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Ask to Join Star Wars RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by BlueMew392, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Okay, I've been in a Star Wars mood lately and with Episode 8 on the way, I figured I should make a Star Wars RP. Still have no idea on the plot, some help with will be appreciated.

    The setting takes place 15 years after Episode 3, meaning 4 years before Episode 4. You can be in the Rebellion, the Empire, or neither.

    1. Follow the PRP rules.
    2. No one-liners.
    3. No double-posting.
    4. No godmodding.
    5. Romance allowed.
    6. Jedi allowed but I'm only allowing 3. Since there are hardly any. *Edit* I won't be accepting anymore for now.
    7. Sith/Inquisitors allowed. Probably at most 5.
    8. If your character dies, you can create another.
    9. Put 'Force' in other to show you read the rules.

    Class: (Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, etc.)
    Home planet:
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  2. Name: Kyles Manna
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Former temple guard(Does this count in as a Jedi?)
    Weapon: A modified Inquisitor Lightsaber (Turned it purple)
    Home planet: Corusant
    Appearance: Tall and fit, has medium black hair which the front is swiped above the right eye. Wears a white shirt with a black jacket over it, grey pants and black boots
    Personality: usually calm, has a good sense of humour and serious when needed
    Other: do temple guards have the Force
  3. Name: Kelisea "Kel" Cree
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Class: Bounty Hunter
    Weapon: Capture cables (Which can pump electricity), crushgaunts, electrostaff, explosives (Grenades, portable landmines etc.), flamethrower, poison darts, rocket launcher (Attached to jet-pack), sniper rifle, twin blasters & wrist blades.
    Home planet: Mandalore
    Appearance: Tall with a muscular build, fair skin and a noticeable (But not overly large) bust. Has short red hair with blue eyes and a scar along her left eye. When off duty, she wears a white tank tank top with a pair of baggy black cargo pants and matching colored boots. Wears a golden locket around her neck. When on duty, she wears standard Mandalorian armor; with a dark purple & black color scheme but no helmet.
    Personality: A greedy individual who values monetary gain over most other things. Loves to tease others or dish out sarcastic remarks just to mess with them. Is willing to do whatever it takes to win or get the job done, which clashes with the code of honor that comes with her people's traditions making her very much an "outsider." None the less, is not heartless. She despises people who exploit power to pick on those below them, has a soft spot for children and has great value in those she considers "family." Ultimately is dissatisfied with the way the galaxy is run, but sees no way to change anything and just wants to live another day.
    Other: Has a pet Nexu (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nexu (Nexu)) she named Ruby due to the red eyes. No, neither she nor Ruby know the Force.
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  4. Name: Kato
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Species: Cathar
    Class: (Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, etc.) Rebellion Pilot
    Weapon: A Hand Blaster and an electrowhip.(A whip charged with electricity for close range)
    Home planet: Cathar http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cathar (Cathar)
    Appearance: A medium sized Cathar, or cat person. She has blue eyes and a light brown coat. Her ears fold down, and Kato wears a light vest and shorts. There are tribal markings on her face. Her vest holds a few types of explosives as well, just in case.
    Personality: Kato is ruthless. She acts for revenge, and is a great pilot. Her family was killed by the empire in a trade. Kato took the ship and excaped. She acts in anger, and is thought of as one of the most skilled flyers on Cathar.
    Other: 1:Can I use a custom ship? 2: How is FORCE recorded?
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  5. Jacob, I love you dawg, but lemme stop you for a minute.

    Mandalorians aren't a species, they're a culture.
  6. Oh, I see. Edit time!
  7. Common misunderstanding. But yes, in Legends, they were deifnitely a culture, as the Bounty Hunter character in SWTOR can become a Mandalorian regardless of their species. Fun fact, my SWTOR Bounty Hunter is a Cathar, and three hundred years or so before SWTOR took place, the Mandalorians exterminated a large population of the Cathar. So I always found the prospect of Cathar Mando'ade amusing.

    Also, can we have a second character, @BlueMew392?

    Name: Dredd Ordo
    Age: Physically 16 (That's an adult for the Taung), Chronologically around 4000
    Gender: Male
    Species: Taung ( http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Taung (Taung) )
    Class: Mercenary, Bounty Hunter
    Weapon: Mandalorian Crushgaunts ( http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Crushgaunt (Crushgaunt) ), Modified DL-44 heavy blaster pistol
    Home planet: Mandalore
    Appearance: A gray-skinned alien with clawed hands and bony ridges along his head (basically the first picture on the link). He has yellow eyes, and wears Mandalorian blue Mandalorian Neo-crusader armor with gold zig-zag patterns. Instead of a neo-crusader helmet, Dredd wears a Taung helmet, but with the same color as his body armor. He is tall, standing at roughly 6'6".
    Personality: Dredd is analytic, and is always sizing up people. He is an honorable individual and is always ready to stand by those he considers friends, and even more-so those he considers family. Despite this, he holds a grudge very easily and isn't prone to forgiving those he feels wronged him or those he cares about. He mourns the life that he had left behind.
    Other: I ain't gonna force you to click these links. He uses a Lancer-class pursuit craft ( http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lancer-class_pursuit_craft (Lancer-class pursuit craft) )

    Name: Arrikkata
    Age: 57
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wookiee
    Class: (former) Jedi Shadow
    Weapon: Double-bladed bronze lightsaber, collapsible bowcaster
    Home planet: Kashyyyk
    Appearance: Arrikkata is large, standing at 8'4" (this is within the average height range for Wookiees) with black fur and golden eyes. His left arm is covered in what looks like Phase II Clone Trooper armor, but larger to fit his frame. He also has similar-looking legplates that go from his waist down to his knees. Under his covered arm is actually a cybernetic limb after a run-in with an Inquisitor.
    Personality: After the Jedi Purge was initiated, Arrikkata went through a change of view on the Force. He realized the arrogance the Jedi Council had, and began to realize many of the flaws the Jedi possessed. His view of the Force entirely changed afterward. He realized that one could not defeat the Dark Side without understanding it, so he became a seeker of knowledge on all aspects of the Force. He's generally kind, caring, and tends to look out for those he's close to.
    Other: Don't be forceful of others.
  8. what's a Jedi Shadow?
  9. Class in SWTOR. Specialized in double-bladed Lightsabers and used a lot of stealthy abilities like Force cloaking. If the Jedi had anything close to Sith Assassins, the Jedi Shadows were it.
  10. Wow! And here I was about to give up on this. Lol. All of you are accepted!

    @Koopa6000 Yes, Temple Guards do count as Jedi (I think) and they do have the Force. The Grand Inquisitor in Rebels use to be a Temple Guard.

    @Glaceon trainer Yes, you can have a custom ship.

    @Dapper_Cat Yes, you can have two characters.
  11. Here's the ship:
    A special made ship, the size of 1/50 of a star destroyer. It is based off of previous empire plans for a ship that the troopers could live on, but still could put up a great fight. (Production was shut down by star destroyers) It is the shape of a dart, and can house 8 people. It is made for fighting and living, housing a basic living area and kitchen. The ship is capable of light speed. Weapons include, Minor Ion Cannon and many lazer cannons. It's basic shield can block quite a few attacks. Flys in a spinning motion.
    And a second character
    Name: Raden
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Smuggler
    Weapon: Two sonic pistols, and madalorian vambraces
    Home planet: Madalore
    Appearance: A normal person. He wears a light form of Mandalorian armor, and has jet black hair. He wears the vambraces all the time.
    Personality: Raden likes to take risks. He wouldn't mind killing someone, but likes to be safe. Kato and Raden are dating.
    Other: Kato and Raden work together.
  12. Will we be starting soon?
  13. Hopefully.

    Name: Zenix Sorrel
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Class: Jedi Padawan
    Weapon: A black lightsaber and a blaster pistol.
    Home planet: Naboo
    Appearance: Black shirt, blue pants, black belt with a holster for his blaster, black boots. He also sometimes wears a grey jacket with a hood.
    Personality: He is kind and caring to those he cares about, and will fight when he has to. He also uses the Dark Side, but only uses it when he has to.
    Other: The force will be strong next month.
  14. Forced conflict is forced, but I couldn't think of a better way to have our characters interact given the setting and I didn't want her to already know you were a Jedi.
  15. It's alright.
  16. Hey, I'm hoping I'm not intervening, just thought this was cool and was hoping I could give it a shot.

    Nat'tin Shaun

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Class: Jedi Youngling-turned Smuggler

    Weapon: Blaster Pistol, Lightsaber(Broken)

    Home planet: Kashyyk

    Appearance: 6'3", short, blonde hair, slight tan, muscular build. Multiple scars across his body, including one running from his right shoulder to his hip, a wound he barely survived.

    Personality: Nat'tin, or Nat, for short, is very outgoing and kind, and would not hesitate to fight for someone in the name of good. However he must resort to somewhat.. Illegal tactics, just to get by. He is awkward around women, due to not dealing with them for most of his life.

    Other: Very little force sensitivity.
  17. Accepted! And with that, I'm no longer accepting any more Jedi since we now have 4 in total!
  18. So, I kind of want Dredd to go toe-to-toe with either a Jedi or a Sith.
  19. Cool. Kinda surprised I got a reply so quickly. So how should I enter? Just kinda do it? Or wait a bit?
  20. Same with my character, but that depends on circumstance and the will of the others here.
  21. I don't know if you checked the links or not, but Mandalorian crushgaunts are *really* useful. They enhance the user's strength to where they can crush bones and metal with relative ease. And because they're made of Beskar, a rare material also known as Mandalorian Iron, the user can even grab a Lightsaber blade while the crushgaunts are equipped.
  22. I prefer the vambraces. Their basically force for the non-jedi.
  23. Fair enough. They do come with a wide array of weaponry for combatting Jedi.
  24. Can I be a Sith Lord?
  25. Character 1:
    Name: Jake Cirtuss
    Age: 33
    Species: Human
    Class: Sith Lord
    Weapon: dark red light saber
    Home planet: Naboo
    Appearance: wears a black cape with a black hard fabric shirt usually wears hard flexible armour behind his shirt and he wears black pants that are made of a hard fabric with flexible armour behind it as well as for a blacked out mask showing the shape of his head and he wears 10 layers of armoured masks and 5 layers of body armour and 2 layers of armour for his legs.
    Personaility: he's a quiet no forgiving no mercy phsycopathic man with no emotions towards those he's hurting he never loses his foces in a fight
  26. That’s a lot of layers of armor
  27. Never can have anough
  28. Yeah, I think you can :)
  29. Hallo! If i may ask to join?

    Name: Alex Shane

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Class: Not a jedi or a sith

    Weapon: A light blue Light-saber

    Home planet: Tatooine

    Appearance: Wears a red robe and has brown pants. His pale skin barely can even show his yellow eyes. Also wears some blue flip-flops since sand is what he mostly walks on.

    Personality: Really quiet and shy but once you get to know him he will possibly talk more to you. He is really nice aswell. People say he should become a sith since he's so quiet. He doesn't know why people say that.

    Other: Can sometimes use the force

    Thank you for looking at this :3
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  30. Sorry, but I'm no longer accepting any more Jedi.
  31. Awwww... okay i fix that then. I shall just be neither of them. Fixed it!
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  32. I never said you can't be a Sith either. It's just that we already have enough Jedi. Also, I might need an RP example from you, since I'm kinda skeptical about accepting you.
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  33. I could see why you need a rp sample from him because ya never know if there a sock puppeteer or not
  34. I honestly am not a sock puppeteer. I just joined this website hoping to find a RP..... Not saying you were saying i am a sock puppeteer.
  35. Well it's just there's a big promblem with sock puppeteers right now and sone people are paranoid of it
  36. Teapot

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    Guys, don't start witch hunts. Remember that the staff can tell if anyone's trying to evade bans, it's not your job to cast aspersions – and you must absolutely not make anyone feel unwelcome just for being new, which is what's happening here. Leave it to the pros, guys.
  37. It's not whether he's a sock puppeteer or not. It's mainly about grammar. But, after seeing what he typed so far, I guess I don't need a sample. I'm still confused about the not a Jedi or Sith part.

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