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Steal the Briefcase!

Discussion in 'The Playground' started by Sciencewars, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. This game is very simple. Basically, the person starting out, me in this case, will say something like:
    "I steal the briefcase."
    Then, the person after would describe how they take the briefcase.
    "I punch you in the face and grab the briefcase."
    After that:
    "I snatch the briefcase and hop into a helicopter." "I shoot down the helicopter and grab the falling briefcase."

    Ect, ect. You can do close to anything, go wild! There aren't any rules on how to respond, except for that you have to take the briefcase.
    To start out:

    I steal the briefcase.
  2. I battle you in a battle and won the briefcase
  3. I accuse you of cheating and get back the briefcase.
  4. I call my pokemon to use thief and take the briefcase and runs with it.
  5. Roze, my Banette, uses Snatch and gives me the briefcase!

    I laugh maniacally as I run off into the sunset.
  6. I ride on giratina and swipe the briefcase away from you and fly into the sky
  7. The wind picks up and the briefcase falls right into my arms. I continue running and laughing like the lunatic I am. >:3
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  8. I use giratina move and appear with the briefcase in my hands and goes into the distortion world. Ha I can do that
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  9. I shoot a portal into the distortion world and on the ground, jump in, grab the briefcase, jump back out, and keep running.
  10. I 360 no scope you and pick up the briefcase.
  11. I cri and my tears form a top hat on my head, which I throw at you LIKE A BOSS and obtain the briefcase due to a hit gut. RIP.
  12. If we're doing UT references, (or I think we are) then... Here we go. I slam you against the wall with telekenisis and grab the briefcase
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  13. I fire literally all the bones at you and one picks up the briefcase and brings it back to me.
  14. I come with giratina and grab you into the distortion world and use my gallade to teleport me and the Briefcase away.
  15. Giratina turns its butt right around, picks me up, and takes me out of the distortion world, right where your Gallade teleported you. It swallows the briefcase, goes back into the distortion world (with me, of course), and floats for its life.
  16. Giratina return and gallade get that briefcase and thunderus come on out and ride away with the case in my bag and go ditto use transform and now it's hard to tell who is real and not.
  17. I return all the Pokemon to their balls and throw them into a fire, because I'm a monster. I take the briefcase from your mourning self.
  18. I grab the briefcase by sneaking behind you and vanished in the shadow
    Pokeballs will break it there is a crack in them releasing the pokemon and fleeing away this also classifies for any effect of fire or any elemental.
    Thunderous pokeball is a master ball so no effect and I have a seal to protect each pokeball and takes mine back.
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  19. (Can we stop with the Pokemon? It's getting annoying and unoriginal, which is the exact opposite of this game.)
    I grab a mech and shoot you and the briefcase into the air with a missle. I then reach out and grab the briefcase.
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  20. (The missIe is blown up) glide down with a hand glider and soar next to you and grab the briefcase and then land in water for a dive.
  21. I use waterbending to lift up the briefcase with water and give it to me.
  22. I hide behind the shadows and snatch the briefcase away and ride a bike away to a town
  23. I melt the metal in the bike chains with a flamethrower and grab the briefcase from the collapsed bike.
  24. I use a hover board and run next to you and swipe it away and made it into town and hit a gate and the case flew away and landed somewhere in town but where.
  25. I snatch the briefcase from an alleyway in the town and jumps into an mirror reality.
    (and that, dear charmers, is an Dr. Strange reference.)
  26. I have the same item and snatch the briefcase back and travel by boat.
  27. Using my previously-mentioned waterbending, I lift the boat out of the water by forming a giant hand. The thumb pokes the briefcase and it falls to me.
  28. I use the mind powers I definitely have to pluck the briefcase from your grasp and I jump into a portal that takes me to an unknown location, briefcase in tow.
  29. I enter the portal and find it and use a fishing rod to take it and run to the portal
  30. Well, turns out the portal we took us somewhere deep in Canada, so I call upon ma boi Mattie (personified Canada from Hetalia), who bestows upon me the sacred power of the moose, which I use to snatch the briefcase back. I then ride my new moose friend into the sunset, my maniacal laugh returning.

    (God, I love this. xD )
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  31. I chase you down on a snowboard and catch the briefcase in my backpack and snowboard down the hill
  32. I jump inside the portal too and throws an huge pile of debris (Superman style) in your way and pass by on an magic carpet (Man, i'm weird) and grabs the briefcase.
  33. I kill you with a heat seeking missile and you crash onto the ground I then search your dead body for the briefcase I grab the briefcase and teleport to Maldova where I create a giant castle where I protect the briefcase.
  34. I don't know if its allowed to kill people, but eh.
    An alternate universe me drops from the sky and turns into a shadow to slip through the castle walls I then steal the briefcase and jumps to Saturn.
    (That was the most cheesiest post I've ever done.
  35. I use a ship to reach Saturn and grab the briefcase with a grabber and take it away.
    (Did anyone have a clue what's inside the briefcase because it has not a lot of its content is told or shown) or ignore this remark and continue on.
  36. I have Freiza explode Saturn, and some debris knocks the case into my hand.

    (Nope. No clue)
  37. In my spaceship that survived the explosions, I blast to you and the briefcase in and fly back home.
    (I think there is a better way of resolving this but who knows, I am helping out a person so it okay and there is nothing about helping others in the rules.)
  38. I slam into your house and snatch the briefcase from you and throw it into an internet dimension.
    (No, checkmark, THAT is the cheesiest.)
  39. I go into the Internet dimension and ride a Porygon and grab the briefcase.
  40. I dive into the internet dimension and fly on an cloud beside you, I then push you off you're Porygon and grab the briefcase and run anywhere, really.

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