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Ask to Join Star Wars (AU) Knightfall RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Killerbunny the god, May 19, 2020.

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    Mak Eak sighed. Over the past six months he had been doing bounty hunter jobs. Mostly just retrieval missions though. He avoided murder missions and only picked those if he really needed the money. This was one of those times. He was sent to kill a certain man on Naboo. The description of the man was almost non-existent. All it said was that the man looked like he had horns, a pure black mask and a pure-black cloak. Which meant this could be one of Mak's own kind, which he wasn't particularly happy about. But he needed to clear a debt. He dropped out of hyperspace and Naboo was in sight.
    "This better be quick or i'm gonna regret it..." he muttered to himself as he landed. He hopped out of his ship and started walking around town.
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  2. Solu Tiberius had been cruising around the galaxy after his clue hunting on Ryloth went nowhere. A large cruiser had pulled up to his Prototype Interceptor.

    "This is Captain Frederik, state reason to board."

    "Solu Tiberius, Sith Lord, requesting landing for refueling and supply restocking, tell the Admiral I may have a clue as to the disappearance of Master Jaro Tarpal, and his Apprentice, Cal Kestis." Solu responded to the hailing.

    "You may board, please, try not to accidentally destroy the ship."

    The Interceptor docked in the bay of the Venator class Star Destroyer, as everything sealed, he hopped out of the Interceptor's cockpit and as he landed, an Iridonian Zabrak walked into the docking bay.

    "Lord Tiberius, what brings you here?" The Zabrak asked.

    "Admiral, I may have found a clue leading to the location of Jedi Knight Cal Kestis, please, do not Alert Tyranus." Solu Tiberius responded.

    "Understood, Darth Reaver." Two troopers who recognized him responded.

    He continued walking around the ship that would become his headquarters.
  3. As Ozashu was flying by in his custom starship that he had purchased from scavengers when he first became a smuggler. His ship wasn't anything special upon his purchase ,but over time he managed to fix it up with his smuggling funds ,and turn it into something to be quite proud of. Ozashu was relieved to had managed to loose the mercenaries that had been tailing him for a while, "armatures. the lot of em" Ozashu said smugly as he continued towards his destination. They clearly didn't take too kindly to him smuggling weapons to their rival mercenary gang ,but Ozashu managed to pull the slip on them ,and was nearing his destination. He was happy to be leaving the expansion region as he made his way to the mid rim to which his ultimate goal would be to reach naboo ,and meet up with his contact, drop off the supplies, get paid ,and then leave. A simple goal which he had done many times.

    Ozashu made sure to use secure channels when he began speaking to his contacts, "Those food supplies you've requested will make their way shortly. I'm almost in the naboo system. I repeat again. Those food supplies you've asked for are safe and secure" Ozashu said. "Good. Make sure our men get those food rations asap. Make sure you there aren't followed by any Mynocks" His contact said before ending the call. Ozashu managed to land his ship in the designated coordinates. His cargo bay door opened up ,and he stood there with his hands empty ready to grab his weapon in case the deal went sour. Ozashu was no fool. He had no intention in dropping his guard or walking away unpaid. He exchanged smiles before taking the weapons off ship to meet with his clients. The man in charge was an older man with fading dark brown hair with hints of grey here and there. He stood roughly 6'1 ft. and wore a somewhat worn but friendly smirk as he approached Ozashu to shake his hand. The men accompanying him were mostly young, wore shiny brand new armor ,and looked fairly inexperienced. A couple had grizzled expressions, with scratches and dents on their armor ,and had looked like they had seen more than their fair share of combat. Some of the older mercenary looked cautious ,but weren't about to make any reckless actions.

    Ozashu wasted no time as he presented to his clients the weapons they had requested. They of whom were pleased with their trade, "Excellent quality ,and plenty quantity to go around. (some of the mercenary gave into cheer) Settle down boys. And it looks like your payment is do yes? I'm supposing you'll be wanting a considerable some now won't you? It's only a fair request considering bringing them here could not have been an easy task... I'll have the credits transferred over to immediately. Men! secure the... food" The man in charge said chuckling as he lifted his hand gesturing to the younger recruits to transport the cargo to their ship. Ozashu looked to his wrist computer to confirm the payment with through. Satisfied with the payment Ozashu headed to his ship. Still cautious of the mercenaries ensuring they left peacefully. He would then make a quick flight to Theed. The capital city of Naboo. From there he would refuel and have any necessary repairs made as well as check if there were any other purchases or job requests he could find before leaving.

    He was eventually able to request a docking permission. Upon reaching the city a short ways away he landed his ship in the assigned docking bay ,and organized his ships safety measures just in case. Naboo was a fairly safe planet ,but it never failed to have extra protective measures just in case. His hanger bay door opened once more to which upon opening were met with standard guards ,and standard practice and procedure. Nothing to surprise Ozashu as he had already planned for their immediate inspection. They would not find anything out of place with Ozashu's ship ,and anything valuable in the ship was more than well hidden. His ship from an outsider looked nothing short of a typical scavenger, "This is Naboo. While you are here you follow our rules as well as imperial law understood? You remember to follow the rules ,and keep your nose clean while your here" The man said in an almost monotone-like voice as if he's told thousands of people the same thing over and over.

    Ozashu noticed the inspection officer walk by. a pale thin complected older man with thick thick wrinkles ,and even thicker eye-bags resting below his eyes. He wore dark clothes with his rank on his chest. He looked over to Ozashu with his cold critical stare as he looked at Ozashu's ship for any easy to spot regulation violations or other misconducts. After seeing none he quickly averted his gaze away looking towards the next ship ,and continuing his search like a shark looking for his next victim. Ozashu was pretty confident ,but felt a slight discomfort before him as the inspector inevitably turned his gaze away, "Those ship inspectors are no joke. One wrong look ,and your you'l get thrown into the brig along with your ship impounded. I know better than to act up in front of one of them" Ozashu thought to himself before heading out. Without further worry he got off his ship closing the door behind him he made sure to pay the docking fees as well as any fuel/repair costs his ship may have needed. He made his way to the Theed Cantina to hopefully acquire some useful information.
  4. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    It has been quite some time since Mickey landed on Paurcis Major. Survival on this planet was not a problem because it had a lot of edible plants, but there was no way of him escaping from there. Mickey's Starfighter was still fixable, but he didn't have tools nor parts that these reparations required. He almost lost all hope that somebody is going to find him. He knew that Jedi Order has fallen, and that the Sith now rule the Galaxy. Even if somebody found him there were high chances that that person is his enemy. But regardless, all he could do is wait.
  5. The Star Destroyer had went into Hyperdrive while Solu had been exploring the ship, heading towards Coruscant.

    "Lord Tiberius, what should we do?" A trooper asked, "We've picked up the trail of a Jedi, Cal Kestis, and a potential force user is on Naboo, and Cal is on Dathomir."

    "I'll be heading for Naboo, Admiral, head to Dathomir, check out this clue, and then meet me on Naboo, do not show yourselves immediately, Understood?" Solu responded to the Admiral.

    "Understood." The Zabrak Admiral nodded.

    Solu went to his interceptor, which had been restocked and refueled, and hopped in the cockpit. The Destroyer dropped out of Hyperspace and allowed for him to leave. When he was far enough away, he jumped into Hyperspace, heading for Naboo.
  6. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Former master Ruul sat in a scummy part of the town on naboo playing zabbacc. He felt his old padawan entering the planet. He was wondering what had happened to his old padawan after order 66, but he knew he was okay. He trusted the force to keep him alive and as long as his padawan trusted the force he would be okay.
    He came back to reality by the guy putting more money in the pot.
    "Not so smart he is. The best cards I have. Win I will." Ruul thought to himself.
  7. Mak thought about where this guy could be. The description matched someone sinister, or someone who really enjoy disguising himself, so the person would most likely fit into pubs. And pubs were always the best place to start anyway. There's almost always someone who know who you're talking about. He walked into the closest bar and made a quick look-over on the place. He managed to find someone who fit the description immediately, playing zabbacc. Either the force was with him, or it was just a weird coincedence. But what's the chance of someone else dress in all black like an edge-lord? He walked up to this person and looked down at him without saying anything.
  8. Saphrax was not one to deal with what he would label as a petty rivalry between the Hutt of Paurcis Major. Though when the mention of two Sith in the place is what drove him to the warehouse. Who would have believed that the Hutt would have built it in the middle of the wilderness. Nevertheless Saphrax took little time to find a spot that would work as a vantage point. With his scoped laser rifle, which was really not needed as he knew how to use the force, but he did not want this to be traced back to someone with the use of force as it would blow his cover if they found out that he was the one who done this.

    With little effort, Saphrax shot the guards that stood watch at a building in front of the entrance. With the grace of a cat, Saphrax took no time to get down to the guard house where he turned off the alarms for the place. He did not want them to go off while he was in there as it would seriously ruin what he had planned.

    Looking down at his wrist, he found his personal arsenal of tools. One of which he used to cause a change in his appearence. He took on the look of one of the natives as he wanted to frame the other Hutt on the planet as it would give more reason for the Sith to not look into the deaths of two of their own.

    With that in mind, Saphrax took to the to the bulding. He rushed into the place and used the force as well as an aray of weapons to fight. His favorite of the ones he brought was a double bladed stave. The disguised Saphrax took to the rooms where he figured the most important people of the place would be held.

    He was right as he made it to the top office of the place. There he found a couple of people. Two of which were the sith that he was looking for. Giving them little time to react, he sprung into action and killed the man behind the desk. That is when he turned to the two Sith, and let his disguise fall before their eyes. They would be dead before he left the place anyway. "Well I guess it is now your guys turns."

    He smiled as they recognised him as a high sith lord. Though they did not know what they could have done to anger him, so they readied themselves as they would not go down without a fight. The fight was not a very long one, as Saphrax was very experienced with moves that they used, as he was the one to have taught them to others.

    With a fearce blow, Saphrax spun his bladed stave around and embedded it into the stomache of one sith, and then with the other end, he followed through to cut off the head of the other. It was not a very long battle, as they did not have the training that he did.

    Now that he was done there, he cut off the head of man who was working for the hutt, and left in a box with a note that said it was from the other hutt that resided on the planet. After some time, Saphrax made his way down to the vault where he found the treasure that he was looking for.

    What he found were some very old relics of order. There were a lot of crystals that were what powered light sabers. Each of them glowed a different color. It would seem that the power that they had could be felt even by people who were only slightly touched by the force. He was glad to have found them, as it would not be beneficiary to have fallen in the hands of someone with ill intent. Saphrax took the crystals and took his leave. On his way out, he triggered the alarm on purpose. As he wanted the Hutt to find the ruins that were his place.

    While out in the wilderness, Saphrax was not happy that he had to take this route to get back to his ship, as it led him to be on the planet longer. What he did not expect was to find a force user on the planet as he made his way to his ship. With intent to take out another Sith, Saphrax followed the sight force that came off the individual. He was glad to see that the person was alone, so he sprung a trap. He took out his saber and attempted to grab the guy from behind, and hold the saber to the man's throat. "Who are you and why are you here? State yourself, or I will make be forced to take matters into my own hands." @MihajloJedi
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  9. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    "Fast that was. Not believe Mak would be this fast here." Ruul thought to himself. Ruul moved his hand as in a waiting motion, he then waved to his opponent to put his card down and then put his cards down too. He won the round and started collecting his money but when he was almost done his opponent pulled out a blaster. "Sore loser he is." Ruul thought to himself as he took the blasted from him and shot him, after he put the blaster on the table and finished collecting his money putting it in a bag inside his coat and started moving towards the exit. When he realized Mak hadn't started following him he waved a following motion to him.
  10. Mak was a little confused as to what was going on, but it felt like the force was trying to tell him something about this man, because he was now sure that this was a man. There was something familliar about him. He began to follow the man outside, with his hand on his blaster. The man clearly seemed dangerous, but just how dangerous he was remained to be seen. Mak would have to test the man's skills. Once he got outside, he looked around to see if there were any people around. There were a few, but mostly just homeless people. So with his impressive speed, he grabbed his blaster, turned around and fired a shot towards the man.
  11. The cantinas was fairly lively as there were gungans playing a wide array of instruments which given the combination gave quite the unusual sound. The servers made rounds cleaning tables and serving drinks as they navigated past and around the various customers walking about. The bartender a young human with blonde hair and green eyes looked over to Ozashu with a towel and mug in hand as he cleaned the glass. He leaned down putting his elbow on the table, "What do ya want?" The bartender said. Ozashu looked over at the man scanning him with his cybernetic eye, "Yeah. Hear unusual lately?" Ozashu. The man chuckled, "Nothing is unusual or surprising with our imperial overlords... praise the emperor... ha! If your looking for something interesting, not sure if this counts. In some places. This is mostly rumors ,but in some places people are rebelling... really. What idiots and mad men. Thinking they could stand up to the empire. I usually enjoy supporting the underdog but this is just crazy. You gonna buy anything?" The man said. "Know where a transport service can find some easy work?" Ozashu said, a matter a fact I do. I'm looking for a man to get some perfectly legal cargo to a set of average ordinary coordinates. You looking to be that man?" The bartender said. Ozashu agreed to which the bartender looked around the room before transmitting the coordinates, and giving him a few code words to use. Ozashu tipped the man before turning his gaze towards the exit.
  12. Solu Tiberius dropped out of Hyperspace, near the Naboo system. He took a look around, making sure nothing is amiss. He then got permission to land on Naboo after a bit of time. He landed in Theed docking station, in his assigned bay. He jumped out of the cockpit as it opened and landed on his feet.

    "Lord Tiberius, I did not know you'd be making an appearance in Naboo today!" An officer noted.

    "Officer, It is just me, The Admiral had business on Dathomir." Solu warned warily, with a hand on his one lightsaber.


    Over on the other end of the galaxy, the Star destroyer that was supposed to be Solu's headquarters dropped out of Hyperspace unexpectedly. Apparently, the ship crossed into Hutt territory, and was currently near Nal Hutta, the Hutt homeworld. It seemed there were issues with travels for the Admiral, and once he got that sorted out, he headed towards Dathomir.
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    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Ruul felt a danger in the force and knew his former Padawan would something. He took his black lightsaber and blocked the shot from the blaster. He didn’t wanna reveal who was as he wanted to see how much his Padawan had improved during his absence. He used the force to take the blaster from his surprised former Padawan. As the blaster was moving towards him in the air he cut right through it. He could buy him a new one later if he was mad about it.

    (it was okay that I autopiloted bunny’s oc)
  14. Mak was surprised to see the black lightsaber. He knew of only one person who had one.
    "Maul..." he said, quietly. This meant that he would need to use his lightsabers. But he would start with just one. He took out his orange lightsaber and ignited it. There was no opening on either of them so he would have to create one. He knew that Maul was powerful, possibly more powerful than Mak was. So after he made the first move, he would have to go on the defensive until he had an idea of Maul's strength. He ran up to Maul with his lightsaber aimed at the head, in a downswing.
  15. "Alright, I want you to inspect each and every ship, including my own, in case of planting, again, make sure nothing goes unnoticed." Solu responded.

    "Understood, Lord Tiberius." The officer responded and ran to the inspector.

    "Now, where can I get a bite to eat, been eating rations since Ryloth." Solu thought aloud.

    He continued walking around until he found a Cantina, and entered, immediately being looked at by a blue humanoid.

    "Hi, I'm looking for a bite to eat." Solu called out to the bartender, and the blue humanoid.
  16. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Ruul sensed the attack before it happened.
    “So run he still does in battle towards possible strong opponent. Run he should have.” The former master thought himself as he blocked the attack. Ruul wanted to the end the battle now as he knew he former Padawan would just go in to the defensive instantly as he attacked. He uses force strangle on Mak to lift up him from the ground and held him there a bit before he used force push to make him fly in to a wall.
    “Run you should have. Stronger opponent you thought I was. Not trusting the force you were padawan. Much to learn you still have. Come must go we need, police on the way they are.” Ruul said calmly to his former padawan as he started moving away from his padawan.

    (it was okay that I took over bunny’s pc again lol)
  17. Mak started to choke for a few seconds, before slamming into a wall. Then "Maul" started talking. He recognized that voice. That's why he felt something familliar earlier. This was...
    "Master!? Wha-" he was at a loss for words. But he had to shrug it off. If there was one thing he had learned during the time as a bounty hunter, it was that he could expect the unexpected. So he followed his master, quietly. He couldn't say he wasn't irritated at his master, but he also knew that there was a very small chance he could win an argument against him. So he swallowed his irritation. Atleast for the moment. For now they needed to get to the ship. He wouldn't stand a chance against his old master in a fight and he didn't want to go through with this mission anymore. Even if he was in debt.
  18. Solu heard the Sounds of Lightsabers and immediately drew his two, lighting them both. The one had a blade of obsidian in color, it had two guards on the sides and an intricate handle design, the other was as a bright red, with wrappings covering the curved handle.

    "Everyone on the ground!" Solu yelled as he jumped towards that sound.

    He saw two people standing there, talking in realization. He shut off the red one, kept it ready though, and channeled the force, sending lightning towards their feet.
  19. As Ozashu had made his way from the bar he had all intentions in getting to his ship and leaving when all of the sudden he stood in front of a curious sight, "A mandalorian? What could he want here? I've met mandalorians before but for some reason he doesn't look like an average one... not sure why... and lightsabers?! Either this isn't a normal mandalorian or we got ourselves a bounty hunter... better skedaddle before things get heated. And just when I was thinking about ordering a drink" Ozashu thought to himself. He walked casually past him as he went by. Ozashu just acted like a normal scavenger. Trying to ignore the fighting when all of a sudden the mandalorian yelled for everyone to drop to the floor, "Not today cowboy" Ozashu thought to himself as he slid out the door and began making his way to his ship. He immediately requested a ship evacuation as he made his way down to the hanger bay.

    Ozashu knew that fight was going downhill fast. If there were any rogue jedi or other force sensitives in that place that weren't support of the empire were as good as dead. No way they would leave this planet now. Ozashu felt bad not helping but wasn't about to get his face added to a wanted poster. Bad for business that stuff. Ozashu finally saw his ship within eye sight ,and was happy to approach it. The inspection officer was still making his rounds like a shark in a tank just waiting for a small fish to swim on by. Ozashu was no fish ,nor was he about to waste time with his bureaucratic inconveniences. Ozashu had the clear to leave the hanger bay and that was good enough for him to leave. As he got on his ship he looked back one last time. He then began readying his ship for departure ,and would activate stealth protocols to avoid detection from the large star destroyer within Naboo space. Ozashu looked at his holomap ,and began charting course for his next destination.
  20. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Mickey was meditating when Saphrax attacked him, so he was caught by a surprise. He saw a dark purple lighsaber shining under his throat so he had no idea was it a Sith or a Jedi. He pushed the guy back with his elbow so he succeeded to get away from him, but he injured his throat of other guys lightsaber. It was just a flesh found so it didn't hurt too much, but there was some blood coming out of it.
    "That is not a very polite way to greet someone" Mickey said with a smile while pulling out his lightsaber ready to fight. (@EmoKitty21)
  21. Saphrax was expecting the draw of the light saber, as he was atuned to the force in such a way that most do not know. "I can see that you have a light saber. That means you are either a Sith, or a rogue. So which is it?..." Saphrax waited for an answer, and in the distance he heard the sound of the alarm go off in the warehouse as he had set it on a delay. "Listen we need to get out of here now. You do not want be here when the Hutt and empire find out what happened as they will search for anyone in these woods. I would advise you to find a way off this planet." Saphrax did not have a fighting stance, but one that was tensed for action.
  22. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Well if you don't have a ship we are screwed because if you look left, you'll see my broken Starfighter. Best thing I can think of right now is hiding. So follow me." Michael said.
    He still didn't trust this guy, but he didn't want Empire finding his location after hiding from them for 6 months.
  23. "I have a ship, and we need to move to it quickly before anyone shows up. Come on you are riding with me." Saphrax released his hold of the saber and let fall into place at his side. It would seem that it just appeared back to it's place without much trouble.

    With that out of the way, Saphrax begun to walk along some path that only he knew. "You did not answer my question from earlier. Though let me take a guess, you are a Jedi, as if you were a Sith you would have attacked on the site of my light saber." Though as he walked Saphrax was movibg with ease around the place, even when his eyes are noticeably ones of not great eyesight.
  24. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Yes, I indeed am a Jedi, but that was not very hard to notice, wasn't it? Real question is here, are YOU a Jedi or a Sith?" Mickey asked while following the other guy.
    He was still unsure of his intentions, so he was very cautious. If he turned around to attack Mickey, he would be ready to strike back.
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  25. "It does not matter who I am. What matters is that we need to get off this planet before the empire sends someone to investigate what went down here." Saphrax took little time with path that he took. The two came across a clearing in the middle of the forest. Inside was a small, but powerfull looking ship. It was basically indistinguishable to others of the same style. It took Saphrax little time opening up the ship. When he was safely on board, he took to the cockpit, as they needed to make a speedy getaway. He waited for the jedi to get settled before he took off.
  26. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Ruul saw the lightning coming towards and force jumped back. He then looked at his padawan and then at the sith, sensing that his padawan could probably take care of this he sat down on the ground in a meditating position.
    "Take care of this you will young padawan. Believe in you I do." Ruul said to his padawan calmly while he closed his eyes focusing on the force so that he could sense if he was attacked.
    (@Killerbunny the god )
  27. Mak deflected the lightning with his lightsaber. He knew that force lightning was an ability only dark side users could use. And the most common dark side users were sith, so he assumed this was one.
    "That's typical of you, master... Don't worry. I'll handle this sith" he said. He wouldn't pick up his second lightsaber just yet. He wanted to see how powerful this sith was first, though he had no doubt that the sith could match his own skills. And he would also use that as one of his aces up his sleeves. He jumped to the side to get out of the lightning and started rushing forwards, a little carelessly. He would do the same thing he had planned for his master, so he could get a feel for this guy's power. He swung his lightsaber to the sith's head.
  28. The lightsaber aimed was blocked by his black blade. He then pushed on the blade, in an attempt send him backwards.

    "Impressive, young Jedi," Solu responded, "I haven't see too many who could've blocked my lightning."

    A couple of stormtroopers had shown up and saw the commotion and called back up.


    The Venator Class star Destroyer had arrived to Dathomir, the Admiral had sent some troopers to investigate, and it produced about as much as Ryloth.

    "Head to Naboo!" The Admiral announced.

    The Star Destroyer jumped into Hyperspace.
  29. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Even tho he still was unsure, Mickey stepped into guy's ship.
    "If I cannot know who you are for whatever reason, can you at least tell me your name then?"Mickey asked.
    Mickey was really confused by all of this. For 6 months he has been stuck on this planet and has been hiding from the Empire, and now just a random guy with a lighsaber shows up and offers him a escape route.
  30. Mak had now gotten a small feel for his opponents power, as he was forced back. He force pushed the stormtroopers into another wall so that they wouldn't interfere with the battle.
    "And i haven't seen many who could force me backwards" he responded. This sith was clearly powerful, yet seemed quite young himself still. He swung his lightsaber towards the sith's left side as he ignited his other lightsaber and jabbed it straight towards the guy's stomach.
  31. "This is The Commander, can you send as many troopers to this area as possible, Lord Tiberius is engaged with a Jedi." The one who was pushed back to the wall radioed.

    Solu blocked the incoming stomach attack as he ignited the other blade, blocking the blade to the left. He then made a round house kick towards the left leg of Mak.
  32. Mak decided to just take the kick as he was able to endure most kicks and punches quite easily. That was a mistake. The kick hurt more than he expected, but he wasn't going to give up because of that. He decided to use some of the training he got from Ahsoka and held his left lightsaber "upside-down", you could say. He made an attack with his left arm, aimed at the sith's right side as he swung his other lightsaber in a downwards angle towards his legs.
    "Master! Could you atleast help with the stormtroopers!?" He said, getting a little stressed.
  33. "The name is Saphrax Ardell. I will not say much more, as we need to get out of here. The less you know about me, the better off that you will be." Saphrax did not waste time when he sped out off the planet. He hated the fact that he had to leave so quickly. He really wanted time to see what those crystals truly held powerwise. The seemed to give off a very strong aura.
  34. After the kick landed, not hurting much for him, he backed up and jumped over Mak, pulling three tables from nearby with the force as he jumped, all following him, which meant they would most likely run into Mak.


    The Admiral, the commander of the Venator class Star Destroyer that had jumped from Dathomir, arrived in the Naboo System. The resident Star Destroyer had hailed the approaching Star Destroyer.

    "This is Admiral Ferlgate, Show Identification."

    "This is Captain Frederik of the Imperial Star Destroyer Lightning, we're here on orders of Solu Tiberius, also known as Darth Reaver, to be ready for anything, including there are two Jedi on the planet."

    The two officers would be conversing until Solu Tiberius got back.
  35. Mak cut right through the first two tables but the third one hit him and made him fall over and drop his swords. Which wasn't good. He had to come up with something quickly to be able to defend himself. He used the force on the remaining table and threw it towards the sith to distract him for as long as Mak needed. He jumped back up, grabbed his two sabers with the force and re-ignited them. Now he finally put them together to make his double-bladed lightsaber. He attacked immediately, leaving as little recovery time as possible for the sith. He slashed towards the sith's throat.
  36. Solu Tiberius had jumped over the table immediately after landing, landing where he got the one Table, seeing that he would've been dead if he remained there, a scratch on his armor around his leg was all that the lightsaber attack left.

    "I'm over here!" Solu called out as he used the Force to send all nearby glasses in a line, moving his hand to the left, the glasses flew towards Mak.
  37. "Damn, he's fast" Mak thought to himself. He spun around quickly and started spinning his lightsaber to defend himself from all the glasses, though a few shards got through and cut him in various places. Due to the lightsaber cutting them first, the wounds that the shards created burned him. He endured the pain and used force push in an attempt to immobilize the sith, picked apart his lightsaber again and threw his orange one towards the sith's head.
  38. Solu had saw both Mak's hand and the lightsaber, he blocked the incoming lightsaber, and countered Mak's force push with his own. At that point hundreds of stormtroopers arrived after hearing from the commander about two Jedi.


    The Admiral had been pacing around the deck.

    "It seems that Lord Tiberius found two Jedi." A trooper called to him, "according to reports on Naboo, he is currently engaged in combat with one of them."

    "This is interesting." The Admiral responded as he continued pacing.

    The ship continued its wait order that Solu Tiberius gave them.
  39. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Mickey was sitting in Starfighter and thinking, when something came to his mind.
    "Hey, where are we going exactly?" he asked Saphrax.
    This information would be useful for him, because he has a location that he needs to find as soon as possible. But first he needed a new ship and some other equipment that he had to buy.
  40. Joelkjn Fox Lord

    Joelkjn Fox Lord Previously Joelkjn Ōkami

    Ruul sensed all the stormtroopers coming and decided to help a bit. Moving his hand while reaching in to the force. He used force push to push a lot of them away.
    “Get out of here I think we should young padawan.” Ruul said as he stood up activating his black lightsaber and attacking the stormtroopers quite easily. Turning towards the sith he shot force lightning.

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