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Star Wars: the Clone Wars RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. (Hi! If you choose to join, that's great. Just a few simple rules for this. Hey, we need guidelines, right?
    1. This takes place during the Clone Wars, so there's only four factions. Republic: Jedi or Clones, Separatist: Sith or Battle Droid, Mandalorian: Mandalorians, and Unaffiliated: Bounty Hunters and Traders. All droids except for battle droids can work for any side.
    2. If you're going to play as a Separatist, please choose another character as well. It's best if you have a good guy, too.
    3. I know this goes without saying, but PLEASE try to stay with the story that others are laying out. All of us together will work really hard to make a good story, and don't completely disrupt it. And PLEASE try to be at least in the general area of one or more characters.
    4. You can have a minimum of one and a maximum of five characters.
    So, with that we're ready to begin!)

    It is a time of war throughout the galaxy.
    The Separatists, led by former-Jedi-turned-Sith Count Dooku, have initiated a hostile takeover of the galaxy. In order to combat the seemingly endless numbers of the Droid army, the Republic has enlisted the help of the Kaminoan cloners to create a clone army. Now, Jedi generals lead their troops into battle against the Separatists to bring justice to the galaxy.
    On the far away planet of Odonai, a world full of huge, green plains, Jedi Master John leads the 437th legion in order to reclaim the city of Tanaheim from separatist tactician Aroob Shogun.

    Another bomb went off, eliminating more battle droids. One flew towards the approaching clone army... and was sliced in half by one of Jedi Master John's dual lightsabers. His AT-RT rushed forward, him being flanked by his Padawan, Margot, to the left and Commander Jack to the right. Five AT-TEs were behind them, moving much slower. In between the AT-TEs and the AT-RTs was an army of clones. Lieutenant Ace was leading the charge. "Gotta hand it to Blast." Jack said, shooting some battle droids with one of his dual blasters. "Going out at night and planting those mines was a brilliant tactic." "And a dangerous one." John said. "But I agree. Besides, we- TANK!" John sheathed his lightsabers and veered to the side as an AAT came out from a ditch. The AT-RT jumped over the tank... but when it landed, the Jedi knight was not inside. He was instead on top of the tank, cutting a hole through the roof. The sounds of lightsaber cuts and battle droid wails could be heard inside the tank. "I'm sure glad I'm not them!" Margot said with a smirk.
  2. [Ok um.
    Unaffiliated/Bounty Hunter
    Appearance: Long, black coat that the collar covers the bottom half of head. No helmet or hat, just brown, longish hair. Black pants stolen from a Mandalorian.
    Weapon(s): Semi-Automatic Blaster Rifle, Pistol, lightsaber dagger thingy, and thermal detonators]

    Arciot was at the Cantina, (Planet is whatever you're on...) and he was drinking.
    "Mister." He asked the bartender. "Any new jobs?" The bartender was cleaning a cup. "Huh? Oh look on the wall." "No. I mean JOB requests." The bartender looked at him. "Oh. Those." He went under his desk and pulled out a holoprojector. "There's only one." He told Arciot. The bounty hunter looked. "Kill this Jedi... Hmm... How much they paying?" "36,000 credit." The bartender replied. "Hmm... I'll take it." Arciot said. He pulled out his holoprojector and scanned the other. Keeping the information in the device, he finished his drink, put the projector away, and walked away.
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  3. (The planet is Odonai. Read the scrolling text. And your character WILL eventually become a good guy, right?)
    John had commandeered the tank, and sent it crashing into a second. A third tank fired at Jack, but he swiftly dodged. "You bolt brains couldn't hit a Bantha in slow motion!" he said before an AT-TE blew up the remaining AAT. The battle droids were now retreating. John hopped back into his AT-RT and he called Margot and Jack to his side. The three leaders started to chase the troops, an army of clones behind them.
  4. [Ok. And yes, he'll be good. Don't worry. He's gonna start out as a freelancer, but will permanently work for the Republic.]
    Arciot hid by the battle field. "I'll take a Jedi hostage and make him bring me to Mace Windu." He told himself.
  5. (That's... really ironic that Mace Windu is the Jedi you're hunting. Mace trained John.)
    John and his troops had destroyed all of the troops, leaving no droid to return to base. The Jedi knight climbed off of his AT-RT alongside Margot and Jack. "Alright, Margot. Time for some more training." he said. "Right." Margot responded. It's the duty of a Jedi knight to teach his or her padawan everything they can. Jack started to give out orders to get the clones setting up a temporary camp. John and Margot traveled outside of the perimeter to a nice quiet area where they could train.
  6. [Heh. That is pretty ironic.]
    Now that they settled down l, Arciot took this as his chance. He dashed closer and then came up behind the older looking Jedi. He put his Lightdagger up to John's neck and his pistol facing the Padawan. "Take me to Mace Windu."
  7. "What the...?" John exclaimed. Margot pulled out a blaster of his own. "Turn off the dagger." she said. John's hand was slowly moving, and something on his belt started to shake. One of his lightsabers flew into his hand, and he grazed the hip of the bounty hunter. Taking his chance, he escaped from the hold and drew his second lightsaber.
  8. "Hmph." Arciot pulled out the rifle. He aimed for the Padawan. He fired twice and hit the Padawan in the hand twice, causing her to drop her lightsaber. He did a somersault to the left and aimed to the Jedi.
  9. Margot recoiled in shock. She began to use Force Heal to heal herself. John used the force while the bounty hunter was unbalanced to knock him over. He then ran over and held his lightsabers to Aricot's neck. "Who sent you? Why are you here?" he demanded. "It was Dooku, wasn't it?"
  10. "Hmm.... Not Dooku.... This man is higher up. That's all I'm saying. Now bring me to Mace Windu!" Arciot said.
  11. "You're insane. And on the entirely wrong planet." John said. "Now, I'm taking you back to the legion. So, I hope you're very proud with yourself."
  12. "Where is Mace Windu!?" Arciot said.
  13. "No chance, buster!" John said. Using the force, he lifted Aricot high into the air and removed all his weapons. Margot ran ahead to tell them they had a prisoner, and John followed with Aricot. "So why exactly do you want Mace?" John asked.
  14. "I was hired. You knew that already." Arciot said angrily. He then kicked and his boot flew off hitting John in the face. Arciot ran while he had the chance. Before running he grabbed the weapons. His boot flew toward him because of a magnetic system in his foot.
  15. John grabbed onto the boot and let it pull him. He tackled Aricot to the ground. By this time, Margot had returned with Jack and Lieutenant Ace. The clones had their blasters pointed at the bounty hunter. "Stay down." Jack said. "I've got an itchy trigger finger."
  16. "Hmph... Fine." Arciot said. He stayed down as they confiscated his gear. "So much for 36,000..."
  17. The clones brought the bounty hunter to a lazer-cell they had set up in the camp. The cell was guarded by ten clones. Soon, John came in with Jack and Ace. They said some stuff that the bounty hunter couldn't hear, and the three entered the cell. "So, tell me a bit about yourself." John said.
  18. Arciot sighed. "Well, my name is Arciot. You can tell what I use as weapons considering you took them! I'm a bounty hunter. Just freelancing."
  19. "Indeed." John said. "Now, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jedi Knight John, leader of the 437th legion. These two clones are Commander Jack and Lieutenant Ace. We are currently here on a mission to defeat Aroob Shogun and reclaim the city of Tanaheim."
    (John's kind of famous on some worlds. Let's say your character has heard of the feats he's accomplished.)
  20. "Oh! You're John! Please forgive me for the attack!" He said sarcastically. He then jokingly bowed. "Look, I get you're famous. I mean yeah, I've heard a lot about you, but is keeping me in here necessary? I can just, ya know leave. Take my stuff, forget about the job, ya know?"
  21. "You held a light dagger to my neck." John said. "You shot my padawan. And you think I'm just going to let you waltz on out of here?" John chuckled. "We're here for information." Jack said. "We need to know why you want general Windu, and what your connection with the separatists is. Now talk!"
  22. "Look, big shot, I don't have a connection with the separatists. The only way I communicate with them is on my holoprojector, which you took. I can call Count Dooku. Besides this one, I've only done one other mission with them." Arciot told them.
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  23. [Oh, oops. I only saw season 1 and the occasional episodes in the later part. Yup, I'll edit.]
  24. "So you can communicate with the Separatists." John said. "You might yet be useful. If you help us, we'll let you do your own thing. Got it?"
  25. "I can work with that. I gonna need my stuff though." Arciot was compelled by the idea of this.
  26. Scythe sighed. Standing still for three hours was hard, but his training allowed him to more or less keep still. His knife, designed to be silent, was safely in his left boot. His crossbow, more specifically his small hand crossbow, was in his holster. His bounty hunter team, the only one to his knowledge to have actual morals, had sent him on one mission: ally with any Jedi on the planet. That was four days ago. He knew the location of a small force of Clones, and had kept a close eye on them, to see any Jedi. He had also begun to watch the skys: his former master had told him to watch out for a battalion of battle droids due in a few days. Of course, Bounty Hunting was frowned on, so his E.I.C (Experiential Invisibility Cloak) was on, as both airborne hostiles and ships would bomb him the second they saw him. Then he saw the one thing he had been waiting for: a Jedi. His force-detector was vibrating like crazy. He commenced to move forward, wary of Clones, who would most likely shoot him if they saw him.
  27. John, Jack, Ace and Margot were all planning out their strategy at a makeshift command center with R3-D6 and Aricot. "The capital is protected by an energy shield, which prevents our cannons from getting through." John was saying. "And we can't march in for two reasons. First, the AT-TEs and AT-RTs would be blown up in seconds by cannons inside the capitol. Second, the only four entry points are energy bridges which can only be activated from inside. We need to get someone inside the shield to both disable said shield and raise the bridges." "That's where you come in, bounty hunter." Jack said. "You're going to enter the city by using your imperial connections. Meanwhile, the General and his Padawan will enter by commandeering one of the droid tanks. They'll head to destroy the shield generators while you take control of the western gate. When the shield is down and the gate is secured, I'll march the troops in straight through the front gate." "And we'll take down that jerk Aroob." Margot said, piping up.
  28. Scythe slowly walked into the tent. He turned off the E.I.C and rose. "I find one problem." He said. "This is too direct. I say a tad of subtlety is in order. I could easily sneak in, turn on the bridges, turn off the shield and get a meal. At the fancy place. All I need us someone to open the door."
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  29. "What the heck?!" Jack said. The Jedi drew their blades, the clones drew their blasters, and R3 tried to menace the newcomer with a small drill used for reparation. "Who are you?" John demanded. The force told him that this man was not dangerous, but the Jedi Knight still wanted answers.
  30. "Scythe. You might call me a... cousin that no one talks about. I am a Bounty Hunter, from the Morale Bounty Hunters. I was sent for two reasons. One, to ally and assist the local Jedi and Two, to warn you of a incoming attack." He said, taking out crossbow.
  31. (Let's just wait for Hacky before continuing.)
  32. (Hacky's a new nickname...)
    "Cool! Were you sent to free me?" Arciot asked the bounty hunter hopingly.
  33. "Did you not listen? I'm here to help, not free a hunter who's obviously bad at his job." He responded. "Anyway, my plan is, we send a small force of Clones disguised as merchants, we use Aricot here to let them in, I sneak in, then the merchants that are in mount an inner city attack, activate the bridges, as I destroy the shield generator, then the remaining legion attacks." He said. "Any questions?"
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  34. (Ooh! Sick burn on Aricot!)
    "That wouldn't work." Ace said. "My Excelsior Squad attempted that same strategy in the Battle of Kasilo. The heavy clone armor and weaponry couldn't go unnoticed by the droids." John was thinking. "But it's not the same story for Jedi." he said. "We could adapt our strategies, but me and Margot are taking down the generator. If you're really here to help, go with Aricot to secure the bridge. Two people have a better chance than one, and Aricot could bring you in as a 'friend' using his separatist connections."
  35. "I say we adapt it even further by sending three Clones, each with no armour, but with a pistol for 'self-defense'. I have a disguise kit to change there appearance. I could also smuggle some weaponry in." He said.
  36. "No. Clones need armor." Jack said. "It's too risky. Sending in two bounty hunters and two Jedi to establish control over the area seems like a good plan to me."
  37. "Very well. But I may be able to smuggle in a large explosive..." He said, A Smile Begining To form on his face.
  38. Arciot smirked at the hunter who dissed him. "Ya know what one of my favorite things about actually knowing what I'm doing for jobs? It's the fact that suckers like you that failed mission! Bwahahahah!!! You don't even know what my mission actually was!!! Man!! It's people like you who I can see right through! You're a pathetic hunter if you associate to much with one side! Teaming up with the Jedi!? Who gave ya the mission? Jar Jar Binks!? Bwahahahahahahah!!!!!!!" Arciot received his stuff from a clone. He was itching to beat the crap out of some droids.
  39. "It's settled, then. We leave for the mission in the morning." John said. He and Margot headed off with R3, who had just shut down the holo-map. Jack and Ace walked Arciot to the clone trooper barracks.
  40. "We have morals at our group. That is why we aren't all in prison. I can't say the same for you, can I?" He said. Then, he vanished. "By the way, I got my order from Queen Amidala of Naboo." His disembodied voice said.

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