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Open Star Wars: GAR Suicide Squads (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dapper_Cat, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. Send all RP Bios here, this is also where OOC and discussions go: https://pokecharms.com/threads/star-wars-gar-suicide-squads.15308/
    In the timeline, this takes place roughly right after the Battle of Umbara from the Clone Wars. Rules are also located in the discussion thread, as is the description of the RP. All new Suicide Squad Contingent members will arrive via spacecraft to the Venator-Class Star Destroyer "Rebound."

    20 BBY, Kamino System, LAAT/i on-course for the Venator "Rebound."

    Alpha-18 looked around at the soldiers assembled around him. He'd read all their files and chosen them for this operation. Battalion Commander XX-3897, PFC ARC-1433, Specialist ARC-8632/1492, Sergeant Major CC-8632/1493, and Second Lieutenant RC-1119/1101. All of them assembled personally for the Suicide Squad Contingent. He knew more about each of them than most of them did each other. He knew their nicknames, everything that was on the records.

    "Alright, brothers, listen up." Alpha-18 began. "You all know what you've been chosen for. Before I brief you on your first mission, I think it's best you get to know each other. Therefore, once we get aboard the Rebound, I've had crewman arrange a section in the hangar for the members of the Contingent to relax and rest. I'll not order you how to spend your free time, however, I do recommend you use at least a part of it to get to know each other. You'll be watching each others' backs out there. Before we arrive, are there any questions?"
  2. "Uh yeah so what what are we meant to blow up" shiny said with a tone of insanity in his voice "like not now but later cause I've seen explosions in my time and I wanna know how many bombs I need to keep or do you not know what our first mission is"
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  3. "Yes Sir!" Mech and Goldrush saluted.
    Goldrush smirked as he looked at Shiny "That idiot already wants to blow stuff up, how did he get accepted into the program at all" he said to Mech "Hey, lets see how he reacts when you walk up to him, because"
    "Yea yea I know, i look like a battle droid" Mech sighed "Alright then, but if he blows me up, its your fault"
    Mech walked up to Shiny
  4. Shiny looked at mech "oh hey I'm shiny may I know what the heck happened to you or is it to personal" he said interested in whe clone "just saying you look awesome
  5. "Not the reaction I expected" Goldrush stated as he walked up to the two "I'm Goldrush, this is Mech"
    Mech continued "Not many people this of me that way" he shrugged "It was the aftermath second battle Geonosis, me and my squad went to investigate the Genosian Catacombs, see if there were any Genosian survivors. We expected to find a couple hundred, but we found thousands. They came upon us at once, captured most of us but Goldrush here escaped" Mech shook his head "I wasn't so lucky, they captured me and when the Republic finally reached me it was too late to save my body, but my organs were transferred into a Golden B2 Super Battle Droid."

    Goldrush knew this bit was a bit too personal for Mech to tell, so he continued. "Mech became the new leader of the Squadron, but recently both of us were promoted to this squad, probably for our role in that battle."
  6. Shiny looked amazed "so this... wow know I admire you guys" he said with a smile "how do you control your suit like Nero-transmission to the limbs and weapons of the droid with a bacta tank to hold your vital organs or what"
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  7. "There are a few different operations I have in mind. Unless we get a few more new recruits before we start, you five will be working together on the operation. You needn't worry yourself on the amount of explosives. If things need to explode, we'll make sure each team is adequately stocked, and then some, for the mission." Alpha-18 replied.
  8. "Got it" he said with a smile as he saluted alpha "I'm gonna go do something" he said stalling not knowing what to say
  9. Glider was in charge of flying. That was his job, it had always been. He had an aptitude for it. Vehicles in general. After a few more problems he had been re-assigned to this deadweight mission. Fly an LAAT/i with some troopers on to the Venator Rebound. Simple. Cut and dry. Standard ship, standard job. This was not what he expected. As the one who called himself Gambit spoke, he noticed how unique the clones here were. And he had never heard of this 'Suicide Squad contingent.' He just thought he had been assigned to some deadweight mission as punishment for deviating from the plan and crashing that ship into a canyon once. He stood firmly by the choice as what saved the Jedi on board. Everyone else wasn't too happy, and he assumed he was going to have to pay for breaking some stupid flight formation because he had to. What he didn't know was that he was actually here to join the contingent.
  10. Gambit, after checking over the first few members of the Contingent, walked over to the intercom to speak with the pilot. He knew he was being transferred to the Contingent. Whether or not the pilot knew, well, that's something he was about to find out, very soon. "Pilot, what's our ETA to The Rebound?" Gambit asked.
  11. He was startled by the sound of the Alpha clone talking to him over the intercom. "Uhh, not too... much? We're close enough, I can see it. We'll be there shortly sir." He'd sort of frozen under the pressure, and couldn't take his eyes away from the Venator. Beautiful. Not his kind of ship though. He'd actually seen one of them go down once.
  12. Survivor sat in one of the seats in the ship holding his rifle. He was worried to go on this mission not because he's afraid he's going to die but because he fear the safety of the others. He reassured himself a little when he reminded himself the others also survived many catastrophes just like him. "I hope its going to be different this time." He said to himself.
  13. The Commando shifted his gaze to one of his brothers next to him. "Nervous?" Kicker asked, turning his head and now fully looking at the Clone. "And, if you don't mind my asking, what do you mean 'different this time?'"
  14. Survivor looked at the commando that came to talk to him. "Well you see, sir. I have been on many mission and on almost all of them, something terrible happens and I end up the only one alive. I always think its because of my terrible luck, I seem to bring misfortune to my teammates." He explained.

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