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Ask to Join Star Wars: Survival in the Galaxy (Reboot)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by BlueMew392, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. (Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/star-wars-survival-in-the-galaxy-reboot-discussion.21970/)

    It is an era of darkness, as the Galactic Empire rules over the galaxy with no one to pose a big threat to their tyranny. Fear courses through the it's citizens, leaving them too afraid to even badmouth the Empire as they knew that it would get them arrested or executed. Rebellions have occurred on systems here and there, but none of them are, or have successfully done, anything to spark anything bigger. Twelve years have passed since the fall of the Republic and the fall of the Jedi Order, who were falsely accused of treason for supposedly trying to overthrow the Chancellor. Clone Troopers quickly turned on their Jedi generals and companions at the end of the Clone Wars and killed them in cold blood after the execution of Order 66, thanks to the inhibitor chips that were implanted in the clones' head. Very few have survived the Jedi Purge, and most of the survivors are pretty much in hiding. Those who have been found were either killed or converted into Inquisitors, agents of the Empire.

    Many planets under the Empire's control are under surveillance by Stormtroopers and other Imperial troops that are assigned to them. However, there are other planets that they still control but go overlooked, leaving with minimal troops assigned to them. One of these planets is Nar Shaddaa, a planet that is for the most part is filled with nothing but scum and villainy. Similar to the lower levels of Coruscant, or the fabled Mos Eisley on Tatooine. A perfect place for outlaws and smugglers to go strike deals, have a drink, or even pick up on some interesting information.

    On this overlooked planet is a young man named Zenix Sorrel. He likes to come to this planet every now and then since it's not crawling with Imperial forces like most planets, but that could change quickly if someone causes major trouble. Especially if they somehow got word that he was a Jedi, then they would immediately call for backup to detain him. Zenix was a Jedi Padawan back when the purge took place and was present at the Jedi Temple at that. He barely managed to escape with his life but not before fighting some of the clones, seeing the destruction and murder they were committing, and witnessing the aftermath of the murder of Shaak Ti, his master. To this day, these memories haunt him every once in a while, but he tries not to think about them too much.

    Playing the game of survival is the only thing Zenix can do at this point, as he sits at the counter of a bar having a drink. He always comes to this particular bar every time he's on Nar Shaddaa, enough to where the bartender knows him and knows the drink he always gets.
  2. -somewhere in a galaxy far far away a vicious group of slavers are being pursued by group of bounty hunters with their goal being either the elimination or capture of the slaver leader. A trandoshan named Tshysh Hssy.
    As the bounty hunters locate and intercept the slaver ship ,and once they boarded the vessel they are immediately met with resistance from slaver forces. The bounty hunters are now forced to take a defensive position.-​

    As guns were being fired left and right both slavers and bounty hunters were being shot, "Amateurs... instead of exchanging blows think smart!" Hrirdo'zash'urca(Ozashu) said. He peeped around the corner then quickly turned away to avoid being hit by a stray shot. He pulled a fake grenade on the ground before kicking it towards the slavers ,and as the fake grenade began emitting a detonation sound. Forcing one of the slavers to jump out of cover to attempt to throw the grenade back ,but before he could two of the bounty hunters quickly turned him into target practice. As the slavers tried to cover from the explosion Ozashu took the opportunity to advance with a the remaining few bounty hunters following his lead.

    As one of the slavers looked up he quickly saw through the deception shooting one of the bounty hunters before he could take cover, "you fools! Get up! The grenade is a trick!" The slaver snarled as he swung his gun over to shoot his next target. With the gap between the slavers and bounty hunters being significantly reduced both sides began taking the opportunity to fight up close and personal. Guns were shooting, fists were flying, and knives were swinging. While both sides were distracted fighting each other Ozashu quickly knocked a large crate on two of the slavers without anyone noticing him momentarily using the force. The slavers ,and bounty hunters were so distracted in fighting each other neither side noticed Ozashu sneak through the vents. Ozashu quickly placing the vent grille back on so nobody would suspect him there.

    Ozashu began listening in an attempt to find the trandoshan slaver. As he manages to find where Tshysh was located Ozashu emerged from the vent where he was quickly rushed at by the enraged trandoshan. He managed to pull his staff out extending it full length, "If your smart you'l surrender!" Ozashu said calmly before taking up a defensive stance, "never! May the scorekeeper watch this fight today!" Tshysh said as he held his shotgun out. The trandoshan fired several shotgun rounds each time missing as Ozashu dodge, rolled ,and moved out of the way. Ozashu took the opportunity to adjust his staff grip grabbing it by the end for maximum reach. He swung for the slavers legs knocking them out from under him causing Tshysh to land on his stomach. The trandoshan lunged at Ozashu. Ozashu quickly leaped over ,and binding the slavers arms behind his back, "do it! Get over with it already! Finish me!" Tshysh yelled, "No can do... I need you alive..." Ozashu said.

    As Ozashu stood he heard people coming from the other side. Ozashu quickly grabbed the trandoshan and hid behind some crates for cover. To his relief it was simply the other bounty hunters from earlier, "I'm guessing you guys managed to dispatch the others?" Ozashu said, "yeah... no thanks to you..." said the 1st bounty hunter, "I could have beaten the leader had I been here first..." the 2nd bounty hunter said, "who cares... we get paid double if he's alive so shutup until we get to Nar Shaddaa ,and get our credits" the 1st bounty hunter said. Ozashu smirked, "if your so tough will you carry this man to the ship?" Ozashu said smugly, "yeah yeah... but were still splitting the pay evenly. Don't go thinking you'l be getting a larger pay just cause you captured the target all by yourself!" The 2nd bounty hunter grumbled.

    After the flight to Nar shaddaa they eventually turned the trandoshan over to the proper authorities to receive their pay. As Ozashu left he noticed an imperial patrol nearby ,and seeking to avoid them he went down a shady alleyway and blended into the crowd. Ozashu noticed the presence of another force sensitive person not very far from his location ,but it didn't feel dark. Ozashu was careful just in case it it was just a wolf in sheeps clothing. Despite his concern he acted natural so not to draw any unnecessary attention.
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  3. Before he could to take another sip from his drink, Zenix felt something. The presence of someone nearby. But he knew that this was no ordinary presence as the Force was with this individual, something he didn't think he would ever sense or come across ever again. Whether this individual was a surviving Jedi or an Inquisitor, Zenix figured that he would have to take his leave soon to not take that chance to find out and risk drawing too much attention.

    As he went back to taking a sip from his drink, Zenix looked around the bar and saw a nearby table filled with people who were really getting into a conversation. Zenix to note of it and turned to the bartender. "Hey, you know what they're eagerly chit chatting about?" He asked. The bartender, who is a tan Quarren, turned to him while cleaning a cup. "Rumor has it that the Empire has been on the move to recruit others forcefully," the bartender began and then came a bit closer to Zenix, "What they don't know however, is that it ain't no ordinary recruitment to get more Stormtroopers. I heard that apparently this one was to forcefully recruit someone to become one of the Empire's special agents. Though I don't know if there's any truth to it. You're not planning to look into it, are you?"

    Zenix took the last sip of his drink after hearing the bartender. "Don't know, but you never know when that kind of info is going to be useful," he said with a smiled as he placed some credits on the counter to pay for his drink, with an extra tip for the information. Zenix got up from his seat on the counter and began to walk away. The bartender chuckled a bit and said, "Oh you. Don't be stranger!" Zenix then proceeded to exit the bar.
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    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alema'veri looked around at the people at the bar Nar Shadaa. She sighed as she sat there, waiting for someone to ask for her services. She liked to think she was the best pilot in the system. Maybe even the galaxy. She closed her eyes, focusing on suppressing what made her a Jedi before the collapse. She couldn't let anyone know of her past. Of her former job. She was a simple smuggler, nothing more, now at least.

    She noticed someone got up and started asking about the rumors spreading around.
    Fool, she thought, talking about that sort of stuff could get you hurt. She shook her head, her lekku swaying, before starting to tap the table she sat at.
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  5. Dol landed on Nar Shaddaa in his personal starfighter. In an attempt to not look too suspicious, he'd dressed himself in clothing typical of residents on the planet. He was there to investigate a possible lead on Jedi turned smugglers, upon entering a bar he looked over the individuals drinking, instead of beginning to question people immediately, he sat down by himself to further survey the crowd as not to attract too much unneeded attention.
  6. Saphrax was not someone to normally be seen in a bar like this one. Being a Sith since he had learned that he was force sensitive, which was at a very young age, he had to deal with some of the more daunting task. Like that of taking care of people who were force sensitive, though he had let some of the more good heated of the bunch go. What he was really there for was a ride outside of the Sith control.

    When he pushed the door open to the bar, he was surprised to feel the presence of two people who were force sensitive. Well he would not really take on their case, unless they try to force his hand, which he would fight. Walking to the bartender, he asked if he knew of anyone who could take him across the planet. The guy pointed to a table with a girl. Well he knew that judging someone on their looks would not be very helpfull, so he walked over to her table. He took one of the chairs turned it around and sat with his arms on the back of the chair. "I hear you can get someone across the planet, is that true? If it is I can make it worth your time."
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    Alema'veri saw someone enter the bar and had a bad feeling. She knew how to hide her sensitivity bit that came with the cost of not being able to feel the sensitivity of others. Then she watched someone else enter the room and noticed the lightsaber. Shoot, she thought, keeping a calm face. She looked away but kept glancing at the newest newcomer. He didn't seem to notice her so she went back to tapping the table. Then she noticed he was walking her way. A small pit of dread filled her stomach. However, it didn't show. He then asked her to take him across the planet. Her mind instantly whirled into action. If she refused, it would seem very suspicious. However, if he were to find the relics of her past, she was as good as dead. She sighed, trusting her hidden locations on her ship before giving off a laugh. "Boy, I could take you halfway across the universe. Now, where exactly do you want to go?"
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  8. "The place is not that known, but it is very valuable. It is near where the Hutt keeps some of the Jedi relics that he thinks no one knows about. I want to get as close as I can to the place. Inside there is a person who I am trying to find." Pulling out a map of the planet, Saphrax laid it on the table and pointed to the spot she could land her ship. "This spot is not gaurded like the others. It is also not as visited as the other locations you could land. I want to get inside and take care of the person inside."
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    Alema'veri nodded. "Consider it done. Now, to my ship." Her mind instantly thought that she was assisting in the death of a fellow hidden Jedi, but she couldn't help it. She might have been caught. Alema'veri stood up made her way to out of the bar, and to her ship outside of town. She walked through the bustling streets, walking with purpose. She came up to her bulky ship and smiled.
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  10. As Ozashu made his way through the alleyway he decided to make his way through the market area ,and head to lower areas of Nar Shaddaa in the slums district as he wanted to see if there were any decent black market deals ,or maybe pay a visit to one of the info brokers on any leads for ancient artifacts or holocrons. As he arrived in the slums he began browsing the wares for potential mods or spare parts that he could improve his vibrostaff for cheap.
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  11. After leaving the bar, Zenix could sense the presence of the Force grow stronger. 'What's going on?' He thought to himself, 'I haven't felt it being this strong in a long time.' This caused him to be cautious. He had his blaster on standby as well as, if he needed to resort to using it, his lightsaber, which was a bit hidden thanks to the jacket he's wearing.

    After having his weapons ready and resumed on his stroll, Zenix began to think about his next course of action, which was to find a ship to get off of Nar Shaddaa. He also thought a bit about what the bartender told him, wondering who was the Empire trying to recruit. Due to being deep in thought, he accidentally bumped into a pair of Stormtroopers, to which he cursed himself in his mind for not paying attention. "S-Sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going," he said to the troopers innocently. "It's alright sir. Just watch where you're going next time, okay," one of the troopers said. "Yes, sir," Zenix said and walked past the pair. The two Stormtroopers looked at each other, nodded, and proceeded to follow Zenix. Having anticipated this, he walked into an empty alleyway and soon came to a stop. The two Stormtroopers entered the alleyway and stopped when they were a few feet away from him. "Sir, we're going to need to see some identification," the other trooper said, "Don't worry, this won't take too long." Zenix turned to them with a smile and said, "Oh, I'm sure it won't." He then quickly Force Pushed the two Stormtroopers out of the alleyway and off the platform, having them fall to their deaths as they screamed. "Gets them every time," Zenix said to himself with a chuckle. He quickly jumped out of the alleyway before anyone could see him inside, hopped from roof to roof for a for a few seconds, and landed at a different part of the area, acting as if nothing had ever happened. Luckily, people were too focused on the troopers being launched away than to notice him jump off of a roof.
  12. Saphrax smirked as he was able to get a ride with someone other then another empire agent. He hated being with the pompous jerks. It always made him feel as if he was someone who was not. Being with others of the empire was what made him do what he does. He maybe a sith, but that is more in name only. It helped that most of the Stormtroopers feared him more then anything. Especially after he had defeated their leader in a one on one.

    "Good. Let's get going." He followed the woman to her ship. He was glad to see that it was a pretty sturdy ship, because if they were discovered, it would make for a nice get away. "Nice ship." With that Saphrax walked on board the ship after the girl was on. "My name is Saphrax Saltwood by the way."
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    A shiver crawled down Alema'veri's spine. A known sith, traveling with her. At least it wouldn't be to long. At least it was on the same planet. She sighed. "I have a strict policy about not telling my name to customers. Could be dangerous for me," she said not to long after Saphrax said his name. She sighed. "A few rules before we get going. No asking me about the Clone Wars, don't like talking about it. No snooping around, don't like it when people mess with my personal belongings. And don't pester me while I'm driving, distracted driving is something I don't want to be attributed to." She sighed. "Other than that, I have no rules, other than basic hospitality, of course." She entered her ship, the main room being what she walked into. "This is where you should stay." She then walked into the pilot's room to wait for Saphrax.
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  14. "Don't really like to go through people's things unless I have to. Works out better that way. Now the Hutt, I will be going through some of the relics that he has. I want to see what the man has. Might be useful to have something from that era." Saphrax spoke to the girl as he walked into the room that she indicated. He was glad to know that the girl was cautious. He would still need her for a ride off this planet if everything goes well. He would rather not be on planet when they find out who he actually killed.
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    Alema'veri nodded when she saw Saphrax enter the ship through the camera system. It took her a moment before she closed the ship and charted a course on the planet. This was risky for her to say the least, and she was probably assisting in a hidden Jedi's death, but her own safety was more important. And they should've hid better. It wasn't her fault that she could hide in plain sight. She sighed and focused on bringing them to their destination.
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  16. Saphrax wayched as the smuggler brought them to their destination. Being someone who worked both sides, he knew the risks he took to do what he did. He hoped one day to maybe find someone to settle down with and begin a new life. One where he did not have to hide his true nature.

    Once the ship had landed, Saphrax took no time once the doors opened to get off the ship and start making his way to warehouse. He had little time to do what he had to do. He made his way to a control area, which was gaurded by one lone guard. It was no trouble for Saphrax to snap their neck to gain entry.

    Once inside he set to work on shuting down the cameras and security measures fir the area. He did not want anyone to catch onto what he was about to do.

    When he was done with that, he took off to the side of the building. Taking out a grappling gun, he shot it to an upper window. Where he pulled himself up and through to the other side.

    When he was safely inside, he took off to the spot he knew where the sith agent was. It was not something he took lightly. He had little time, and needed to get it done as fast as he could. Once outside the room, Saphrax pulled out the keycard that he had taken, and walked on inside. Once inside he was met with three people. They were two gaurds and a Sith.

    When they looked up, they were surprised to find one of the overlord's sons staring them down. One thing that caught their eye was the double bladed light saber. It was a black handled and purple lighted saber. Saphrax held at his sides and stared them down.

    "Well looks like it is just me and your gaurds. Let's just say that when I am through with you, you will be with the dead Jedi that had fallen at your hands." With that Saphrax launched a surprise attack. He stabbed the first guard pretty quickly before the man could react. He could not leave witnesses or he would have sparred the guards the same fate as their master.

    He was ready for the other guard who tried to strick him from behind. Saphrax sliced the man clean through after he blocked the attack. That only left the sith, who was watching with a smirk. Which was lost as his guards were killed with one fell swoop. "That just leaves you."

    With that Saphrax shot dark purple electricity from his hands into the sith. He wanted the body to be unrecognizable. Which would mean that he would have to basically fry the body. It did not take long for the sith to be burned to a crisp, and fall to the ground.

    Once the sith was taken care of, Saphrax made his way down to the level they held the relics that he was after. The place was filled to the brim with goods. Using the force, he sensed that the best was behind a few of the larger crates. With little effort, he was able to move them out of the way. Once cleared, he found a large case. When it was opened, he found that there were crystals for lightsabers. He could feel that energy off of them. He decided to take them with him.

    On his way out of the place, he was spotted by one of the guards for the Hutt. Saphrax was able to kill him, but not before he pulled off the alarm. Taking off, Saphrax ran towards the ship. He hoped the girl had not taken off as it would make for a harder escape.

    When he made it to the ship, he sprinted up the ramp, and slamed the door shut. He then yelled to the captain. "If you do not want your ship to be blown up, and us with it, then I would get this thing moving." Alarms could be heard even from where they were in the ship.
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    Alema'veri sat back, waiting for her client to return. She wasn't going to go in with him and help him take out that poor Jedi. But she never abandoned her clients, either. She yawned when alarms made her jump, almost out of her seat. She heard feet pound on the ramp up, the slamming of the door, and Saphrax yelling to her to leave. "What the heck did you do!" Alema'veri asked rhetorically as she quickly had her ship take off and return to the town they were at before.
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  18. "Oh you know raise some hell, stir up some drama for the Hutt. Also got what I came for. If the stupid guard would not have pulled the alarm I would have been out of there before we were even noticed." Saphrax had the large case in hand. He loved the feel of the crystals inside. It made for a great center for the force. The older crystals were more in tune with the force then the newer ones that other Sith used. He was glad to have gotten one from his mother before she had passed.
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    Alema'veri sighed as she leaned back in her chair after setting the ship to auto-pilot. Then she got out of her chair to see her passenger. When she entered the room, she felt the strong pull of the Force around her. Well, from the crystals. Even in her abandonment of the Force, she felt the crystals. Shock filled her face for a split-second before her face reentered a neutral expression. "Right now, we are returning to where you hired me at. If you want to go somewhere else, I suggest you tell me now."
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  20. "You have hiding places here on the ship right? I think it might be a good idea to hide these for a bit. If someone were to come board and question us. I can pass it off as I am a Sith. If they do not take that as an answer, then I hope you are ok with a bit of blood on your ship. If you think going to someplace else, then I am all for it. It might not be a bad idea to do that anyway." Saphrax looked to the girl. He did notice that she seemed to have felt the force, but he did not say a thing to her. Besides he had let other jedi go anyway.
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    Alema'veri rose a brow for a second bit before chuckling. "I'm a smuggler, of course I do," she said as she crossed her arms. "And i thought you were a sith. I mean, you're kinda famous for being a force user that uses the dark side and kills Jedi." She sighed as she opened up a room and motioned for him to enter. She entered herself and nodded. Inside it was filled with crates, both empty and filled. "Storage. Need a better place, and I'll hide it personally. But if you want to know where it's at, I suggest you hide it here."
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  22. As Ozashu browsed around threw the black market area he picked up a few tech pieces ,and small gadgets here and there. "I love it when I can get a good bargain..." Ozashu said as he was now making his way to one of the info brokers to see if they had any jobs as they always paid well. Ozashu didn't bother looking at the bulliten board as the best jobs came straight from the info brokers themselves. Ozasha discussed with one of the desk clerks about setting up a meeting ,and within an hour he headed upstairs where he met with a chagrian named Arhkers. Ozashu immediately started the conversation off by going straight to business, and as the conversation continued he got a job request about some rodian smugglers trying to smuggle stolen illegal weapons to which the request was to retrieve the weapons back. The patron didn't specify whether or not killing them was mandatory, but Ozashu doubted they would simply let him leave. He made his way out of the black market district ,and began heading towards the docking bay.
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  23. Saphrax let out a laugh when she asked if he was a sith. "Just because someone is a sith, does not mean that they play by the rules that the empire set out for them. I tend to follow my own path rather then what they want me to follow. This place will do just fine." With that he preceded to hide the Jedi relics on the ship. He would make sure that they were more hidden then they were in the wearhouse.
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    Alema'veri looked away and leaned on the doorframe on the opposite side, arms crossed. "So, anywhere in particular you want to go? Or are you just going to steal something then return to town?" She glanced at Saphrax from the doorframe and awaited her answer. Although he said he didn't follow all the Empire's orders, she knew if he was on this ship for to long, her secret might come out. And if that happened, well he had a huge reason to kill her. And that was the main thing she was trying to avoid.
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  25. "Well what do you think I should do? I know you felt what was in that box. You are smuggler, so you should know that what is in that box would probably bring in a pretty credit chip. Though the power that it contains would be much more benifetial using." Saphrax looked to the girl for her reaction. He was doing it to test her, he wanted to know what she would do in his shoes.
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    Alema'veri rose a brow as she fluidly reentered the room. "Well, depends on what I want to do. What I have my mind on." She sighed. "If i want the money, sell a few, keep the rest, at the black market of course. If I want to use them, hide them somewhere remote so then no one finds them. If wanted to be the Empire's little puppet, give them to the Empire. There are multiple solutions to this problem. You just have to chose the one that fits your goals." She stopped leaning on the doorway and uncrossed her arms. She then shrugged. "Also, that presence is so strong that people that are not that Force sensitive can feel it," she lied effortlessly. Her survival rested on him believing on that little fib of hers. Besides, he was known for killing her kind.
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  27. "Well I am no puppet for anyone. That will not happen. I may be part of the empire, but I will not let someone control me. I plan on keeping most if not all of the crystals. Besides this mission was not one that the Empire sent me on." Saphrax relaxed himself. The feel of the force could be felt stronger then before. It seemed that sith was stronger then he seemed at first glance. Reaching into his shirt, he pulled out locket. He opened it to reveal a smiling couple. The one on the left was Saphrax, the other was a stunning man with bright blue eyes, tan skin, and black hair. They were both smiling and looked to be the picture of a perfect couple. Closing the locket, he turned to the girl, and spoke to her. "Do you think you could take me to a place where the case would be hidden for now. I do not want this to get out at the moment."
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  28. Zenix quickly walked away from the scene and made his way to a platform that he knew had a public transport stationed. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived, the ship had already proceeded to leave without him. "Shoot," he said to himself as he watched the transport leave, "Well, that's terrific. Now how am I going to get off this planet?" "Oh, how indeed?" Said a mysterious voice from behind.

    Zenix quickly turned behind him. He saw an end of an electrostaff hurdling towards his head and quickly managed duck down at the last second. He backed up to gain some distance away from the attacker. Once he was at a safe distance, Zenix stood back up and saw that the attacker was none other than a Purge Trooper with an electrostaff. "Great, just what I needed," he said.

    The Purge Trooper twirled his electrostaff a bit to intimidate Zenix, both ends of the staff crackling with purple electricity. "I saw what you did back there," the trooper said, "I know you were the one who launched those two imbeciles to their doom." He then began to slowly walk towards Zenix.

    Zenix had a bit of a shocked expression. He didn't notice the Purge Trooper's presence when he Force Pushed the two Stormtroopers. He didn't spend too much time dwelling on his carelessness as he took out his blaster and began to fire at the trooper. The Purge Trooper quickly dodged the blaster shots and knocked the blaster out of Zenix's hand with his staff. "Aaah!!" Zenix cried out as his hand was electrocuted. He then Force Pushed the trooper before he could swing his electrostaff to attack. However, the Force Push only made the Purge Trooper take a few steps away from Zenix due to his magnetic boots. "Your tricks won't work on me, Jedi," the trooper said, putting emphasis on 'Jedi'.

    Massaging his hand a bit, Zenix groaned at the fact the Force Push didn't do much. "Looks like I have no choice," he said to himself. Luckily for him, no one else was around to witness what is coming next. Zenix slowly took out his lightsaber and proceeded ignite it, unleashing its black blade. "I've yearned for this moment for a long time, to kill a Jedi," the Purge Trooper said as he got in a stance. He then proceeded to charge a Zenix and swung his electrostaff once he was close enough. Zenix blocked the staff with his lightsaber, causing the two weapons to clash. The two then began to battle each other with many clashes between the two weapons taking place.
  29. On Ozashu's way to the hangar bay he noticed that several people were watching a fight in the distance. Ozashu made his way over to see what was going on. A fight between some rogue fighting a purge trooper. Ozashu stood there long enough to witness the rogue ignite a black lightsaber, "Now I wonder where she could have gotten a black kyber crystal... No matter. I still have places to be" Ozashu thought to himself before continuing to make his way towards the hanger. He didn't want to interfere ,and bring himself to the purge troopers attention. Ozashu assumed there must have been a reason for the purge trooper to attack that rogue like that ,but whatever the cause he eventually saw the hanger bay within eye sight. He narrowed his gaze towards the bay area his ship was stationed in. As he began approaching his ship he carefully looked around to see if he was being watched ,and made his way to his ship. As he thinking on what sort of tricks the rodians might pull as he came towards the hanger. Once he arrived at his ship he looked around again to see if there were any unscrupulous individuals within the vicinity.
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  30. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    She held a finger to the bottom her nose, curling it so then the middle section touched the bottom while she thought. "Wouldn't be a good idea to hide it here. Too close to the site where it was stolen at. Somewhere in the Outer Rim." She walked to a star map and looked over it, mumbling to herself while selecting a decent destination. She gave the map a curt nod. "How far are you willing to go from here to hide that crate," she called to him as she went to enter the cockpit.
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  31. "Well seeing as how I am not a native from here. I was actually born on Cathar. Which might be a good idea as the planet is mostly forest. It also not as guarded by the empire, so it would be a great place to stash something. You think you could get me there?" Saphrax knew that his homeworld was not happy with they way the empire controlled the place. So it made for a great place that let people be themselves.
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    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alema'veri nodded. "Cathar it is. I personally call it 4-6, the coordinates for the planet." She entered the cockpit and brought the ship off of auto-pilot and back into her control as she redirected them. She frowned as she considered using hyperspace. It was actually probably the best thing she could do once she left the ozone layer. After a bit, the darkness of space with a few specks in the sky filled her vision. She grinned as she placed in the coordinates to Cathar and placed them in hyperspace. She gave a final nod before getting up and checking on Saphrax. "We're in hyperspace on our way to Cathar. Should probably be there soon."
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  33. "Good I am glad to be going back. There might be a couple of stops to make planet side. I need to make a visit." Sphrax still had the locket out, he rubbed the picture. If someone who knew him well would detect the sadness that emanated from him. It was just a lot for him to handle, though his face just showed the coldness that most would expect from a sith.
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  34. Dol had had enough of scanning the people in the bar, none of them looked to be of any assistance, they were mostly just bandits who were blackout drunk anyways. As he left the bar he heard a commotion coming from nearby, as he went to check it out he was surprised to see two purge troopers fighting what seemed to be a Sith to him of some sort, or at least a dark user of the force, due to the black lightsaber. He kept his distance for the time being and watched the fight with intrigue, certain that the "Sith" would win.
  35. The battle raged on between Zenix and the Purge Trooper as clashes continued to be a common occurrence. The pattern stopped however once Zenix dodged one of the trooper's attacks by jumping over the electostaff. The Purge Trooper then sweep kicked Zenix off his balance once he landed and aimed to slam the electrostaff onto him. After being knocked to the ground, Zenix saw the attack coming and quickly rolled away to about it, causing the staff spew a bit of electricity once it hit the ground. The trooper tried his attack one more time, but this time, Zenix blocked it with his lightsaber. He then retaliated by pushing the trooper away with a kick.

    Turning off his lightsaber, Zenix slowly turned on his stomach, got on all fours, and panted a bit. He knew that fighting this Purge Trooper would be no walk in the park, but he didn't expect to be having this much trouble. The trooper walked towards Zenix. "Hah, through already?" He looking down at him, "Then it's time for you to join the rest of the traitorous Jedi." The Purge Trooper raised his electrostaff and was about to deliver the final blow, but he didn't. Something was wrong as he suddenly began to suffocate. He dropped his staff and hovered his hands over his neck as if he's being choked. As the trooper was suffocating and immobilized, Zenix his left hand raised a bit, indicating that he was actually Force Choking him. Tapping into more of the Dark Side, Zenix raised his hand a bit more and slowly lifted the trooper off the ground. He stood up and turned to him, now having formed his hand into more of a choke hold, which made the trooper suffocate more. Zenix then walked to the edge of the platform. As he walked, the trooper was lifted higher and moved farther away to the point in which there is no platform underneath him. He tried to plead for mercy but couldn't while being choked. "I believe the one who will perish is you," Zenix said. While still Force Choking, he ignited his lightsaber and threw it at the trooper. The trooper was unable to do anything as the lightsaber impaled him through his chest. Zenix then used the Force to shut off and retrieve his lightsaber. While doing so, he also seized maintaining hold of the Purge Trooper's corpse and watched it fall into the depths of Nar Shaddaa. "Geez...I must've been very rusty if I had to resort to that," he said to himself.
  36. A black painted Lancer-class pursuit craft with a red Nexu like symbol on it entered the atmosphere of Nar Shaddaa and flew towards one of the may spaceports there, inside the ship, Kervon sat at the controls of his beloved ship: The Apex. "How's our friend doing?" Kervon called back to the somewhat unusual human that join him on his ship alongside a Houk with his hands tied behind his back. The Twi'lek turned his head to hear his holocom beep and immediately show a hologram of a well dressed--and rather chubby--Rattataki aided by two guards that looked like a Nikto and a Kaleesh, the latter held a briefcase in his hand.

    "Did you catch the lowlife who thought it would be funny to rise against me?" The Rattataki asked in a posh tone of voice, Kervon nodded in response. "Yeah, we're landing at Bay 21. We'll meet you at the rendezvous point in approximately five to ten minutes." He replied as his ship slowly descended into the spaceport and landed. "Very good, don't keep me waiting." The Rattataki said in a stern tone of voice before he hung up.

    Kervon sighed as he leaned back in slight exhaustion for a brief moment before he got out of his chair, grabbed his bo-rifle and made his way to the middle to join his 'partner.' "On your feet guys." He said in a tone that sounded like a demand and made his way to the exit of the ship, but looked back to see the others out first.
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  37. Ozashu seeing as he wasn't followed decided to request a ship clearance. As soon as it was granted he departed in his ship towards the last known coordinates of the smugglers. As soon as he tracked their ship down and was within distance he activated his ships cloaking device to get in close without detection. As soon as his ship came close to their vessel he quickly and quietly boarded their vessel which unfortunately set off an alarm. Turret fire rang out from different directions causing him to jump to cover. he pulled one of the turrets off the wall tossing it at a second. As the third began firing at him. As it did he used the force to turn the third turret towards the door blasting it open. He ripped the turret down tossing it into the next room. He made his way through now with his staff in hand made his way through the room before seeing a screen showing the two rodians, "I didn't expect anyone to come here this fast... but your going to die here" the first smuggler said. Both began laughing before the screen went blank. Moments later three rodians came out; one carrying two pistols, one holding a rifle ,and one holding two vibrodaggers. After they run in the door behind them immediately shuts and locks..

    As soon as they began shooting he lunged at the rifleman with his staff rotating to try block bullets. He quickly kicked the gun out of his hand ,and used him as a shield against the pistol users bullets. Before the now injured rodian could turn to attack Ozashu he was quickly incapacitated. He kicked the unconscious body at the rodian with the vibrodaggers. He quickly ran over to the rodain with the pistols smacking him hard enough across the head to incapacitate him. The other rodian with the vibrodaggers began wildly slashing. Ozashu dropped to the ground kicking the rodian's legs out from under him incapacitating the third one as well. With all three unconscious he began deciding his next course of action.

    He knew if he waltzed into the next room it would likely be a trap. As Ozashu looked around he began hacking through one of the ships terminals to ultimately fail spectacularly as a small explosive goes off destroying the terminal. A recording of laughter began playing, and now without many options he continued looked around to see a large crate. He went over to the pressing his left hand against the door console, and his other using the force to slightly lift the crate off the ground. Green lightning shot out the tips of his fingers into the console causing the donor's locking mechanism to override and open. Ozashu immediately afterward threw the crate into the room which through lick his the ships communications console. Before he could walk in heavy fire from inside the room flew through the room as the rodian fired a large machine gun. He waited for the gunfire to die down before looking over the doors edge to toss in a fake grenade only for it to be kicked back at him ,and to be again met with blaster fire. Ozasha ran as fast as he could to avoid getting shot as he made his way to cover. Now scared the second rodian pulls out and ignites a yellow lightfoil... The gunman fires rounds towards the rodian with the lightfoil which immidiatly directed the flow of the shots towards Ozashi. Ozashu quickly used force push to direct some of the shots at the gunman killing him fairly quickly. Ozashu was relieved to have not been hit by one of the stray bullets. He then turned his attention towards the second rodian who was now enraged over the death of his associate he lunged at Ozashu with his lightfoil. Ozashu used his staff to smack his hand knocking the lightfoil out of his hand, "Amateur... playing with toys you don't understand ,but I'll show you how it's done. Ozashu force pushed the rodian against the wall ,and lifting his lightfoil with the force. He ignited it midair ,and as the lightfoil began rotating he used the force to fling it at him killing him instantly. Ozashu didn't care for killing, but wasn't about to risk his secret being revealed. Since the other three weren't conscious during the time he used the force he knew they wouldn't be aware of his secret. Ozashu decided to claim any bounty on them alive. He figured he might be able to get some sort of reward on the dead ones as well.

    As soon as he took anything of value off the ship he blew up the rodian ship to destroy any and all evidence. Ozashu flew his ship through the rubble as a thorough inspection before heading back to Nar Shaddaa. As soon as he was granted access to dock his ship he then prepped the goods as well as bounties to be transported through the station. He dropped off the bounties with the proper authorities before making his way towards the black market to receive his pay.
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  38. Zenix picked up his blaster, and as he put away both it and his lightsaber, he saw another public transport ship landing on a nearby platform. He proceeded quickly leave the platform he was currently on, not knowing that he was being watched by some who was strong with the Dark Side. He sprinted towards the platform and immediately got on the transport once he arrived. After taking a seat, Zenix sighed as he was relieved that, as far as he was aware, he made it out without blowing his cover. As more people got onboard, an announcement was made through the ship's intercom, saying that their destination would be a public station. "Well, I guess it's a good I missed that first ship," he said to himself, "Now I'll have more options on where I want to go."

    In wasn't long after the announcement was made that the ship began to take off and exit Nar Shaddaa's atmosphere. After the ship was safely in orbit, it proceeded to jump into hyperspace. Zenix yawned a bit, most likely exhaustion from the battle with the Purge Trooper. Since he had a bit of time to kill, Zenix slowly closed his eyes and went on to take a nap.
  39. "He's doing pretty well hasn't tried anything dumb, i'll give him props for that, almost makes me feel bad for the sob, for what the payers are gonna do to him." Ferren sighed pointing his gun to the back of the Houk's head. This wasn't the normal kind of gig for Ferren he was used to taking down beasts but the pay was too large for him resist. "So were splitting the pay 50/50 right?" Ferren asked Kervon scared. From what Ferren knew and had seen the bounty hunter he was working with was not be messed with before the bounty he had heard of Keron being a ruthless and powerfull bounty hunter so he was more than scared to ask the man.
  40. Kervon nodded and beckoned his partner and the bounty to follow so they could get out first. "Like most, yes. But I do expect a little compensation after joining me on my ship. I don't always like having extra people on board who don't know how to clean up after themselves, now get off my ship and I'll join you shortly, maximum time our client's waiting is ten minutes." The twi'lek said, his tome slowly sounded more impatient, not for the money but for the other individuals to get off his beloved ship.

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