. We both fall out of the tardis above Arthur, who lifts the sword just right to impale you in the head. I take the briefcase in the ensuing panic
  29. Suddenly, the car from Back to the Future runs over you, knocking the briefcase out of your hands. I kick it into high gear and jump back to the 1800s.
  30. (@Mr.Glaceon, Mate, that’s a tricked out Delorean. You just stole my car. A Doctor made it for me!)

    Feeling upset about being stabbed in the head, I decide to go to McDonalds, after removing the sword that was skewering my head, of course. However I learn that in mideveal Europe, McDonalds isn’t a thing, and the close thing thing you can get to it, is eating a horse while eating lettuce, so I need to go back to the future. So like a good boi, I freeze myself in ice to let the time pass by. Then when the Delorean arrives in the 1800’s timeline, the fire it produces melts my ice, and I get hit by the Delorean. I cling on to the room, like in an action movie, and jab my ye old knife, in between the door and the car, and pry it open (I was mainly focused on the side, so i wouln’t be knocked over by the door opening. I swing in and kick you in the face. In a shock, you drop the briefcase, where I grab it. Your body gets thrown out the other door. Now with the briefcase in hand, I close the door, and place a limiter on the engine, making it unable to reach 88 miles per hour, and because of that, it is impossible for it to breach time and commence time travel. Also we’re out of Uranium as this is the 1800’s so there is that. Now I drive away from 1800’s London and make my way to Spain.
  31. A random dude appears, pulls down his pants, and while everyone is confused and quite disturbed, politely snatches the briefcase, pulls up his pants and enters a cafe, guarded by charging bulls down the roads of Spain. He then begins trying to pry open the case.
  32. RoseAiluros

    RoseAiluros Previously VaccineKitty

    A young woman takes notice of the newcomer and grows interested in the suitcase. She then "accidentally" bumps into a person standing close by, causing them to spill their coffee onto the stranger. During the customers frantic apologies whilst trying to help the now coffee drenched (and rather distracted) man, the lady sneakily grasps the suitcase and leaves the café.
  33. Suddenly, the drops of coffee reveal themselves to be microscopic brown, superheated Magikarp. The drops of Magikarp coffee on the briefcase suddenly wrap around you, their heat causing you to drop the briefcase in pain. They then turn into a giant Magikarp claw and bring the briefcase to me
  34. using a very powerful vaccum it sucked the briefcase and i get it from the vaccum.
  35. John wrecks the vacuum and steals the briefcase while waiting to go home.
  36. While she waits, I steal the briefcase and teleport into a random Mystery Dungeon. Oops. <.>
  37. As your standing there I take your phone/computer/table hostage and will give it back for the brief case
  38. Realizing that you still haven't taken the briefcase, he teleports. On the floor, he is in a completely different room.
  39. planting bombs in the dungeon i detonate it and the dungeon collapses. i pick up the briefcase from the rubble and climb into a monster truck and driving it.

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