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Open Star Wars Roleplay?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dapper_Cat, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. (Side Note: This will be the first RP that I create on this website, so let's hope it goes well.)
    If I can get a few people's characters soon, I will create the RP Thread, which will describe the current battlefield.

    The time era is during the Galactic War, the war during the events of SW:TOR. You are currently assigned under the command of either Jedi Master Arrikkata of the Republic, or the leader of the Sith Empire's forces on the planet, or you can be part of a neutral Third Party. You may bring in your characters from SW:TOR, if you wish.

    1. Of course, follow the basic rules of Pokecharms.
    2. Please, keep swearing to a minimum. Use alternatives.
    3. You can make up to three characters, but please, keep Jedi to a minimum.
    4. You MUST have your characters accepted by me before you can join the RP.
    5. If you want to be the leader of the Sith forces, message me personally, asking my permission, and link me to a previous RP you've posted on, or give me an example of your RP ability in the post. If I say you're good, you can then post your character description here. Same goes for being the Republic and Sith Empire 2iC's.
    6. Unless you ask for and are given explicit permission from me, you must be under the rank of Commander.
    7. While minor things are okay (such as Arrikkata being a member of the Jedi Council), let's try not to completely destroy the lore, alright?
    8. I know there are a lot of rules that I've put, but please, try to have fun.
    (I'm not good with thinking of things right off the bat, so I'll update things in the chat if there are any more rules that would be necessary.)

    Character Sheet:
    Weaponry(If any):

    Name: Arrikkata
    Species: Wookiee
    Appearance: Arrikkata is large by Wookiee standards, standing at about 2.4 Meters tall. Unlike most Wookiees, who have brown fur, Arrikkata has dark, black fur. He wears brown Jedi robes, that are very large, to fit his large build.
    Weaponry: Arrikkata carries two lightsabers at all times, both made out of Brylark wood. The blade of his main one is bronze, his secondary being green.
    Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Jedi Order, Jedi Council
    Rank: Jedi Master, Honorary General of the Republic
    Personality: Arrikkata is a wise and powerful Jedi Master. Like most Jedi, he prefers a peaceful resolution to any conflicts. Unlike many of his Jedi brethren, however, he is not afraid to fight, and kill, if need be. Like most Wookiees, he is dangerous to his enemies and loyal to his friends. He offers wisdom to those who need it.
    Backstory: Arrikkata is a bit over one hundred years old. Taken in by the Jedi at a young age, like most, he has had over a century of experience as a Jedi, and is ready to put it to use.
    Other: Because of Arrikkata's mastery of the Force, he is able to use the Force to communicate with others, so they may understand him.
  2. Name: Greya
    Species: togorian
    Appearance: white fur with golden tabby spots, long white hair with golden strands littering it usually tied back into a bun, bright blue eyes, wears pale orange hooded robes that are torn and ruined by dirt.
    Weaponry(If any): a retractable staff and two twin short swords, along with them she has her race's natural weapon(her claws)
    Affiliation: neutral, ex-slave
    Rank: theif, informant
    Personality: not easily trusting, if she does trust you then she will have your back to the end, if not she'll be more inclined to give away information, joking, childlike in many ways as she is barely an adult, a little bit of a prankster.
    Backstory(Optional): born to the togorian home planet she grew up within one of the major cities. Around the age of ten she was kidnapped and sold on the slave market, fetching a pretty high price for her fur and exotic heritage. She escaped her captor when he stopped to look at a market stall at the age of 13 and never looked back. She stole, bartered, and hid. She slowly built her little hiding places, quickly learning that no one pays attention to the person that tells them secrets or else their secrets might be told.
    Other(Optional): has scars from her time as a slave. The most noticeable being one that wraps around her neck like a mocking choker.
  3. @Stormursa Kept forgetting to say this, but, accepted.

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