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Stars and Sand: Orre RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Keleri, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. So...ever since Pokémon Collosseum came out and tried to be kind of dark but failed miserably, I wanted to take the region into my own hands and do it right. I'm already writing a fanfic, so when I saw the RP section I was like "OMGZ I WONT 2 RP!!!11!!" Yes. So anyway...this is my dark Orre roleplay. I hope it'll be as successful as that Hoenn one. Yowza. o.o

    Even if you're not familiar with Pokémon Collosseum, please participate anyway. See below for vague descriptions of the setting.

    I kind of wanted to make this PG-13 so we could get some violence/bad language going, but that tends to scare people away so we'll see what happens, I guess. =/ For now it'll be just PG-10 ish.

    The setting is, of course, Orre, but it's not the happy, flowery game one we're used to. There're numerous little towns and outposts frequented by wanderers and outlaws and whatnot. Phenac City is still pretty nice, but it's walled and guarded and the people there are more than a little paranoid. Agate Village is nearly on the border, so it's pretty nice. Realgam Tower is basically the seat of various mob bosses--sort of a higher-class criminality, compared to the rest of the region anyway. Mt. Battle is the only place the league actually has any influence. Everywhere else, ESPECIALLY Pyrite and the Under, are about as anarchic as you get.

    It is very, very important that you (the players) make up your own people to RP. Wes, his dumb biznatch and all those Team Snagem idiots should ONLY appear as NPC's, if at all.


    0.5. And please, PLEASE put some effort into your descriptions. Thanks.
    1. No overpowered god-moders, no pokémorphs and no fan-created pokémon unless you describe them really well and they're not 00ber-powerful.
    2. You can have a maximum of TWO pokemon to start with. No legendaries, but everything else goes.
    3. You may have ONE vehicle, but it cannot fly (at least for now). Said vehicle's top speed may not exceed 200 kph/120 mph.
    4. If you want to fight someone, work it out with them as to what happens and who wins. NPC's may be manipulated by anyone, as long as you don't bollocks everything up.
    5. No one can die. If I do bump up the rating, then it will be possible to kill minor NPC's and people who want out.
    6. If you want to make a comment you can go "OOC:" and follow that with your comment. If you want to continue to RP you should then go "IC:". Or whatever.

    Right. I hope that's it. If you've got any questions, ask right here.

    Somewhere southeast of Mt. Battle...

    The sun burned in the sky like the eye of a god.
    The wind blew dispiritedly over the rock-hard ground, baked and cracked in the sun until not even a steelix could glean any moisture from it. Spires of rock appeared here and there, ringed with smaller boulders, but the land was mostly flat and clear.
    It was perfect for hybrid cars, vehicles constructed from the odds and ends of a hundred junkyards. They weren't much to look at, but they easily outstripped conventional ground cars in speed and power.
    One such vehicle sits in the shade of a pillar of granite smoothed by time and countless sandstorms. The body of what had once been a half-ton--the doors long gone--rested on a chassis rather too large for it.
    It had to be large, however, to accomodate the oversized wheels and axles that had been attached in place of ones that had been lost. A large, triangular steel beam was mounted on each side of the body. Structures that resembled small jet engines were attached to the beams, just far enough away from the body to clear the wheels. Behind the cab is a miniature reactor that takes up the entire bed. It is silvery with the lead plating that covers--or perhaps shields it. The hood is slightly open, revealing an empty engine compartment, the space therein currently being occupied by a pair of fifty-gallon water tanks.
    A thump and a metallic sound are followed quickly by muffled cursing.
    "Freaking hell!"
    Axel stood up, rubbing her head. She wished it was possible for her to sleep in the cab without falling out, but sadly, it wasn't. She picked her jacket up off the ground, brushing dust off the black leather, and tossed it into the truck. It was, luckily, in better condition than the cracked tan leather of the seats.
    She checked her appearance in the cracked right wing mirror: a pair of odd, violet eyes stared back at her, framed by thick, wavy red hair, recently highlighted with blue dye. She re-applied her blue lip color out of habit; her freckles were really getting out of control. More than usual, anyway.
    Her steel-capped motorcycle boots scuffed lazily along the parched ground as she walked towards a large, dark gray boulder, parts of it glinting like metal in the glare of the sun. She studied it for a moment, adjusting her dark red sport top reflectively before kicking the boulder.
    "Rise and shine, Gun."
    The aggron groaned and unfolded himself from his sleeping position, flexing steel-capped claws and swishing his thick tail as best he could.
    "Agrrr...?" he yawned.
    "Time to go. Come on," said Axel, taking out a battered, scuffed poké ball. The huge pokemon was drawn inside in a flash of red light. She shrunk and clipped the ball to her studded belt, before turning back toward the truck.
    A large, sandy-colored persian the size of a young cougar slunk out from under the hybrid, oozing nonchalance. She licked a paw and cleaned the shiny green gem on her forehead as Axel walked up.
    "You weren't sleeping underneath the reactor, were you?"
    "Mrrr?" she purred, innocently.
    "Well don't, I'm not paying for you to get a tumor removed, all right?"
    The persian rubbed up against her legs, getting fur on her black and red striped knee-high socks.
    "Aer, get in the car."
    Aeriel actually complied, leaping into the cab and curling up under the dash and away from the open door.
    It was just as well--Axel could hear the sound of an engine, and it was getting closer...
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  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    OOC: I suck at names for RP chars, so i'm going to do my general lazy thing and just use my real name again.

    Oh, and I hope you don't mind but my vehicle is Charizard, which can fly. If it's a problem i'll cut down on it.


    "So this is Orre, Charizard." Alex said, his shoulderlength blond hair rippling in the air just as his long leather jacket was doing as the clouds were beat away by Charizard's powerful wings. His pokemon only roared in agreement. He gazed over the desert country (OOC: It can't be a continent like the others can it? We never see any water surrounding it and it's a LOT smaller). Despite it's mostly barren landscape it had a pretty amazing skyline. Everywhere on the horizon seemed to feature a huge tower or mass of buildings of some description that must have belonged to each individual town or City.

    The huge forest of Agate, the Battle Mountain, Realgalm Tower (OOC: Under construction or finished?) and the closest being the Phenac Stadium. The most clearly visible of the lot and Alex's destination.

    "They say the battles here are the best in the world with all these magnificent stadiums and Colosseums..." Alex said to Charizard, the way he was riding gave him the ability to speak directly into his Pokemon's ear and without doing this it was unlikley Charizard could have heard him at all over the noise.

    "It's a pity there are no wild Pokemon, even more so considering we had to leave the others behind to be allowed to fly here..." Alex muttered a few choice curse words under his breath about the annoying Customs Officer that had taken his Pokeballs from him and sent them back to Proffessor Oak via PC. "We'll have to get the others back when we land. Speaking of which."

    He moved his legs forward and patted Charizard with his hand, giving his Pokemon the indication that it was to go in for a landing. Phenac City was a walled city, a wall that managed to keep most vehicles out but was unable to stop Charizard from flying in. It streaked over the walls, only a few metres above them as it lowered quickly into a landing position. Pulling up and beating it's wings slower it managed to upright itself and land slowly and gracefully next to the Fountain - the centrepiece of the city.

    "Thanks Charizard." Alex said with a smile as he slid off it's back and onto the ground, ignoring the glares from the people nearby that had obviously been startled by him and Charizard landing so abruptly.

    Seconds later, Charizard was nothing but a flash of red returning to it's Pokeball which Alex quickly shoved onto his empty belt before heading north to the Pokemon Center.

    It took him a while to realise that the PC with Transportation functionalities was downstairs and not the PC that was kept upstairs - where the Transportation PCs were kept in every other Pokemon Centre in the world.

    "Damn things." He cursed as he pressed a few buttons on the PC, trying to get it to work. Repeatedly he slammed the keyboard in an attempt to get it to respond until finally it did with "Out of Order" Flashing across a blue screen. "No!" He roared, kicking the vile machine in anger before taking his rage out on ever single step he slammed down upon on the way back up.

    "That damn machine down there's buggered" He yelled over to the nurse as he reached the top of the stairs - having noticed instantly the moment he entered that it was not a Joy sister as was the norm everywhere else.
    "Sorry Sir, but we're waiting on Miss Lannette, her Sister and Bill from Kanto to travel over here and set it up. That PC isn't networked yet, just as with the rest of Orre. They should be here sometime next week."
    Alex's eyes opened wide in a fury.
    "Why didn't you tell me that earlier!" He roared, catching the attention of the other patrons of the Centre.
    "Well, i'd assumed you were trying to use the Orre Network that's already in place. But you can only use it for Pokemon you catch here in Orre."
    "How can you catch Pokemon when there's none to catch?" Alex glared at the nurse, quickly resenting her very existance.
    "Orre hasn't always been the barren desert that it is today. Once it was like Agate Village with wild Pokemon running free just like Hoenn or Johto or Kanto. It's only in the last few decades that this has been happening and the Network was set up over 70 years ago."

    Alex was becoming irritated with the Nurse's constantly nice tone, so much so that he nearly felt like thumping her. "Grah!" He roared before stomping out of the Centre in a rage and throwing himself against the wall of the building.

    "Now what? Charizard's too tired to fly back to Kanto straight away and there's no bloody point in being here any more." He growled to himself before remembering what the Nurse had said. "Next week eh?" Looking around at the quite beautiful Phenac City. "Guess i could take a week's holiday here and wait to pick up the others." He sighed before pulling himself up from the wall and looking around for a hotel. "There's gotta be one around here somewhere..." He muttered to himself as he wandered through the city.

    OOC: I really can't think of any more i can be arsed putting in there without turning it into a whole story. The next to participate could link in with that or you could NPCise Kel, up to whoever.

    Also, you'll be happy to know that a fair few of the members that come here come from a board with a high quality RP forum, so i wouldn't expect any really bad replies - unless we get n00bs coming in or something.
  3. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    ooc-First bad quality post :p


    "Metagross," Dave shouted, the wind meaning he could hardly hear himself even at the slow speed he and his Pokemon were travelling, "We need to hurry, before it gets dark." He paused, looking up to the sky, after realising that the Sun was much less intense than it had been previously.

    Slowly he lifted a hand from where it rested on the blanket which was covering Metagross' body and touched the surface.
    "Much cooler." He muttered, looking at the blister he had obtained when the duo started travelling. In Hoenn the sun had never been so hot that Metagross became too hot to touch.

    "That means I can hold on." He said, folding the blanket up, slipping slightly as Metagross continued to stomp through the sand, each step taking a while for the Pokemon to remove it's foot from the hole it had created.

    "Ok, ready." Dave said to his Pokemon, as he got comfortable. He was used to this, laying face first on Metagross, his arms holding on ightly to the slight ridge halfway round the body. With a grunt of aknowledgement Metagross started to hover, as it's legs folded up underneathe itself.

    Soon, sand was flying from the ground as the Pokemon gained speed, something it couldn't have done earlier for fear of it's trainer falling off.
    "Head towards that mountain." Dave yelled, pointing to what he assumed to be Mt. Battle. "There is sure to be somewhere to rest there."

    ooc-I know you send engine, but this is more fun. You oculd make an NPC, or have mistaken Metagross hovering for an engine.
  4. OOC: Only 2? Can't we use characters from other sites (I liked Don...) or we start fresh again?

    And could someone sticky a character bio section?
  5. --Note--
    Feel free to use an old character, but for the moment they should only have two of their pokemon.
    --End Note--
  6. Axel sat on the driver's side, the keys in the ignition and her arm gripping the wheel. The sound of the engine--well, maybe it was more of a hum--was getting louder by the second, and yet she hadn't moved. In a region where curiosity not only killed the cat, but also stripped it naked and left its body in the middle of the desert, this sort of inquisitive desire was not only stupid, but often fatal.

    And yet she still wanted to see who it was. Perplexing.

    And the wind was picking up, too. Wonderful.

    Something blue and metallic went by, kicking up dust and exhibiting a textbook doppler effect as it came and went. Axel sighed, relaxing. Just a pokémon; with a trainer on its back, yes, but he hadn't noticed her. What was that pokémon called? Meta something. Oh well.

    So where to now? Not Phenac, Tera wouldn't be ready for a few days... Pyrite? Yes...she could have some fun in Pyrite.

    Grinning to herself, Axel turned the keys with one hand and slid her mirrored goggles over her eyes with the other. As the truck roared to life, Aeriel sunk her claws into the floor. The transplanted spedometer and disk stereo glowed green out of the cracked dashboard. She shifted gears and the truck began shifting forward as the twin engines warmed up. She punched a button, the speakers instantly blaring european techno; loud, but only marginally louder than the engines. Aeriel merely folded her ears, used to it. Nodding along to the synthesized beat, she strapped herself into the seat--should probably do that first, but whatever.

    "Time to fly," she whispered, and slammed down the accelerator.
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  7. PinkDeoxys

    PinkDeoxys Guest

    Alexa had been walking through the desert for a while now, and she was getting lonely. Her only Pokémon were Cyndaquil and Linoone, since she had left all her other Pokémon in Lanette's PC.

    Her rival, Blade, had many Pokémon, including the Salamence that had been traded to him by Alexa for a Blaziken. Yup, this was going to be a very long day.

    Finally, she came upon a city. It was almost empty. Strange, thought Alexa. Such a big town should have tons of people in it.
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  8. PinkDeoxys

    PinkDeoxys Guest

    After entering the town, Alexa was stopped by a trainer named Cail, who wanted to battle. This should be easy, she thought. I have defeated Steven, after all.

    So the battle began. It was a one on one, with Alexa's Linoone battling Cail's Nuzleaf. Linoone launched many powerful attacks, but Nuzleaf would dodge every single one. Finally, Linoone landed a direct hit with an Ice Beam attack, freezing the Nuzleaf and winning the battle.

    Cail then handed Alexa a Poké Ball, saying that the Pokémon inside wouldn't obey him and often knocked itself out. It could be hers now.
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  9. Doctor Oak

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    OOC: Please don't double post and please take the time to sign up if you wish to post outside of the Master Quest Forum.
  10. OOC: Even though my character in the character topic has four Pokemon, I am only using two, as per your request. Also, I have taken some liberties with the function of a Pokedex.
    Jeff stood in the sandy wasteland, next to a bicycle. He glanced at a map and scratched his head.

    "Hmmm..." he muttered. "This does not look like Cerulean City. Mercandos?" A Mr. Mime walked over to him. "I believe that we... are lost."

    Mercandos clapped his hand to his forehead. "Mime... Mister mime, mist."

    "You're right, as usual. We need to get out of this heat." Jeff recalled Mercandos into his Pokeball and climbed on the bike. He rode off into the distance.


    A few miles later, Jeff arrived at a walled town. He went up to the entrance, where two guards in black suits and sunglasses stood. "Um... can I enter the city?" he asked.

    "Your passport," growled the larger of the two guards. Jeff took his passport out of his pocket and handed it over. The guard began to look it over. "Hmmm... 16 years old... first Pokemon, Mr. Mime..." The guard raised an eyebrow. 'Where is 'Happy-Happy Village?'"

    Jeff looked at the ground. "Err... It's in Eagleland... don't ask."

    The guard shook his head. "Very well, your papers seem to be in order. Please, come in." The massive doors to the city swung open.


    Jeff looked upon Phenac City. It was lush with plant life, and crystal clear water was flowing everywhere. He noticed a Pokecenter in the corner and went to it. He fully healed his Pokemon and sat down, just as a small boy in a striped shirt and a baseball cap walked up to him.

    "Hi!" The kid said. "You're new in town, aren't you?" Jeff opened his mouth, but the kid went on. "I challenge you! Nobody in this town can beat me, so I have to resort to fighting outsiders." He pulled out a Pokeball and opened it, revealing a very sleepy-looking Abra. Jeff called out his other Pokemon, a Porygon named 99.

    "Abra, use an Ice Punch," the kid yelled. Jeff yelled right back. "99, Agility, now!" The Porygon raced circles around the Abra, while Abra tried to nail Ice Punch after unsuccessful Ice Punch. "Now, 99, Sharpen and Tackle!" Jeff yelled. The kid countered with, "Quick, Abra, try a Fire Punch!" 99 sharpened its beak and slammed into Abra, hurling the Psi Pokemon into a nearby bookcase. It slid to the floor, very much unconscious. "Oh, no! Abra!" The kid ran over to comfort his hurt Pokemon. He recalled it and gave it to the nurse, meanwhile whispering something to her. She nodded, and Abra's Pokeball disappeared.

    "You jerk! How could you hurt my Pokemon like that?" the kid wailed. He rushed out of the door, dropping something on the floor. Jeff picked it up to give it back, but the kid was long gone. Jeff took a closer look at the item. It was a Pokedex! He opened it and noticed that a message was flashing on the screen.

    'Incoming transmission to... Trainer Jeff...' All of a sudden, the Pokedex whirred and a Pokeball materialized in front of it. Jeff grabbed it and opened it. A Weepinbell popped out, and promptly hugged his leg. Jeff looked at her. "Who's sending me Pokemon...?" But, he decided not to worry; he now had a brand-spankin'-new Weepinbell. "I'll call you... Argentina."
  11. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    "That was some Porygon to have taken down Abra in one go." Alex said casually from afar as he watched Jeff name his new Weepinbell. "Always wondered what it would be like to train a Porygon... can't say i've seen many trainers who do for that matter."

    He began to walk closer, his leather coat swaying around him with a slightly intimidating force and his hair being buffetted around his head in the wind.

    "And a Weepinbell." He looked down to the new addition, somehow transferred through the trainer's Pokedex. "You sure do chose some of the more under-rated Pokemon." He looked from the Weepinbell to Jeff's eyes, staring into them, his eyes burning with the intent to battle - or in general just thump something really hard - from his previous frustrations... but simply because of these frustrations he knew a battle was out of the question.

    "Well, then." He took a final look to Weepinbell before returning his steely gaze to Jeff. "I guess i'll see you around." With that, he simply walked off, his mind already searching for something to do to occupy the week he now faced without any Pokemon other than Charizard.

    "Orre is so desolate and boring..." He muttered to himself, attracting once again the attention of passers-by. "You'd think for a region so infamous for it's shady dealings that there'd be a bit more action than an over-zealous Porygon and a slow-witted Abra..." Hands in pockets he walked around, head down in frustration - almost yearning for a can to kick but receiving none through complete lack of any apparent litter in the whole city.

    "They don't even break the litter law in this city..." He moaned. Though he wasn't exactly a criminal himself, Alex was an adventure and action seeker and this trip to Orre was supposed to have given him just that. Instead he'd ended up with no way to get his other Pokemon and nothing else to do for a week.

    "I should have gone to the Sevii Islands instead..." He moaned again, his foot actually taking it's instinctive swing and planting itself into a passer-by's shin. Not stopping or caring enough to say sorry, he kept walking and moaning to himself as he wandered aimlessly around the town, desperately hoping for something to leap out of the ground or fall from the sky or soar over the horizon - just something to end the boredom.
  12. Jeff walked out of the Pokecenter. He had Mercandos walking along beside him, and the two were locked in a conversation.

    "I'm just saying, I think that SunZero makes a much more effective fighting force when coupled with a Nebulus partner."

    "Mime! Mime, mister, mismime!"

    "Okay, I'll grant you that. But, Suncust is infinitely more valuable than a Reaper any day-" The conversation was suddenly cut short as a small bird Pokemon tore across the town, almost knocking over a guy in a leather coat who, Jeff realized, had also been watching his battle. Jeff turned his attention to the Pokemon, which turned out to be a Farfetch'd. It rushed past him, holding an orange and an apple, in addition to its normal leek sword. An old man was chasing it.

    "Come back here, thief!" He stopped to take a breath, and the Farfetch'd disappeared behind the Pokemart. He grimaced as Jeff walked up to him.

    "Hi, sorry, I don't mean to bother you, but why are you chasing that Pokemon?"

    "That dirty bird is a thief! I run a produce shop, the only one in town..." he gestured toward a tiny stand overflowing with lush fruit, "and it stole some of my merchandise!" Jeff nodded.

    "Don't worry! I can help!" Jeff followed the path that the leek-wielding Pokemon took.


    "Mercandos! Try a Hypnosis!" Jeff had cornered the bird Pokemon, and it had dropped the fruit to battle. Mercandos stared deep into Farfetch'd's eyes, and it began to feel drowsy. Soon, it was snoring away on the ground. "Now, try a Dream Eater!" Mercandos stood over the sleeping Pokemon and began to absorb its energy. The Farfetch'd began to shudder. Jeff pulled out his Pokedex and watched the health bar creep lower and lower. He pulled out a Great Ball as well. "Now, for the final touch..." He hurled the blue ball at Farfetch'd and a beam of red light enveloped the sleeping bird. It wriggled once, twice, thrice... and stopped. Jeff picked up the Pokeball triumphantly. "Yes! It's mine!" He picked up the fruit and left the alleyway.

    "Why, thank you, young man!" The old man shook Jeff's hand.

    "No problem. But why was there a Farfetch'd here?" Jeff asked. "This place is barren."

    "I have no idea," replied the old man...
  13. On the hot dusty dunes of orre two silhouettes walked barely visible through a vicious nightfal sandstorm that was starting up.One of them was human , the other was a Sandslash trudging along with him.
    "I cant believe what a day we've had" ,moaned Kyle as he braced himself against the storm.
    "Sand Sand slash", replied his sandslash in a Sympathetic tone.
    "First of all we hear Ciphers reared its ugly head in Orre again,Then we get told we have to go it alone as it isnt certain their back.Then on the way our ship cuts out and it ends up getting stuck deep into a sandune"
    "ash ash" Sniggered The sandslash.
    "I had to catch it with a ultra ball to get it out for f*** sake"laughed Kyle,
    "slash slash"
    "yeah,lastly were in desert at nightfal,which isnt exactly the safest place to be"

    He fixed his Go-Goggles on his eyes and looked at his Key tool Glitch.
    "Glitch map",he said gasping for air as sand sprayed against his face.
    The circular screen lit up and a small three dimentional hologram of a square bit of land lit up.
    "Oh great nothing within miles,"he held two pokeballs holding his salamence and metagross"Redwing and met wont be abe to fly us out due to the storm so we better call it a day" said kyle to his sandslash.
    "Sandslash Double Rock Tomb"he comanded pointing toward the target.
    His sandslash clenched its claws (o.o.c is that possible) and summoned up eight large bolders from the ground and threw them in a circle a few feet away
    "Now mudslap the bolders" he shouted
    Sure enough his sandslash did and ran round the bolders spraying mud upon each of them forming a dome.
    "Now use some hidden power"
    Sandslash cupped its claws together and formed a small red orb of energy that it soon after fired in a beam towards the dome of mud,It blasted round the dome and a few seconds later he stopped firing the beam and knelt
    down tired next to the beautiful glass dome that it had created"
    "One last attack friend, secret power"
    Sandslash's eyes lit up and it punched making a shockwave that blasted a small entrance to the dome"
    "Nice work you deserve a good rest"He took out a pokeball and In a second sandslash was sucked within it to safety.
    Kyle crawed into the custom secret base and even with the desert winds he soon nodded off.

    (O.O.C would make a preety good contest apeal that dome if it was used in the anime)
  14. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Hate to say it, but you pretty much just wasted your time with that post. The topic itself has been dead for over a year, and the creator left ages ago. If you like this sort of plot you're much better off re-creating a similar topic yourself.

    Take note of the dates when joining some of these RPs. If they haven't been active within the last few months or so chances are they're dead topics.

    Might as well lock this topic. If for some random chance Kel returns and wants it reopened, she can PM me about it. Until then, this topic is dead.
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