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Standard Competitive League - Last notice to all participants.

Discussion in 'Organised Play Archive' started by KoL, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Since dropouts and people simply not taking part in matches has been a consistent problem with this league, this is the final notice: anyone who dropped out of this league without any good reason for doing so, and anyone who has failed to take part in at least 10 league matches by August 31st is barred from the second (doubles) half of this league as well as the entirety of the next league. If your name is in bold in the list below, you are at risk of being barred from the leagues - keep that in mind.

    To put this simply:

    Andrew - I'm sorry, but saying "I don't feel like battling anymore" is not a good excuse at all. You're barred from the doubles half of this and the next league entirely unless you change your mind very quickly and get in at least five more league battles to hit the 10-match mark.

    Balakai - 13/15 matches, you're safe.

    Chadwyck - You need one more league match between now and August 31st

    Database - You need seven more league matches.

    DoctorOak - One more match, same as Chadwyck.

    Fuman - 11/15 means you're safe.

    Havak - Six more matches.

    Heirumaru Daimeon - One more match.

    JayJay - I can accept your game being stolen as a reason beyond your control, so I'll let it slide for you.

    Kalseng - I know you've not had chat access lately, so I'm willing to let your 8/15 slide if you absolutely can't make it back before August 31st

    Kerauno - Six more matches for you.

    LoN - You deserve a medal for getting the full 15 matches done, seriously.

    Magpie - 14/15...I feel sorry for the last person who has to face you.

    Nim - I know you had Wi-Fi issues with your internet, so I'll let this slide as well.

    RedRising - 11/15, so you're safe.

    Sem - 13/15, safe as well.

    Shocari - One more match and you hit the ten.

    Ulises87g - Four more matches and you're safe.

    I'll be sending out a PM to all the people whose names are in bold, since they're the ones who haven't hit the 10-match requirement, to make sure they're aware of this notice, as well as to Andrew. Note that there are two Organized Play sessions in the #PokecharmsWFC channel between now and August 31st, on Saturday of this week and next week - those will be the best opportunities to get your remaining battles in, but also note that the channel is open 24:7 and you can drop in at any other time as well.

    10 matches by August 31st or you're out - no excuses.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Stickying this too.

    KoL said it best. While the league is meant to be fun, it's also a commitment. If you signed up and are still physically able to compete, see things through.

    Also, re: Kal - If you can't get onto the chat, set some matches up via the forums? That's still an option for anyone who needs it.
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