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Ask to Join Star Wars: After Order

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shinx_Shades, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Hello!

    Please sign up on discussion page: https://pokecharms.com/threads/star-wars-after-order-discussion.19788/
    Welcome to a star wars RP! Here's some quick background info:
    Set - After the death of Snoke, between episode 8 and 9.
    Characters - Fan made please. We do not want to interfere with the SWU to much, however, minor characters are allowed.

    A fleet of stromtrooper transports disembarked from a star destroyer and were landing on the moon of Endor, which was said to have housed one of the greatest rebellion bases. As they landed on the moon, each transports hatch opened and troopers of the First Order came running out. Mainly flame and baton troopers. They were setting fire to the trees and were looking for the one tree that housed a great Jedi. A blaster attack came from a small Ewok, who had been trained to use a blaster, and two more came on a very old AT-ST, that looked like it had been used by the Empire. A blaster hit the last transport as it landed, right in the core generator, and blew the ship to pieces. However, out of the explosion came a flame trooper wearing silver armor instead of white, with a lightsaber on his belt. As he landed he slid his hand over the front of his helmet to the back, revealing his blue hair and eyes. For this was no ordinary flame trooper. For this was Captain Zek Phasma.
  2. Not too far away from the attack, a pair of Mirialans were trekking through the jungle. They had been there for a few weeks, and yet still could not find what they were looking for.
    "Cham... Cham!" The female Mirialan walked over to the guy. They both looked sweaty and uncomfortable, and the guy looked a little hopeless. Cham stopped, looking back at El'ia and took a breath. El'ia sighed as well, putting her hands on her hips. "We've been searching this rock for way too long. If Crater wanted to be found, we'd have found him by now. Plus, we left him with a long-distance comm. It's entirely possible that he got a ride out of here anyway!"
    Cham shook his head.
    "No, no. He would tell us if he did that. Look, El'ia... I got a feeling about this." Cham said. El'ia rolled her eyes.
    "A feeling? Karking Druk, Cham! You dragged me all the way out here because you had a feeling?!" El'ia said. She put a gloved hand on her forehead, then ran it through her short dark hair. "Do you not understand that the Republic is gone? We need to hide, preferrably someplace more comfortable then this!"

    Right as she said that, the sounds of fighting reached them. Cham and El'ia froze, looking in the direction where the explosions and sounds were coming from. A trio of Ewoks ran past armed with old stormtrooper blasters and spears, and one turned to them and waved for them to follow. Cham and El'ia had a bit of a run in with the Ewoks when they first landed, but the moment Cham had said "Rebels" they all seemed to relax.
    "Yub Nub!" The Ewok exclaimed, then rushed onward. El'ia and Cham looked back at each other.
    "Should we check it out?" El'ia asked.
    "It could lead to Crater." Cham said.

    And so minutes later Cham and El'ia were crouched in the bushes, observing the battle and not liking what they were seeing.
    "See! I told you we should have ran! The First Order is already here!" El'ia hissed, tugging Cham's jacket. He could see the fear in her eyes, and her hands holding her EE-3 Blaster Rifle were shaking. Cham's Bowcaster was at the ready, but so far they were hidden. Then, Cham saw something that made his blood run cold. He had only heard of one storm trooper with silver armor like that. That must be Captain Phasma herself. What could be so important on Endor to bring a trooper of such high ranking? Also, was that a light saber she was holding? The trooper took off the helmet, and Cham relaxed slightly. That silver armored storm trooper was not Captain Phasma. Cham knew enough to know that Captain Phasma was a girl. But he still had a lightsaber. Was he a jedi or something?
    "Yeah, we should go." Cham said quietly.
  3. A trooper came to the Captain. "Captain! Two larger lifeforms were detected leaving towards the heart of the forest. What should we do?"
    "Leave them" Zek said. "The Jedi will be alone... Actually, on second thoughts, capture them alive. I want to interrogate them to see what they know about the Jedi." A battalion of Baton troopers left to deal with them. Zek left to get the ancient text he was looking for. Most likely that Jedi was guarding that text with his life. He picked up an Ewok and asked him where the text was. "Yub wub wub."
    Zek looked at his translator. "Great at the top of that tree." He threw the Ewok onto the ground and it crawled away into the shrubbery. Zek climbed the tree, drew out his lightsaber, and leaped onto the platform. No Jedi. Looked inside the hut. No Jedi, but there was a very old looking book there. He took it, and force leaped down to the ground. The battalion was back. "Captain Phasma. The run-aways."
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  4. Cham and El'ia were walking cautiously back in the direction of their ship when suddenly storm troopers seemed to appear all around them.
    "Freeze!" One of them yelled, and all of them leveled strange weapons at them. El'ia and Cham raised their weapons, pointing at the troopers, but they hesitated. Those weapons, and that armor... these weren't normal troopers. Cham finally recognized the weapons. These were Flame Troopers! "Drop your weapons, now!"
    "Cham?!" El'ia muttered, shifting uncomfortably. Cham gritted his teeth, then threw down his bowcaster. El'ia looked at Cham in shock, fear clear in her eyes.
    "We can't shoot our way out of this one." Cham said. Slowly, the Blaster Rifle dropped from El'ia's grip, and the two Mirialans put their hands on their head. The Flame Troopers confiscated Cham's Vibroblade Dagger and X-8 Night Sniper as well, and El'ia's DT-29 Pistol.

    Moments later Cham and El'ia were escorted back to the clearing where the Imperials had landed, their hands on their heads.
    "Captain Phasma. The Run-Aways." A trooper had said. Cham looked up at the Stormtrooper Captain in the trees, confused. So... it was Captain Phasma? But... Cham could've sworn Captain Phasma was a woman. El'ia didn't look like she was worrying about that. The Mirialan was shaking like a leaf, fear clearly displayed on her face. She looked like she was trying her best not to totally break down. Cham didn't blame her, she had been interrogated by the first order once before and the ordeal had changed her.
    "Well then... Good morning. What have we done to earn such warm hospitality from the First Order?" Cham called up to the silver-armored Stormtrooper in the trees. "You know, I thought that the infamous Captain Phasma was a woman."
  5. "Your sarcasm is pointless!" Zek said staring down at the man who seemed to be a mirialan. "I am in fact Captain Zek Phasma, and my mother was captain before me. Now shut up or you will be burnt to crisp!" Zek escorted the prisoners back into the shuttle and they took off. Zek was greeted on the shuttle by commander Petrenex. "Did you capture the map the supreme leader was wanting?" He asked.
    "Yes Commander," he replied.
    "Any Jedi?"
    "No, but we did find two mirialans. Probably just thief scum, but they might know something. Why else would they be here if they weren't here for any particular reason."

    The fleet landed back on the star destroyer. A officer came up to Zek when he arrived. "We captured the prisoners ship."
    "Good," Zek replied.
    "Oh and The Supreme Leader would like to see you!"
    Zek walked off and dismissed the officer. As he waited in the elevator he thought to himself. Why wasn't that stupid Jedi there to protect that ancient text. Maybe he's guarding the thing at the end of this map. Zek arrived at the supreme leader's chamber. He knelt before Supreme Leader Ren, his father. "Father-"
    "Do not call me that name. I am your master you call me master, understand!" Ren replied, a bit annoyed. Zek rose. "Did you get what I was looking for?"
    "Yes master." Zek pulled out the book and handed it to Ren. After Ren had looked at it thoroughly to make sure nothing was dupe, he handed it back to Zek.
    "You have done well indeed. Put that in the examining chamber. The text needs to be translated. "

    Zek walked out and decided to hold onto the book. He thought he might just see what's at the end of this map. After all, he knew many languages, including Old Jedish. He entered an interrogation room where the mirialan was. He told the guards to leave. He sat down and brought in the interrogation droid. "Now if you tell us what we want, you won't die. Quite simple even for a miliaran. Now, what do you know about the Jedi?" Zek put the recorder on record mode and listened.
  6. As Cham lay strapped in the interrogation chair, he tried to relax. Yeah, even though the situation seemed hopeless, it wasn't completely hopeless... right? There had to be some way to get out of this. But the more he thought about it, the worse it got. They were stuck up on a Star Destroyer, with a young Captain Phasma. Great. Not only that, they took all their weapons, and El'ia was on her own. El'ia... She probably wasn't holding up too well. This whole scenario must be like a living nightmare for her. Why, why, why didn't he listen to her?! Cham struggled against the restraints, but it was no use. It looks like the First Order really knows what they were doing.

    What seemed like eons passed when the door finally opened. Cham looked up to see Captain Zek Phasma walk in. Zek glanced down at his restraints, then back up at Phasma.
    "I would think that you'd at least take me on a date first before we got into the kinky stuff." Cham replied, pretty much ignoring everything Phasma commanded him to do. He glanced over at the interrogation droid, then back at Zek, then back at the interrogation droid.
    "Do you think you can give us some privacy?" Cham asked the droid.
  7. "Do what he wants," Zek said with a sigh. "I'll call you back in if he's being difficult." The droid left. Clearly this miliaran had anxiety with privacy. I mean it's a droid? What's it gonna do. "Now tell me everything you know and I won't call the creepy droid in. Or you may even have to deal with my idiot father, Supreme Leader Ren!"
  8. Cham watched as the droid left, confused. He looked at Phasma. Did... did he not get that was joke? He shouldn't be surprised, the First Order wasn't exactly known for their sense of humor. But Cham thought they'd be at least smart enough to figure out they were being mocked. Then, the stormtrooper captain said something a little confusing.
    "Ooh, those are a little harsh words for your Supreme-" Cham stopped realizing what Zek had just said. "Wait... Hold on a second... Supreme Leader? Father? You're the spawn of the most feared stormtrooper commander in the galaxy and the leader of the First Order?"
    Cham paused a moment, thinking. Would it be worth it to say that? Ah, he'd probably regret this.
    "Frankly, I thought that our Supreme Leader could do a bit better then that." Cham said. Then another thought hit him, and the Mirialan looked closer at Zek. "Hold on a sec... that doesn't quite add up..."
  9. "He adopted me fool. I'm his apprentice. Now stop stalling and tell me anything you know about the Jedi!" Zek was getting impatient. He had to calm down a bit. But the miliaran seemed nice enough? Maybe he could tell him his secret. "You seem to know about the Rebellion! In fact, seeing you made me well... Want to escape. I mean conquering is fun but... All my father tells me is do this, do that, find this ancient relic, hunt down this Jedi. I mean it wasn't like I couldn't look after myself! So I'll make you a deal. If you get me to the Rebellion, I'll let you free. Otherwise I'll terminate you or take you back here to be executed. Understand?" The captain said holding out his hand to shake it.
  10. "R... Rebellion?" Cham said weakly. How the heck had this guy figured that out? He had literally said nothing about the Rebellion! Wait a second... Cham knew that there was some rebels still hiding out there, but didn't know where. Not only that, Cham was not buying this guy's story. Don't get him wrong, Cham had never been the biggest fan of the Rebellion. But they had became much higher on his list ever since the First Order, y'know, BLEW UP THE REPUBLIC. Considering the fact that the Rebellion was looking like the only thing standing between the First Order and total domination, he'd rather not bring the freaking SON OF THE SUPREME LEADER to the Rebels.
    "Look, I don't know anything about the Rebellion. I'm just a pilot, and so is my friend!" Cham said. "As for the Jedi, how the kark am I supposed to know about some mystical space wizards? Didn't they all get killed in the Clone Wars? And no one's seen Luke Skywalker in, like, years! I heard a rumor he came back or something, but I don't know. I didn't see him. Please, we've done nothing!"
  11. "Hmmm. Clearly your absence of belief hinders you. Listen, i just want you to at least get me to a different place. Did you never hear about Finn? The famous rebel who was a stormtrooper? I just want to get out of here. I don't even have to touch your ship. I'll be in my own starfighter. And I'll even help you and your friend find that friend your looking for. I'm not a liar. My father is the one who lies. Do you want to get out of here or not?"
  12. Cham hesitated for a moment. This guy only seemed to want to get out of here, really. The Mirialan looked at Zek.
    "If you really want to get out of here, why can't you just go on your own? Take a ship and go? What do you need me and El'ia for?" Cham asked, still suspicious. He still wasn't sure as to why he should trust this guy, but if it meant that he and El'ia could save their skins, then he would take it. Hopefully they wouldn't end up paying for it.
  13. "Taking you with me would clear my conscience. Plus it's the nice thing to do right?" Zak hoped he could take them along. It sounded cheesy, but he wanted to really get out of here.
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  14. Cham looked at Zak intently, then sighed and leaned back in the interrogation chair. This was not gonna go well. It was a suicide mission... Then again, this guy was a stormtrooper captain. Maybe they'd be able to pull it off. It sounded a lot better than an execution or slow death in a First Order Prison, or torture.
    "You are really desperate, aren't you?" Cham said. "Oh well. Get me out of these cuffs."
  15. "Keep them on. They'll know we're escaping if I break you out of them. As soon as we get to my ship we can take the cuffs off." Zek sneaked out the door and went to the control room. "She is in cell block 4-N7." Zek said, and headed down towards the cells. He unlocked the code on her cell. "Sorry about the indecent before! Cham will explain!" He said as he handed them their weapons.
  16. Cham watched as Zek left the room. He was still restrained to the interrogation chair. With a sigh, he leaned his head back.
    "We're gonna karking die." Cham muttered.

    El'ia was lying in her cell, curled up in a ball. It was clear that she had been crying. When the door opened up, she scrambled back against the wall, pressing against it.
    "No, no, I dunno anything, I dunno anything I swear..." She stammered in fear, trying not to break down in tears again. But instead of grabbing her and dragging her to an interrogation chamber, the Stormtrooper captain just held out her blaster. Slowly, El'ia reached out and took her blaster and turned it on Zek. "What... what... why..."
    The Mirialan was shaking badly. It was clear that she was terrified, of the cell, of going, of Zek, of the whole situation!
  17. Zek looked at the Mirialan and decided to calm her "I'm not going to hurt you I just need to get Cham in here. Cham!" Zek looked around. He must have left him in the chair. "Hold on I'll be back I left Cham in the chair." He went off to get Cham. "Sorry Cham! I forgotto undo the restraints I can honestly can be a bit of a scatterbrain." Once he had, he came back to El'ia. "Cham can you explain to El'ia here what's happening? I'll go unlock the cell block. Oh and sorry for scaring you El'ia. I didn't mean to."
  18. Zek finally came back into the interrogation room and removed Cham's restraints. The Mirialan sat up and rubbed his wrists, watching the Stormtrooper Captain. He took back his blasters, then a thought hit him.
    "Wait-!" Cham said, but Zek had already left. Cursing softly, Cham closed the door to the interrigation room while still in it. Did this guy really expect him to waltz right through a Star Destroyer, weapons in hand? That was just looking to get shot? How the heck was this guy a Stormtrooper Captain?! Cham pressed himself against the side of the room, ready to jump the next person that walked through the door. Just steal some armor. At least then he'd be able to blend in a little.

    El'ia had managed to collect her thoughts a bit more by the time Zek got back to her cell. When the Stormtrooper Captain appeared El'ia flinched and pointed her blaster at Zen, but when she realized who it was she relaxed a little. This Stormtrooper... Was really confusing to El'ia. He apologized for scaring her? That's funny. Yeah, go ahead and apologize for dragging her back onto a Star Destroyer, making her relive her worst nightmares. Gee, thanks. Although she didn't like the Stormtrooper, El'ia knew this was the best way to get out of here.
    "Alright, chrome dome. What's the plan." El'ia hissed. "We gonna just walk out of here or something?"
  19. MihajloJedi

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    Mickey was on top of the tree looking at First Order Star Destroyer on sky above Endor.
    'Why they just can leave this planet?'thought Mickey.
    "You know what. I am gonna teach them lesson they will never forgot. Dont mess with Ewoks"said Mickey mostly for himself and then laughed.
    Mickey get off tree. His plan was to use old Imperial Cannon to joke with them.
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  20. "Listen. Chutes are located to on this floor. They go straight to my personal hangar. I have laser cuffs on me and I'll have to put you two in them until we get to my personal hangar. Now c'mon!" Zek put the cuffs on El'ia and Cham, once of course he had gotten back into the interrogation room. When Cham jumped him, got his lightsaber out extremely quick and deflected fire. "It's me!" he said, calming himself down. He put the cuffs on Cham. He got the two to the chutes. "Hop in."
  21. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    After few minutes of preparation Mickey prepeared old Imperial cannon. He had only 3 missiles. He sat on gunner's place and started to shoot missiles one by one. Mickey knew where he gotta hit. He wanted to shake their destroy a bit. And he done it. All 3 missiles hit their target.
    'I cant even imagine what alarm i caused up there'thought Mickey and smiled. He got up of gunners place and went again back to forest.
  22. A beeping sound came from Zek's helmet. "Sir!" the voice in his helmet said.
    "What is it!" Zek replied.
    "General Hux would like to inform you of three small rockets coming from the moon. It won't effect us, but we think the Ewoks from before are firing at us."
    "Yes I know! I'm going down to deal with them now!"
    He ran through his hangar and got to his starfighter, The Infernerize, and loaded his droid ARC-6, into the droid section.
    "Your ship is over there. We have get out of here as soon as possible." Zek started up the engines on the Infernerize.
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  23. Kai looked over the moon called Endor. "How is everything going Captian Zek?" Kai asked waiting for his friend to answer. Kai started walking over to his own TIE Fighter and loaded into it. "It's time I bring the fight to them" Kai said as he put on his unique wolf mask on and flew out the Ship 'Zek, Help is on the way' he thought
  24. "What?! Are you crazy?!" Cham exclaimed, getting up. El'ia perked up from behind him. "We'll just get pulled back in by the tractor beams!"
    The Mirialan looked around the hanger and cursed, then gestured for El'ia to follow him. They made it halfway across the hangar when they were spotted.
    "Hey, what the-! You two, stop!" A trooper yelled. El'ia pulled out her EE-3 Blaster Rifle from under her jacket and opened fire, hitting the stormtrooper in the leg and the arm. Cham, meanwhile, climbed up the ladder and into the cockpit of a Tie FIghter.
    "Dangit, when he mentioned going like Finn I didn't think he meant it literally!" Cham said, activating the startup for the TIE. The pilot hesitated, looking down at his ship.
    "I'm so sorry, baby..." Cham muttered. There was a shower of sparks, and El'ia climbed into the rear gunner seat.
    "I cut the rigging, we should have enough of a headstart to get out of here before they activate the tractor beams!" El'ia said. Cham nodded, putting on a comm headset and gunning the TIE fighter out of the Star Destroyer. Another TIE fighter had just left the hangar, as it looked. Cham hoped he wouldn't have to shoot it down.
    "Uh... Captain Phasma?" Cham asked through the comm, trying his best impression of a stormtrooper and hoping Zek would have his comm on or something.

    Meanwhile down on Endor...

    A human dressed in clothes common of a scavanger or space pirate reached the remains of the small battle site the First Order had left when they took Cham and El'ia. The man sighed.
    "Man, always late to the party." He shook his head and ran a hand through his brown hair, then continued walking through the forest. After a little while, the man finally made it to the old Imperial Cannon. Looking up, a younger man was on it. It looked like he had just launched the missiles, and looked quite pleased with himself.
    "Well hello there." The man said.
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  25. "I'm here! I have a man on the inside. Shadow!" Zek said switching com channels. "Can you turn off the tractor beam and gunner points?" Shadow was the only other one with a lightsaber other than him and his father. He had trained with him a lot in the past few months.
  26. "Turn off the tractor beam and the gunner! Let me kill them myself!" Kai Barked the orders as they where accepted, Kai went ahead and flew over to Zeks TIE fighter to meet him inside it and help him with the over man, He arived at the Fight and entered. "Zek! Are you here!" Kai yelled hoping he was here
  27. "Alright you guys! We're going to the Dantooine system I'll meet you there!" Zek flew off and jumped into hyperspace. When he was traveling through, ARC-6 started talking. *Boepoooeee*Arrenger*
    "Yes Arco, we are going like we said we would!"
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    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Mickey saw man coming closer to him. He didnt heared him so he didnt knew is he on First Oreder side or on side of Resistance. He pulled out his white lightsaber.
    "Stand right there. If you do anything you are dead for few seconds" said Mickey to man that talked to him.

    (((@Captain Cardboard ,didnt saw you wrote that lol)))
  29. "Cham, what are we gonna do?!" El'ia exclaimed. "Why didn't we just listen to Phasma?!"
    "How was I supposed to know he was able to shut down the gunners and tractor beams?! Heck, they might not even know we stole the TIE Fighter yet!" Cham yelled back.
    "We can't go back, and there's no karking way I'm going back to Endor!" El'ia said.
    "I know we can't go back!" Cham yelled back. He looked out at space, and watched Phasma's ship disappear. "We'll just head to Dantoonie as well. It looks like we're going to have to be working for a while."
    With that, the Mirialan set the coordinates for the hyperdrive and blasted off to Dantooine.

    Back on Endor, the man surely enough stopped. He couldn't help but to smile at Mickey.
    "You're a violent young man, aren't you." The man said. His smile faded, however, when he saw Mickey's lightsaber. He looked at the young man with reknewed interest.
    "Now where did you get that?" The man asked.
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    "I think it is out of your buisnes. Except you are part of Alliance. But when I see how you look I think you are scavenger ot bounty hunter. More likely scavenger. Why did you thought it is smart to come from back to man with powerfull weapon as this is?" asked him Mickey without showing any mercy
  31. "Y'know, it's not the weapon that makes you powerful. It's the way you use it." The man said. He looked up at the Star Destroyer in orbit, then shook his head.
    "Why'd you launch an attack on them? You do know that their firepower is much more then what you have down here. How were those missles even still working anyway?" The man asked. He began to walk around the launcher, inspecting it.
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    "Ok,so you know something. Well I thought it would scare them away. But it seems like it doesnt work. By the way I am Mickey Starhooper last Jedi from New Order trained by great Luke Skywalker."said Mickey proud of himself while he was jumping from Imperial Cannon on ground and putting his light saber back.
  33. When Zek got out of hyperspace, he decided to fly down to the nearest spaceport not controlled by the First Order. "OK guys," He said on his long distance com. "Follow me to the Quilan Orga space port. It's not controlled by the First Order. We'll be fine down there, as long as the thugs there don't kill us, which they might. But no big deal! I do have a lightsaber after all!"
  34. Cham had a bad feeling about this. Looking down at the forest planet of Dantooine, Cham allowed Zek to lead them in the direction of a spaceport. It was a spaceport not controlled by the First Order, how would they feel about a First Order starship and a pair of First Order TIE fighters landing there? Lead by Captain Zek Phasma. Plus, who was this other guy? But Cham kept his mouth shut. Maybe this guy knew more than he let on. He had a plan on how to get out of the Star Destroyer. Maybe he had a plan here. But that was just the thing. Cham didn't like maybes.
    "El'ia, stay vigilante at the turrent. We might need to end up blasting our way out of this." Cham said back. Then the Mirialan took to the com.
    "Alright. What's the plan. Because I don't think those guys down there are going to be pleased about the certain symbols on our ships." Cham said. "And this time, I'd like to know what the plan is before we head in. Not as the plan is in action."
    Cham sounded a little bitter, and who could blame him? He just lost his ship, his pride and joy! The thing he had spent so long working on, only to find out that he could've taken it. Now he was stuck on a strange planet in a strange ship with no money or food, and only their weapons. Great.

    The man looked up at Mickey skeptically, before sighing and shaking his head.
    "You know, you're either very arrogant or very stupid to say those words in this day and age." The man said. "Especially since everything the First Order have done. And just because you have a lightsaber doesn't make you a Jedi. Believe me, kid. You're no Jedi."
    The man began to walk around Mickey, looking him up and down.
  35. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Hmmm. Maybe this will change your opinion." Mickey said and used Force to lift rock not too far away from them. Then he destroyed it and again recreated it.
    "You see. What are you even doing here? And who are you?" asked Mickey
  36. The man watched Mickey lift the rock, then destroy it using the Force. Ignoring Mickey's questions, the man gave a disappointed sigh and shook his head.
    "Using the Force doesn't make you a Jedi, either. I find it hard to believe that the powerful Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had even taken you on as an apprentice." The man said. "If you're not careful, you may find yourself going down a dangerous path soon."
    The man sat down crosslegged, and looked up at Mickey.
    "I'm here because I needed some space. I'm here because my friends were here. And now they're there." The man said, pointing up to the Star Destroyer. "And I'm stuck here."
  37. MihajloJedi

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    "Well if you want to I can drive you up there. I cant protect you because I think that there are not much more Jedis left. So I dont want to risk. Anyways,how did they even got your friends. Were they hunting you? I thought this is forgoten long time ago." said Mickey still watching man carefuly
  38. The man shook his head.
    "Naw. If my friends were still up there, I might've accepted. But they're long gone by now." The man said. He looked back up to the sky and the Star Destroyer in orbit. "I think they were hunting me. My friends, that is. Not the First Order. I have no idea why the First Order would be here."
    The man over at Mickey again.
    "That is, unless they were tracing a boy waving a lightsaber around with Force capabilities claiming to be a Jedi Master. The First Order doesn't really have any love for those. So, are they after you?" The man asked.
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  39. Kaleb flew by the newcomers in his ship, the Infinity. He heard their signals and butted in. “You guys wanna avoid the First Order by coming here?” he said. “Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but the First Order has troops scanning the planet. I am one of the last of the Jedi Order, and they knew I was here. They traced me and now I need to leave. If you wanna avoid them any longer, so should you.”
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  40. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Nah. They are not here because of me. I am dead for rest of the Galaxy. They still think Ben Solo killed me. Oh,I mean Supreme Leader Kylo. Plus I didnt used Force for long time until today. He couldnt fell it." said Mickey still thinking what could it be

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