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Private/Closed Star Saint: Cosmic Crusade Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Plot
    As part of humanity’s attempts to develop a new energy source in-order to fuel its expansion outside the solar system, the United Earth Government begun sending energy gathering probes into the Sun’s outer most layers. Though the collect energy proved difficult to store this practice also gave Earth’s scientific bodies a greater degree of data and understanding of the internal functions of our home star. Through the use of this scan data it was discovered that deep within our home star existed a seemingly infinite energy source, Dubbed the Star-Heart.

    Using this newly discovered energy source Earth’s scientists were able to distill pure cosmic energy into usable power cells nicknamed Star-batteries which in turn provided the energy needed to warp Space-time allowing for the development of Earth’s first FTL capable ship, the Star-Saint. This new more stable form of Star-Heart energy also allowed for a new age of scientific discovery with the possibilities and uses of this new energy source yet to be fully explored.

    Following a failed attempt from a Galaxian Armada to harvest the Sun’s Star-heart, the Star was left severely damaged and begun emitting extremely intense yet short lived solar flares. This sudden change in solar activity caught Earth completely off guard, the planetary defense systems failed as result of the Electromagnetic disruptions caused by the solar flares. Furthermore Earth’s natural atmospheric protection from cosmic radiation was also severely damaged, flooding Earth with unmitigated cosmic rays and solar winds. Earth’s primary water sources and surface were rapidly irradiated far beyond healthy or even acceptable limits. In a matter of days Earth was deemed uninhabitable and humanity was facing widespread planetary extinction.

    Despite this the few human colonies on both Mars and the Moon equipped with advanced artificial radiation shields, were largely unaffected by the Solar-flares. Something to do with the random regenerative properties of the shields being able to adapt and adjust to counter the sudden increase in radiation. These few colonies are now all that remains of humanity with the colonial governments forced to put aside their trivial rivalries and work together to try and rebuild humanity.

    After a year of believing there to be no survivors of Earth’s Irradiation, New London received a message from the Star-Saint. The vessel had been Low-Earth orbit when the wave of solar flares hit the planet, disabling many of the ship’s systems and leaving it stranded in orbit for months as the planet below and its population died out before their eyes. Upon arrival on the moon it was discovered that a number of crew members, while stranded in orbit, had been exposed to the pure Star-Heart energy the damaged star had been hemorrhaging since the failed harvest of its core. The energy had greatly altered the genetic make up of the crew and imbued them with the pure energy of the Star-Heart. However it also placed an extreme strain upon their physical bodies, as such very few survived long enough to reach Mars let alone for their genetic alterations to begin to fully express themselves.

    Five years to the day of the Galaxian attempt to harvest our Sun’s Star-Heart, the best and brightest of Humanity’s survivors are headed to take the fight back to the beings who caused our planets extinction.

    No Mary Sues or being Overpowered especially at the start
    There are a limited number of spaces so I will not be reserving any spaces for people.
    Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar are crucial to this Rp, if I don't think your writing is upto scratch unfortunately I won't be able to accept you.

    Star-Hearts explained
    Star-Hearts are a cosmic power source, they are believed to be a concentrated conglomerations of primordial energy left over from the Big Bang. These conglomerations can often be found deep within the cores of certain stars, with some believing them to be the missing link in the origins of life in the universe. When a living being is exposed to the energy of a Star-Heart, the being’s genetic material is greatly altered. The degree of impact of this genetic alteration is dependent upon the level of exposure and the potency of the Star-Heart.

    Villain Group: Galaxians
    Meteor-Golems (Meteors)
    The Meteor-Golems are horned, grey stone imp-like monsters that are only strong in high numbers. They serve as the grunts of the more powerful Planet-Killers. Meteor-Golems are forged entirely from the planetary remains of planets which have lost their Sun’s, and while not as strong as beings empowered by Star-hearts to become Planet-Killers, they are still able withstand a great amount of force and energy. Their clay like stone forms allow them to convert their arms into a sharp blades as well as a gun-like weapon, or combine with other Meteor-Golems to create larger, more powerful Golems.

    These monsters take on completely unique forms from each-other. Their rough appearance will depend upon the living being they were created from as well as the potency of the Star-heart which brought them into existence.
    Regardless of this all Planet-Killers are formed from corrupted Star-hearts, either made from the stellar remains of a Stellar Malum or from the corruption of a pre-existing Star-heart. If a Planet-Killer is left unchallenged it will begin absorbing the nearest planet’s energy and matter, eventually encasing the creature in a planetary cocoon. Essentially fusing the being with the planet to create an enormous cosmic fortress and battle platform for the Galaxian Navy.

    Predicted FAQ’s
    Are these genetic alterations basically super powers?
    Yes, they can be, they don’t have to be. However on the topic of powers, I’d like the powers to be additions to your characters skills, not the only reason they have been choosen for this mission. Think less Captain Marvel and more Young Justice Meta-humans.

    Do you have a larger plot planned out?
    Yes, I do but I don’t want to spoil it at this stage


    Here’s mine
    Name: Alexander James Xavier VII (Ajex)
    Call-sign: Quasar
    Age: 29
    Birthplace: San Francisco
    Appearance: 5’9 with a slim-fit physique. His hair was originally a jet black, however the radiation he was exposed to in Earth’s orbit damaged his hair follicles and now his hair grows in a light grey-Silver hue. His eyes however were stone grey at birth, before also being leeched of colour and rendered a piercing ivory, both of which somehow compliment his tanned skin tone and outwardly harsh demeanor.
    Weapon: Ajax’s combat suit utilizes a pair of turreted shoulder mounted launchers linked to his heads up display.
    Special equipment: Ajax carries a pair of Plasma multi-tools integrated into his combat gauntlets, when not in his full suit he wears a more streamlined pair of gauntlet multi-tools at all times

    Powers: His body is essentially a miniature power reactor, allowing him to convert absorbed heat, light or electricity into pure energy. Which can then be fired off as blasts or used to propel him in a form of unassisted flight. Though he needs to absorb energy in order to use his powers, as such he requested a specially built energy chamber to be installed in his private quarters aboard the newly refitted Star-Saint.

    Skills: An Expert tactician and combat strategist, Ajax is prone however to underestimating the abilities of his peers if they do not display the same level of discipline and focus he believes they should. His tactical analytical skills also extend to the ability to uncover exploitable design flaws or weaknesses in enemy formations or strongholds

    Ajax was born in the sprawling metropolis of late 21st century San Francisco, his parents both military did there best to give Ajax a normal childhood and upbringing. So it was no surprise when he enrolled as an officer in the Planetary Defense Force at the age of 21. His knack for tactical and strategic operations saw him fast tracked through the ranks to a junior command role by the time he was 24, much to the dismay of his parents who were concerned their son was being ushered down a path of desk work and pen-pushers.

    However this view quickly changed when he was posted to The Star-Saint, a supposedly simple deployment into low earth orbit as part of the home fleet, it was a simple job, low chance of actual conflict without having to sacrifice the possibility of glory in battle. Though in reality the job was exactly as Ajax had expected primarily ship-wide inspections and endless report writing. That was until the day of the Flare.
    When the first pulse hit the (Star-Saint) was low enough in orbit to have at least some level of protection. Despite this the containment field of the ship’s reactor was failing and begun leaking energy at an uncontrollable rate, had only Ajax entered the reactor room in order to evacuate an injured crew member when the (Star Saint’s) automated reactor overload failsafes kicked in jettisoning the core into space to burn up on re-entry and sealing the contaminated area. The protocols had been designed so that the contaminated areas would be sealed off temporarily, the atmosphere vented into space while any trapped crew could take refuge in an air-locked safe box while awaiting full decontamination. However the second Flare pulse disabled all onboard systems before the atmosphere could even be vented. Thus sealing Ajax in with the severely high levels of Star-Heart energy already emitted by the core before ejection as well as the baseline radiation already penetrating the ship’s hull and affecting the crew.

    It took over 48 hours for the Star-Saint’s secondary power reactor to be restored to a functional capacity and a further 12 for the full decontamination process to complete itself. The crew member Ajax had rushed in to evacuate had died 16 hours into the ordeal and over the course of the following months he watched as his crew grew smaller and the planet died below them.

    Ajax’s powers begun to manifest almost three months after his decontamination cycle had finished, the unknowable quantities of absorbed energy allowing him to provide the secondary power core with the necessary input to initiate its reaction processes and begin to move the ship out of Earth’s gravity well, toward Mars.

    The Star-Saint’s arrival on Mars was bitter sweet at best, it was nice to be back on solid ground but it wasn’t the solid ground they had hoped for. Nor was it really anything to celebrate, their home-world was an irradiated dead rock now, the last of human civilization was clinging to life on a hostile world with only a small chance of lasting survival. But such was reality while they planned their revenge
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  2. Name: Taikaroa Watihana
    Call-sign: Null
    Birthplace: Butte, Montana

    5'7", a spindly build, dark-skinned with heavy frecklature; long, curly hair usually kept in a top-bun. Heavily scarred all over her body, but she hides it under her clothes.

    Telekinetically controlled blades and short-to-medium-range projectiles.
    Powers(?): Taika summons embodiments of pure void; fractures in space-time shaped as blades, shields or projectiles that are inherently destructive to matter and energy, controlled entirely by thought. Her day-to-day life consists mostly of keeping herself under tight control in order not to destroy her surroundings by accident.

    Before her exposure, she was a talented structural engineer and in training to become a ship-architect. Apart from her knowledge on architecture and design, she was taught culinary skills by her mother and still enjoys cooking.

    How her Maori family ended up in Butte, Montana of all places is a mystery for the ages; nevertheless, due to Taikaroa parent's accomplishments and status as architect (her father) and botanical scientist (her mother) she was fast-tracked into university, following in her father's footsteps but with a special interest in spaceship design. With stellar grades she was picked for a special internship on the Star-Saint, where she was plying her trade when the flares hit and she was exposed to a volatile mixture of Star-heart radiation and nuclear isotopes.

    This exposure wrought and afflicted her skin, causing scarring all over her body as well as instilling the genetic changes and access to primordial energies that cause her powers. She spent months in recovery with poor prospects, but upon reawakening her abilities began to wreak havoc on the ship's internal infrastructure until she managed to calm her emotions. To avoid hurting other incidentally, she closes herself off from others physically- even though she craves friendship as much as ever.

    ((P.S. This is one of your best worldbuilding concepts yet, Frontier Master! I enjoy it a ton and I look forward to RPing it.))
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  3. Accepted and why thank you
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  4. We just need one more good application for the RP to start
  5. Hopefully someone will bite soon!
  6. Interesting...whats a call sign?
  7. Like a code name sort of

  8. Name:
    Lyubov Nikulov
    Call-sign: Synthroid
    Age: 29
    Birthplace: Moscow
    Appearance: A large man. 6'2 with a sturdy muscle build. beach blond shagy hair that reaches his shoulders. while his sky used to be fairly peach it is now tanned his blood vessels now have a glow in the dark pink that permeates through his entire body.. his eyes are a shining bright blue but are usually hidden behind his glasses. he usually wears a blue scrubs outfit that is usually pristine

    Weapon(?): while not really a weapon he has a pocket multitool made to operate on living creatures. it carries magnifying glasses, a scalpel, toothpick...etc.

    Powers(?): Lybubov's a portalmancer! he can create a portal that can traverse through small distances. if less than foot wide all objects can move back and forth with no consequence. however as it increases in size it creates a vacuum-esque like ability that forcefully projects on the side to the other making a one way only. he can only create a portal as big as himself otherwise risk violent pulls. only two portals can be open at once. and Lyubov must have a clear visualization of where the end portal will be.

    Skills: Lyubov is an excellent Doctor and Surgeon. he excels in keeping the body of others and himself healthy as possible. And though he's not licensed in psychology. He has enough experience in unpracticed therapy to get a feel for other peoples emotions.

    Backstory: A brilliant student in university, Lyubov saw nothing but greatness for the future. even in his medical field, he heard the wonders of new technology that could save the human race from unfathomable disaster. When he graduated he became a well known and respected for treating late-stage and terminally ill cases. After finishing up one patient he was invited to work on the Star-Saint. it was always minor dream to travel the galaxy and eagerly accepted aboard as the medic.

    Timepass and his longing for home loomed over him. When he heard the Saint was returning to earth. he was the most eager to see his family again. it was when he tried to call his parents the Saint was hit with flares. the first flare knocked him down, it shocked him as his whole body felt like it was being burned alive. He wanted to at least look out the window, to see earth one more time, but the second flare was too strong and sent him unconscious. it took weeks for him to gain back consciousness, but his body already underwent severe changes. his body became much brighter and he noticed his strange ability which caused more trouble than he wanted. he plans to use this opportunity to travel as far a he can and help whoevers in need.
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  9. As much as I love your character bio, I’m concerned as to how his powers will actually be able to be used since a lot of this rp is set in space and will involve space suits thus having plants growing out of your body isn’t really able to help you as you can’t have any holes in the suit else you’d die of depressurization if you didn’t suffocate first
  10. I really hope this rp takes off, worked so hard on the premise
  11. @Sentorus67 Any chance you could make some alterations? If anything there could be some kind of futuristic plants that can work in space. Or maybe he controls metal that sprouts from his body?
  12. since the requirement, it an ability that functions well with a suit on ill have to change the power.

    updated. if you played league before. think of it as Bard's ability with a bit more.
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  13. Thanks! That's a really cool power, by the way!

    @Frontier Master Seems we can get started!
  14. Perfect I’ll get the starting post up as soon as I can
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  15. Full disclosure guys, life’s suddenly got really busy so it may take a little while to get the starter up
  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Bam Murphy (goes by Murphy)
    Call-sign: Midnight
    Age: 25
    Birthplace: London
    Appearance: Murphy is 5’9”, he is lean built but muscular, he has ice white hair and grey eyes. He wears black carbon-fibre face mask that covers his mouth and nose.
    Weapon(?): Murphy has a nano-tech bionic arm, he can control the nano bots with a small earpiece that let's him control them with his mind. He can form didn't weapons and useful objects.
    Powers(?): He has a thing inside him similar to a Venom Symbiote but it was created from his own cells. It can cover his whole body like venom and he can create weapons and things using it. It also grants him regeneration and super strength.
    Skills: Murphy is an excellent marksman, but his true talent is in his piloting abilities. He is an ace pilot who can pilot any vehicle with ease.
    Backstory: Murphy was born into a very military orientated family, his father was a ship captain, his mother was a retired admiral. So obviously he joined flight school, becoming an ace pilot in a matter of years.

    He was shortlisted for several ships, but none of the captains would keep him, they all said his was disobedient and a danger to the crew. When he joined the Star-Saint his was on his last chance with threats of his piloting license being revoked. He never thought that the flares would occur, when they did however he was on the bridge, he lost consciousness quickly, when he awoke about a month later, he felt strange and he had now been fitted with a bionic arm as his own arm was damaged severely. He soon discovered the symbiote like creature that now dwelled with in him, soon being able to control it with almost no effort.
  17. Unfortunately this rp only had 2 extra slots to begin with.


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