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Open Star Wars: Sparks of Rebellion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ethereal_Whispers, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. This Star Wars rp takes place right after the events of A New Hope and the rebel alliance has just destroyed the death star and has become more of a threat to the empire. In this rp force sensitives are becoming scarce and if you want to be force sensitive please private message me. All standard forum rules apply and you can have a form of gore but only as high as Star Wars gets.
    Here's the character sheet:
    Role: (rebel, smuggler, outlaw, imperial (nothing to high in power) citizen, or stormtrooper)
    Backstory: (please have detail)
    Here's mine:
    Name: Tai Venth
    Race: Mandolorian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Role: rebel
    Appearance: Tai has black hair that reaches down to the base of his neck along with dark green eyes and wears a form of light-weight modified Mandalorian armour that is red and grey coloured.
    Backstory: Tai grew up living a normal Mandalorian life with his parents on Mandalore and begun to train to become a killer at the age of 10. When his parents were killed at the hands of imperial stormtroopers he started to fight back becoming a rebel without a cause until a near death experience brought him to join the rebellion. He has been carrying out missions to show the empire they had strength.
    Weapons: Mandalorian assault rifle, Mandalorian flashpistol, Mandalorian jetpack
    Others: after the things that has happened to him he doesn't believe in the force instead saying "I make my own luck." Has passed Verd'goten (Mandalorian rite of passage)
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  2. Name: Payh Bakk
    Race: Fosh (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Fosh (Fosh))
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Role: Rebel
    Backstory: The Fosh was victim of one of the Empire's purges, the once proud race was forced to swallow their pride and join the rebellion, but most were killed defending their homes. Path watched his family die in front of him, screaming in pain, and has since vowed to destroy the empire at any costs
    Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle, Quarterstaff

    Name: Sam Laughter (perfectly innocent right? Nope, put the first letter of the first name and the last name together)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Role: Stormtrooper
    Backstory: Sam has participated in many of the empires victories, including the Fosh Purge. In fact he has so much experience that he can actually hit his targets, a skill rare for a Stormtrooper
    Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle
  3. @SMRPG64 yeah accepted

    wait stormstroopers can aim
  4. Name: Ati Ha
    Race: cathar
    Gender: male
    Age: 26
    Role: (rebel, smuggler, outlaw, imperial (nothing to high in power) citizen, or stormtrooper) Rebel
    Appearance: Cathars have a lion like face
    Backstory: (please have detail) The empire was in need for more slaves so they visited cathar, and enslaved ati's village some of the villagers fought back but died Ati managed to get away, but his parents werent , a couple years later ati joined the rebellion so he could free his parents.
    Weapons: DL-44 Blaster Pistol
  5. Name: Krudge
    Race: Gen'Dai http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gen'Dai (Gen'Dai) (read this, they're pretty complicated and it's important to know)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 4000-7000 (Gen'Dai are supposedly able to live for ever)
    Role: Smuggler - Bounty Hunter
    Appearance: In his true form, he has yellow eyes and purple skin, looking like any other Gen'Dai. His armour is extremely large, alike to Durge, but is primarily Black and Red in colour, also having a large jump pack on the back.
    Backstory: Long ago, the Gen'Dai homeworld was massacred by the Sith Empire. The Gen'Dai ran, using their endless lifetime to survive. Many became bounty hunters, resulting in their reputation as blood-thirsty beasts. Krudge fell upon hard times, and decided to give in and become a bounty hunter like Durge. He also developed his predecessor's hatred of Mandalorians. He is currently working smaller jobs for the empire, chasing down smaller rebel groups, but plans to attack Boba Fett once he has the chance.
    Weapon: Jetpack, Dual Blaster Pistols, Energised Bolas, Energised Caltrops.
    Other: Often times people think he is Durge. If you say this he will explain how you are wrong and he is dead, and THEN kill you. Slowly.
  6. Tai and ati are gonna have problems.
  7. one hates Mandalorians and doesn't serve the rebels and the other is a hardcore Mandalorian rebel
  8. Ati serves the rebels though.
  9. wrong character that one was meant for a different group of people
  10. Name: Alpha-18, now know as "Cade Skirata"
    Race: Human (Clone)
    Gender: Male
    Age: Physically 30, mentally 16, born 32BBY
    Role: Mercenary, currently working for the Rebellion.
    Appearance: He is a Jango Fett clone. Hairstyle wise, he looks like Kix. His armor is standard Mandalorian armor made out of Beskar. It is painted black with a green trim, as well as a red stripe that would've indicated the mark of a Clone Captain during the times of the Republic.
    Backstory: Previously, Cade was an Alpha-Class ARC Clone during the clone wars. Only days before Order 66 was executed, a mission he was sent on went south and resulted in him being frozen in carbonite. He only woke up three years ago. He spent a year searching for Clan Skirata, which he found. By then, he was 28, due to the accelerated growth process. When he found them, he was given a serum that stopped the growing process by another Clone who was apart of the Clan. He spent a year there training, and was accepted into Clan Skirata's ranks. He was given the name Cade Skirata, and he now travels as a Mercenary. He views the Empire as a foolish replacement for the Republic, which is why he joined the rebellion a few months ago.
    Weapons: Mandalorian Rifle, dual DC17 Sidearm pistols, Beskad (A Mandalorian Iron sword)
    Others: Cade is a fluent speaker of Mando'a, and displays a great hatred towards Stormtroopers.
  11. So seeing as for some reason I can't create a conversation with you, @DarkEmporer, I'll just say it here. If I can join, I already have some characters that I can use for this. Ideally I can use all four of them. But don't worry! I have reasoning and a backstory for each of them. Two are Jedi, one is a clone commando, and the last one is an R3 droid. If you want me to explain more, I would have no problem with that. I'm going to wait until you respond to post my characters.
  12. I'm okay with those character ideas just post them when you can.
  13. Here's the Togorian I mentioned. I got permission from Dark to make him Force Sensitive.

    Name: Tyrann Riflesso
    Race: Togorian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Role: Former Jedi, now a rogue
    Appearance: From birth, Tyrann had been an odd individual. He was born with a tail, an odd mutation that his people usually did not have. Other than that, he had black fur with white markings. He has emerald green eyes. Other than the tail, he had the appearance of an average Togorian. His height is three meters in the galactic measurement. (Which, by the way, is about 0.5 galactic meters taller than an average Wookiee.)
    Backstory: Because of his mutation, he was shunned by his father. While his mother still loved him, she was partially relieved when a Jedi came and told her that her son was Force Sensitive. He wasn't the most gifted in the Force, only being able to use the basics. His talent came with machines and fighting. When the Clone Wars rolled around, he was a great asset, a Jedi that traveled around to assist different legions. Miraculously, he survived Order 66. He was on a small transport with a few Clone Troopers when it occurred. Luckily, the first blaster bolts missed and gave him the opportunity to defend himself and kill the clones. As the Empire began to hunt down surviving Jedi, he broke into an Imperial facility and deleted his records, as to throw them off his trail. He now lives on Lothal, keeping to himself.
    Weapons: Purple lightsaber, CJ-9-Bo Rifle.
    Others: He rarely uses his Lightsaber. He is talented with machines, and surrounds himself with droids.
  14. Alright. I'll post two now, and send the other two tomorrow.

    Name: John Ka'lar
    Race: Necrem (Human offset, ages four times as slowly)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 79 (biologically 19)
    Role: Jedi Master, Leader (Legion Lost) [Formerly Jedi Knight, General, Padawan]
    Appearance: Wears a cloak, a brown sleeveless shirt, a grey undershirt and a brown belt. He has black hair and green eyes with light skin. He wears clone armor on his arms and legs, and wears brown boots and black gloves.
    Backstory: A survivor of the Battle of Geonosis, then Jedi Knight John Ka'lar was placed in command of the 437th Assault Legion right after choosing his new Padawan. Joining Clone Commander CC-5020, also known as Jack, in the 437th, he fought many glorious battles, helping push back the Separatists. However, one week before Order 66, he discovered the plans by intercepting a transmission from Darth Sidious to Darth Tyranus. He had Jack remove the control chips of every soldier in the legion, and sent a message to the 437th when Palpatine enacted his plan. The message detailed that they were to regroup on the remote planet of Cybassi and organize an attack against the Chancellor. He was discovered by the 91st Recon Corps on Sabas, the planet he was sending the message from, and fought them off in order to escape to the rendezvous point. He gathered his legion and renamed them the Legion Lost, a group that would focus more on striking from the shadows with silent raids that would have deadly repercussions for the Empire. Jedi Master John now leads the Legion Lost as their main commander... aside from another.
    Weapons: His dual lightsabers; during his trial, he was called to two crystals at once, one blue and one green. He took them both, and so built his two lightsabers. He is one of few Jedi to have this happen.
    Others: He once spent a year away from the legion on Kurak, the ancient grounds of one of the first Jedi Temples. He spent this time learning from the Force Ghost of one of the original Jedi three powerful Force techniques forgotten by time.

    Name: R3-J7
    Race: R3 Astromech Droid
    Gender: Genderless (assumed male)
    Age: 23
    Role: Mechanic, Mobile Computer, Co-Pilot
    Appearance: A white astromech droid with a round dome and red lines.
    Backstory: Being assigned to then Jedi Knight John one year before the Battle of Geonosis, R3-J7 (affectionately called "Arthree" by his friends) has been the best astromech a Jedi could hope for over the past 23 years of them knowing each other. Arthree helped his master escape Order 66 on the planet Sabas, when he was attacked by the 91st Reconnaissance Corps under Order 66. Arthree hacked into Destiny, the Republic Cruiser they were in at the time, and flew John's shuttle to safety while he was sleeping. Arthree served the Jedi Master during the Clone Wars, and serves him to this day as a member of the Legion Lost that no one would ever expect to be so powerful.
    Weapons: Taser, Jets, Detachable Spare Fuel Canisters, Upgraded Computer Interface Arms, Signal Light, Speakers
  15. Wait. can I be an Imperial Pilot who betrays the empire and joins the rebels?
  16. Okay that would be interesting is he still in the imperial academy or a full trained pilot?
  17. Full trained Pilot. @SMRPG64 PLeasE SHUT UP! I HAVEN"T SEEN IT YET.
  18. I haven't seen it either. So, everyone, please, try to avoid comments about the results of Rogue One.
  19. then don't read my first post on the main thread it has, spoilers
  20. Yeah, Hydreigon, stay away from that first post of Dark's. It didn't have anything plot relevant. Oh, by the way, I feel I should post these.[​IMG][​IMG] This is what the "Rogue Wolffe" looks like.
  21. Name: Dnni-2873 (Danny)
    Race: Human (Clone)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Role: Imperial Pilot (later Rebel Pilot)
    Appearance: He wears his standard Imperial pilot black stormtrooper armor. He later pants blue stripes and other various patterens on it. He was cloned from a person that wasn't Jango Fett. He has Blonde hair and blue eyes and a scar on the right side of his lip.
    Backstory: Danny is an Imperial Pilot who has doubts about what he's doing. He was cloned from another breed of Stormtroopers. Since a lot of the Jango Fett troopers died in the Galactic Civil war.
    Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle,
    Others: He has a TIE Fighter that he uses instead of the rebel mandate X-Wings/ Y-Wings/A-Wings. He has panted a matching blue patteren on his TIE Fighter so you can tell the difference.
  22. Name:lowbacca
    Race: Wookiee
    Gender: male
    Age: 78 (still pretty young on a Wookiee age line
    Role: gotta love the smuggler life
    Appearance: looks like any old Wookiee with a war helmet
    Backstory: is Chewys relive but doesn't have any idea about it he help lead the defence of kashyyyk his friends and family got killed in it he escaped the planet on his ship the rouge fighter
    Weapons: bowcaster
    other: none
  23. You. I have respect for you. You actually know that there's a second e in "Wookiee." I like you. And you make me not regret bringing in my Wookiee, Arrikkata.
  24. I know like ever thing about Wookiees
  25. Here are the other two;

    Name: Margot Venei
    Race: Necrem
    Gender: Female
    Age: 67 (biologically 16)
    Role: Jedi Knight, General [Formerly Commander, Padawan]
    Appearance: Wears tight dark brown robes, brown track pants, clone arm-guards, black gloves and a brown belt. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and light skin.
    Backstory: Chosen by John Ka'lar to become a Padawan the very day he was assigned to fight with the 437th Assault Legion, Padawan Margot Venei fought alongside her master on the front lines for the majority of the Clone Wars. Near the end, she and her master returned to Coruscant to have Margot undergo the Jedi Trials. She passed, and ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight. (This is also how John became a Jedi Master.) She stayed on Coruscant while her master left, but not before being told his plan. When Order 66 arrived, she kept hidden to avoid the eye of Palpatine, who assumed she had left with John. Margot received her master's message, and traveled to Cybassi with the Jedi Master she rescued. She joined her master and her friend and comrade Commander Jack in the Lost Legion on multiple missions against the Empire, and still fights them.
    Weapons: A blue lightsaber which can shift into a blaster
    Others: Was patrolling Coruscant during Order 66 in her star fighter, and managed to save a Jedi Master on the brink of death. (Hint: She was at the Senate building)

    Name: CC-5020 "Jack"
    Race: Clone (Mandalorian based, ages twice as fast)
    Gender: Male
    Role: General [Formerly Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergent]
    Appearance: Wears mkIII Clone Armor, a custom variant made exclusively for the Legion Lost. He has red lines on his armor and his helmet, with the insignia of the 437th marked over his temples with an empty line through the middle. He wears a dark red bodysuit under the armor. He also wears a red pauldron over each shoulder and a red-lined kama to show his command. When he rose the the rank of General of the Legion Lost, he also decided to wear a black short cape in the back. He says it makes him look cooler.
    Backstory: 'Born' in the year 32 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), CC-5020 spent the first ten years of his life on Kamino, training for the day he would join the Republic in the inevitable war that Sifo-Dyas had foreseen. When the time came, he was selected to be the Captain of the 437th Legion. He led his personal squad, "House of Cards", to such greatness that his general, Master Ka'lar, promoted him to Commander and gave him the nickname of Jack. [QUOTE: "John Ka'lar"]Your squadron has a fitting name. Here in the 437th, we have a king... a queen... and now we have our Jack.[/QUOTE] The Commander charged into battle alongside his General on many an occasion. He removed the inhibitor chips of every clone in his legion when John told him to, and he led his legion to seize a cruiser and fly to Cybassi. Jack soon rose to the rank of General, and leads the Legion Lost into battle alongside his three fellow Generals.
    Weapons: Dual DC-17 blaster pistols, a grappling hook, a signal beam and five Thermal Detonators - just in case. Depending on the mission, he may also decide to carry a DC-15A or a DC-15x. Margot also taught him to use a shoto-style white lightsaber, for situations where he has to get up close and personal.
    Others: Some of the troopers in the Lost Legion claim that Jack's control chip has always been defective. He's always been a free spirit, and has never carried out an order he didn't agree with.
  26. Thanks! I'll make my first post now.

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