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Ask to Join Star Wars: Survival in the Galaxy

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by BlueMew392, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. (Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/star-wars-rp.17720/#post-548245)

    Deep within the galaxy, is a ship, big enough for only one individual, flying lonesome. Flying the ship, is a young man named Zenix, who is a Jedi Padawan. Where he is going, anywhere that will not lead him into trouble with the Empire. Because they find out that he is a Jedi, he is as good as dead. Heck, he's a bit surprised that he's still alive to this day.
  2. "Oh, looks like we got company Ruby."

    A lone ship traveling through the stars, big enough for a small crew (Or in this instance, a lone bounty hunter and her pet) caught detection of another ship up ahead. Kel rolled her eyes, this was the last thing she needed as she was already aiming to bring a big bounty back and didn't need this kinda of roadblock.

    Can't afford to change course, that is gonna waste time and I'm already late as it is. I'll just tell whoever this is to bug off.

    Kel would try to contact the ship's communicator and aimed to send a message through.

    "Look, whoever is piloting that single ship ahead of me you kinda are blocking intergalactic traffic. Move out of the way and we won't have a problem." Kel said, sending her message to the ship. Whether whoever was on said ship would comply with her request was another matter. Either way Kel felt it was only right to prep her guns, just to be safe...
  3. Kato was sitting in the living area of the ship with Raden. As they were playing a card based game, two ships were detected in the area. Their ship had adequate stealth technology to prevent them from seeing them. The two took to the pilot seats and watched the other two. "Who are they?" Keto asked her boyfriend, Raden. "No idea. But prepare for boarding."
  4. In a distant asteroid belt, a Lancer-class pursuit craft docked with an old, run down Kandosii-class dreadnought. About ten pirates deployed from the craft. Most were Weequay, two were Rodians. The lead Weequay had two of his own and the two Rodians follow him down one path, while the other five went a separate direction. The group with the Rodians soon came across a room labeled "Carbonite Storage." The five breached the room easily, blasters aimed around. What met them was a strange alien, frozen in carbonite. "Let that alien out. It don't look like none I'm familiar with." The lead Weequay commanded. One of the Rodians obeyed and began the thawing process. Moments later, the alien dropped to its hand and knees, before looking up at the aliens. He spoke in a language the pirates did not understand.
    "Meg cuyir gar? Biai munit ganar bic cuyir?" He asked.
    "Hell did it say?" Another Weequay asked. Their leader just shrugged.
    "I dunno, but I don't like the way it's looking at us. Kill it."
  5. Zenix heard the message, looked behind him and saw the ship. He sighed and activated his communicator. "Fine," he said to the other ship. He then turned off his communicator and moved out of the ship's way. 'She could just seriously go around me,' he thought to himself.
  6. The other group of pirates could hear screaming from the other side of the ship. They turned and ran back the way their leader has went, finding the carbonite room locked, with several dents in the door. They heard sickening noises and metal breaking on the other side.
    "No, no, n-" The voice of their leader broke off with a sickening crack.
    "Surhr! Kebbur bal kyr'amur a jag meg gar tekuva at ganar nayc cayatitr! Ni malyasa'yr kyr'amur gar an!" A mysterious voice called. Moments later, the metal door busted down and the five aimed their blasters at the alien. "Know me as Dredd Ordo of the Taung, for I am the last being you will meet, areutti."
  7. Suddenly a man named Jake Cirtuss sat in his throne in a high tower gazing upon the land he had then got up and gone into his dressing room he'd like to call it in there abunch of robotic arms put on his armoured clothing and give him his light saber. So then he got ready and headed for were he was needed.
  8. "Thank you for your kind gesture." Kel said with a smirk as she would gladly take the open space in front of her and begin to drive her ship forward. Now that that...inconvenience was out of the way she might just be able to make it to her destination in time.

    Seems good fortune smiles upon me yet again...
  9. Zenix merely just watched the ship as it passed by him. He pondered to himself a bit and sighed. "Ah what the heck, I got nothing better to do," he said to himself and flew his ship behind the other ship, hoping it might lead him to a decent destination.
  10. Kel would pay the ship no mind as she guided her vessel towards the nearby planet ahead: the desert world known as Tatooine. Some rumbles in the hull caught Kel's attention as she would let out a sigh.

    "Ruby, go make sure our "guest" behaves. We're almost there and I don't need anymore headaches." Kel said as her pet gave a nod and would make its way to the hull as Kel began to guide her ship towards the planet's surface.

    I deserve a bonus, but I know enough of their reputation not to push anything when it comes to the Hutts.
  11. Zenix continued to follow the vessel and saw the dessert planet. "Tatooine huh?" He said to himself, "Well, it's better than nothing." He then proceeded to continue to follow the vessel.
  12. Dredd looked around at the death he had caused, satisfied. The swine before him were pirate filth. He picked up the modified blaster pistol from the pirate leader. He had no idea what it was, but it looked effective. He put it in the holster on his armor belt before entering the pirate's ship. He began typing away at the console in the cockpit as information was displayed before him, and he read it with interest. After finding out the group of pirates had bounties on their heads, and there were more at a destination marked on the ship's navigation logs, Dredd decided to take action and plotted the ship's next course: Tatooine.
  13. Kel would soon arrive in the nearby ship harbor, landing it easily enough as she shut her engines off and gave a pat to her furry co-pilot.

    "I'll go prepare the bounty for transport, just make sure you don't eat someone." Kel advised as Ruby would give a nod before Kel went down to the hull. Soon enough the cargo hull would open as Kel would walk out with a large metal box she was pulling on a primitive wagon; Ruby right by her side as she would reach into her pocket and pull out a slip of paper.

    "Alright, according to this my contact said he'll meet me outside the nearby Cantina. Well don't want to keep him waiting. Let's go girl." Kel said to herself as she, Ruby and their "cargo" would make their way towards the infamous Mos Eisley Cantina.

    The cargo in question was banging and making a lot of noise, an indication something alive was in there, but whatever it was had their voice muzzled by the container and no one else seemed to care enough to give a second glance. Which is just how Kel liked it.
  14. Zenix soon landed in the ship harbor and got off his ship. He then saw the vessel from before and saw a person with Mandalore armor and a Nexu walk out of the ship with some cargo. Zenix shrugged them off and proceeded to go to the Mos Eisley Cantina.
  15. Kel would arrive outside the Mos Eisley Cantina where she would set her cargo aside and glanced at Ruby.

    "Keep an eye on the bounty Ruby, if anyone tries anything funny scare them off for me. If that ain't good enough, well...you know what to do." Kel advised to her pet Nexu who nodded as it assumed guard position before Kel would go inside the Cantina.
  16. Dredd's ship dropped out of hyperspace once he reached his destination. It was odd. The technology was so... primitive compared to what was used during his time. But he had brushed up on the Gakaxy's history to see what all had happened, and managed to track it back to several events. He also found out that he was four thousand years ahead of his time, and that the Taung were an almost-extinct species at this point. And the Mandalorians... pacifists? It went against everything their culture stood for, he was glad they had been put down. But the ones who took their place were no better. Psychotic murderers. The Mandalorians truly had fallen. He'd be surprised if they even knew Mando'a anymore.

    Dredd let out a sigh as his craft landed on Tatooine, and he made his way towards a Cantina. Mos Eisley, they called it. Apparently one of the pirates were there, and he could lead Dredd to the others if.. persuaded. His helmet hid his features from the aliens around him, hopefully directing some suspicion away from him. Upon entering the cantina, he looked around. He had the pirate's blaster, apparently called a DL-44, holstered to his belt. He also had his crushgaunts on, in case he needed them.
  17. Zenix entered the Cantina and sat in one of the seats near the bar. He ordered a drink and started to drink. He looked around, noticing the mass diversity of aliens that are here. He then sighed in relief as there were no Imperial forces around.
  18. Kel would make her way to the back table where a lone figure sat and waited for her. Yep, matched the physical description she was given, this was the pirate.

    "Odd that a pirate would represent one of the Hutts." Kel said casually as she sat down across from the pirate, who simply smirked in response.

    "I would worry less about how Jabba operates and worry more on supplying him the bounty of his request. Do you have it?" The pirate asked as Kel rolled her eyes.

    "No, I just came here empty handed and was hoping my charm could get me my due credits." Kel said, full of sarcasm as the pirate laughed.

    "I already like you, well then where is your, um, cargo now." The pirate said as he prepared to get up only to pause as Kel placed a hand on one of her blaster holsters.

    "You ain't seeing nothing till I see the fee." Kel replied as the pirate let out a sigh before he sat back down.

    "You know, you don't have to be so cold, I'm just a humble business man." The pirate replied as he would reach over to a bag next to him all the while Kel had to suppress the urge to laugh at the notion of a pirate being anything like a "humble business man."
  19. There was his contact. Talking to a woman in Mandalorian armor. He made his way over to the pair, looking to the Mandalorian woman first. "I suggest you wrap up your business with this man, baretr Mando. Ibic laosr b tomad kebbur at kyr'amur ni, bal Ni e'ya'ga at yaim'ol riye." He said. He hadn't noticed he switched back to Mando'a until after he vocalized his statement. Well, he supposed now he would find out if the Mando'ade still understood their own language.
  20. Kel glanced at the newcomer, an eyebrow raised as unlike her shocked and quite frankly scared contact she only seemed a bit surprised him speaking the language of her native culture.

    "A Mando? Pirusti cuyir va ibic e'yarala." Kel responded in Mano'a, more to prove she understood and could speak her native tongue, before she smirked.

    "Well, I'm sure that was a tough time. However your little revenge session is gonna have to wait until our business is settled." Kel responded, placing a hand on her holster as a non-verbal warning before she would turn to the pirate...who had already taken the chance to flee the table as he would be seen running past the bar. Kel sighed.

    "Be buskra'amtu. Be tahla'ada buskra'amtu." Kel said to herself before she would jump from the table and give chase. Kel had not come this far to come away empty handed.
  21. "Bu'nas'a!" Dredd swore as he punched a column in a slight burst of rage. Because of his crushgaunts, the punch literally broke the column. Luckily, the others were more than enough to support it without the loss of the one. "Ni malyasa'yr gaa'tayl sulyalahba kaysh." He informed the female before he pursued the pirate himself. He wanted to teach these scum that it had been a mistake to cross him. The Taung were a naturally stronger and more resilient race. His traits allowed him to quickly catch up to the pirate, and the Taung rammed his shoulder into the pirate's back.
  22. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader


    Null turned to the Mandalorian who punched the column, making quite a bit of noise in the desert bar. There seemed to be something amiss. Null was dressed in elaborate desert garb, so much so one couldn't even make out what kind of species he was. He watched on, and oppurtunity that could cash flow well could arise if he could play his cards right...

    His seller of a unknown sort hadn't shown in the bar, and so he had nothing else better to do while he hopelessly waited for his seller to show up that scan for other oppurtunity if one were to arise.
  23. Before Dredd could make any other move against the stunned pirate, a pair of capture cables would wrap around Dredd's body. It would be revealed that Kel was the one who was responsible for this action.

    "Sorry, but you're in my way. That pirate has business with me and my business takes top priority. Jii ebin cuyir a jate b'amr bal ba'slanar, ra Ni cuyir slanar at ganar at kadala gar." Kel threatened, in her native tongue to add a boot.

    During this, the pirate would make it back to his feet as he stumbled along the bar in an effort to try and escape his pursuers.
  24. Zenix watched the commotion go down and sighed in annoyance. "Good grief..." He said to himself. When the pirate stumbled along the bar, Zenix waved his hand to use the Force to have him trip, while trying not to let anyone see of course.
  25. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Null noticed the pirate trip...appearing to trip on nothing. While normally it would be assumed that it would just be a desperate or perhaps drunk pirate just being clumsy. But something wasn't right, the way he tripped seemed unnatural, the trajectory was all wrong. Either the pirate was payed off to trip, there was an invisible wire, or there was a sith or even a Jedi in the Cantina. All of them seemed to be unlikely cases. Nevertheless, it intrigued him.
  26. "Well, once more good fortune shines with me." Kel said to herself, no bothering to ask any questions as to why the pirate tripped as she would leave Dredd trapped with her capture cables as she made her way over to the pirate and placed her boot on his back.

    "G-get off me! That lunatic is gonna kill me!" The pirate pleaded, obviously referred to Dredd before his speech was cut off as Kel pulled out her blaster and aimed it at the back of his head.

    "I'd worry less about what that bounded stranger might do to you and worry more and what I will actually do to you. Namely if you don't give me what I am due your blood is gonna be a cantina decoration." Kel threatened which caused the pirate to sweat out of visible fear.
  27. Dredd let out of a chuckle before he used his crushgaunts to rip off the capture cables. "Gar ki'agr cuyir nuh'la, nuhunla. Ni ganar nayc watr at kyr'amur kaysh a'yaou gar acar cuyir gi'a, bal Ni hwa parer akay, 'kay va gar cuyir. A Ni malyasa'yr va ba'slanar akay, 'kay va Ni ganar e'cursr Ni ne'waadas." He simply walked next to the bar and leaned against it, waiting for the Human woman to finish her business with the pirate. "I will wait."
  28. Kato watched the exchange at the bar. They were there for unofficial business. "What's next?" She asked Raden. "No idea." Was the responce. "But force is involved. Jedi." He said, messing with his vambraces.
  29. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Null looked to the crowd inside the dusty Cantina. He wasn't the only one watching the scene for sure. They were attracting a lot of attention, which could definitely be dangerous, especially for what planet they were on. So he decided to stand up and go to the gang that caused the scene.

    "Is there something wrong here?" The droid spoke through a voice synthesizer.
  30. Zenix noticed the droid and saw that he was suspicious about the pirate's fall. He then saw two more individuals come in and heard one of them say 'Jedi.' 'I should probably leave,' he thought to himself. Zenix slowly got up and slowly walked towards the exit of the Cantina.
  31. Raden placed his hand on Kato's arm. "Wait here." He said, to which she nodded. As the person walked out, he followed him. Flicking a switch on the vambraces, Raden was ready for battle.
  32. As Zenix walked out, he sensed that he was being followed. He can't engage him here, so he'll have to go someplace private. He walked for a bit and then he went into an alley, where no one will see them.
  33. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Null watched a figure leave as he spoke to the odd gang of trouble makers, taking a snapshot of the passerby, as to not forget his face in case he had anything to do with this. He then clicked something on his wrist.



    All is a sudden, a Pistoeka sprang to life inside a pile of debris on the Cantina roof. It had just been given it's orders. The image flooded into his mainframe. Process: seek, locate, Maintain.

    The Pistoeka quietly walked along the border of the roof, watching the unbeknownst person walk out.
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  34. Raden watched as the person walked around the hallway. Jedi. I have a bone to pick with you. To set this straight, Raden doesn't hate jedi, he just feels that they abuse their powers. Never liked them. As the person walked into the alley, Raden followed him inside.
    Kato saw a flash from a droid. Her eyes started to focus on it and watched a machine come from the roof. Flipping around her blaster, she shot a solo round. A person couldn't have dodged it, but a robot could.
  35. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The Pistoeka's thrusters swerved the droid bouncing to another rooftop, and the agile droid crawled amongst the cluttered streets, seeming to mix in with the crowd of merchants, thugs, and other civilians. It tried to avoid the woman with a eager trigger finger as it attempted to maintain it's lead on it's target.
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  36. Zenix stopped at end of the alley. He had his hand near his blaster just in case but doesn't turn to the person that followed him. "Can I help you with something?" He asked, still not turning to him.
  37. Kel had taken note of the fighting that had broken out. Apparently a Jedi was here, but that did not concern the bounty hunter and she made an extra point to ensure it would not concern the bounty hunter as she blasted the ground next to his head.

    "Now then, we are gonna go outside and you give me the fee you owe. Despite your troubles, I will still allow you to have what you are due...assuming you survive long enough to give it to him of course." Kel said with a smirk, having glanced over at Dredd before she forced the pirate up who no longer was afraid but rather infuriated.

    "You...you kill me and the Hutts will have your head! My crew will serve your limbs to our hungry pets! I have friends in high places, you are gonna pay!" The pirate yelled at Dredd as Kel had rolled her eyes.

    I seriously doubt Jabba cares about any lone "associate", though if he fails to get what this guy is supposed to bring him that guy might be in trouble. And that doesn't even factor in his "crew." Oh well, not my problem.
  38. Nat watched the commotion in the bar eagerly, liking how some notorious pirates and smugglers were getting what was coming to them. He simply watched, until he heard the word 'Jedi' muttered. Was it possible? Were there jedi on Tatooine? He saw one person leave, and another follow him, and he could tell something was off about the first person. He felt something odd, something he didn't feel often. He got up, leaving a small tip on his table, and follow the second person, watching him enter an alley. Nat stood at the entrance to the alley, but not where anyone could see him from inside it. He leaned on it like he was supposed to be there, and listened. The firing of a blaster shocked him, and he looked just in time to see a droid scurrying above a rooftop, but he paid it no heed. He was worried about the fact that there may be jedi where he was.
  39. Raden grinned slightly at the comment. "No, I think you can't." He said blankly. "Cut the act, force-user." Raden didn't want to attract to much attention by saying Jedi, while saying it as well.
    Kato watched as the droid ran after Raden. Taking into her own hands, she lept up onto the roof as well. Reaching for the electrified whip, Kato lashed out aiming for the left leg, a commonly open spot.
  40. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    The Pistoeka's left leg was lashed at, the mechanics inside the droid's arm whirred and fizzed as the limb was severed off. The droid then retaliated, revving up a saw attachment, a small flamethrower, drills, and other attachments before a figure stepped into the alley with them.

    "I wouldn't put up arms against me if I were you." Null spoke. "Especially if you don't want to be dismembered and or Spagehttified."

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