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Open Star Wars RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Delta_Ace, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Well, here we go. This is my attempt to make a Star Wars Roleplay and I've got some ideas but I'm mainly at a loss. I'm not sure what era I want to do, I'm not sure what the plot is going to be, I'm not sure of much. However, I am sure that I want to do this. If there is any interest, let me know here. We can discuss it here and then I will clean this thread up or make a new one once we've decided on what we want to do. Thank you.

    Character Template:



    Race(what species you are):


    Appearance(what you look like):


    Faction(who you work for):
    Class(Soldier,Sith,Jedi,Bounty Hunter,Smuggler,ect):

    Force Sensitive(yes/no):
    Force Abilities(for Force Sensitive only)

    Weapon(if any):

    Starship(if any):


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  2. Well actually I seem to be a Star Wars Fan so I'll take interest in this if you will have me
  3. Well here I was, beginning to lose hope. Of course I'll have you. I have some character bio sheets ready, but at the same time I need to edit them depending on the Era. What're you thinking? I "specialize" in Clone Wars and The Old Republic, but I'm willing for pretty much anything and any kind.
  4. I actually like all the Star Wars I don't really have a favorite of them but the Force Awakens was good for me plus I have two chars ready to roleplay in this
  5. Well since it seems to just be us two interested would you like to go to PM? We can discuss further there.
  6. sure I don't mind just make it and tag me in
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    is this still happening
  8. Hey, I'm so sorry, kinda forgot about this. Yes, it's still a thing if you two are interested.
  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Sounds like fun
  10. As a Star Wars fan, I might consider joining as well.
  11. Well, Seeing as there has been a renewed interest, I'll add a character sheet later and we can really get this rolling. It may be a few hours, but the sheet will probably be up tonight. Keep an eye out.
  12. Alright @Delta_Ace take your time when ever your available ^-^
  13. I've updated the first post to include templates.
  14. Name: JC

    Title: The Masked Female Jedi

    Race(what species you are): Human

    Age(Duh): 20

    Appearance(what you look like): She is a light skinned young lady with a well feminine build but light to lift. Her hair is past the shoulders a bit long almost to bottom length but is pulled up in a ponytail as her bang covers her useless eye. She wears a black and silver cross necklace around her neck tucked into her shirt. She clothing is what a normal a Jedi wears but colored black and streaked with purple. She wears bandages on her wrists and ankles her foot wear however is more flat like with the straps around her ankles securely. She wears glasses upon her face

    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 90lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Light blue, right slightly blind
    Skin: Puerto Rican

    Faction(who you work for): The light side but is a lone Jedi along with her brother
    Class(Soldier,Sith,Jedi,Bounty Hunter,Smuggler,ect): Jedi

    Force Sensitive(yes/no): yes, very high
    Force Abilities(for Force Sensitive only): Force healing, Shatter point, Crucitorn, Force listening

    Weapon(if any): Light saber colored purple, Sniper Rifle, Bowcaster

    Starship(if any): The Resistance Starship but in black streaked purple

    Background: Her parents were assasinated by a Jedi associated by the dark side. Only her and and her brother Shadow survived and had only been able to rely on each other. She was more of a thief with her brother but she only did this to survive. Eventually, she and her brother was found by a Jedi Master and was taken in for training to become a Jedi with the force. She eventually developed abilities of the force including her brother with a high sensitively towards it.

    Personality: Quite distant, Brave, Gentle, Slightly Stubborn, Thinks before she acts, Stragetic, Strongwilled, Trustworthy, Always there for her friends in need but can also be overprotective of them especially towards her brother.

    Other: Her mask is shaped like a wolf with purple streaks on the sides but also wears a hooded cape to hide herself. A she-wolf like robot she built and created follows her around with very high intelligence to opening things(like doors), also with the brain and mind with her eyes lit light blue. She had built a second on for Shadow but in black with his eyes lit gold but in order to tell them apart she attached collars on the both of them showing their names. DoveX2 for the white female and PhantomX4 for the black male. DoveX2 mostly follows her around and will obey any order she gives

    Name: Shadow

    Title: The Masked Male Jedi

    Race(what species you are): Human

    Age(Duh): 21

    Appearance(what you look like): He is a lighted skinned male with a well masculine build. His hair is slightly long in the back with hoa bang covering his right eye. His clothing is what a normal Jedi wears also black but gold streaked. He wears a black cross around his neck tucked into his shirt.

    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 95lbs
    Hair: Jet black
    Eyes: Light blue
    Skin: Light

    Faction(who you work for): The light side but is a lone Jedi like his sister
    Class(Soldier,Sith,Jedi,Bounty Hunter,Smuggler,ect): Jedi

    Force Sensitive(yes/no): Yes, very high
    Force Abilities(for Force Sensitive only): Wall of Light, Psychometry, Telepathy, Force Healing

    Weapon(if any): Light Saber colored Blue, Spear, Blaster

    Starship(if any): Same as his sister also black but streaked gold

    Background: Same as his sister

    Personality: Brave, Overprotective(of JC), Gentle, Calm minded, Supportive

    Other: His mask is shaped like a wolf but gold streaked on the side also wearing a hooded cape like his sister. PhantomX4 follows Shadow mostly obeying any order from him that his sister created for him.-

    (I was not sure how many abilities they can have so I just limited it to four but here are mine just let me know what I have to change ^-^)
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  15. @LunarSilvally Approved! I'll be creating my character and waiting for a few others before I post a thread.
  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Lorenzo Arturo

    Title: The Reaper

    Race: Human

    Age: 25

    Appearance: He wears black trousers, a dark grey jacket with grey top, black boots, an eyepiece, a black cowboy hat and a balaclava that only covers the lower half of his face.
    Height: 6' 10"
    Weight: 214 lbs
    Hair: Brown hair in a spiky faux hawk style.
    Eyes: Green eyes
    Skin: Caucasian

    Faction: Republic
    Class: Bounty Hunter

    Force Sensitive: Yes, but at an average level.
    Force Abilities: Force Sight(see further), Force Choke, Force Focus(better aim), Force Lightning(very weak version)

    Weapon: E-11s Sniper Rifle, DH-17 Blaster Pistol and a Vibro-Blade

    Starship: Red Ace but painted black, called the Shadow Walker

    Background: He was orphaned at a young age and ended up getting into crime, he discovered his force abilities in custody and became a bounty hunter for the Republic.

    Other: N/A
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  17. You're accepted, but I'd prefer if you toned down the force powers. Those are all pretty powerful and I'd prefer if he didn't have that much, as it would have been hard to learn those on his own.
  18. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    edited, hope it is now ok, tell me if not and will edit again
  19. That's much better.
  20. I had edited my char sheet a bit just so you know
  21. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    I will think about joining (cause I am greatest fan of SW ever), but I need to know more about plot
  22. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name: Zeek Aleksson
    Title: None - Zeek has no such pretensions.
    Race: Selonian
    Age: 16 - a fully grown adult by the standards of his species.
    Appearance: As with all Selonians, Zeek resembles an anthropomorphic otter. Typical for a Selonian, Zeek often goes without clothes, wearing only a utility belt with a large set of tools when he's working on maintaining his ship. However, he does have a pair of tan slacks and a similar colored jacket he wears when expecting to interact with other species.
    Height: 6'0" - A bit short for his species.
    Weight: Approximately 160lbs - Thin, fit but not quite muscular.
    Fur: Brown ventral, cream dorsal, species typical.
    Eyes: Black and beady.
    Skin: Black, under the fur.
    Faction: While effectively neutral, Zeek leans more towards Pro-Republic than Anti-Republic.
    Class: Information Broker, Informant, Liaison, and Bounty Hunter.
    Force Sensitive: Yes.
    Center of Being: Part combat stance, part meditation. Zeek was trained to fight defensively, conserving energy and waiting for his opponent to tie themselves out or otherwise present an opening. This stance allows him to defend himself from the most random attacks and feints almost unconsciously.
    Force Concealment: Zeek is adept at making himself appear very small. At its most basic, this ability allows him to hide his force connection and the extent of his powers. At its most advanced, Zeek can make people not register his presence, see him without seeing him, leaving him completely beneath notice. Not to be confused with Force Cloak, as Zeek remains visible at all times.
    Force Persuasion: The classic Mind Trick, useful in every day situations. While not as naturally persuasive as his master was, Zeek can usually encourage people to act in any way that at least won't lead to their harm. He tends to use it for little things, better deals on ship parts, getting directions or information from people who might not otherwise be willing to share it, or just to get people to leave him alone.
    Force Drain: His master's star technique, mixed with Form III, Soresu, Lightsaber combat to drain his opponent of life, energy, and Force Power to further sustain the defensive posture and waiting game nature of the form. Naturally, Zeek was also taught to fight this way, as a way to outlast any opponent. Being his greatest reminder of that man, Zeek hates this ability, but that hatred he feels towards it, and the desperation of any situation bad enough demand he use it, fuel its Dark Side power.
    Weapon: Several, including a trio of lightsabers - a blue and a green one made to be fitted together into a saberstaff, and a red one. He refuses to say where he got them. Primarily, however, Zeek prefers to use a Czerka Adventurer slugthrower rifle, complimented with a Czerka Adjudicator slugthrower pistol.
    Starship: A Core Galaxy Systems Dynamic-Class freighter. Zeek calls it 'Sincerity.' It is well armed with a pair of dual turbolaser turrets, two heavy quad laser cannons, an anti-personal repeating blaster, and tubes for proton torpedoes.
    Background: Zeek is very secretive about his personal history. However, the following can be gleaned from surface level observation. He was born on Selonia, in the Corellian System. As a male Selonian, he would have expected to lead a quiet life in the subsurface dens of his people as breeding stock, traded between Selonian Queens in various acts of politicking. Whatever caused him to leave Selonia was bad enough that he can't, or won't, return, instead wandering the stars in exile. He is Force Sensitive, and was trained in various techniques of both the Light and Dark Side of the Force, though he never applied to the Jedi Order nor apprenticed under any known Darth to do so. He fluently speaks Mandaba - the Selonian native tongue - and Galactic Basic - the language of the Republic. He is well trained in maintenance, engineering, and general repair, keeping his ship and his gear in working order by himself.

    Someday I'll get to properly use this boy in an RP.

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