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Star Axis - It Makes No Sense

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Dwayna DragonFire, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Updated once a week (maybe). if you would like to be a part of this story, PM me your descriptions of them and I will see what I can do.

    Chapter One

    A girl with dark brown hair sat at a desk reading a book. Emerald green eyes gazed through the glasses placed so firmly upon her pale white face. It wasn't long before she started to imagine the happenings of the book, her lips pursed together in deep thought. Her visions were probably a tamer version of the story, because she didn't want her imagining scaring anybody that might be in the room. It was quite a weird thought, but it was also weird that the girl had what looked like emerald-green wings resting at her sides.

    Suddenly, her train of thought stopped. This was because the book had been removed from the desk by a dark gloved hand. The girl swivelled her head slightly to see the culprit that now held the book close to his chest. Everything about this man was dark, except for his skin and his shades. He had black hair, wore a black coat, a gray shirt and dark blue jeans. The belt at his waist was a dark brown, and his shoes were black. He was also wearing the dark blue gloves that had so rudely stolen the book from the girl. His skin was white, though, and somehow seemed paler than the girl sitting in the chair, almost ethereal. His shades were a yellowish hue, and seemed to give off the vibe that he was enjoying his little joke thoroughly.

    "Hey!!" This vehement statement passed through the girl's lips towards the man standing behind her. She spoke in low, rich tones that could sway people in her direction in mere moments. She wasn't exactly pretty, but her personality was very charismatic and influential. The man let out a soft laughing sound, something that sounded like a "Hee." His voice was darker than the girls, obviously, but it gave somewhat of the same impression as hers. The only difference was that he seemed to be a man of mystery, never trusting anyone (except the girl) and never being trusted (except by the girl). It was an odd friendship, but then again, this is an odd story. An odd, descriptive story that so far makes no sense whatsoever. Oh well.

    "You realize that I'm going to get you back for this, Shadow." The girl said this in a joking but serious manner, implying that she got the joke, but she would seriously get revenge. Her face transformed into that of a slightly questioning one, but the amusement remained. "Right?" She asked this, and smirked slightly, playfully, like there truly was no end to this joke. But she knew that the man now known as Shadow knew that she was being serious. Oh, and the book somehow randomly found it's way back onto the desk. No one will ever know how it got back there.

    "I would expect no less from you, Dwayna." Shadow replied with his own little smirk playing upon his lips. His eyes were always hidden from view by his shades, which were now a orange-ish hue, to imply that he was still being humorous as well, but still got the seriousness of the situation. It appeared that the glasses changed colour depending on Shadow's mood, and this was helpful towards the girl now known as Dwayna. She was the only one who had figured out his mood detector, the only one that had penetrated the shell of the ultimate mystery man. The only one who had ever seen his oddly shaped eyes, to which she testified were a very striking violet, like amethysts glimmering brightly in the sun.

    "You don't seem to care about my revenge." Dwayna stated this in an almost disappointed way, as if she really cared that he would at least be a little bit afraid of her. But for some odd reason or another, Shadow put his complete trust in her and the fact that she wouldn't kill him. Which is why he replied, "Let's put it this way…" He hesitated for a moment, thinking of exactly the way to put it. "Your revenge is the sweetest. Literally." To which he met a hardened glare from Dwayna, who was still seated in her chair, looking up at him. Naturally, he was slightly taller than she was, but as Dwayna liked to speculate, size didn't matter.
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  2. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Chapter Two

    Dwayna sat on the living room couch, watching television. A man with long black hair and dark sunglasses sat beside her. His crimson red eyes peered over the sunglasses to imply that he was watching the television with Dwayna. The very fact that he was in her house and she had no problems with it told the fact that they knew each other, and that they were friends.

    His light blue shirt with black sleeves complimented his pale white skin. The rest of his attire was pure black, right down to the socks. The only thing that matched his crimson red eyes was the teardrop pendant dangling at his neck. In some weird way, it matched the lovely, circular, jade one that hung at Dwayna's neck. At moments during the show, pearly white fangs would slip from his mouth into a smile. This man was part-vampire, or it looked like it. Dwayna knew this man as Raven, her best friend... and ex-lover.

    Shadow's looming figure stepped into the kitchen and walked towards the fridge. His stomach growled softly, telling him that he needed to open the fridge to get something that would quench its hunger. The white door of the white fridge swung open upon him… opening it... with a tug of his arm... and stuff. A grotesque sight met his eyes, and it was all he could do not to throw up. It was hard to make out if anything in the fridge was actually food or not. A lot of what met Shadow's eyes was green, white, and other colors... and it wasn't fresh vegetables. It definitely wasn't fresh vegetables. Shadow did his best to compose himself when he thought he saw some of it move. But then, he saw some of it move again.

    His eyes went wide, or as wide as one could interpret them to be behind his now white-with-fear sunglasses. Whatever he thought was food was now turning into a large beast... with what looked like tentacles. The tentacles started wrapping themselves around Shadow very quickly, at the speed of a cheetah running, if cheetahs existed on this world. His mouth opened to form a blood-curdling scream, and it carried all throughout the house, into the living room where the two figures sat in front of a glowing screen.

    A crimson-haired figure walked into the living room as the scream still sounded, and stood over the couch where the two figures sat. Her eyes were also crimson, but they were different than Ravens eyes, implying that she was a different type of creature. Her lips were pulled down into a small frown, but this seemed perfectly natural for her. Her shirt matched the crimson of her hair and eyes, and a Celtic cross dangled at her neck. Like Raven, the rest of her attire was black, right down to the socks.

    "... Did you hear something?" When the newcomer spoke, her voice was drawn out in low, vehement tones. Perhaps she wasn't too fond of Shadow, because she had been aware of who was screaming and why. She admitted in the past that demons sensed impending doom, and even though she was only a half-demon, it still applied. Her pale hands rested at her side, waiting for the answer. A non-responsive "No." came from both of the figures sitting on the couch, and the matter was left alone, all of them knowing that Shadow would live to see another day.

    The next day, Shadow walked into the living room, where Dwayna was again sitting on the couch. He sat down beside her, his glasses a deep red with anger. Why hadn't his best friend come to save him? But then, he thought to himself, she was aware of what he could do when he thought his life was in danger. He sat down beside her, his glasses slowly changing back to their neutral purple. She looked up towards him and smiled brightly.

    "I just thought you should know, Raven, Aria and I cleaned out the fridge this morning." Aria was obviously the red-haired woman. A gentle-but-amused smile formed upon Dwayna's lips as she watched the blue color of relief spread across his face... or rather, sunglasses. He threw his hands up in the air out of pure excitement at the statement, and then opened his eyes in a slight shock. A moment of silence passed between the two of them, and he slowly lowered his hands to rest at his sides. "If I was religious..." He started, but Dwayna interrupted with "I know, Shadow. I know." and it was left at that.
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  3. It really doesn't make any sense. I like it, though, looking forward to Virgil's appearance. :)
  4. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    This one will be a bit shorter than the others, to introduce my version of what Virgil would be like, and a character that he can relate to right away.

    Chapter Three

    Wisps of curly, straw colored hair slid gently behind the ears of the boy sitting in the tree. His hair blew softly in the gentle wind that caressed the sunny day, cooling it ever so slightly. A content, relaxed smile was pulled across his face as he lay there in his dark, tattered clothing. One would think that clothes as ruined as those would have entirely fallen apart by now, but it seemed that they were held together by magic, implying their importance to the boy. The light breaking through the branches of the tree carressed his freckled face ever so gently, brightening it as if it was a cloud in the sky.

    "Why are you hanging out in that tree again, Virgil?" A voice called to him from below. It was smooth, feminine, almost accented compared to the norm. But Virgil smiled wider, opening his eyes to reveal light blue orbs that sparkled with what looked like the same magic that hel his clothes together. He looked down to find the source from where the voice came from, and as he suspected, a woman he knew stood there. She wasn't his mother, but she was damn near close, save for the fact that she was Elven. You could tell by the pointy ears sticking out from her vividly blonde hair, something unusual for an elf, but not unheard of. Her colthing was simple - a faded yellow tunic and skirt, a vivid red cape that brought out her sapphires of eyes, and a sward that rested at the small of her back that looked almost poisonous to the touch if one were to take it out of its sheath.

    "Yes, I'm up here again, Merenwen." His boyish tones rolled over the words in a heavy accent, implying that he was from a much different country than the rest of the people who resided here. "I don't see why you have such a problem with it." A playful sirk pulled across his lips as the Merenwens face below pulled into a frown. Amused ice-blue eyes met the angry sapphires in a calm, passive way, almost taunting in their manner. Merenwen opened her mouth again, speaking forcefully. "I suggest you come down from that tree before you get hurt." She meant it, seriously, because she cared about him. They were really good friends, despite their age difference.

    Virgil sighed slightly and started to remove his person from the tre. His eyes opened wide in shock and he opened his mouth in a shout as he slipped from the tree. Merenwen, with her quick reflexes, jumped to catch him in her arms. Suddenly, he disappeared into thin air, and Merenwen fell face first into the grass. After she had let out a soft groan and turned herself to lie on her back, Virgil's figure moved to stand over her, his face full of laughter. Merenwen frowned considerably and remarked "I hate it when you do that." to which Virgil burst whole-heartedly into laughter.
  5. This is awesome, you described Virgil better than I ever did. Keep up the good work, I'm patiently awaiting the next chapter.
  6. Great job Dway, on all 3 chapters, i can't wait to see the drawing that come along with them too.
  7. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Chapter 4

    Dark brown brooding eyes peered out from tufts of emerald green hair. Pale skin was barely visible with the fact that the boy was clothed rather heavily, a drk green shirt to match his hair and long black pants. A sigh escaped his lips, of boredom and loneliness. That only happened once, for it was soon that he heard a rustling nearby, deciding to peek out at who made the noises. He, known as Geist, rolled his eyes, silently thinking to himself, Them again.

    "Them again" were two people who regularily came to this spot in the forest, just to sit and talk and stare up at the starry sky. What looked like the richer of the two wore a long, dark black dress with emerald green trim. She had very plae skin, and dark black hair. Finally, her eyes were a glowing green, and she had fangs... all traits of a vampire. She looked comfortable in this fact, which could only mean she was born that way. Sjhe was known locally as Nerezza Dellanotte, which literally meant "Darkness of the Night".

    Her female companion had pink hair, tied back and pushed back with a green headband and silver hairclips. Her sparkling green eyes peered over silver glasses, and her smile was clearly fangless. Her skin was Still pale, but not nearly as pale as her vampire companion. Her clothing consisted of a bright pink dress with a large emerald green ribbon in the back of it, emerald green socks and silver heels. The collar at her neck implied that she was actually the other woman's servant, and clearly human to boot. If you looked close enough, her tag read "Elizabeth Aelo".

    The two always met here when the nights were clear and starry. Geist didn't really want a part in all of it, but he couldn't help himself when he watched the two a they conversed as equals. How could they act as equals when Elizabeth was Nerezza's servant? The bigger questiong was, why did nerezza treat her servant as an equal? It was ahrd to understand this country sometimes, with no predjudices on race, religion, gender, status... It was the ideal country to live in. Maybe that's why... Geist though to himself, ... I moved here.
  8. Wow that looks like it took a lot of work and it was a great story. I hope you make more.

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