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Ask to Join Star Wars: Survival in the Galaxy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by BlueMew392, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Kato gave a confused look to the droid. "Spa, spagetyfied?(spagehttified) Never heard of it." She said. Kato then pointed to the severed leg with her empty hand. "And you surely won't be dismembering without that." She started to spin the whip around, causing electricity to spark in the air. "And this has way more range than you. Try using your internal logic system."
  2. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    ".....you have no idea miss."

    He unveiled a part of his sand cloak, drawling out an E-5 blaster, a toxic needle gun of some kind, and many arrangements of toxic grenades, as well as the Pistoeka alongside him.

    "Your abilitys may be impressive, but you cannot match two targets at once. That much is absolute."
  3. Kato took a feminine position. "You still didn't tell me what that spa-something word was." She said in mock disappointment. Making a fake turnaround, the she-cat took a blaster from a side pocket. "After fighting off about 10 Kiltik, two droids ain't seeming to hard." She winced on the inside quietly. Her language needed some work.
    (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kiltik (Kiltik))
  4. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "For your information, it means to fracture violently, peices flying into a soup of debris." The modified battle droid responded. "But can you really fend off two droid's and a skilled Jedi while aquiring your target at the same time? That seems impossible there. Face it, you are outclassed, pirate."
  5. Zenix sighed and slowly turned to the man. "So you know," he said, "Look, I don't want any trouble." He didn't want to start a fight that would lead him to trouble, especially trouble with the Empire.
  6. Kato grinned and indicated to the person in the alley. "Oh, I'm not after Jedi, my boyfriend is. There he is now." She said. "And, well, two other things." She said. But instead of continuing, she hoped to catch the robots off guard and blasted a shot at the right leg. "One, we don't like being followed. Two," Kato blasted another round. "Not a pirate, droid. A pilot."
    Raden kept a stone straight face. "New to the secretive side? Should've tried to lie." He said. From his right vambrace, a long golden band expanded out. "Some of us don't need the force."
  7. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The pistoeka remembered the same move she did from last time and narrowly avoided the shot. The b-1 battle droid didn't pay the mind to even turn the way of the new pirate that had entered the scene.

    "I'd suggest you both stand quietly and drop your weapons, because the Calvary has arrived."

    Out of the sky, a elaborate fighter, a StarViper whizzed close, it's weapons extending and priming to the scene of the crime. The pilot seemed to be a modified B-2 battle droid that seemed war torn. Out of the starViper came a loud intercom that echoed in the alley and rooftops.

    "Raider scum, lay down your arms and do as we say, or we will not hesitate to rid the Galaxy of your Xeno filth."

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  8. Kato slouched her shoulders. "Its Cathar, not Xeno." She took off a device in a shape similar to a grenade. "I would hate for you to get it wrong. Oh, and do a run on what this little device is. I call it, The Deactivator." Pressing the button on the side. "This little EMP device will go off when I stop pressing this. So, put the weapons down or your circuits are fried."
  9. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "We have sought out EMP weaponry before." Null spoke. "So we installed a dead man's switch into our fighter. If it were ever deactivated forcefully, it would detonate. Killing everyone within a few hundred yards due to it's payload also detonating. You propose mutually assured destruction, which would mean your death is a CERTAINTY. Is that what you want?"
  10. "No, it would've pointless for me to lie if you already know," Zenix said, "I can sense that have some bad blood towards the Jedi. It doesn't have to be this way."
  11. Kato waved an arm aside. "Well, even so. Your dead as well. Shut down. Exploded. Is that what you want?" She asked. Rolling her eyes, "but your droids. You feel nothing. Your a robot, and they all shut down sometime."
    Raden just peered forward. "Jedi code. Do not engage unless engaged upon. Don't kill. How hard is that? To leave people alive, better off dead." Refusing to step forward, "Jedi don't care for anyone but themselves."
  12. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "Robo phobic remarks will not delay us." The droid walked toward her, a hand out reached. "Hand over your weapons, and you will not die meaninglessly. Now as for you Jedi...I have one question. Did you or did you not fight in the clone wars?"
  13. "The people seem like a great group for target practice" Akio said to himself as he sat on top of a building looking down into the Ally way. Also then pulled out his DC-17 before he started to aim down at them. Akio started to pull the trigger before he stopped himself "wait for the right moment, Akio" he told himself as he placed his Trooper helmet on.
  14. Dredd chuckled at the pirate's futile attempt to intimidate him. "Do not expect me to be deterred by small threats from a small-time pirate." He retorted in basic. He was fluent in Galactic Basic, after all. However, as Mando'a was his native language, he often found himself slipping back into it unintentionally. The bounty from this pirate's crew would also prove beneficial to Dredd. He needed the currency, after all.
  15. Nat continued to sit there, waiting for the right time. So far, he had counted two droids, two bounty hunters of some sort, and someone who was supposed to be a Jedi. And he was out there, sitting, and watching it all. He knew he should have ran then, but he didn't. He stayed, something compelling him to stay, though he wasn't sure what. He began listening more intently, until a starfighter flew in right above him. He didn't think it could see him, but there was definitely more going on.
  16. "Now move it." Kel said as she forced the pirate forward and they would go back outside to the entrance of the Cantina and walk over to Ruby, who had been sitting by the metal box with something banging inside it. Kel pushed the pirate forward, getting a warning snarl from Ruby.

    "Easy girl. Anyway there's your bounty. Now hand me my funds." Kel said as she extended her palm to receive her due credits. The pirates, as he glanced at Dredd, let out a sigh and began to reach into his pockets and began to pull out his credits.

    Suddenly the metal box behind him began to bang and thrash wildly, with muffled cries within as Ruby snarled at it.

    "Nema'r udesiir!" Kel yelled, which seemed to calm Ruby down enough as the pirate had jumped back from the thrashing of the box.

    "Hey, no one said to stop." Kel said, her blaster aimed at the pirate who gulped and went back to counting credits.
  17. Akio grabbed a rope and tied it to the top of the building. "Here I go" Akio thought to himself as, he soon climbed down to the ground before he hid behind a crate. Akio then pulled out his DC-17 and inserted a power cell in it before he started to aim at the group. "Heh sure looks like they got some cash" Akio told himself before he took a shot in their Direction.
  18. Zenix sighed once more. "I know many Jedi have been corrupted due to the war, but I'm not like them," he said. He then looked behind the man and saw another individual taking a shot. "Look out!" He yelled. Zenix rushed behind the man, ignited his black lightsaber and deflected the blast.
  19. Nat jumped up and unholstered his blaster pistol, seeing the apparent sniper rifle go off. He aimed his pistol and fired right around where he thought the assailant was firing. "If this guy is a jedi, there is no way I can let him die without finding some answers." He whispered to himself. He shot a few more bolts to the area, hoping one would hit the mark. He dove into the alley and got behind a dumpster. "I suggest you two do the same, I doubt either of you can outshoot a sniper." He said to the two, before firing another volley. He knew none of his shots would hit the sniper, but maybe it could keep him low.
  20. Akio was shocked to see that this shot was deflected "dang it" he thought to himself as he took another shot before he duck behind the crate. "Ok ok, let's see what the I'll come is Akio?" Akio asked himself as a few shots were fired back at him. "Crap, how am I going to survive this" Akio asked himself before he realize he had a chance, when he pulled out his SE-14r and began to free fire all around the area.
  21. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    I don't have time for these degenerates...!

    Null and the Pistoeka rounded a corner, going out of the ally as they climbed some clay colored stairs that led to the rooftops. Null slid next to the Jedi's position, and shot suppressive fire toward the sniping weapon. The starViper turned around, it's blasters locking on to the location of the fire null was landing, and shot a few powerful fighter grade turbolaser rounds into the side of the scene.
  22. Raden cursed under his breath. Suddenly, two large deflector shields erupted from the vambraces. They always seemed to be placed right before a blast hit him. Taking his chances, Raden lept away from the action, indicating to Kato to follow.
    Kato watched the signal from Raden. "Oh, sorry droid." She said to Pistoeka. "Got to go. And tell your friend you got stopped by a cat holding a box of mints." She tossed it down revealing a can of mints made in the shape of an EMP grenade. As she tossed it down, Kato swung down into the main street. "Back to the ship?" "Yes." The two ran down to the docking station, A4, to retrieve their ship.
  23. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Good riddance, at least they are out of the scene...

    He judged that he would already be far enough from the EMP grenades already to do any real effect, but sent a few warning shots at the pair with his E-5 as an incentive to keep running away. The starViper continued to pummel the sniper's position.

    "Perish Xeno filth!"
  24. Zenix continued deflecting the blasts and watched the two escape. "I guess I should leave too," he said to himself. He turned off his lightsaber and jumped towards the roof. Once he was on, he ran off.
  25. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Null saw the Jedi nearby take off, and he locked sensors with the target.

    Not on my watch!

    He ran after him, the Pistoeka following suit. He shot a blast at the foot of the Jedi.

    "Stop! If you don't I will add you to my Force user tally!"
  26. Raden watched from his ship at the droid challenging the Jedi. "That's my kill." He said quietly. Slamming open a door hatch, Raden lept out onto the rooftop between the Jedi and droid. A shield came on the left vambrace, and a golden beam from the right. "Come at me." He said in challenge to the droid.
  27. Zenix looked behind him and saw two droids following him. He jumped to dodge the blast. He then took out his blaster pistol and began shooting at the droids. Once the guy from before came, Zenix stopped and looked confused.
  28. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    I don't have time for scum.

    "Alright then."

    Just then the StarViper dove into battle, firing at the two villainous pirates, the conclusive blasts littering their position, crumbling the building they were in. The droid turned to the Jedi.

    "I am not wanting to kill you, Jedi."
  29. Kato at the wheel, the Star Raider launched like a knife in butter to the StarViper. It fired off some high calibre shots using a pulse cannon. Try messing with me on MY ship.
    Raden watched as the blasts flew to him. Lifting the shield stopped the main blow, but still pushed him back some. "Yea, try again droid. You need to fix your skill level from idiot."
  30. Nat followed the pursuit again, this time slowly from behind, running alongside them on the ground. The starfighter returned, and then another came, firing blasts at the first. Nat climbed up on the roof, but still laying low. He was behind the droid, staring at the "Jedi", but still crouched. He had his blaster pistol in his hand, aiming nowhere, but still ready. He quietly began cursing to himself, wondering what he was doing here. "Ugh, just leave this alone, it's not worth getting killed over... Or... is it?" Nat stayed, still conflicted with himself.
  31. Jake was waiting for a ship that was 1 minute to late so he was getting impatient when a imperial landing craft had came and landed in the track Jake walked up to the craft and when he stopped a large door on the side opened revealing 4 storm troopers picking up a box and bringing it to the rim of the door jake opened it revealing a little tiny bomb this bomb had the power to explode a planet there were only 2 made one being tested in a inhabited no named planet exploding it the other that lies before Jake is going to be used to explode the planet Coruscant to finally get rid of the Jedi order and rule the galaxy once and for all. Then the box was picked up and stored away in a highly protected vault. The pilot of the craft carrying the bomb came and ran up to Jake. "Im sorry I'm late sir!"The pilot said pleading to Jake. Jake dident care so he took his light saber off his belt powering it on and decapetating the piolots head. There was something Jake definitely wasent a man of mercy. There were now 4 crafts all carrying 36 storm troopers ready to evade a town and there were 4 gauntlet fighter jets ready to shoot down homes and possible enemy forces. Jake was in a craft heavily guarded. They arrived at the town that was populated so they landed and the storm trooper created a line and started to march Jake in the back with some elite Sith troopers. Suddenly a guy was running through the town yelling the "Sith are coming!". Suddenly the town went into panick running in all directionsthere was no where to go. Some flame troopers started to burn down building while the jets shot down building from building while storm troopers went in building to building bringnout people that were killed or were enslaved. Jake walked through the streets seeing what he thought was beatiful.
  32. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The starViper took a hit, buckling the shields. It then retracted it's long wings, which shrunk it's overall size, avoiding the other shot. The starviper then then discharged something from it's back before speeding off. Null and the pistoeka turned to the Jedi.

    "Hit the deck!"

    Then, the unknown thing on the StarViper's back that fell off, a proximity mine! The proximity mine, meant for space combat dropped directly on the enemy ship, exploding violently. It's detonation shook the streets and sent the battle droid a few feet into the air before landing back now
  33. Nat saw the mine drop and he quickly ducked further, the building he was on shaking but holding true. He stood up to see what happened, but he fell back down because of how disoriented he was. His ears were blaring and his eyes were filled with smoke. He couldn't do anything but try and feel around... And then he felt something without his hand. He didn't know what, but he could feel something on another building, in the direction of where the jedi and droid were.
  34. Akio jumped on his Monocycle before he started to drive after the ship's. But as he saw the Mine dropped Akio quickly turned around as the ground started to shake which threw him off of his Monocycle. "Dang" Akio thought to himself as he pulled out his SE-14r and tired to fire at the ship's.
  35. 6 crafts landed 4 of the them filled with 36 storm troopers and some Sith troopers 3 at most. 1 ship was specially made to hold 4 trained Nexus that would eat anything and the last ship held 2 trained Rancor. The army of the town was fighting back and was killing storm troopers but the storm troopers were killing more of the opposing army. Jake was dogging all the bullets with his light saber sending them right back at the person. A rancor came out of a alley way and tore the opposing army to shreds while a Nexu had need tearing people limb to limb.
  36. Akio got back on his Monocycle before he drove down the street. "Jedi.. heh I can use this" Akio thought to himself, as he started to think about the current situation before he started to fall asleep. "Man.. I'm tired" Akio said before another vehicle almost ran into, but Akio quickly moved out of the way. Soon he turned around to see 6 crafts come down from the sky Akio soon smiled as he pulled out his SE-14r and DC-17 and began to fire at the Storm troopers hitting a couple of them. But Also soon had to duck behind his Monocycle as the enemy Storm troopers been to fire at him "Dang it" Akio thought to himself.
  37. Zenix saw the mine drop and immediately ducked down. Once that was over, he saw Stormtroopers running through the streets. Not only that, he also felt the presence of the Dark Side on this planet. "This can't be good," he said to himself.
  38. Dede and Keke ran out in a quite cute style over to Jack. "Hey boss, brought the trigger." They said in perfect harmony. Dede, on the right side, held out a tool with a switch under glass. That way it couldn't be pressed accidentally. "Ready to blow this place?"
  39. Nat slowly stood up, finally regaining his orientation, and he located the Jedi. He slugged over to him dropping down to a knee. "You... you're a jedi, aren't you?" Nat asked, but he was quickly cut off by the sounds of stormtroopers and blaster fire. He could also feel something.. dark... but it was something that he couldn't tell what. It was just an ominous feeling. "I... I think we should leave..." Nat didn't really care that he didn't even know this person, he could just feel something about it that made him feel a bit better about it.
  40. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    "If you two take these, I can barter for your safety."

    He held out two pairs of electro cuffs, they radiated with energy as he pulled them out of a sash concealed under his garb.

    "If you come quietly, your safety will be assured. Do we have an agreement?"

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