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Static Wool

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Indie, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. (OOC: This is a private rp with myself and Dark soul. Don't post, but be welcome to read)


    Battling. Some view it as a necessitous, others find it barbaric. For quite a few of the colourful residents of Pokecharms though, it was wonderful entertainment. Especially when your friends are fighting. Throughout the rows of seats in the immense colosseum, a 13 year old boy sat, his shopping-trolley blue eyes alive with ecstasy at the sight of the brawl. His striped mareep horns protruded out of his mop of deep brown hair. His deep blue jeans were today without their matching hoodie, replaced by a black and gray striped one, along with a chess patterned vest. His drinks can had most likely been imprinted with his hand print, its exterior crushed by Indie's giddy tension. The two duelers in the, often literately, heated fight were two of Indie's friends. Blazi, the meelee loving Pokemon-halfer was brawling with another formidable Charmisan, Toru. The sword-wielding geokinetic was strong enough alone, but his advantage in the very field made him deadly. With a direct link to the Earth Goddess, the pebbled field blessed him with unlimited ammo. Blazi though, was holding his ground, ignited uppercuts followed each other in quick succession, forcing the sword wielder to keep dodging the flaming devils. Every so often, Blazi would jump back and launch a torrent of fire at Toru, but to no avail. The crowds "oohs" and "aahs" swooped between excited highs, when Toru would narrowly dodge a flame, or gasps and some scream when a pillar of fire rocketed off course into the crowd. And Indie loved every minute of it.

    Indie strolled through the expansive exit gate, oblivious to the other spectators. Blazi and Toru were cooling off (again literally) in the changing rooms, so that ruled out seeing them for a while. He hadn't seen Tun that day, but then again, she was probably working on another sprite. Indie looked up from his phone to see if there was anyone of interest there. To his excitement, a tall caped figure stood apart from the crowd, playing half-heartedly with a current of lightning. It was Dark Soul, or Dark as many called him.
    "Dark~" Indie giggled, attracting Dark's attention and a handful of strange stares from passers by.
    Dark Soul beamed at Indie, and made his way towards the teenager. Overhead, dark grey clouds began to brood over an area of Charms.
    "Looks like there's going to be storm tonight." Indie said, quieter this time. Dark merely smiled to himself.

    The two walked towards an urban area of Pokecharms soon enough. The roads were quiet, likewise for the paths and the large television screen that presided over that street. While it usually broadcasted news, events and sometimes memes of chat, tonight it was silent.
    "Y'know," Indie said "I've never been participant in a battle like that." He wondered to himself what it would be like to be a competitor in such a match. The urban setting began to fade into greener pastures now, allowing a view of the moon's reflection shimmering in the ocean's waters. Jetting up from the land was The Cliff. The Cliff was regarded by some as a perfect harmony of the elements. The raging waters crashed against the solid rock, the sun and the moon could be seen perfectly from its peak, lightning and thunder sometimes boomed through its crevices, animals and plantlife flourished on the landscape. All in all, it was very scenic.
  2. There were few things that Dark Soul found more exciting then battling- Or watching battles take place.

    Today, at the PokeCharms Arena, a battle was unfolding between two of his friends; Toru, the Geokinetic of PokeCharms, as was his title, and Blazi- Full name Blazikid, who's lower body was that of a Blaziken. Nobody really knew how or why. Not often were battles as spectular as this; Boulders being thrown around, barrages of soil being launched from the arena floor, fireballs flying everywhere and a lot of swordmanship. Fire versus earth was a lot of fun, Dark Soul thought to himself as he cheered like everyone else cheered, although he wasn't sure for whom to cheer. He didn't feel like taking sides.

    After the fighting had ceased, he walked towards the main exit, like most visitors. Most? Yes, most. Several hundreds of people in the stadium simply blinked out of existence. This would've been odd if they had been real. The stadium had the latest high-tech gadgets; Invisible walls that protected the audience from attacks, automatic drink and snack delivery trough robots and 3D projectors, which filled up the empty seats with random ''NPC's'', complete with sound.

    He wasn't sure what he wanted to do next. He hadn't seen any of his friend today; Apart from, of course, Toru and Blazi, but they weren't currently avaible. Nor had he seen Kasumi, who went by Amzaar normally but didn't mind being called Kasumi, or Tunduli. He had a tendency to get bored real quickly; Which usually evolved into another one of his little quirks, playing with a small lightning current between his fingers.

    Suddenly, he heard a loud giggle, along with his name. Dark Soul instantly recognized the voice- Or rather, the giggle. He turned and, as expected, saw Indie-reeper, who went by Indie. Indie, PokeCharm's biggest sheep fanatic and geokinetic, although not exactly the same kind of geokinesis as Toru waved at him and he smiled back, making his way over to his Mareep-horned friend, happy to have found someone. 'Look like there's going to be a storm tonight.' Indie said, which was nothing but good news to Dark Soul, who smiled.

    The two walked away from the arena with no particular destination, talking about the battle and pretty much everything else they came up with that had happened in the last few days. Eventually, they landed in the suburbs of PokeCharms City, where things looked greener and more spacy, where there were less buildings and more flowers. The view was beautifull; The trees of the Forest of Glitter, the Lake of Glitter and further away, one of Dark Soul's favourite spots; The Cliff, a beautifull place, that stood high above the forest and the ocean- Which were divided by it.

    'You know, I've never been a participant in a battle like that.' Indie told him, with a wondering look in his eyes. 'That's true enough. I don't think I've ever actually seen you fight!' Dark Soul said, laughing. 'I was beginning to think you were paficist. Then again, compared to people like me, Toru or Zacky, you kind of are.' He continued, winking.

    A brilliant idea suddenly came to mind.

    '...Say.' He began. 'How would you like it if you and I had a friendly match sometime? It'd be a lot of fun!' He said. 'Not in the arena, though, it takes quite some time to organize a battle there. If we could find a good spot to battle...' He looked around, and suddenly got another idea. 'Maybe the Cliff?'

    (OOC: Yes, Burning Battlefield was the first thing that came to mind when I imagined Toru and Blazi fighting. Also, Indie, you can take it to the start of the battle from here; But I can haz make first move?~)
  3. Indie failed at hiding a huge smile on his face.
    "Sure, that sound hax~" He smiled.
    Indie looked out at the Cliff. He was going to have to summon Sheepyrock straight from the earth, no boulder shortcuts for him.
    "Hn." He murmured "I'm feeling lucky today. How's about you make the first move?"
    Indie backed away toward the forest, which at the present time, was shrouded in darkness. The first move was to hopefully stall time and scan the surrounding area for rocks of any size. A few were in his vicinity, and Indie readied himself to begin Sheepyrocking.
    "Fire when ready Dark!"
  4. (OOC: Meh, this would've been a good opportunity to introduce Thundrra; But that's SBBC, so post-this.)


    As soon as Dark Soul had stopped talking, a wide smile appeared on Indie's face. He seemed to like the idea of a friendly battle between the two of them just as much as he did.

    'Sure, that sounds hax!' Indie said, still smiling. Indie was known to be quick on the pick-ups of Internet memes.

    Indie seemed to scan the area as he backed away to the forest, probably looking around rocks that he could use to fight with. That was one of the advantages of being an electrokinetic; The energy came from within, and he didn't have to rely on nature to provide him with the things to fight with. This was always an advantage.

    But on the other hand; Indie did have an advantage over him. It reminded him of the PokeMon games he often played; Earth attacks were supper-effective against Electric PokeMon. This was going to be a fun battle.

    Indie offered him to make the first move, which Dark Soul accepted with a nod.

    He took his dao's, one in each hand, and fired two short blasts of light at Indie, purely to see what his defensive reaction would be. Directly after, he started gathering up chi for a later, more destructive second blast.
  5. The sparks flew at Indie as soon as he allowed Dark the move. He ducked rather ungracefully as the sparks flitted millimetres from his back. Concentrating now, Indie hopped up from his dodgeful stupor and finished a Sheepyrock incantation. The rock from which it possessed was near to Indie, and flew from the deep darkness of the forest straight at Dark.
  6. Indie ducked and narrowly evaded the beams of energy that had been fired at him. Dark Soul had foreseen this; The two beams had been quite easy to evade, and to be honest, they hardly would've scorched Indie's skin if they had hit their target. But he was still gathering energy for a real blast; It would take somed time before he had enough to fire the blast, but it'd be worth it.

    Indie launched his first attack as well; Literally, launched. A moderatly sized Sheepyrock, 'moderatly' meaning it was about five foot tall, barraged from the forest, aimed straight at him. He had two options; Using the chi he had gathered to smash the Sheepyrock, or evading by jumping up, which would make him lose his concentration momentarily- and thus it'd take longer to do the blast, since he'd have lost some chi.

    He chose the latter option, since it seemed like the better one to him. A second before the Sheepyrock was about to hit him, he jumped up and summersaulted, landing on the ground in a quite ungracefull manner- In other words, faceplanting. His acrobatic abilities needed some work.

    He quickly regained his feet, and looked at the sky, while keeping a close eye on Indie as well. The thunderstorm hadn't quite arrived yet; In about twenty minutes, he estimated, it'd be above them. It was during thunderstorms that Dark Soul was at his best; He could create them himself, but that took loads of energy. This one, however, was natural.

    Although he couldn't really tell, it looked like Indie was working on launching another Sheepyrock- He hardly had any time left. So he decided to focus what he had gathered so far into a blast anyway, and let the energy go; He dropped his dao's, and channeled it trough his hands.

    A huge blast of light, about three feet in diameter, shot fom his hands, towards Indie. The recoil threw him back a couple of feet, but he hoped that the blast would fulfill its purpose. Unfortunately, it was quite easy to stop with the right amount of rock; By throwing attacks at Indie so he'd have to go defensive, he could stall time until the storm reached them.
  7. Indie screeched rather girlishly as Dark's concentrated blast of light ripped through the field. He hopped aside, landing paws down on the grass. Indie glared at Dark. Much of Indie's concentration was lost when he avoided the blast. If the oncoming storm reached the cliff, Dark would be epically powerful. There was a Plan B, but it could exhaust a lot of his energy, Indie thought, but it could work. Indie straightened up, and pointed both arms downwards, facing the ground. The area had a modest few large stones, but it was abundant in some parts with smaller rocks and pebbles. Indie recited a different incantation this time, and a storm of bite-sized Sheepyrock circled around Indie. Indie began firing streams of these Sheepyrock in lines, then recalling them for an reload.
    "Party time~"
  8. Unfortunately, the blast of concentrated energy didn't have the effect Dark Soul had hoped for; Indie jumped to the side, landing on all fours in an almost feline manner. He glared at him, as he regained his feet.

    Indie started reciting a spell again, with both his hands pointing towards the ground, in a language DS didn't understand. A hell of a load of pebbles on the field lifted up into the air, changing form in mid-air as Indie's odd geokinetic power streamed into them. Hundreds, if not thousands of Sheepyrocks twirled around Indie, their size varying from grape-sized to the size of an orange, but mostly mandarin-sized.

    He suddenly realized he was kind of hungry.

    DS went trough his options. The storm of Sheepyrocks would soon be flung at him, and it was incredibly hard- If not impossible- to evade. He would have to go defensive; Unfortunately, this was not really his strongest point. He preferred hitting fast and hard over defensive maneuvers, because both lightning or fire weren’t really meant for protecting.

    One of the options would using the laws of thermodynamics; If he could superheat the stones, then let them cool off equally fast, they would break into pieces. But his pyrokinetic abilities weren’t nearly skilled enough to make his fire such a high temperature, and he had no means of cooling them off quickly- So it wouldn’t work.

    Indie sent the storm of Sheepyrocks his way, and DS knew he had no choice. He had to try to take the least amount of damage he could; Using the same strategy as he had used with the big Sheepyrock, he waited until the storm was close- Making it look like he was gathering chi for an attack- And jumped up, shooting minor flamethrowers out of his hands to gain extra lift. Indie had expected this, of course, and the stones shot up. He tried to twirl to the side- And hardly succeeded; Dozens of possessed pebbles struck his legs and lower body, including one particularly painful spot.

    Yelping in pain, he fell to the ground- but in a rush of energy, he fired a lightning bolt at Indie in mid-air to break his concentration and stop the mana flow. The attack missed, but was successful anyway; The rocks lost their sheepy shape and fell down. He managed to roll aside and prevent getting crushed just in time.

    Dark Soul got back on his feet, wiping the dust of his clothes. The bruises on his legs would hurt like hell the next morning. ‘Let’s take this deeper into the forest!’ He called out to Indie, and advanced onto him, as electricity crackled on his closed fists. If he could manage to push Indie deeper into the forest, and eventually towards the Cliff, he would have an advantage over him because of the height of the Cliff’s top- Unfortunately, this advantage was pretty much nullified by Indie’s advantage of being in an extremely rocky environment. It was worth the risk.

    As long as he wouldn’t set too many trees on fire in the meantime.
  9. "Let's take this deeper into the forest!" Dark called to Indie. Indie smiled. He had an inkling of an idea of what Dark might try, but he was too busy summoning Sheepyrock to elaborate on this thought. His binge of Sheepyrock had cost him, and he found himself drifting into the defensive position. On top of this, Indie found his sight deteriorating in the night-time forest shade. Indie summoned another, half efforted Sheepyrock and flung it lazily at Dark. He groaned, and then decided to take control of his defensive part in the battle. Indie crouched down on the damp forest floor, and summoned a medium Sheepyrock. It sprang straight up below Indie, and at a gesture, it sped away carrying the boy. Indie still swung his right hand back, small annoying Sheepyrock flinging themselves at Dark.
    "Nearly there" Indie thought.
  10. The sky was gradually getting darker, as the large, dark grey cumulus rolled closer and closer, and the sun almost vanished at the horizon. Still suffering from the aftereffects of the storm of miniature Sheepyrock, mostly a numb pain in his legs, DS was storming towards Indie, with electricity cackling in his hands- A manner of intimidation, really, to add some force to his 'idea' he had called out to Indie.

    Indie, who did not look like he was planning to barrage at him anytime soon, flung another Sheepyrock at him- About twice as small as the previous single one- which he narrowly evaded; It grazed the side of his left leg, not tearing trough the fabric, but slowing him down enough to give Indie the opportunity to make another Sheepyrock before he could even get close. This one wasn't flung at him, but it served as his steed.

    Indie was now flying away from him, faster then he could run. The Sheepyrock below him seemed to have a mind of his own, navigating between the trees. At least it was going where he wanted it to go- To higher ground. And it was taking Indie with it.

    Oh, no you don't.

    There was no way he could keep up with Indie, which would over time enable him to surprise him once he would be lost in the woods, his befriended enemy nowhere to be seen. He couldn't let that happen. He'd have to find a way to be faster.


    The idea came to him, shining, miraculous, and completely ridiculous. He could do fast. He could do really, really fast. But god, would it slurp up energy.

    Did he even have a choice?

    Completely focusing his mana, as some people liked to call the power within themselves and others, onto keeping his form, memories, and everything of his physical and mental appearance, he made Einstein do a 360 no-scope in his grave; All of his matter was transferred into energy, with no excess energy being created in the progress (Otherwise, it would cause on of the biggest nuclear explosions in history.), turning his persona into a blinding streak of light with a loud bang.

    Or at least, that's what it would've looked like if caught on a futuristic, high-power slowmotion camera. To the naked eye, a transparent wave seemed to ripple accros him- And suddenly, he was running ninehundred feet up away, ahead Indie, who had yet to figure out what the hell had happened.

    He was breathing heavily now, and his entire body ached a bit from the instantaneous drain of energy. He quickly jumped behind a tree, before Indie could spot him.

    Now he had the element of surprise.
  11. Indie sped into the distance on his stead, the forest engulfing as ever. Dark didn't seem to be pursuing him for now, so he slowed the Sheepyrock a bit to catch a meagre amount of mana.

    Bad move.

    A ripple on the air sent the hairs on the back of his neck standing. It was brief, but it sent a few theories spinning. That Dark had begun charging a powerful spell, or that he was on the move. Very fast.

    "He's there..." Indie muttered. He swore.

    Not only would he have to guard himself when he arrived at his destination, but do it from all angles. He wouldn't have enough mana charged until much later, so it looked as if Indie's offensive would have to serve as his defensive as well.

    Indie sped along to the peak of the Cliff.

    "Come out, come out wherever you are Dark~." Indie shouted, as the clouds now hung low, and ominous above him.
  12. Dark Soul did his best to stay hidden between the leaves for now, trying to regain some energy by having a short rest. Below him, Indie sped on riding his Sheepyrock, and the chance at a surprise attack from above was gone as well- But right now, he didn't have the energy for a powerful enough aerial manouver.

    He jumped from branch to branch, in what he hoped was a stealthy pursuit. Of course, Indie'd expect him to be around- But as long as he wasn't sure exactly where, he would be alright. He grimaced when he tripped over a small branch that he had missed in the dim twilight, and he just hoped the rustle of leaves hadn't caught Indie's attention. Then again, at his current speed, the wind would probably be rustling past his ears.

    They moved further up the forest slope, nearing the top of the cliff; A long strip of bare rock, moderatly flat but littered with rocks of all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest pebbles to fifty feet tall pillars. It was a clever move, advancing to an enviroment that perfectly suited your abilities and strength; But the storm was just about to break loose, and with the advantage of rain, he could raise some hell. Or, at the very least, attempt to.

    ‘Come out, Dark, wherever you are!’ Indie called out, as he zoomed out onto the rock platform. The forest was thinning here, as the soil grew increasingly rocky. Soon, he’d have to jump out of the trees or he would stay behind, which would most likely defeat the whole purpose of a friendly battle.

    He managed a last jump from a flexible branch and flew trough the air at an- at the very least- leg-breaking height, which made it all the more important to make a safe landing. The original idea was to land in front of Indie to give him a scare and knock him of course, but he misjudged the distance-

    -And landed feet-down on the back of the Sheepyrock. The sheer impact of the sudden weight brought the Sheepyrock far down enough for it’s hind legs to scrape in the soil, slowing it down. At this point, DS fell backwards but managed to land without hurting himself. Indie was flung over the head of his Sheepyrock, but did a very feline barrel roll and seemed unhurt as well, but he glared at DS- Who was now about fifteen feet away- regardless.

    ‘Right here, friend.’ DS said, as electricity crackled around his fingers. He prepared for some close combat.

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