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Private/Closed Stand By Me

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by NightRaven, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Alright! Just a quick little note before this little one begins, any and all questions are welcome but in the discussion thread. If anything happens to the thread, you should be part of the conversation for the discussion, ask on the conversation.
    The discussion thread can be found here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/stand-by-me-discussion.17182/#post-497611
    Remember: please, follow the rules posted in the discussion thread and search through to see if your question has already been answered.
    Enjoy! -sorry you had to wait for so long > < -
    The people in this roleplay are:
    @Twilight Nova
    and @Excalibur Queen
    If you are not one of these people, then you are sadly not part of the roleplay...
    sorry for any inconveniences! ^^'

    Several years ago, Uurjland and Serendaal had gone to war, Uurjland having decided to randomly attack Serendaal to cause such a harsh time. However, it'd taken much, much more than just a random attack...
    The two rivals are still at war, but a rather silent one, not endless wrath as one would believe. But dark times are on the rise for both.
    A prophecy had been spoken, but Uurjland turned it away. Serendaal, on the other hand, accepted it and have fallen somewhat weaker by worrying about a rival country and a prophecy that could spell doom for them all.
    As of late, there are no recent shifts...but things will change...

    Blade to beast, just as it always was for a bounty-hunter.
    Well, not for this one, to say the least. the beast before her growled, staring down at her.
    It was a behemoth: a large, hairless beast—save for a mane—that somewhat resembled a cat, but only to a certain point. Horns curved around it's ears and it's glowing yellow eyes were narrowed. It's ears were flattened in fury.
    It bore massive paws with large claws that could take the life of anyone, along with a strange array of fins rolling down it's upper back and clinging to the tip of it's tail.
    Along with looking threatening by just that, it bore long fangs that protruded from it's mouth, clear for all to see.
    Lucky for this hunter, the behemoth wasn't one of the few that bore wings, but they sometimes used spells.
    The beast growled and rushed at the hunter, who had no time to summon a barrier. Just before it managed to land an attack, she managed to leap onto it's horn, being flung high into the air. She hissed something incoherent, a blast of flames firing from her hand and burning the creature below.
    However, she wasn't so lucky when it came to landing. She yelped when the breath was knocked out of her by striking the ground far below. She got up, shivering. Maybe this hunt wasn't worth it...
    She shook her head.
    It's more than worth it! I'll be getting so much out of this, and so will the city!
    She countered her previous thought, staring at the beast before her. It was in severe pain, and fell onto it's side, providing an opening.
    The woman drew her dagger, which was glowing by the orange marks, and rushed to the beast, lashing out at it rather rapidly, earning growling in rage. The woman quickly backed away, a blast of pure ice shooting from her hand like an icy arrow, striking the beast in the chest.
    It screeched one final time, before it's passing.
    The hunter breathed heavily, sighing. "They'll have to pay me more for that!" She muttered. Now, she'd have to head back to Insomnia if she wanted to collect the bounty.
    Insomnia was a massive city that was surrounded by villages seeking shelter from the nightmares beyond the walls. It was main support for the center of trade that lay next to the border between Uurjland and Serendaal.
    The center of trade was a large city known as the Nexus. It flooded with people, practically, and countless from other places especially. It was a peaceful city, ironically, and was also very, very powerful.
    However, if Insomnia, the capital of Serendaal, fell, so would the Nexus, therefore causing a massive collapse to Serendaal itself.
    And Uurjland knew this all too well.
    There were several paths that led to Insomnia, but most were through thick forests far from the city, which was where the hunter had, unfortunately, to go. She was already half way there when she heard barking behind her.
    Turning around, the woman saw a husky.
    "Umbra!" She smiled, rushing to the dog. "Aww, bringing me letters...that's a good boy!" She began to pet the husky, who was taking in all the attention he could get. The woman then opened his satchel, finding a letter.
    She soon set it back in the satchel. Night was starting to fall.
    "C'mon. Let's get to Insomnia first. I want to collect the bounty and rest up for the day ahead. I'll read the letter when we get home." The hunter murmured, Umbra seeming to nod as he followed the woman to Insomnia.
    "Here you are, ma'am." The man murmured, handing her the money for the bounty. "25 gold and 8 silver."
    "Thank you." The woman sighed. It honestly should've been worth more, but there's nothing she really could do about that.
    She headed away for her home which was a small house compared to the massive buildings around her. Even more irony.
    Opening the door when she arrived, Umbra headed in, and she closed the door behind her, before sitting down and gently taking the note from Umbra after patting him on the head.

    Hunting was a normal thing, nowadays, as populations of creatures were starting to increase, along with strange rounds of aggression. It was a strange phenomenon that hadn't been spotted until now.
    Countless beasts threatened the city of Insomnia, along with the small villages around it.
    Overall, times had been dangerous.
    The woman wouldn't be surprised if many from the villages rushed into Insomnia.

    Insomnia was the home for the king of Serendaal, too, so living here wasn't too easy, considering the expenses. Guards were around every corner, too, so one could imagine the population.
    Living in it wasn't too bad, nor too good. Kind of neutral, one could think. The expenses on practically everything here were rather high, but it was easy to make money: either a job or hunting.
    And by "easy" I mean only if one has grown used to such a life.
  2. Ben was walking up and down the streets, pretending to be just another citizen, which he really was to some extreme, but he wasn't there for the same reasons as any of them.
    As he walked, he looked around for the right person. Someone who was a bit more flashy than everyone else. Someone who had nicer clothes. He spotted him off to the side, talking with others like him. Ben looked the man over, smiling softly to himself. He moved through the crowd slowly until he was just close enough to do his thing. He bumped shoulders with him, turning and apologizing as he kept walking.

    A few blocks down, he moved into a space between houses to count how much gold the man had had on him. He had a bit of spring in his step as he started to walk to buy himself some dinner.

    Ben hopped into the abanded building he called home, where Tumbleweed bounced over to greet him, whining happily. He smiled and knelt down, greeting her by petting her head and using a soft voice to talk to her and ask her how her day was, though he knew there'd be no reply. He gave her the pound of beef he had bought, feeling bad that he hadn't been able to feed her in the past few days. He began to eat the bread he had bought, happy to have something another human being made to eat for once.
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  3. “That’ll be five bronze,” Eve nodded with a smile, palm outstretched to receive the required amount. There was a chink of money exchanging hands, and as the female’s palm closed over the cold monetary units, she gave another smile and a bow, watching her customer leave. Dropping the money in a jar, she turned with a light sigh, flexing her shoulders to rid them of the stiffness of the day. That healing had gone off without a hitch, and she was rather pleased at how her skills were coming along. Pursing her lips to softly whistle a tune, she wandered around the counter, running her fingers along the line of produce set on display for sale. Careful cross-reference with the books in the library had made the girl certain that these herbal mixes did indeed have healing and pain-dulling properties. Perhaps they would hold someone in good stead; for now, they rested on the counter, looking pretty in their glass containers as light reflected eye-catchingly off of them.

    The healer strolled out for a bit of air, watching the town go about its daily business. Unable to stifle the thought of how she had a relatively easy life, she paused in her steps, casting a glance about her neighbourhood. Business was going well, and she caught a few friendly glances and smiles coming at her direction. Yes, it was undeniable she had progressed since she had first come to Insomnia, scarcely a couple of years ago, in the pursuit of medicine and magic. She stepped aside to make way for a pair of guards patrolling – she was certain at least one of them had been her patron before. Thankfully, she had yet to heal any major injuries of any who came to her. Drawing her jacket closer to herself, she tightened her headband and hurried onwards, hoping no friendly neighbor would stop her in the hopes of a friendly chat. It wasn’t a person she was looking for, but a familiar face of black fur and amber eyes.
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  4. A blond haired, gray eyed woman in gray armor and a red cape trudged through town, dragging a large beast behind her. Rusty, her ginger furred feline companion was at her side. Ailith didn't always do this sort of thing, but there was no harm in getting a little more money for things she and Rusty might need. Which reminded Ailith that the two had not eaten anything since lunch. After she collected the bounty for the beast she brought in and headed towards the nearest place that sold food. Rusty scampered after her.
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  5. The note read:

    Melyssa, if you recieve this, there's something going on, if you haven't noticed.
    Nights have been...growing longer. Days have been starting late and ending early, and it certainly isn't winter.
    I think that may be effecting the wildlife a little bit, causing them to be aggressive beyond our recognition.

    I'm also worried about your wellbeing. I don't know if you've been effected by this, or if Insomnia has...
    I just hope you're okay.
    I wish I could be there, but this war's not going to fight itself.

    Take care, Melyssa!

    - Wilson Hilt

    Melyssa stared at the note, shivering, as she remembered her older brother, Wilson, was fighting in the war.
    Melyssa had been the only mage in her family. She considered joining the city guard, but her father passed by protecting the city of Insomnia during an invasion from a group of outcasts. Her mother passed due to illness, and her younger sister...
    She vanished shortly after their mother died.
    Melyssa didn't know what happened to her, but that was all years ago. Wherever she was, Melyssa hoped she was alright and doing just fine, if not better.

    Umbra took notice that Melyssa was upset and nuzzled her, whining.
    "It's okay, Umbra..." Melyssa sighed. "Everything's okay..."
    Gods above, Melyssa thought. Please, keep Willow and Wilson safe...
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  6. Ben fell asleep for a short while after eating, Tumbleweed nuzzled into his side. He was quickly pulled from sleep by a nightmare after only about twenty minutes. He had been having them very frequently, though he could never remember what about. It made it hard for him to sleep.
    He got a laugh out of that sometimes; he lived in a city called Insomnia, and he was having trouble sleeping.

    The theif decided taking a walk might help him clear his mind enough to sleep. He made sure there was no way for his small, furry companion to escape before heading out to the edge of the city, walking through alleys or even climbing up onto rooftops. He had never been good at climbing, and made a bit of noise, but that didn't stop him.
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  7. "Well, hello there," Eve's lips curled in a grateful, genuine smile as a flexible streak of black came to coil around her feet, purring and staring with glassy amber eyes. Gently pushing the handsome cat aside, Eve circled around in a small gesture akin to an animal settling in for a rest before dropping to the floor of the tin-shed she had found her first friend. "Pretty boy," she teased, tickling the massive feline under his chin, and being rewarded with a deep, rich purring. As she rummaged in her bag for the bit of bread she had brought for sharing between the two, Kohaku slyly crept into her lap - which involved a fair bit of bumping into her arms and side considering how large and furry he was. He always demanded a period of petting first before deigning to eat the food she brought, and Eve was happy to comply. She smiled down at him as he gently nosed her hand, watching him recoil with wide eyes as he caught wind of the heavy scent of flowers lingering around her as usual. He did that every time, and every time was as fresh a surprise as ever, it seemed. She smoothened down the fur the cat had puffed up in indignation, absent-mindedly stroking him as she allowed herself to lean back and relax, thoughts wandering. The time she spent with the cat was always time well-spent, and for those few minutes, she could relax, not having to worry about anyone or anything...
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  8. Ailith and Rusty finished their meal and headed home. If you could call a small wooden shack "home". It wasn't much, but it gave Ailith and Rusty shelter when they needed it. Ailith walked through the door and carefully sat down on the floor. Rusty bounded over to Ailith and jumped into her lap. The ginger furred feline laid down in her lap. He purred as Ailith gently stroked him. Ailith smiled, glad that she had a companion like Rusty.
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  9. Melyssa shivered in fear. Longer nights meant less daylight...
    And less daylight was ideal for a certain type of monstrous creature...
    Demons ranged through all kinds of forms. They arrived when night fell, and would leave when the sun started to rise...
    But if the nights stretched on for long enough, sooner or later...
    There wouldn't be daylight...
    Melyssa shuddered at her own thoughts. No daylight spelt doom for more than just Insomnia...but for the world! Demons would roam free and endlessly, despite their tendencies to hide from light, and countless would be killed...and, in the end, the demons would have the world in their claws.

    Melyssa hugged Umbra in fear and horror as thoughts haunted her mind.
    How will we survive? What will happen to us? What will we do? When will this arrive, and how can we prepare?
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  10. Ben walked to the edge of Insomnia via rooftops, nearly falling off the rooftops several times. He stopped near the edge, jumping up to the tallest rooftop he could find in close range. He looked at the world beyond Insomia. He sighed a bit.
    ...maybe if I go up higher, I can see even farther..? The thief thought to himself, trying to find a higher up building that was still close to the edge of the city. He gave up eventually, deciding he should just go back home. Before he began getting down, he noticed something move in the woods. Out of curiosity, he decided he ought to go check it out. If it were something small, maybe he could catch and kill it?
  11. Eve woke with a jolt when her head knocked against the side of the shed. Realizing she had been dozing (what with the approaching twilight and a purring cat on her) she shook her head to rouse herself completely. How long had she been here? She noted with alarm how dark it had grown outside. Night crept up on them these days, and it wasn't safe to be out. Shadowy creatures lurked the streets, and Eve had no way to defend herself - no combat skills, no weapon and no strength. Scrambling to her feet, she upset the drowsing cat, who glared up at her with a quiet mew. "Sorry, kitty," She managed a quick smile as she bent to pet the dualtone cat before gathering her belongings and hastily exiting. Besides the occasional human on the streets (much to her relief), she made her way back home safely, but it wasn't until she had drawn her curtains, tightly bolted and locked all windows and doors and begun sipping a cup of sweet tea did she manage to shake off the feeling of uneasiness. Had Insomnia always been so unsafe? Her eyes darted to the clock - it...it wasn't supposed to be night yet. Not for another few hours. She frowned, recalling how nights had been mapping more and more of the hours of the day. She brought the cup to her lips, but the tea had lost its taste.

    (I'm sorry if it feels a bit like a timeskip - I wrote about it being night but considering everyone else is still moving around, feel free to assume this happened at a later time and she's still sleeping or something in the shed.)
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  12. As Ailith stroked Rusty's fur she thought of the shortening days. If this kept up, there would be no daylight, and demons would be free to terrorize people at all hours. No one would be safe. Ailith gently moved Rusty from her lap to the floor. Then she bolted and locked all her windows and doors.
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