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Star wars Rise of the Sith Lords

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. OOC ok this is rp takes place in the time of the old republic, you can be anything, jedi, sith etc. oh and just for the record yes you can be a jedi or sith bounty hunter but please ask me privately before joining

    BIC "Sir we have visual on the target vessel, increasing speed by three clicks to intercept" said Kanin the young hot headed tatoowin born bridge boy of 'the devastator' the newest and most advanced bounty hunting ship in the galaxy. -The shell of a small republic cruiser modified for bounty hunting and for hyperspace carrying of smaller hunting ships it acted almost as a mobile hub for hunter where ever it went-
    "Alert the boarding teams and prepare for immediate capture of target" replied jun sie boon the ships captain and infamous sith bounty hunter
    "Yes sir!" Answered the remaining crew on the bridge as they began to prep the ship to board that of the target

    ---30 minutes later---

    "Target is in custody and all supplies have been transferred to the ship sir" said a tall man wearing battle armour
    "Good work jocane, your technique has improved dramatically that extra training must be helping" said jun sie as he entered the target ships bridge
    "Yes sir, thank you sir, but now what should we do with the ship?" Asked jocane as he holstered both his blasters to his hip
    "It's fast and agile I say we use it, after some modifications of course, your in charge of taking it back to base on tatoowin and then she's all yours" answered the bounty hunter with a smile
    "Yes Sir! Thank you sir" Jocane said excitedly as he and two other crew took their seats on the bridge "Navigator set coarse for tatoowin" as the two ships separated and went their departed ways

    ---one hour later---

    "Kanin set coarse for the mustifar system, I have an ordance with the high sith lords" said jun sie as he headed to his armoury to properly suit up,
    "Yes sir, prepare to activate the tachylon shields and jump to hyper space" replied the bidge boy as he yelled orders at the crew.
  2. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Sailing through the blackness of space, the decrepit cruiser looked almost dead. It was a Hammerhead-class, an old Republic warship, manufactured by Rendili Hyperworks, which had seen service in the Mandalorian Wars. This particular ship, the Façade, hadn’t seen Republic service in a very long time. Its armor plating was scorched black in many places, completely gone in others, exposing parts of the interior of the ship to the vacuum of space.

    Despite the damages, the ship was still very much active. Small flashes of light could be seen all over the hull. These belonged to the welding arms of a number of T3 units, perhaps two dozen in all, all servicing the cruiser. They worked to remove, repair, and replace, the damaged sections of the hull. Three of the ships four ion engines propelled it forward, emitting an orange glow as they did. The fourth was too damaged to fire, and repairing it was a low priority.

    The reason the Façade was presently limping through space was due to a different problem. The Hyperdrive was down. Really, it needed to be replaced, but Class 2 Hyperdrives weren’t cheap. The machine was held together by the hopes and dreams of the ship’s owner… and the dedicated efforts of several T3 units. They were working on it now, which gave their hull repairing brethren time to do their own job. The droids were not allowed outside the ship when it was in Hyperspace.

    The ship’s owner, and one of only two organic lifeforms onboard a ship meant for seven hundred passengers and crew, was a human. Pale skin and dark hair and eyes, he was of decent height, though the fact that he always slouched hid that fact. He wore a simple gray tunic and pants, which black boots, and had three lightsabers clipped to his belt. In the dark storage-turned-training room, he blended in extremely well.

    His companion, the only other organic on the ship, had no trouble seeing him, however. Selonians had excellent, though colorless, night vision. This was a rare male of the species, a runt, though with Selonians averaging in at heights taller than humans, he was still tall enough to look the slouching human in the eye. The human had procured the creature on Selonia, where it was considered unfit for breeding by its peers, too small and weak. The Selonian wore a pair of brown pants that complimented its brown and cream colored fur.

    The pair of organics were joined by two protocol droids, named AH-01-GE3, and AH-02-GE3, by the human. The front letters designated them as “Animal Handlers,” they were the Selonian’s caretakers. The middle numbers were, quite simply, their sub-designations within the AH directory. GE3 referred to their model. They were Czerka manufactured GE3 protocol droids, at one time the most common in the galaxy. Nowadays, however, Cybot Galactica’s 3PO models likely held that designation.

    “I never,” the Selonian was saying. The creature paused to look at AH-01, “fight?” The protocol droid nodded, so the Selonian continued, “before.” Very few Selonians were fluent in Basic, all of them females. This one was learning quite quickly, which pleased the human.

    “Good, because this isn’t like any weapon you would have seen before,” the human replied, pausing while AH-01 repeated the sentence in Mandaba, the Selonian native language. Out of all the languages GE3 were programmed to know, Mandaba was certainly one of the ones he’d least expected them to have to use.

    The human pulled two of the lightsabers off his belt, and handed them both to AH-02. He had programmed this particular droid with combat functionality. Its stiff and slow movements meant it would be terrible with anything but a blaster, but it also made it the perfect instructor for a newcomer like the Selonian.

    “Give a lightsaber to someone who’s never used one before, and they’ll be careful,” the human remarked, “Give it to someone who’s trained in swordplay, and they’ll cut their own head off.” Lightsabers had different weight compared to vibroswords and other bladed weapons. The hilt was heavier, the blade completely weightless. The human was about to explain more, when a mechanical voice sounded over the intercom.

    “Master Alexander, your presence is needed on the bridge.”

    The human, Alexander, sighed. “AH-02 will run you through a few lessons. I expect great things from you, Zeek.”

    That was partially a lie. The Selonian, Zeek, was at best a pet project. He had no Force capabilities, and suffered from the typical Selonian psychological desire for consensus, made even worse since he was now cut off from the hive mind of his clan. Also typical of Selonians, Zeek suffered from agoraphobia. He expected little of the creature, though every success did delight him.

    Nevertheless, Alexander left the Selonian to his handlers. The halls of the Façade were just as dark as the storage room had been. There were, quite simply, more important things to power: life support, food preservation, the engines, the weapons, the broken hyperdrive. The bridge was lit by a number of computer screens, with another GE3 sitting at each. The protocol droid was likely even more common than the T3s on the Façade.

    “What have you found, BP-01?” Alexander asked, approaching the so named Bridge Pilot droid.

    “We have arrived at a planetary system that was not on our programmed course,” the droid answered.

    Alexander called up the star map. They had been travelling on the Hydian Way towards the Core Worlds. From there, they would make their way towards Galactic Northwest. This map used Coruscant as its center point, which Alexander never truly understood. He could forgive the old Republic warship for it, though. After reaching the core, they’d be setting out into a poorly mapped sector of the Unknown Region – which, to be fair, having any maps at all of the Unknown Region was a blessing – in search of a legendary artifact. Or at least, a clue to suggest where it had gone.

    Alexander enlarged the map over their last known location. They had passed Rutan, but likely drifted as their hyperspace drive failed and they fell out of the line. The nearest major planetary system, and the one they were likely picking up signs of activity from as they limped closer, was…


    “Acknowledged,” BP-01 replied, “What are your orders, Master Alexander?”

    Alexander considered this, trying to pull up what information he knew about Mustafar. It was the site of an old Jedi Enclave, back before a disturbed orbit brought it close enough to the nearby gas giants that it became the molten wasteland it was today. The Techno Union had exclusive mining rights to the planet, extracting the unique minerals that could be found on the planet’s molten surface.

    “Set us into orbit around Priate,” the human ordered. They were likely already in the star’s gravity well, and just needed a little momentum to keep them from being pulled closer. Not that Alexander was worried, as far out as they were, of drifting too close to the star. It just didn’t feel right to not treat the situation professionally. “We leave as soon as the hyperdrive is operational again.”
  3. "sir we have arrived in the mustifiar system your personal fighter is ready to launch" said kanin through the devastators PA system
    "Thanks kanin, your in charge until I get back" replied jun sie as he entered the ships launch bay
    "shadowlord 1 you are cleared for launch, may the dark side stregthen your anger" said a voice though jun sei's helemt communicator
    "and may you spread fear thugh out the galaxy, over and out" replied the sith as his fighter launched into the atmosphere of the fiery mining planet

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