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Star Wars RP (Ask to join)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by OmegaNave, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Hey guys! I don't got much to say, so I'll get right to the RP!
    I decided to choose a Star Wars RP! In it, you can make your own character.
    No using real characters like Han Solo or Poe Dameron.
    Ask to join the RP in the discussion thread and put your character there.
    Here's how you make your character:
    Name: (This is pretty obvious)
    Occupation: (Stuff like Jedi, Sith, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, etc. Then if you are a Jedi or Sith, say what rank you are. Master, Apprentice, etc.)
    Gear: (Blaster, Lightsaber, etc.)
    Home Planet: (Tatooine, Mustafar, Coruscant, etc.)
    Species: (Human, Gungan, etc.)
    Other Info: (Whatever you want! Just don't go crazy!

    Anyone can join! Have fun!
    Link to the discussion: http://pokecharms.com/threads/star-wars-rp-discussion.12727/

    My character:

    Name: Korlan
    Occupation: Sith Master
    Gear: Dual Darksabers, Small Blaster Pistol
    Home Planet: Mandalore / Tatooine
    Species: Human
    Other Info: You can usually find Korlan in Mos Eisley Cantina. He has excellent aim with his blaster pistol. When he needs to, he often uses force choke and force lightning on his enemies. He's known for betraying his masters. He'll also do almost anything for a few credits (Currency in the Star Wars universe). He was raised on Mandalore, (That's how he got the darksabers!) but now lives on Tatooine.
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  2. Starblast walked down the hall of the Star Destroyer. His flashy cloak (ray-shielded, great for blaster defense) flapped behind him as he entered the command center. Entering the room, his robot eye identified his superior... and the man he worked for. At least for now. "Lord Vader." the bounty hunter said, kneeling. "You summoned me?"
    "Yes." the Sith lord said. "I have a mission for you. We've identified a clone's old transponder signal on the planet Tatooine. We suspect this clone is either a rogue, a member of the Clone Rebellion or... a Morality. The third is the most likely, as we saw an unregistered Star Destroyer pop into the system just long enough to drop off a single ship and leave. I'm sending you and a squad of Stormtroopers to check it out."
    "Lord Vader, I appreciate the backup... but I can handle this mission by myself." Starblast said.
    "We can't take any chances with a Morality." Darth Vader said. "Go now."
    "...yes, my lord." Starblast said before standing up and leaving the control center.

    An hour later
    The Lambda-class T-4a shuttle touched down in Mos Eisley. Captain Chrys was leading the charge. Getting on their bikes, Cpt. Chrys and Starblast got on their speeder bikes and sped off, ten stormtroopers following.
  3. Korlan was just leaving the cantina when he saw Starblast. With Imperial StormTroopers following. "Imperials? Here? On Tatooine? What are they doing here? I don't care what or who they're looking for, I'm following them." He hopped on his Landspeeder, and followed after them. After about 40 minutes, they stopped. Just as one of the StormTroopers got off his speeder, Korlan jumped off his, and activated his darksabers...
  4. As Starblast got off of his bike, he turned with his lightsaber and blocked the attack. He then whipped out his blaster and opened fire on the traitorous Sith. Tapping into the Imperial Database, his eye recognized the attacker as Korlan the traitorous inquisitor.
  5. "Who are you? And why are you here?" Korlan said, pulling out his blaster pistol, ready to fire.
  6. "None of your business, traitor." Starblast said. Closing his real eye, his targeting system, GPS and data reader all came online. The attacker was recognized as Korlan, traitorous inquisitor. It also identified his darksabers and pistol of mandalorian origin. "A Mandalorian, huh? Well, I can work with that." he said. Captain Chrys and his eight troopers surrounded the Sith, blasters at the ready. "Either leave or be exterminated. We have an important mission, and you will NOT distract us from it!"
  7. "I'll ask one more time. Answer me, and I leave you in peace. What are you doing on this planet?" He sounded angry now.
  8. "I told you." Starblast said, this time emphasizing his words with a snarl. "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS." He then touched a button on a pouch on his side, which attached something to the blaster. It looked threatening.
  9. "Alright then." He said. He threw both his darksabers in different directions, killing 2 stormtroopers. He then leaped forward. "You sure that's your final answer? I deserve to know."
  10. (No more killing Stormtroopers. Or at least, not my squadmates.)
    "You'll have to mind-trick me for the info." Starblast said. A light on the Neuro-implant started flashing.
  11. "Alright..." he said. He got back on his Landspeeder and drove home. "I should keep an eye on him"
  12. The Captain and another trooper ran over to the two injured Stormtroopers. They had been wounded, but not killed. Still, their wounds were almost fatal. Two of the troopers left to get the injured to medical, thus leaving only three fifths of the beginning squad. Starblast, Cpt. Chrys and the remaining four troopers climbed aboard their speeder bikes again.
    "Still got a lock on the target?" the Captain asked.
    "We're in luck." Starblast responded, activating his GPS. "It looks like he's stopped at some old B'omarr Monk Monastery. We should be able to catch him there."
  13. DC-364678 had just arrived at the Monastery. According to his superiors, the old base was a few meters away. Than again, he wasn't expecting it to be flooded with the 'Sand People' the locals seemed to fear that were actually quite scary. Drawing his pistol, he loaded it with 'Combustible' ammunition, shooting at one and watching the remainder burst into flames. As he investigated the area, his scanner, built into his cybernetic eye, began to beep. Turning around slowly, he saw a small force of stormtroopers, followed by what seemed to be a Bounty Hunter. Reloading his pistol with 'Explosive' ammunition, he spoke. "What do you need?" He asked, aiming carefully as to not catch himself in the blast, if it came to that.
  14. "Who is that?" Korlan said to himself. He was, at first, heading home. He quickly decided, though, to keep watching for a while. He saw someone that was wearing armor very similar to Clone Trooper armor. Maybe he WAS a Clone! But what would he want from the Empire? (Korlan doesn't know that Starblast is a Bounty Hunter)
  15. (Makes sense, what with everything that's been happening.)
    When the GPS told Starblast the target was near, he led his squad around a corner.
    "He's right there." Starblast informed Chrys. "We'll go on foot from here." He and his squad dismounted their bikes and readied their weapons. Starblast drew his lightsaber and pistol, turning the corner.
    "What do you need?" the clone asked, holding a modified DC-15 in front of him.
    "You." Starblast said, letting loose a volley of laser blasts. His squad did the same.
  16. "What are they DOING?" Korlan said to himself. "Wait. I think I've seen that guy before at the Cantina! I wonder what they want with him."
  17. "R4 bring us in for final aproach, stabilisers prepped and landing gear down, we are ready to dock" said Kadu flipping switches as his Interceptor class fighter 'the vulture' docked with its larger counterpart the devastor class 'Beowulf'
    "Nicely done R4, now begin refuelling and set course for tatooine, I have some bounties to collect" laughed the Pau'an bounty hunter as he exited his ship and headed straight for the bridge

    ---several hours later---

    "R4 keep the ship on geo-stational orbit until i return, it will be easier to just take the vulture down to the surface" said Kadu as his fighter effortlessly slipped away from the larger ship
    "Oh darn it sand storm over jabba's palace I'll have to land else where and approach by speeder

    ---one hour later---

    "A pleasure as always jabba" said the bounty hunter leaving the palace his total credit account considerably larger

    "What's this an imperial squadron and vadars personal lap dog Starbust, I never thought he'd ever show his face here, but hey anyone who can go toe to toe with baby fett is good in my book" Said the hunter thinking aloud, he revved his speeder bike and raced toward the group
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  18. Miral's armour blocked most of the blasts, but a shot hit one of the armour's joints, causing him extreme pain. He reacted accordingly, pulling the trigger on his gun, hoping the shot would at least explode. Quickly loading a random explosive into his arm, he shot it, ducking behind one of the pillars in the monastery. Reaching for the communication panel on his arm, he sent a message to The Morality, his ship. "Need help. Bounty Hunter." He sent.
  19. The shot came screeching towards Starblast, but the cunning bounty hunter spun and let the shot hit his ray-shielded cape. The precautions made by the bounty hunter nullified the explosion. "Chrys, with me!" he said, him and the captain dashing forwards. The four stormtroopers waited, blasters ready. Using his custom orange-bladed lightsaber, Starblast sliced the pillar in half before drawing his pistol and firing at one of the joints in the armor. Chrys did the same. However, one of Chrys' shots went wild and struck his communicator.
  20. Kadu arrived at the monastery, his paired light sabers joined in sabaer staff mode
    "Hey starbust what the heck are you doing this monastery dates back to before the fall of the Sith empire in fact this here 'monastery' was actually built as an ancient Sith outpost. Meaning that this place if it wasnt discovered earlier should contain a Sith log holocron and i bet if you took that too your master he would be oh so impressed!" Said Kadu entering the outpost. The storm troopers took aim but then froze where they stood until Kadu was safely inside then the force mind trick wore off and the returned to normal
    "Or if this one" pointing to Miral "is so important to you i will be happy to take the holocron and leave" the bounty hunter slowly moved further into the outpost
  21. "How did you even find me?" Miral asked, knowing that A) He was dead, as there was a Sith in front of him and B) Everyone was shooting at his armour joints. He also noticed that his communicator was fired, which meant that he had to do a Manual Restart. After a twist of the 'restart' Crank, his com began do fix itself, and it would be operational in five minutes.
  22. "Scram." Starblast said to 'Kadu'. "I'm on a mission." The bounty hunter and stormtrooper captain dashed towards their target. "And as for your question, I'll give you an answer." Captain Chrys said to the clone. "You forgot to deactivate your transponder."
    The mind trick had stopped the troopers from realizing that there was a thermal detonator by their feet. The troopers leaped out of the way of the explosion.
  23. "Oooooooooh." Miral immediately turned off the transponder with a twist. Reaching for his arm, he turned on the E.I.C, becoming invisible to any detection system. As he watched, he could see The Morality begin to appear. Turning on his silent Boot-Jets. The X1-Wing, the only other ship in The Morality's Fleet, began to descend. The X1-Wing, a X-Wing with improved speed and a extra cockpit, was being piloted by Scrap, the only independent Battle Droid on the ship. As DC entered the co-pilots cockpit, he told the droid to fly as fast as possible to The Morality. "Roger Roger Sir." Scrap replied, beginning to return to the Star Destroyer.
  24. "Chrys, get a tracker on him!" Starblast said. The captain assembled his collapsible sniper in seconds, attached a tracker and fired it onto the ship.
    "Tracker's on, sir! He can't evade us for long." Chrys said.
    "But he still escaped." Starblast said. "I am not looking forward to having to report this to Vader... Call in the ship."
    "Already here, sir." Chrys said, as the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle landed in the cannon. The two wounded stormtroopers were in the medical bay, and the two troopers who had gone with them were piloting the ship. Starblast, Chrys and the other four troopers climbed aboard and the ship blasted off.

    An hour later...
    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE CLONE IS STILL FREE?!" Vader shouted, angry.
    Starblast flinched. "B-but Lord Vader..." the bounty hunter said. "We managed to get a tracker on his escape craft. The Vengeance reports that the same unregistered Star Destroyer popped into the system and picked up the clone in a modified X-Wing before rocketing off. The tracker is still on the X-Wing, and is still functioning. The Morality group has not yet detected it."
    "Well then... hmm..." Vader was thinking. Soon he turned around to face the bounty hunter again. "My apologies for my outburst. You performed excellently, Starblast. Thanks to you, we can now identify the base of the Morality!"
  25. "Your loss" said kadu as he began to walk deeper and desperate into the outpost before returning 15 minutes later with a red glowing holocron "now who to give this too" said the bounty hunter aloud trying to decide who to sell the holocron too, after he studied it that was
    "Later starbust, I'll see you around" throwing a smoke cartridge and disappearing


    "R4 remote dock the vulture I have a call too make" said Kadu as he flicked switches inside his cockpit and begun broadcasting on the imperial channel
    "ID number 3064, calling Darth Vader, I Kadu Revankin have a object you may be interested in, the ancient sith holocron of the tattooing outpost. The contents are more interesting the location of the first sith saber forge. The terms for this deal are simple I want a job you will make me one of your chosen bounty hunters, but I don't want to be alone in my assignments. I want my own elite spec-ops team. These are my terms you have 10 parsecs to agree to my terms or the holocron will never find its way into imperial hands I can guarantee it" Kadu ended the broadcast and sat back as his ship effortlessly docked with its larger counter parts

    ---9.5 parsecs later---

    "Calling Kadu Revankin the dark lord accept your terms please head to these co-ordinates to make the exchange and meet your new squardron
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  26. Korlan woke up later on Starblast's ship. Stormtroopers were patrolling the ship. As soon as one passed by, Korlan killed it with one of his darksabers. He put the armor on. "Hmm. Perfect fit."
    20 minutes later...
    "Lord Vader. There is nothing on the bounty hunter's ship." Korlan said, in disguise. "Wonderful." Vader replied "I would like you to go along with the hunter, since two of his troopers are injured. Go!" "Yes sir!" Korlan replied. Wow! This is perfect! I'd better get to the ship. Now I'll figure out what's going on!
  27. Starblast and Chrys were at the control panels. A blip was flashing on a map of Coruscant.
    "Beg pardon, sir, but what mission did Lord Vader give you again?" Chrys asked.
    "Apparently we're heading to the not-so-secret base of the Morality to torch their home and take their members captive. We're also waiting for a new bounty hunter who's a few ranks under me. Even you're a higher rank than he is. But he's still in Vader's Elite, so he must be good." Starblast said. The two then turned at footsteps of someone entering the room.
  28. Kadu walked into the room his once grey and brown armour now jet black a ray shield generator now attached to his belt
    "Hello starbust, chrys, if you havent already heard i just joined vadars elite and I've already been promoted, which makes me ever so slightly lower than you star and higher than you chrys. now on to our mission, where we headed and what we doing, i know we are storming the morality base on couscant but other than that do we have any more intel" asked the bounty hunter as he approached the table
  29. "StarBLAST, you intergalactic roadkill." the commander said. "I'm leading the mission to Coruscant with an army to capture the Morality forces and destroy their base. And I'm pretty sure if you just got promoted then you and Chrys are the same rank." Opening the map of Coruscant, he pointed to a flashing red dot. "This is the signal the tracker's giving us. We're leaving in an hour."
  30. (Promotion can skip ranks you know)
    "Hey I'm all good with you taking the lead and stuff starbust but trying to hyperspace jump an entire army toward coruscant and then land said army without causing chaos on the streets maybe prove more difficult than you may expect, I know a guy off world who can smuggle the army onto the planet little by little its may take a couple hours but it's more stealthy and it won't cause a planet wide riot. But hey it's up to you as always my ships already refuelled and ready for launch" the bounty hunter smiled at starblast
  31. "It's not my plan. Lord Vader gave me these orders himself." Starblast said. "We leave in an hour. Meet me in the departure bay at nine hundred hours." With that Starblast departed.
  32. Kadu snickered as the bounty hunter walked away 'wow that guy is uptight but hey his reputation preceeds him so I shouldnt give him such a hard time'

    ---later at 900 hours---

    "Ok starbust I'm here now is there anyone we're waiting for or can I start prepping my hyperdrive" asked the bounty hunter
  33. As The Morality Landed on a moon near Coruscant, Miral boarded The X1-Wing, followed by Wing, the pilot. They began to fly towards Coruscant, landing at the hidden base of The Morality. As they exited the craft, DC could hear Scythe exclaim in surprise. "There's a tracker." He said simply. This sent all of his fellow bounty hunters into a frenzy. "Quiet, everyone!" Everyone was immediately quite as Cal'gesh, the former Jedi General, spoke. "Younglings, old members, escape! Me, Scythe Miral, the clones and Scrap will hold them off! GO!" He exclaimed. Everyone ran, preparing for their respective roles.
    "YEAH!" "DOWN WITH THE MORALITY!" "THIS INSULT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!" "DEATH TO THE REBELS!" the crowd of troopers cheered, running to their respective stations.
    "Kadu, Chrys, each of you will be commanding a Lambda-class shuttle. I need you two with me for backup on land. We're going straight to their doorstep." Starblast said.
    "Yes, sir!" Chrys said before he and Starblast ran to two separate Lambda-class cruisers.
  35. "Will do starblast (i use the proper name when kadu is in hunter mode he doesnt have time for jokes in the thrill of the kill) but one quick question Why lambda's i know they are designed for empire and they're intimidating but my personal ship is faster and has more fire power along with space for more troops" Kadu said as he cycled through his visor option until he found the body heat filter
  36. "Tactical advantage. The ships are smaller and more maneuverable, but can still hold the amount of troops necessary." Starblast said, running into his ship. "AND THE TROOPS NEED TO KNOW HOW TO FLY THE SHIPS!" he shouted before the door closed. Squadrons of TIE fighters streaked through the open hanger doors, with twenty Lambda-class shuttles behind them. Five of the imperial space transports were still turning on the engines, one waiting for Commander Kadu.
  37. "Fine have it your way" said Kadu as he entered his lambda,
    "R4 I want you to follow in Beowulf keep the weapons hot I want to personally upstage the imperial bombing ties"
    "BEREELLOLOP" replied the droid as he turned and wheeled toward the vulture as it was loaded into Beowulf
  38. "Sir! Imperial ships have been detected!" Stim, the clone medic, said. "Arturo, take the old master. He'll refuse to leave. Just do whatever you need to get him to leave." Scythe said. As The Morality began to leave on a stash of TIE-Fighters they had "borrowed", Cal'gesh turned to the clones. "Are the turents set to 'Cover' mode?" he asked, followed by a chorus of "yes sirs". "Miral, Wing, Stim, cover the other's escape. Scythe, me and you will distract them as well. Scrap, do some hacking, then send the others to the safest base possible. Understood, men?" Cal'gesh asked. "Yes, sir!" The men exclaimed. "But first, inspirational speech by Scythe." Cal'gesh continued. "Men, today the Imperials have found this base. But today is NOT THE END! Today is but the beginning! TODAY WE SHOW THAT THE IMPERIALS WILL NOT AND CANNOT STOP US! TODAY IS THE END OF THEIR POWER OVER US!" Scythe yelled. "HUAH!" Everyone exclaimed.
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  39. The TIE fighters begun their bombing, a few stray shots striking some of the Morality's TIEs. However, ground fire shot down a few of their own ships too. One of the TIEs was shot down and tumbled straight into a turret. The TIEs continued their bombing run, this time focusing on the turrets and Morality TIEs. When most of the turrets were destroyed, the Imperial Shuttles came in. As five landed and their gates opened, Starblast stepped out and let out a battle cry.
    "CHARGE!" he said, drawing both his blaster and lightsaber. The stormtroopers charged forwards, blasting whatever and whomever they came across.
  40. Missles rained from above taking out the remaining turrets and destroying the morality's long range communication spire "that missile barrage and the continued missile strikes are brought to you by Kadu Revankin and R4G3" the sound blared from the seekers built into the underside of Beowulf
    "Nice touch R4, very nice touch" Kadu said into his helmet mike as he drew his lightsabres and grappled his way to the enterance of the morality base
    "Too slow star-boy" laughed Kadu as he entered the base before starblast could and began to plow his way through the barricades inside

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