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Ask to Join Star Wars: Survival in the Galaxy (Reboot) (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by BlueMew392, Jan 24, 2020.

  1. So this is a reboot of a past Star Wars RP I made over two years ago. Ever since that old RP died off, I was kind of sad that I didn't get to flesh out the few ideas I had for it. But after much consideration, and thanks to Episode 9, Jedi Fallen Order, etc., I've finally decided to reboot it. Hopefully I can do a better job at keeping this alive. Like last time, some ideas regarding the plot will be appreciated.

    The setting takes place 12 years after Episode 3, meaning 7 years before the events of Episode 4 (7 BBY). You can either be with the Empire or not. I will be incorporating things from both the Legends (Expanded Universe) and Canon continuity. For example: The Jedi Temple on Coruscant remaining as is (EU), and Shaak Ti dying at the hands Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (Canon).

    1. Follow the PRP rules.
    2. No one-liners.
    3. No double-posting.
    4. No godmodding.
    5. Romance allowed.
    6. Jedi allowed but I'm only allowing 3 since there are hardly any. *Edit: No slots remain.*
    7. Sith/Inquisitors allowed. Probably at most 5. *Edit: One slot remain.*
    8. If your character dies, you can create another.
    9. Put 'Force' anywhere in other to show you read the rules.

    Class: (Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, etc.)
    Home planet:
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    May I reserve a Jedi? Kinda busy at the moment.
    Also, what light saber color method are we using?
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  3. Well if we go with the Star Wars Old Republic game, it would be a crystal that can be augmented into the saber.

    I also would like to reserve a spot for Seth and Jedi as I am unsure which I want to use at the moment.
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  4. Wow! This thread got attention way faster than the old one. :o

    @ThePlayfulFox @EmoKitty21 Sure. I'll reserve you two a spot. As for the lightsaber colors, I guess we could use the color method that is in Canon and maybe a bit from Legends too.
  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    So personality based lightsabers, got it!
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  6. I’ll reserve a position as a rogue Jedi/bounty hunter. Hates the Empire but still offering my services to them for a for a price.
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  7. Hope this is good enough, I'm willing to make any changes if you see anything wrong. :)

    Name: Dol Ani
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Species: Kel Dor
    Class: Sith Inquisitor
    Weapon: Inquisitor Lightsaber (Red)
    Home planet: Naboo
    Appearance: Dol looks like your average Kel Dorian, however it's his clothing that sets him apart from the others. He wears the usual Inquisitor uniform and has a unique helmet that he wears, a metal plate rounded to fit his face with stripes indented going horizontally from left to right across the mask. The rest of the helmet looks like typical purge troopers helmet signifying his prior role as one before the empire discovered his past as a Jedi.
    Personality: Dol is ruthless when it comes to lightsaber duels, having adopted an aggressive variant of Form VI on his transition into the Inquisitorius. He shows a lot of stoicism, and can be rather emotionless at times, but he relaxes himself when not around others.
    Other: He enlisted as a purge trooper in an attempt to hide his past and sabotage the Empire, but once they discovered he was force sensitive and a former Jedi, he was given the choice between execution or conversion. He chose the latter.
  8. So I am still working on this, so I will edit it a bit later. Here is my character.

    Name: Saphrax Saltwood
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Half Human, Half Cathar
    Class: Sith marauder (Duel Welding) , though he is more in line with how the Jedi think. He is not a loyal Sith he actually is one to hunt down Sith to take them out.
    Weapon: double light Saber. He is able to take them apart for use of both sides of the blade. The color is a deep purple.
    Home planet: Imperial Homeworld
    Appearance: Saphrax is a mix between a Cathar and a Human. His hair is very full and I'm red color. He has since added a dark purple ombre to the ends. His hair is tied in a braid and thrown over his right shoulder most of the time. His ears are pointed like that of the Cathar, and he has pointed fangs like that of a female Cathar. His finger nails are longer then most would expect and naturally black in color. On his arms he has a tattoo with native tribal designs from Cathar. He tends to wear a black leather jacket and pants, with a dark purple sweater, and a pair of black combat boots. Saphrax has pale skin like that of a human, with striking features. His eyes are broody, and a bright blue with flecks of gold in them. In his nose he wears a black stud nose ring, his ears have gauges in them with rings going up from the lobe.
    Personality: Saphrax is very cunning. He has spent a lot of time playing the field of being a Sith, while in actuality, he is force of good. He was raised by his father who was a Sith lord, and wanted Saphrax to follow him. Though Saphrax became very versed in both the force and flying a ship, he was never truly happy.
    Other: Force. A couple of days after becoming a full Sith, Saphrax saught out his old mentor. He wanted to set things right and challenged them to a duel. It was a long battle, and after some time, Saphrax overcame his mentor, and killed him.

    No one was around when it happened, and so began his journey. He saught out every Sith he could find, and took them out. No one really knew that the son of a Sith overlord killed his own mentor, and eventually even his own father.
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  9. @EmoKitty21 He looks good so far. I'll go ahead and accept him already. Just notify us when he's finished.

    Name: Zenix Sorrel
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Jedi Padawan
    Weapon: A black lightsaber and a blaster pistol.
    Home planet: Naboo
    Appearance: Grey long sleeve shirt, blue pants, black belt with a holster for his blaster and a hook for his lightsaber, and black boots. He also sometimes wears a dark grey jacket with a hood.
    Personality: He is kind and caring to those he cares about, and will fight when he has to. He also uses the Dark Side, but only when he feels the need to.
    Other: Before the fall of the Republic, Zenix was a Youngling during the Clone Wars and almost immediately moved up to the rank of Padawan after obtaining his lightsaber crystal. When the council got word that his crystal produced a black blade, they opted to confiscate and destroy it as they believed it to be a crystal manufactured by the ancient Sith and could corrupt him. However, when confronted by them, Zenix wouldn't comply with the council's wishes as he was already attached to his unique crystal. Before they could be more forceful with the Youngling, Shaak Ti step forward and offered to take him in as her Padawan after sympathizing his pain of being forced to separate from his crystal (if everyone's okay with him being Shaak Ti's Padawan that is). After assuring that she would keep him in check and teach his the ways of the Force, the council allowed Zenix to keep his crystal, feeling assured now that he is under Shaak Ti's care. The possession of a black lightsaber caused many Younglings and Padawan to become distant towards Zenix as they saw it to be unnatural, making it a bit difficult for him to befriend Jedi around his age. When the Jedi Purge began, he was present at the temple and witnessed the aftermath of his master's death, not knowing that it was Anakin that killed her and the one who was leading the raid. He was one the handful of Jedi that barely managed to escape the temple. Naturally, memories of the tragic night often times still haunt him.

    Name: Ashanti Serussa
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Species: Twi'lek
    Class: Force Sensitive
    Weapon: None
    Home planet: Ryloth
    Appearance: A light blue Twi'lek. She wears a brown headpiece with short sleeves for her lekku, a short sleeve light beige top, light grey pants, and brown shoes.
    Personality: She is very shy at first and will take some time to get use to anyone. Once she adjusts, she is very sweet, loyal, and always tries her best to help. She will soon see Zenix as a brother-like figure.
    Other: Ashanti was born a little bit before the Clone Wars began and doesn't remember anything from it. Her father died during the war, leaving her mother to care for Ashanti by herself. Even though the war ended early in her life, her childhood didn't get any better from there but rather worse. As her people fought against the Empire to liberate their planet, Ashanti was taken by the Empire after they found some signs of her being force sensitive. Their plan was to have her expose to the Dark Side and turned into an Inquisitor. She has no idea how to use the Force, yet.
    Ashanti won't be introduced until we get a little bit into the RP.
  10. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Is it fine that my Jedi is pretending to be a smuggler or something along those lines?
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  11. I don't see why not, since Jedi are pretty much trying to hide who they are or were during this time.
  12. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Name: Alema'veri
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Species: Twi'lek
    Class: Jedi (hidden)/ smuggler
    Weapon: Lightsaber (green) (if found), blaster pistol
    Home planet: Ryloth
    Appearance: She has pale green skin and has tan cloth bands on her lekku. She wears a dark brown sleeveless shirt that stops at her waist with dark brown cloth bands on her upper left arm. She wears tight tan pants with a black belt that her pistol hangs from. She finishes her look with brown boots.
    Personality: Alema'veri is a very serious mind. She tends to stay away from others and not ask questions. She seems the situation hopeless for her order. However if presented the opportunity to defeat the Empire that killed her comrades and estate the old order again, she might take it. But unless she deems it too risky, she won't take it. She will try to talk her way out of fighting instead of running in headfirst.
    Other: She tends not to use the force in fights unless her cover is blown.

    Is it fine if she has a ship?
  13. If the last jedi spot isn't claimed yet can I call dibs?

    Name: Hrirdo'zash'urca
    Nickname: Ozashu
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Class: (force sensitive/bounty hunter)
    Weapon: double-bladed lightsaber ,and a vibrostaff(6ft full length/can be retracted to 1ft for easy transport), the vibrostaff also has cortosis-weave.
    Home planet: Csilla
    Appearance: Ozashu is 1.8m/5.10ft, his skin is a slightly greyish shade of blue, his right eye is bright red ,and his left eye is a cybernetic bright red eye, his hair is short silver combed neatly to the right ,and his body is fairly muscular due to his rigorous training.
    Ozashu wears a light brown shirt with a thin layer of leather armor covering his torso with thin metal plates, a thick leather coat, loose brown pants, black boots, a dark brown sash to hide his lightsaber ,and another belt with a holster across his hip for his staff, leather gloves with metal across the knuckles ,and bandages covering his gloves up to conceal the metal on his knuckles.
    Personality: Ozashu has a friendly outwards personality and enjoys giving people tge impression he is a good guy ,and would do nothing wrong. In truth while he is a good man who genuinely prefers to do the right thing he mostly acts nice so he can either get something from them like information. Ozashu is a somewhat pessimistic individual who likes to think decisions carefully.
    Other: Ozashu lost his left eye at an early age ,and later on got a high tech cybernetic eye which helps him in his bounty hunting work.
    In his spare time he likes to study the force however with the constant threat of the empire he rarely stays in one place ,and always has escape plans at the ready should something bad happen.
    Bounty hunting isn't something he does out of pleasure, but because its efficient way to allow him to maintain his lifestyle.
    May the 'force' be with you...
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  14. Hey I have finished my character. You can take a look at it. Let me know if there is anything that needs to be changed. I thought it might be fun to have a bit of different kind of character for this one then someone who is fully good or fully evil. I thought that a more neutral character would go well for the story.
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  15. @ThAtGuY101 Well, looks like you got the last slot anyways. Accepted!

    @EmoKitty21 Looks good, and interesting. Makes me wonder if he'll have any confrontation with our Jedi characters.

    I'll probably have the RP up tomorrow or Monday. Just got to figure out where to start it off.
  16. Is it okay is Ozashu also has experience with the dark side of the force?

    Also thanks for the acceptance... and allowing him to be a jedi...

    Edit: later on I'll give him a backstory...
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  17. Sure, you can even turn him to the Dark Side if you want to. And no problem. Too be honest, I was kinda considering removing a Jedi slot, but you managed to snag it before I could make a decision.
  18. I don't mean a full switch... merely just knowledge of the dark side while still staying attuned with the light. Kinda like a gray jedi...
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  19. Name: Keldor Nu-sparc
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Rogue Sith Inquisitor/Bounty Hunter
    Weapons: Modified E-11 Blaster rifle and a folding double blades lightsaber
    Home planet: Coruscant
    Appearance: 6’1 with tanned skin and a muscular physique. His face is scarred from the ordeal of his Sith training, with his left eye having to be replaced with a cybernetic replacement following a particularly gruesome training session, his other eye is a blazing orange. Since escaping the Sith he had taken up bounty hunting as a means to survive and as such his black inquisitor armour has been repainted a sleek metallic grey and is usually covering by a faded beige cloak.
    Personality: He was abducted as a child off the streets of Coruscant and trained as a Sith Inquisitor. As such he is extremely standoffish and hostile toward those around him. He is without remorse in his killing of any and all he is paid to.
    Other: Force
  20. I’m just gonna place this here because you mentioned Grey Jedi
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  21. The gray jedi was just an example. I can't think of any other good examples. Neat video by the way ,but realistically you would think people could practice one side ,and seek knowledge or understanding of the other if only to know how to defend ones self against it. Kinda like the defense against the dark arts in Harry Potter. Kinda like mace windu's fighting style vaapad(an altered version of juyo) where Juyo involves surrendering oneself to the dark side vaapad was about passing through the dark side allowing him to use the dark side. The dark side would pass through him and feul his blade.
    (I borrowed this arguement from quora, if you want to see the rest of the post(s) the link is here...

    Funny enough theres alternatives to dark side abilities. Instead of using force lighting theres emerald lightning/electric judgement as alternatives.
  22. I’m not attacking you, it was just that you mentioned Grey Jedi and it reminded me of the video
  23. I know ,and I appreciate the conformation. I just figured I'd go ahead ,and respond back with a counterargument to the video. I intended no offense either btw.
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  24. I know you didn't mean a full switch. I'm just saying that you have the freedom to do so if you wanted to.

    @Frontier Master Accepted!
  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    @Pinch please don't have your character just 'know' my character used to be a Jedi.
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  26. Yeah don't worry they won't, I plan on him going after different Jedi smugglers for now, or getting a wrong lead and ending up chasing after normal smugglers.
  27. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Good. I think that Alema'veri is pretty good at hiding her force sensitivity. Because she refuses to use it now.
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  28. Funny enough that could make for a interesting dialogue... Perhaps Alema'veri thinks that she is wanted(she isn't) ,but doesn't change the fact that it could make her a little more paranoid ,and on alert. (you can ignore this comment if you want. It's just a fun thought...)
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  29. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    You know what, that sounds fun! I'll work on it. No guarantee when it'll be up though.
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  30. No worries... I've been slacking on posting, myself. I'm gonna try and post later today. I'm fixing to head to my regularly attended martial arts class ,and will likely post on the RP in roughly 3-4 hours from now... Most likely...
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  31. Sorry for not posting yet, I have not had much inspiration to post for this RP yet. I have just come up with something that might work, and Playfull, Saphrax will be paying for a ride to another part of the planet to capture or kill someone.
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  32. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Consider the job accepted. Alema'veri doesn't ask those questions anymore. Gives away her past life.
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  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

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  34. Nope but he is more of a well known hunter of "Jedi", there have also been rumors of someone killing Sith. He is wearing his main outfit at the time so he looks more like a smuggler or imperial agent. Though you would be able to see the double light saber at his side.
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  35. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    So a risky move, but one that would probably hide her identity further. Sorry, I'm thinking like my character right now.
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  36. So thought that there might be too many good guys in this, so I decided to add a little variety into the mix and shake things up for you guys. I am still working on her, but let me know what you guys think so far.

    Name: Viviane (V) Flex
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Cyborg, Mostly human but her arm was replaced sometime ago.
    Class: Imperial Agent, Operative. Speciality- Lethality.
    Weapon: Blaster rifle, and sniper blaster, Vibrostaff, and Vibroknives, double blasters
    Home planet: Coruscant
    Appearance: V has a very brooding apperence. She is very lean with a toned body. Her pale skin is offset by her black and red hair. That is styled in asymmetrical bob. The red in her hair is a large chunk in her bangs. V is very tall compared to most being almost 6 feet tall. Her right arm is made of a black metal, with veins of blood red running through it. For clothing she tends to wear a form fitting catsuit that is black in color. On her waist is a belt that contains different poisons and other things she may need. For shoes she wears a pair of tall high heel boots that she is very capable of moving in silently. Her eyes are a bright blue in color.
    Personality: V is very cold and calculating. She would rather not talk to people she deems not worthy of her time. If you have made it onto her radar, then you better run or else she will find you. V will do anything to get her mission done, and no one will stand in her way.
    Other: Force
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  37. This looks awesome
    Name: Ferren Scover
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human there may be something else there as he has sharp teeth and a very light green tint to his pale skin
    Class: Big game hunter
    Weapon: He has a large sniper which can shoot from 10,000's of km's away with a large variety of ammo, 2 automatic pistols, 6 laser knives(Small weapons that work like lightsabers but are much weaker, and a drone.
    Home planet: He was born on a space ship heading to Naboo
    Appearance: He has purple unkept hair. He has pale skin, brown eyes
    He wears a large hat under he wears a mask that can detect heart rate, temperature and more it also has a large zoom. He wears a large jacket that goes down to his ankle he has a bullet proof vest and straps which hold explosives and laser knives he has leg amour and large boots which can attach to surfaces. He has gloves with metal knuckles that hit hard.
    Personality: Ferren is a person with a lot of bravado and confidence and will do any challenges he does this as he is really scared of everything and quite cowardly but hates himself for it and overcompensates as he tried to fight for a rebellion when he was 15 but when he stepped onto the battlefield he realized that they would lose the battle so he ran afterwards he became a big game hunter killing the most ferocious beasts in the universe to forgive himself for that day but deep down he knows it never will.

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