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Open Star wars: the lost tale

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Killerbunny the god, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. This role play is about the clone wars. You can choose to be a small time pirate and just have some small smuggling wars with Hondo Ohnaka or Jabba the Hutt or fight big in the war between the republic and the separatists. I love the brutality of the clone wars series (like, spoiler if you haven't watched it yet, when Darth Maul murdered a whole village to get Obi Wans attention) and would like to have that in the role play. Then take note that little kids shouldn't read this. Also i give permission for 2 main characters and 3 side characters (if you want to you'll be able to make the side characters your main characters. You may also replace one of the side characters with another character. Then you have the option to kill, capture (enemy of course) or send away one of your teammates. If you send away they can come back as an insignificant character later on. You may also assign you character to another person in this role play. You both have to be in on it though. And please make sure you announce what happens to your teammate to avoid confusion). I understand that you might have more than so as part of a squad or if you're a pirate and so on but they won't have big roles like the rest. The side characters don't need much of an introduction unless you feel like you want to give them that. Other than that, here's the character bio:
    -Sexuality (optional): (straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual etc.)
    -Republic, Separatist or other:
    -Trooper class:
    -Trooper rank: (doesn't apply for bounty hunters or pirates (well, kind of for pirates). Rankings: general, commander, lieutenant, sergeant, captain etc.)
    -Outstanding physical traits(optional):
    -Outstanding mental traits (optional):
    -Short story (optional):
    -Team (optional):
    I'll do my characters and you can use it as an example:

    Name: Trevor
    Gender: male
    Age: 34
    Sexuality (optional): gay
    Species: human. From Naboo
    Trooper class: Jedi
    Trooper rank: Jedi General
    Weapon(s): one lightsaber (blue) and the force
    Outstanding physical traits (optional): scarred over his face by a lightsaber. Had an eye replaced with a red robot eye
    Outstanding mental traits (optional): a bit rebellious
    Short story: His old master was killed along with his padawan in a battle with general Grievous. Since that day he dislikes battling alongside other jedi
    Team (optional): clone captain Jay and the clones Lou, Fry and Main

    Name: CT-104984 (Jay)
    Gender: male
    Age: 25 years
    Sexuality (optional): demisexual
    Species: clone from Kamiino
    Trooper class: clone soldier
    Trooper rank: clone captain
    Weapon(s): two small pistols and a rifle. Use the rifle most of the time
    Outstanding physical traits (optional): except for his armor being decorated like Rex's armor (but in black) there's no difference from a normal clone
    Outstanding mental traits (optional): a bit unstable
    Short story: he was originally a normal clone trooper under Trevor's master's command. He got promoted to a sergeant first and started getting close to Trevor and his master. Then Trevor's master died in combat and neither Trevor or Jay were the same after that. He got promoted to a lieutenant and shortly after; a clone captain
    Team (optional): jedi general Trevor and the clones Lou, Fry and Main

    The side characters: Fry is an arc trooper (lieutenant) and use a rifle. Lou and Main are clone troopers (sergeants) and Lou use a sniper and a pistol and Main use a minigun and a pistol

    And now to start the role play:

    "Sir! We got incoming! Hundreds of droids!" Sergeant Lou told Captain Jay over the radio and Jay passed on the information to Trevor, the jedi general in command.
    "Ready the cannons, we need 50 clones here as guards! The rest you bring with you and meet up with Lou! And send out the speeders as support! You got the command over there Jay! Fry, Main and i will stay here with the remaining clones to guard! And you! Lieutenant Ace! Bring them air support as well" Trevor ordered.
    "Yes sir!" Both Captain Jay and Lieutenant Ace said in chorus and ran to their complete their objectives. Trevor eent to the mess hall to request reinforcements. Fry and Main followed. In the middle of the mess hall was a hologram table. Trevor pressed a button and waited for a reply. Soon it appeared a blue figure on the table.
    "Master Windu. We still haven't gotten those reinforcements you promised us. And we are now in desperate need of them. We are under attack as we speek and fear that we wont be able to hold off the enemy for long. We might have to flee back to Coruscant" Trevor told the jedi master.
    "I gave order to the nearest cruiser to reinforce you. They had quite a distance to go but should arrive in a few hours. Do you think you can hold out that long?" The jedi master said.
    "We'll see. I can't give any promises. But if we don't, we will retreat back to coruscant" Trevor said.
    "Good. Hold them off for as long as you can. Help is on it's way. May the force be with you" master Windu said and that ended that conversation.
    "General, i think we should check on the battlefield" Fry said.
    "I agree" Trevor said and pressed another button. This time a small version of the battlefield appeared on the table. It didn't look good.
    "It seems to be about 900 droids. And 100 enemy airships. We're only about 200 troops defending. And 40 airships. Minus the troops in the base. How we're gonna deal with those spider droids and those tanks is beyond me" Trevor said.
    "Wait. Look there. That spider droid's legs have been weakened. If we'd destroy both legs at the same time it might create a domino effect and crash the rest of the spider droids" Fry said.
    "You're right. But how are we gonna do that? No clone could possibly get so close to it and attach a grenade to it. And the cannons aren't that accurate" Trevor said.
    "No, but you could go there and attach grenades to them" Fry said.
    "Yeah... are you sure you can handle the base here then? You're responsible here then"
    "I got it. But you need to hurry, general" Fry said. Trevor nodded and setted off running towards the battlefield
  2. Name: Cham Entuwa
    Gender: Male
    -Age: 25
    -Sexuality: Straight
    -Species: Mirialan
    -Republic, Separatist or other: Other, but is more likely to side with the Republic than the Separatists.
    -Weapons: His weapons of choice are a modified wookie bowcaster (modified to be more lightweight and have better range), an X-8 night sniper blaster pistol, and a vibroblade dagger.
    -Outstanding physical traits: Cham has green skin and short brown hair. He also has facial tattoos in patterns normal to the Mirialan. One bar of tattoo stretches from right under his left eye to his left ear. Another goes from his right eye to his jaw.
    -Short story: Cham is a freelance smuggler that currently has a contract with the Republic, smuggling relief supplies to planets occupied by the Seperatists.
    -Team (optional): Ei'la (female, Mirialan), Krayton (Human, male)


    "Alright, coming out of hyperspace... Now." Ei'la said as Cham sat back in the pilot's seat. The pseudo-motion kicked in, and Cham and Ei'la found themselves staring at a planet. Cham took the control of their ship, the Shooting Star, as Ei'la read the navigator.
    "Kark!" Ei'la exclaimed. Cham rolled his eyes.
    "Another credit for the swear jar." Cham said, guiding the ship towards the planet.
    "Oh, shut up. This accursed navigator takes forever to orientated itself after hyperspace jumps!" Ei'la said, tapping the screen furiously. "Why didn't you get it updated back at Courasant?!"
    "Relax, mate. I put the correct coordinates for the jumps." Krayton said from the tail turret.

    "Ah, perfect! The scan's showing a large group of life forms and tech right below us! There's our drop point!" Cham said, and began to enter the atmosphere. El'ia frowned, and tapped the navigator again.
    "Still nothing..." El'ia said. She glanced at Cham, then through the window. "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
    The Shooting Star burst through a cloud, and Chan's eyes widened. There was a full-blown war going on down there!
    "This... This isn't Dantooine..." Cham said, shocked. A loud beeping noise filled the cabin, and El'ia began priming for another hyperspace jump. A group of Vulture Droids broke off, heading straight towards the Shooting Star.

    "Krayton, incoming fighters!" El'ia yelled back as Cham began to attempt evasive maneuvers.
    "El'ia, get those shields up NOW!" Cham yelled, putting the ship into a spin and heading towards the planet's surface. El'ia paused from her calculation to activate the shields, but when she did, nothing happened. El'ia pressed the switch again. Still nothing.
    "El'ia, the shields!" Cham said nervously.
    "I'm trying, nothing's kriffing working!" El'ia yelled back.
    "Krayton, get out of-" Chan's warning was interrupted as a Vulture Droid scored a direct hit to the back of the Shooting Star.

    The Shooting Star plummeted towards the planet's surface, smoke trailing from it's back. At the last moment, it managed to get it's nose up, and skidded across the ground. It finally settled to a stop not to far away from the front lines of the Clone Army.
  3. "What the f_(#!? Where did that come from!? Lou, take two guys and search it!" Jay ordered and shot down a smaller spider droid.
    "Yes sir!" Lou said and went to check it out with his two selected clones.

    Meanwhile, Trevor tossed a sticky grenade on one of the spider droid's legs and slashed a super battle droid in half. The other grenade he had to throw to as three droidekas appeared from behind a tank. He threw it and it landed perfectly. Then he started deflecting the lasers that the droidekas fired at him as he retreated back to his clones. Once he got back he hit the detonator switch and the two sticky grenades exploded and it worked! The spider droid crashed into another and it crashed into another etc. A few spider droids are still left though. And there's still alot of tanks. And droids. They're still in a disadvantage.
    (Btw, i haven't decided which planet this is going to be. I think either Mygeeto or Malastere. Let me know what you think. One of those two or another planet)
  4. (Uhh... I'd prefer Malastere. But whichever one you prefer, just make sure you give a good description of the setting!)

    With a groan, El'ia came to. Her world was upside down... No, wait. That was just the ship. There were scorch marks everywhere, and the ship looked more of a mess then it normally did. Slowly sitting up, she looked over to see Cham working on something under the control panel, which was now on the ceiling. There was a loud snap and Cham let out a yell, pulling back his hand. Growling, the Mirialan kicked the wrecked ship.
    "Karking piece of shabuir! The karking hyperdrive computer fails, the karking nav computer fails, the karking shields fail, and now we're in the middle of a kriffing war zone on some forsaken planet, with a drukload of-"
    "You broke the swear jar..." El'ia said weakly. Cham whirled around, and quickly ran over to El'ia.
    "You're okay!" Cham said, relief evident on his face and in his voice. El'ia started to stand, but winced and put a hand to her side. Cham went to help her, but El'ia just held up her hand.
    "It's... It's nothing... Bruising, I think." El'ia said. Cham nodded, and went back to working.

    "I managed to get the shields up and running again, and I'm trying to convert what little power we have left to them. But it won't last long. Try to salvage what you can." Cham said, brushing off his hands and looking back at El'ia. El'ia looked around, and suddenly noticed that something was missing.
    "Where's... Where's Krayton?" El'ia asked. Cham sighed, and looked away. El'ia put a hand over her mouth.
    "He got a warrior's death. It's what he wanted." Cham said quietly. Silence fell across the upside-down ship.
    "I'm... I'm going to go... Go look for supplies." El'ia said quietly, then walked away. Cham simply sat in the cockpit and looked out through the broken windshield. He had managed to find his bowcaster, which he was glad of, and his X-8 Night Sniper was always on his person. Cham watched through the windshield with his bowcaster in his lap, ready to fight if needed.
  5. (Uhm... sorry. I'm quite bad at detailing :p. But sure, Malastere is a good choice. If you want that changed, that's fine by me)

    Lou arrived at the crashed ship with his two clones.
    "Look for survivors. Be quick because they need us in the battle. I'll stay out here as guard" Lou said.
    "Yes sir!" The two soldiers said and went inside the ship.

    "SOMEBODY TAKE THAT &#€)!×& SPIDER DROID DOWN!!!" Jay shouted. He shot a small spider droid in the eye and a battle droid in the chest.

    Trevor deflected a shot from a super battle droid and it hit another super battle droid. To his right someone fired a bazooka and a tank exploded
    "If this keeps up we'll be overwhelmed in the next hour. We wont hold them off long enough for the reinforcements to arrive" Trevor said.
    "I know. Maybe we should get F... AH!!!" Jay was shot before he could finish his sentence. Trevor checked if he was still alive. Luckily, he was.
    "GET THIS MAN TO THE MEDICAL CENTRE IMMEDIATELY!!!" Trevor shouted and re-entered the fight as a clone carried Captain Jay away
  6. El'ia had just made it to Krayton's room when she heard the sound of footsteps. Drawing her EE-3 Blaster Rifle, she ducked into Krayton's room, looking over her shoulder. However, something caught the corner of her eye. Looking over, El'ia noticed an unusual metallic cylinder, not too big. Picking it up, the Mirialan ran it through he hands. It looked kinda familiar... El'ia pocketed the device, then quietly continued searching Krayton's room.

    Upon hearing footsteps, Cham spun around and pointed his bowcaster, then lowered it when he saw it was clone troopers.
    "Well, well. Didn't they ever teach you to knock?" Cham asked the troopers, relieved to see them.
  7. "We were sent to look for survivors, sir. If it wouldn't be any we would've waited forever to get in if we were polite. And you could be hurt or something" one of the clones said.
    "How many more are there in here? Are you hurt? We have a medkit with us if you need it. We're needed in the battle though so we can't stay long" The other clone said.

    As Lou was standing guard, another group came to investigate the scene. The droids this time. He wouldn't be able to take them all down himself so he took cover inside the ship, trying to find his clones or another life form
  8. Finding Krayton's I-QA 11 Blaster rifle, El'ia also found a few detonators. Finding nothing else, El'ia slung the blaster rifle across her back and went to exit Krayton's room, only to come face to face with Lou. The Mirialan gasped and staggered back, surprised at the sudden appearance of the clone, then relaxed.
    "Where the kark did you come from?!" El'ia exclaimed. She kept her EE-3 at her side, realizing that it probably isn't a good idea to point a gun at a clone trooper.

    Cham sighed.
    "At ease, trooper. It was a joke." Cham said. "I've got one other survivor, but we're relatively unharmed. However, before we got here, both our nav computer and our hyperdrive went on the fritz, so we have no idea where we are. What planet is-?"
    Cham suddenly stopped, hearing a metallic clanking from outside the crashed ship. The pilot gripped his bowcaster and stood up, looking around cautiously.
  9. "Sorry to startle you. I was guarding the ship outside while my two clone friends where looking through your ship for survivors when a group of droids appeared. I took cover inside here to get my clones out or someone else" Lou explained.

    The two clones were immediately on their guard, guns ready. They were ready to shoot the Mirialan if needed. They hadn't heard the droids outside.
    "Sir?" One of them said.

    "Sir! We wont be able to hold them off! I suggest we retreat back to the base!" A clone said.
    "You're right. We should retreat. But we also need to hold them off. So instead of retreating, get Fry and the last of the clones who are not busy looking after the wounded?" Trevor said, knowing this was basically like suicide. But they couldn't retreat now. They had civillians to look after now too. They couldn't leave them. So their only option was to keep on fighting

    Fry got the message from the clone Trevor had ordered to get Fry to the battlefield. "This is suicide" he thought and got every last clone to go to the battlefield
  10. Cham put a finger to his mouth, gesturing for the clones to be silent. He adjusted his grip on his bowcaster, and turned just in time to see a battle droid look through one of the broken windows.
    "Enemies! Uh oh-" Cham cut off the battle droid, a shot from his bowcaster taking off it's head. Cham looked at the other two troopers.
    "This isn't a good place to be. Any chance we could get the check out of here with you guys?" Cham asked. Two battle droids looked through the window, and Cham ran as they opened fire.

    "Alright then. What now?" El'ia asked. A battle droid looked through one of the broken windows of Krayton's room, and saw the Mirialan but not the clone trooper.
    "Enemies here! Blast them!" The battle droid yelled. El'ia spun towards the voice, surprised, and the droid fired. El'ia let out a small cry as the shot hit her right in the gut, knocking her back towards Lou.
  11. Lou caught the female and took her to a safer place and returned to the room to see where the blast came from. He drew his pistol from the holster. He saw a battle droid and shot it in the head. There were three more behind that one though and they weren't gonna let him get another chance to shoot another one of them down so he retreated into the cockpit with the Mirialan where there were more battle droids. The two clones had started firing upon them. Lou thought quickly. He opened a wardrobe and left the Mirialan inside of that to keep her safe from the lasers. Unfortunately the battle droids behind him started firing and hit him once in the back before he could take cover behind a wall. He was still vulnerable to fire from the cockpit though.

    One of the two clones grabbed the male Mirialan and pulled him backwards to retreat slowly while the other one covered them. They heard some grunting behind them.
    "Sergeant? Is that you, sir?" One of them asked.
    "Yeah. It's me. I hid your friend mister. She was shot in the gut. There are three droids coming up behind us" Lou said.
  12. The clones had managed to drag Cham into an awkward spot in the hall between the cockpit and the ship's relaxation room. Stuck in a perfect puncher attack. There was a flurry of shots as the three battle droids in the relaxation room attempted to keep them down.
    "What?! You left her back there?!" Cham exclaimed, but his anger cooled when he saw that the clone captain was wounded as well. A droid managed to climb his way into the cockpit, but Cham blew it away with his bowcaster.
    "Tch, whatever! What now?" Cham asked the clones.
  13. (Clone seargent. Jay is the captain)
    "Don't worry. I made sure she'd be out of harms way. But we can't drag around her during a battle. I suggest we cover both directions. You and i take this this side, -insert clone name- while you two should take care of the other. I might be wounded but i can still shoot" Lou said and turned to face the three battle droids with his pistol
    "Yes sir!" Both clones said and turned to face their opponents
  14. "What?! You want to dig in here?" Cham said, astounded. "That's ridiculous! We have nowhere to go if things go bad. I think we should push up to the rec room, grab El'ia, and get the kark out of here!"
    Cham fired again at the cockpit, trying to keep the droid's heads down. He desperately hoped that El'ia was still okay. He had lost one friend today, and Cham didn't plan on losing another.
  15. "That's a very bad idea. We don't know how many there are out there. And sprinting out with two damaged persons? Do you have a deathwish? You're right that we wont have anywhere to go if something went wrong. But atleast that's an if. Running out of here would be a certain death for atleast one of us. I don't know about you but i'd like to keep everyone alive" Lou said. He fired his pistol and hit one of the three droids once in the chest and once in the eye. It fell to the ground. The other two droids were shot down by the other clone.
    "I suggest that you help your friend, mister and we'll cover you. You cover him from the front, '-insert clone name-'. We'll handle things back here". Lou turned around to face the cockpit

    In the battlefield Fry had made it to the scene with the remaining soldiers. He started analyzing the battlefield immediately, looking for weaknesses in the droid army. It didn't look good
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  16. Cham sighed angrily, but realized the clone sergeant had a point.
    "Alright. I'll be right back." Cham said, emerging from the scrap of metal he was using as cover. Keeping the bowcaster to his shoulder, Cham carefully made his way through the ship, keeping an eye out for any battle droids. He was in the rec room, not far from the crew quarters, when he realized the clone sergeant hadn't told him when he hid El'ia.
    "Kark." Cham muttered under his breath. There was a groan from behind him, and Cham looked back to see a wardrobe. Opening it, El'ia slumped forward, limp. Cham caught her, and slowly lowered her, putting his bowcaster back on the strap in his back.

    "El'ia. El'ia" Cham whispered, gently tapping her face. She didn't respond, but Cham watched her chest rise and fall with breath. She was still alive! Cham picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. Since he needed two hands to use his bowcaster, Cham drew his blaster pistol and made his way back to the clones. Once he got there, Cham noticed that El'ia still had her satchel. Maybe she found something that would help them!

    Cham looked through El'ia's satchel. There was some thermal detonators, as well as an unusual cylindrical device. Pressing a button on it, a bronze beam of energy sprouted out of it, burning into the wall. Cham recognized it immediately. It was the weapon of the Jedi, a lightsaber! What was El'ia doing with lightsaber, and an unusually colored one at that?
  17. "Go after him! We're right behind you" Lou said and the clone that had been ordered to cover the front went after the Mirialan. He found him holding another Mirialan. A woman. And in his hand was... "a lightsaber!?" The clone said outloud obviously shocked. He looked up at the male. "Are you a jedi, sir?".
  18. "N-no. This isn't mine." Cham said, deactivating the lightsaber and putting it back in El'ia's bag. The Mirialan then took the satchel and put it on, then looked around carefully for any battle droids. Cham took another glance at El'ia and noticed she had her EE-3 blaster rifle held tightly in her hand, even though she was unconscious. Cham couldn't help but to smile. El'ia was definatly a warrior at heart. Holistering his blaster pistol, Cham took El'ia's blaster rifle and adjusted his grip on her unconscious body.
    "Let's go." Cham said to the clone gruffly, and started to make his way back to Lou.
  19. "Yes sir" the clone said and followed him back.
    "Oh good. You got her back. You two clones find a safe way out. Avoid confrontation with the enemy. Sir, do you have any medkits on this ship? She'll need one" Lou said. The two clones went to find a safe way out and in the cockpit the droids now smashed more windows to get in easier. "/#€)" Lou shot another one down but it seemed like it was an infinite amount of droids. After a while a commando droid entered the ship, making Lou fear for his life. These guys were not easily taken down. They could easily dodge a bullet and take nearly as much hits as a Super battle droid. These guys are without a doubt the most dangerous combat droids of all. The commando droid ran up to them and pushed Lou to the wall as well as strangling him with his hand. Lou dropped his pistol and grabbed the commando droids arm and tried to remove it but it wouldn't budge. He started to lose hope
  20. Once they reached the clone sergeant, Cham laid El'ia behind cover. Right as he did that, the battle droids began to swarm the destroyed cockpit. Lovely, a perfect time for those two other clone troopers to leave. Using El'ia's blaster rifle, Cham began to help the clone sergeant fight them off.

    Then, a style of battle droid that Cham didn't recognize entered the ship. It was darker then the others, and it's eyes seemed to glow. Not only that, but it somehow managed to dodge the first shots Cham aimed at it, and the other shot didn't seem to effect it. Before Cham could shout a warning, the commando droid had pinned Lou to the wall, choking him.

    Cham blasted the other droids that were scrabbling into the cockpit, then cast the blaster rifle he was using aside. If that didn't seem to effect it, then he would just have to use something bigger. Drawing his bowcaster, Cham pointed the weapon point-blank at the commando droid's back and fired.
  21. Lou saw what Cham was doing. His eyes widened though it was impossible to see due to the helmet. He couldn't be thinking to shoot the commando droid with that could he? Wasn't he aware that the clone on the other side of the droid would probably die to? Just as Cham fired Lou tried to scream. >Boom<. While the commando droid might have taken the explosion, the knockback was enough to send Lou flying through the metal and out of the ship. He hit the ground hard. His eyes were closed. It was impossible to tell from the distance Cham stood in if he was alive or not. The other two clones came running when they heard the blast. They had good news with them too. They had found a safe way out of here and told Cham this.
    "Where's our sergeant?" One of them said
  22. When Cham fired the bowcaster, the explosion knocked him back as wall and going the bowcaster from his hands. His ears were ringing, and he sat up, groaning. Suddenly remembering El'ia, Cham checked her. Luckily, the cover Cham had put her behind managed to block her from the blowback of the bowcaster. When the clones arrived, Cham could only point them to the hole in the ship.
    "A really tough... Battle droid..." Cham managed to get out. His head was pounding.
  23. The two clones looked through the hole. There was Lou, motionless.
    "I'll go check on him. Think you can hold of the droids?" One of the clones said.
    "Yeah, i got it" the other clone said. The first clone nodded and climbed out of the hole. The other one started shooting down droids. There were still an endless amount of droids. The first clone reached Lou and started looking for a pulse. Lou's helmet had already flown off so he checked the throat pulse first. He couldn't find one. Then he removed Lou's gloves and checked the wrists. Nothing there either. That confirmed it. Lou was dead. The clone went back to the ship and climbed back through the hole. The other clone asked him about their sergeant but all he could do was to shake his head. He sat down to tend to the female Mirialan so she wouldn't die too. He put a bandage around the shot wound and then went to check on Cham. He seemed fine. Just some explosion side-effects that would wear off soon. So he joined his brother and started shooting the droids to hold them off
  24. (This is my universal form that I got permission from @black charizard tv to use)

    Name/Nickname: rrr'rur(traditional)/ crimson(common)
    Appearance: rrr'rur traditional cloth clothing and has a modified face mask (more on that in equipment) over that cloth he has scavenged storm trooper armour that varies between a commando helmet, different types of recoulored chest and limb parts that are from special forces, he had collected these over the years he spent on tatoinee
    Personality: he is very quiet and often can speak many language and is fluent in Basic and his original tongue. He is very proud of himself as a sand person and holds tradition close to his heart, very few have seen the body underneath the clothe and mask

    Allied Faction: the bounty hunters guild (at the beginning of the Rp he is on no job)

    Abilities: he can mask his steps very well and has a great shot
    Weaponry: he is armed with a handmade tusken rifle and a armblade he crafted from scraps of droids, he had also found many madalorien weapons on the cruiser, he often uses the assualt rifle and a (wait for it) flame thrower along side his tusken rufle

    Equipment: his face mask has been modified to sense thermal heat, radiation and see the best part to shoot when using a gun, he also has a jet troopers jet pack
    Personal Ship: a restored crusader class corvette that holds 2 LAAT (infantry carrying variant)
    Backstory: rrr'rur was born into a prestigious tribe of sand people and admired his father for his hunting skills and his mother for her persuasion, he was looking through the waste lands and found a crashed crusader class corvette with 5 crashed drop ships scattered around from a possible battle, the tribe put all there resources into it and ended with a repaired corvette and 2 drop ships, he became the leader and flew the tribe to a the more live able planet of corosaunt while he was there he heard of the bounty hunters guild and instantly wanted to join he got a crew together and joined, but instead of relying on his crew for help with bountys, he goes to corosunt for members of his tribe

    Other: N/A

    During the battle going on over head rrr'rur pulls out of hyper space and smiles behind his face mask, a large battle was going on beneither his feet, he turned on the intercom and spoke into it "ok people, we got a fight going on and I wanna shoot stuff so some one take the wheel and let's go shoot stuff he said shooting a look and someone on the bridge to start piloting as he moved off towards the hanger as he grabbed a bag of all his weapons
  25. (I also gave him permission to use his own sort of character bio instead of mine as you probably noticed. And now that Lou is dead, i'm gonna introduce another character. This one will take Jay's place as a main character. It probably seems like Lou was one of the main characters but he wasn't. I was just running out of ideas for the battlefield)

    Name: C-loo
    Gender: female
    Age: 15
    Sexuality: bisexual
    Species: Nautolan
    Trooper class: jedi padawan
    Trooper rank: none
    Weapons: two green lightsabers
    Outstanding physical traits: none
    Outstanding mental traits: naive like a jedi padawan should be
    Short story: a normal jedi story. They found out she was strong with the force, brought her to the jedi temple and trained her to become a jedi
    Team: Trevor, Jay, Fry and Main

    The republic cruiser came out of light speed. C-loo heard the men talk about life signs on the surface but that they were dropping rapidly. That worried C-loo. She was assigned to train under this jedi but if they couldn't get there in time he would die and the jedi council had to find someone else to train her. That would mean more waiting. Which was something she didn't want. She had already waited for a year and trained by herself. She went to the hangar to get into a LAAT. Clones followed her. None of which she had gotten any close to. Some clones got into the other LAATs. Luckily the only separatist cruiser in sight was too far away to cause any troubles. They got down to the planet safely and started firing at the droid army.
    "Get us down behind the line of clones!" C-loo ordered the pilot.
    "Will do!" The pilot said and drpped them off. The clones scattered to reinforce the weak points in the defence while C-loo took her two lightsabers and went looking for her new master
  26. Rrr'rur had deployed LAATs of his own, but it was easy to distinguish them from regular ones from the markings he could see another ship come out of hyper space he got on the coms and ordered his crew to hail the captain of the republic crusier, he kept his weapons close to him and looked out of the hanger to the other ship, preparing a boarding crew if it was hostile and if not he could potentially have a client
  27. C-loo found Trevor but decided that introductions could wait 'til later. She jumped up in the air and in to the enemy army. She started slicing down droids in every direction.

    Trevor was surprised that they had sent a jedi with the reinforcements. A young one at that. They knew he didn't like to work with other jedi. He got angry. He jumped after the padawan to see why she was here and started slicing droids with her
  28. (O.o Dang, mate. You just straight up killed him off!)

    The shock from the explosion was beginning to wear off, and Cham grabbed El'ia.
    "By the force, of all the times you decide to really sleep." Cham grumbled. But when the clone troopers returned without Lou, Cham hesitated. Where was he? Then it hit him. The clone sergeant was dead, either by the commando droid, or... Cham didn't want to think about it. He hadn't even learned the trooper's name.
    "We need to go." Cham said, putting away his bowcaster and picking up El'ia's blaster rifle. He began to make his way towards the exit that the troopers mentioned. He could hear the roar of engines as other ships flew near. Cham could tell the engines were ones of bigger ships, not the small ones the vulture droids used. Maybe it was reinforcements for the republic?
  29. "Right!" The two clones said and followed slowly while covering Cham's back.

    Trevor cut down another battle droid and jumped up on one of the remaining spider droids. He sliced of it's guns one by one and then he shoved his lightsaber into it's head, pulling it out from the side. This caused the big droid to fall so Trevor jumped off and landed on a tank. On it he threw up the hatch and sliced the droid inside. He sat down at the controls and began firing at the separatist army, starting with the spider droids
  30. As Cham made his way through the crashed ship, he would drop a inactive thermal detonators every few feet. After him and the clones safely made it out of the ship, into a droid free area, Cham tossed another thermal detonator into the ship, this one armed. Adjusting his grip on El'ia, Cham ran, hopefully followed by the clones.
    "Clear out!" Cham yelled to the clones, diving behind a tree and covering El'ia. A few moments later, the ship exploded, destroying the nearby battle droids. Cham sat up, looking around the alien forest.
    "Everyone okay?"
  31. The two clones were knocked back by the explosion but still alive thankfully. They got up and replied: "yes. We're fine. Go on ahead we're not leaving without our sergeants body".

    Jay woke up inside the base with bandages around his head and chest. He saw a medical clone nearby. He tried to sit up but could only support himself with his elbows.
    "Clone. Can you give >cough cough< me a status report on the battle?" He said. The clone came up to him.
    "Yes sir! Reinforcements have arrived. But you need to rest" the clone said and pushed him back down, forcing him to lay down. "Fine then" he thought to himself and drifted back to sleep
  32. Rrr'rur grumbled, no response, she shrugged it off and grabbed is mamdalorien assault rifle and held to the side of the drop ship as he waited for it to break orbit

    Once it had done so the doors on either side opened he peered out the side though the slits in The corner, he held his hand made rifle "fire!" He yelled over the intercom to the twenty or so soilders in is drop ship and the other
  33. Trevor noticed the other ships coming. They looked different from normal LAAT's. What were they? Was it bounty hunters or something? Seemed that way. He ignored them as they seemed to help. Great. That meant they had to pay them back after the battle. As they didn't have a lot of money they decided to let the cruiser pay the bill
  34. He chuckled watching droids drop all over the battle field, he hit on the door of the pilot "take us down there! I see people" he yelled, turning the assualt rifle to semi auto, figuring it would be best for the situtation
  35. Cham nodded at the two clones, then picked up El'ia again and proceeded on into the forest. He could hear sounds of a fierce battle in the distance. Hopefully, Cham would be able to make it to the Republic base so El'ia could receive better medical aid. A pair of LAAT flew by overhead, but they didn't have the same paint job ones the republic had. Pirates? Mercinaries? It didn't matter to Cham. What mattered was getting El'ia to the Republic's base.
  36. The two clones went back to find the body among all the scrap metal. They found it and began dragging it back to the base the same way that the two Mirialans took

    Back at the battle the republic had almost defeated the whole army. It was only a couple hundreds left. And some of their vehicles. Some remaining MTTs started sending out reinforcements for the droid army but it wouldn't matter as much. Now, the republic had the advantage
  37. Rrr'rur finally landed and looked around, hoping he wouldn't be blasted the moment he showed himself to the clones, he stepped into he open with his gun on a sling around his waist and his hand halfway in the air, he scanned the area for the commanding officer
  38. Trevor noticed one ship had landed.
    "Fry, take command for a while. You three, come with me" he said and ran towards the modified LAAT with three clones as backup if needed. They arrived at the ship and had their weapons ready. The clones aimed at who seemed to be the leader and Trevor looked threatening with his lightsaber.
    "Who are you? And why are you here?" He said
  39. "I'm, well, let's say crimson cause you would have no chance at understanding my name, I'm here to shoot some stuff, strike a deal or just have the scraps" he explained, trying not to appear as hostile "up in the sky right now I have a squad of my best snipers taking out the remaining droids, proving I have no intention on harming you" he added
  40. "Lower your guns. Fine then. You can take the scraps and consider them as payment for your help in the battle" Trevor said. He was still on his guard though. He knew you shouldn't trust people like this all too well

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