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Private/Closed Stand By Me (DISCUSSION)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by NightRaven, Jul 10, 2017.


    "As the coldest days arise
    Along with the longest night,
    Four powerful allies
    Will return the light.

    One will live their life in the dark,
    With their sharp daggers to leave a mark.

    The second will bear a blade of light
    And will not give up without a fight.

    A third will bear no blade,
    But with them, your pain will fade.

    The fourth will cast a spell bright,
    To pierce the dark of the endless night.

    Together the four, never alone,
    Will find the ever elusive stone.

    Thus the stone of the eternal eclipse
    Shall vanquish the enemy to the mist..."

    The city of Insomnia has taken a turn for the worst. As the nights grow longer with the coming of Winter...they soon grow perpetual, widening the window of time for demons to rise. However, four unlikely allies— a Thief, a Warrior, a Mage, and a Healer— rise to return the dawn's grand light.
    Forming bonds of all types, facing losses and tragedies, staring their worst nightmares in the face, this group of friends forms ever stronger in their search of the stone to banish the demons to the farthest reaches of Oblivion.
    They realize what it means to stand together...
    And that traitors are often those closest to you...

    Assassin/Thief - Least respected of the four. Anonymity rates are unusually low and Infamy rates are above average. Stealth is greatest: are able to pass undetected by guards at a greater chance than others, and are able to slip items away from their targets.
    Warrior - Equally respected amongst guards. Anonymity and Infamy rates are average. Strength is greates: are able to deal crushing blows to their targets if they hit, despite their movements being slow. Are able to wield even the heaviest of weapons. Prefers swords and heavy blades rather than daggers, opposing the Assassin.
    Mage - Slightly respected more than the Assassin, though not by much due to being known to supposedly play tricks on others and are thought to be reckless. Anonymity rates are below average as Infamy rates are above. Spells are greatest: are able to learn countless spells to cast upon their enemies, save for healing spells, ironically. Sometimes wield daggers or knives, but not very often.
    Healer - Most respected of the four due to their healing abilities. Anonymity rates are above average while Infamy rates are below. Healing is greatest: are able to learn to heal almost any wound, be it internal or external. Must be careful who to heal. Also must be calm to properly use the abilities.


    Melyssa (Mage) - A young woman with long ginger hair and bright green eyes. She has a small scar on the side of her face. She bears a black cloak that's slightly shredded at the bottom, with black clothing below said cloak. The back of the cloak is marked with a bright orange flame-like symbol with a white raven surrounding it. She wields a black dagger with orange flame-like marks that glow when they can inflict burning damage. Must absorb fire from a source to be forged into the dagger to cause burning. ( @Vulpine_Eclipse )

    Ben (Assassin/Thief) - A tall young man who has lived in Insomnia his whole life, since his mother died from an illness, and his father was executed for a crime he didn't commit. He wears a black serape at all times, as it was given to him by one of his closest friends who promised to come back and take him out of town for a better life, and to him, it's his last symbol of hope for a good future.
    He wears tattered and dirty black clothing, as well as black boots he sees as one of the most valuable things he owns.
    He has brown eyes and brown hair that goes down to the nape of his neck that he usually ties up, as well as scars of claw marks from one of his attempts to domesticate local wildlife.
    He mostly keeps small daggers or blades small enough to be hidden in his knuckles. He also learned how to use the bow and arrow in case he needs to take someone out from a distance. ( @Twilight Nova )

    Eve Iridescence (Healer) - With long black tresses, and grey-green eyes, Eve is a charming young lady to look at. In accordance to the traditional Phenac dress, she wears loose flowing apparel with plenty of cloth pieces. Her lengthy hair is tied up with ribbons or plaited into a single loose braid, but it's more common for her to leave it loose, with perhaps a cloth headband for the warmer days. They tend to fall in natural steps, endearingly framing her heart-shaped face. Her favourite set of clothing consists of a black tank top, over which she throws on a hooded jacket, held together at the waist by a cloth belt (literally a strip of cloth, which accounts for the gradating ends).
    She's usually seen wearing comfortable pants, over knee length durable boots. Being brought up on a farm, by profession, Eve is a lithe, healthy girl with a graceful frame and wiry strength in her limbs. By habit, she carries a sling bag, from which useful tidbits are often produced. She is skilled in foraging and using natural resources, especially herbs and fruits (she has a knack for avoiding the poisonous ones) and has been known to cure minor ailments with her herbs. There is a vibrance about her, a light flowery scent that lingers about her that reminds one of the beautiful, capricious, reluctant spring, lingering along through April and May in a succession of sweet, fresh, chilly days, with pink sunsets and miracles of resurrection and growth.
    Eve was not born in Insomnia. She was a poor farmer's daughter, born to Asra and Ethan Iridescence, who lived just where the Phenac main road dipped down into a little hollow, fringed with alders and ladies’ eardrops and traversed by a brook that had its source away back in the woods; it was reputed to be an intricate, headlong brook in its earlier course through those woods, with dark secrets of pool and cascade; but by the time it reached their farm, it was a well- conducted stream, one Eve never failed to follow upstream to discover the delightful secrets of the dusky woods. She had made good use of every waking moment of those years. Already she was acquainted with every tree and shrub about the place. She had discovered that a lane opened out below the apple orchard and ran up through a belt of woodland; and she had explored it to its furthest end in all its delicious vagaries of brook and bridge, fir coppice and wild cherry arch, corners thick with fern, and branching byways of maple and mountain ash.
    She had made friends with the spring down in the hollow— that wonderful deep, clear icy-cold spring; it was set about with smooth red sandstones and rimmed in by great palm-like clumps of water fern; and beyond it was a log bridge over the brook. That bridge led Eve’s dancing feet up over a wooded hill beyond, where perpetual twilight reigned under the straight, thick-growing firs and spruces; the only flowers there were myriads of delicate ‘June bells,’ those shyest and sweetest of woodland blooms, and a few pale, aerial starflowers, like the spirits of last year’s blossoms. Gossamers glimmered like threads of silver among the trees and the fir boughs and tassels seemed to utter friendly speech.
    And she thrived in her simple, happy life at the edge of the wilderness. Known and well-loved throughout, Eve was a particularly exceptional student, even among those older than her. Perhaps this was part of her decision to study Healing, when Sorrow laid a cold, sanctifying touch on her life. Nothing is ever the same again once they've known Death, and the adolescent Eve knew that was what she saw, in the face, as her father was struck down by a strange malady. The town physician could do nothing, but ball up his fists in frustration, not unlike the grieving daughter, as she watched her father waste away day by painful day.
    He died even before she could finish her education, lending a certain hopelessness to her plans to go to the closest town, Insomnia, and learn Healing. She had always been a good student, and a certain smouldering fire burnt within her now, razing any doubts to her choice of profession. Even within her family, her mother shared the townsfolks concerns on Eve dabbling in what they considered witchcraft, but none dared to oppose the girl, a daughter first and civilian later. Eve had never been much of an morally optimistic person, but she knew there would be other children out there, who might be losing their loved ones at that very moment, and in a moment of rare human empathy, decided to carry on with her decision of old, carrying her father's dreams beyond the grave.
    And that was how Eve, now a young woman, found herself as a practicing apprentice in the arts of Healing. By various odd jobs, she manages to scratch out a bare living in the town, and saves enough to send back to her lone mother, who she knew to be maintaining the farm, all alone. It's been a few years since she'd arrived, and by frequent visits to the public library, the young, hopeful prodigy has managed to gain respectable understanding and name in both her subject matter as well as general public respect. ( @MegaAbsol )

    Ailith (Warrior) - A young woman of medium height with blond hair and gray eyes. She wears gray armor and a red cape. At her side is a sheathed sword that she is quite skilled at using. The sheath itself has a metal golden colored eagle on it. Ailith has a few scars from some close encounters with some wildlife. ( @Excalibur Queen )

    The four main characters will recieve and bear their assigned blessings.

    Blessing of the Nightmother - Increases stealth and successful theft rates, along with persuasion. Increases strength and speed of daggers. Ideal for Assassins. Resembles a crescent moon.

    Blessing of Leo - Increases strength and overall health, as well as intimidation. Especially increases the power of a blade. Ideal for Warriors. Resembles a lion.

    Blessing of the Stormsender - Increasing strength of all spells, especially those containing the element Thundura. Increases dagger strength and speed as well as persuasion. Ideal for Mages. Resembles a bolt of lightning.

    Blessing of Medicia - Increases power of healing abilities as well as health of the bearer. Also increases persuasion. Ideal for Healers. Resembles a medical cross.

    Other than healing spells for the Healer, there are three main elements for spells: Fira, Glacia, and Thundura.
    Fira - Pure fire energy. If not contained, can burn and seriously harm one.

    Glacia - Pure ice energy. If not contained, can inflict frostbite.

    Thundura - Pure electric energy. If not contained, can severely shock one.

    Elements can be mixed with others to form new spells, such as Firebolt, which is composed of Fira and Thundura. There are several spells for each element, and countless new spells to be formed. Spells can be mixed and branch of from others and so-on-and-so-forth. Mages typically start with one spell for each element— Ember Blast for Fira, Frostbite for Glacia, and Thunderbolt for Thundura.

    Ember Blast - A blast of fire sent from the caster's hand(s). Possibility to burn target.

    Frostbite - A blast of pure ice and cold sent from the caster's hand(s). Possibility to slow down target nominally and decrease defense.

    Thundura - A spark of electricity sent from the caster's hand(s). Possibility to break defense and/or reduce accuracy.

    Barriers are practically shields that surround the target entirely. They are often held up by the caster, who must remain calm in order for the barrier to form properly. Barriers will break if the limit of damage against them is exceeded.

    Pets are allowed, but they must be realistic (natural colors and marks, no armor unless told otherwise, no wild animals).

    Umbra - A husky with bright blue eyes and a scar across his muzzle. Bears a satchel that is filled with items and letters that Melyssa wishes to transfer. Loyal companion to Melyssa. ( @Vulpine_Eclipse )

    Tumbleweed - A small sand-colored mixed-breed dog that serves no purpose, save to keep Ben company. ( @Twilight Nova )

    Kohaku - An enormous mask-and-mantle black cat, with stunning amber eyes (hence the name), albeit with odd purple flecks in the latter. It was a long and arduous process of gaining the cat's trust and friendship, but in him, Eve found a true friend, and a wonderful cuddling companion. Kohaku (nick : Haku, 'amber') has a tendency to steal, due to instinct and need, despite Eve feeding him, although he has brought back money on more than one occasion. He also seems unusually attuned to Eve's moods, as observed by how and when he never steps on the paintings she makes as a hobby. (He does this thing when he steps on the corners, which usually dry first, and keeps checking his paws after every step, to see if he messed anything up) ( @MegaAbsol )

    Rusty - A ginger cat that serves as a companion to Ailith. ( @Excalibur Queen )

    Of course, if you wish to buy an item, you must have some money on you! Currency is formed of three types of coins: bronze, silver, and gold. Gold is worth the most, while bronze is worth the least. Five bronze coins are equal to one silver, whilst ten silver are equal to one gold.


    1. Please refrain from any form of over exaggeration: no character can be perfect. If attacking or slipping by a character of someone else's belonging, they decide what happens, but they must be fair. Not all attacks can land, nor miss.
    2. Keep natural colors for characters, save for dyed hair and the blessings. Keep all natural colors and marks for pets/companions.
    3. Your pet/companion may not have armor or weapons unless told otherwise. If you want armor or weapons for your pets, ask me and you can decide whether or not to buy the items or to have the animal already be bearing it.
    4. OOC: Please, respect other users in this roleplay. If they decide that your character has missed, don't snap at them and get angry. No one wants that, I'm sure!
    5. Ensure that Anonymity and Infamy levels are as spoken. If you're a healer, don't think you can get away with doing whatever you want. If you're an assassin, you'll have to work a bit harder to remain Anonymous.
    6. The meaning of this roleplay is to stand by each other's side. Arguments may occur between characters, but don't have one of the main for leave forever. (There will be times that they may be divided, but not eternally)
    7. Please don't exaggerate healing. In the beginning, one cannot heal deep internal wounds by theirself!
    8. Try to refrain from creating your own cities and worlds and such. When in one location, I'll try to speak of each location near it. The beginning will take place in Desrän, home of the rival countries Uurjland and Serendaal, and will take place in Insomnia, the capital of Serendaal. Your character does NOT have to be born within Insomnia's walls, and feel free to explain why they're there.
    9. It is okay if some of the four have never met. Hopefully, in the end, they'll become amazing friends otherwise.
    10. Before anyone asks, yes, your character may feel love and affection for another. They may love one of the other four (and it can be any of them, just ask the others first in OOC) or a character separate of the four. If it is with a character of someone else's belonging, ask them whether or not they want to do that. If they agree, have fun! Just keep it to a minimum...
    11. You're allowed to have characters separate from the main four. Tell me about them here in the discussion and I'll see if they can appear ^^
    Sorry if the rules seem very restricting! ^^'
    Speaking of rules, please, by the love of the Astrals, follow them to the best of your ability. I've been working on this thread since dawn, whilst working on a bunch of other crap, and I've been sitting against a wall all day, so my spine is broken...
    So please, have at least some regard for the roles.

    If anything of them doesn't necessarily fit properly, I'll tryto smooth it out. I may even make some exceptions!
    If you wish to join, I don't want to tell you what to do...but, try and be online as often as possible ^^ Only if you can, though, I won't force you.

    Also, in this roleplay, no users will be left behind. I feel it is very disrespectful and makes said user feel unwanted/unneeded in the roleplay, and I've faced it countless times myself! If one will not be online for a few days, set your reply in, and wait. (If you have to leave for a while, tell us and how long!)
    And, when you join, you'll be added to the Discussion conversation, just in case anything happens here!

    Anyways, thank you for being a part of us!

    1. @Vulpine_Eclipse
    2. @Twilight Nova
    3. @MegaAbsol
    4. @Excalibur Queen

    Here's the roleplay: https://pokecharms.com/threads/stand-by-me.17400/

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  2. Wow, this roleplay seems awesome! It's rare to see thought-out roleplays, and I'm getting a Dungeons and Dragons vibe from it xp I'd love to join, if you'll have me. I'm afraid I won't manage to get my character sheet up today, but before I begin making it, I have a few questions.

    First off, are Barriers spells for Mages or Healers? And what kind of a companion is acceptable? I was wondering if avians were a possibility, despite not fitting in aesthetically. Also, I'd like an age group as it'd help me understand what kind of skill bracket a character may have.

    I'd like to point out that should I join, most of my posts would be on a mobile, and I'd hate to be a hindrance to the others. But I'm also highly interested in this roleplay, and will probably follow it anyway. Lastly, as Healer is the class I'm interested in, I'd like to know what their weapon, if any, is. I realise that's a lot of questions ^^' but I'm really interested in this world, and excited to begin. Thank you!
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  3. Thaaaannk you, @MegaAbsol !
    Sorry that some things are a bit vague! I had a ton of crap to work on, but I'll gladly answer any and all questions!

    Barriers are spells for both Healers and Mages, but, more often than not, a Mage will be the one to know of them rather than Healers, who usually don't cast one, which is rather ironic.

    Almost any companion could be acceptable: dogs, cats, and any domestic animal are acceptable, but so are some that seem more on the "wild" side. An avian could easily be acceptable. (ravens, crows, and anything around that are acceptable, but anything along the lines of eagles and hawks...not so much ^^' )

    Also, about the age groups...
    I suck at that... XD
    Possibly around 20-35.
    Though that's hardly much at all XD I apologize that it's hardly anything at all.

    Being on mobile is no problem! (I'm also on mobile, and it's very laggy XD )

    Healers don't necessarily have a weapon, which is a downfall of theirs. They only heal when they need to, and many like to state that they'd be the opposite of what they are to be if they bear weapons. Yet again, more irony.

    Anyways, don't worry about the questions ^^ I left a lot of things unsaid and I'll admit it.
    The more questions asked and answered can clear up a lot for others!

    Thank you for even being interested in the roleplay! It just came upon me when I thought of Final Fantasy XV after playing a load of it (weird start, eh?). I was nervous about it at first, thinking it may never launch as a success, but I'm starting to think it will be! ^^ Set in your character form whenever you feel like it: don't worry about being on mobile.
    Problems seek out even the best of us.

    Thank you for wanting to be a part of this roleplay, and I really hope you enjoy it! ^^
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  4. Ah, no worries ^^ it's perfectly alright, and all my questions were completely answered so :D (although I did think another one up...)

    I see. So a Healer learning Barrier spells would technically be possible? I can see it being more efficient as well o3o Have a totally zen healer who's always calm and hence really good at healing and casting xD

    Healers are almost always depicted with staffs, or spell books, so I admit I expected something along those lines. I've sent my character profile to you via PM, along with reasons and other queries, but I'll go ahead and ask anyway : would it be alright for a practicing healer to carry a reference spell book thing? It's something of a disability, so I'd find it interesting working around that.

    Aha, don't worry about the questions ^^ I've always been very interested in world building, and this is turning up to be a very interesting one indeed :3 and yay Final Fantasy! I'm a fan of the franchise, but unfortunately have never played any of the games ;-; except one. Which didn't really count. But anyways. It's not odd, considering inspiration is everywhere x3 once again, I'd like to point out I really like the concept of the roleplay, and am looking forward to roleplaying with both of you!
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  5. Healers can definitely cast barrier spells, yes ^^

    Also, sorry about that XD It's alright for the Healer to carry one, yes ^^

    I also only played one of the games, which also doesn't necessarily count very much to the franchise: it's a completely separate world, from what I know XD

    I hope this roleplay goes well, but, from what I see with both you and @Twilight Nova , I can see this roleplay lasting quite some time and being a great one (the roleplays I've formed before never made it through: they were each conversation roleplays that never even launched properly and I gave up on the idea.
    For some reason, I never really felt properly about creation forum roleplays. It's just where it's open for everyone to see, so I kind of feel vulnerable to the judgement of others.
    But it's probably also because, around the first time I joined this wonderful site, I created a roleplay that was against a few rules of the site, so it got locked.
    The reason? Well...I tried to have others wait before it was ready to start -I was acomplete fool- and the administrators/moderators luckily caught the mistake and locked the thread. XD I'll admit that I was a fool.)
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  6. I may be interested but I do have at least one question. Can a warrior be female or are they strictly male?
  7. Sorry about everything being vague XD
    The four classes listed in this have no gender restrictions, so have some fun with that, if you wish ^^
  8. So do we put descriptions and pets here or ...? Just asking because I haven't seen anyone post something like that yet.
  9. Sure ^^'
    I forgot to mention that this began as a conversation roleplay, so descriptions were originally there, but I set it in as a forum roleplay because
    why not.
    And because it'd be for the best XD I apologize for any confusion.
  10. Ailith (Warrior)- A young woman of medium height with blond hair and gray eyes. She wears gray armor and a red cape. At her side is a sheathed sword that she is quite skilled at using. The sheath itself has a metal golden colored eagle on it. Ailith has a few scars from some close encounters with some wildlife.

    Companion- Rusty: a ginger furred cat that serves as a companion to Ailith
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  11. Alright!
    Thank you @Twilight Nova , @MegaAbsol , and @Excalibur Queen , for joining Stand By Me! I'm glad people were able to be found (and really, really great people, too!). Without you, I don't know where this roleplay would be!
    The roleplay will take some time in starting up, I fear to say. Hopefully, I can get it to launch at nightfall tomorrow. I'll set the link to the roleplay in both in this forum discussion, and the conversation discussion.
    The conversation discussion is there to serve as a replacement for the forum discussion in case anything happens. I've added the three of you to it, of course.

    If there are any questions, ask me at any time! I'll answer them as quickly as possible to clear things up.
    Feel free to bring in other characters aside from the main four whenever you wish!
    I'll warn you, though, that the villain (which I also have control of XD ) will be hidden.
    I guess.

    In the conversation/forum disccussion, feel free to ask any other users any questions, too!
    Relationships can form between any of the four. (and I mean any)

    Remember to be as fair as possible in your actions, and know what it means to stand as one!

    Thank you for joining Stand By Me, and know that you're all always welcome in joining any roleplays I form or asking me to join any.

    - @Vulpine_Eclipse
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  12. I deeply, deeply apologize that the roleplay is taking so long to make...

    Depressing thoughts are crawling back to me...I've been depriving myself of sleep to keep up the work I've forged (as in, staying up until 2:00 AM every night), but also because I am starting to suffer insomnia again (oh, the irony)...work is falling onto my shoulders...
    There are countless reasons...
    I'm sorry if I'm ruining the excitement you all may once have felt for the beginning of this roleplay because it's taking so long...
    I know, I know, all I have to do is create the thread and post the link, but I'm just...nervous.
    Nervous of all of this.

    I apologize, yet again, if I've ruined anything for any of you. Every sense of creativity I had not long ago was clogged...
    I know you're probably sighing to yourself and wondering when the roleplay will finally start up...and I'm sorry that it is taking so long.

    Tonight's just not my night. I might feel better by tomorrow, but the thoughts are getting to me again...

    My dearest apologies...

    - @Vulpine_Eclipse
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  13. Please don't worry about us, Vulpine. Take as long as you need. Life gets in the way of the best of us, sooner or later, so don't rush in handling it. I may not know what thoughts may be troubling you, and you may not want to share, but know that we'll stand by you.

    (Okay I'm sorry but I couldn't resist ^^')
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  14. I'll see if I can get it up soon. Last thing I want to do is have you guys wait a month. XD I might try and start it up tonight if possible.
    But I'll be trying to sleep a bit earlier so that way I can not raise my chances of an early death (sleep deprivation can actually raise that chance by 12%. yay), so I won't have much activity tonight. Probably around 9:00-9:30 would I be offline.

    (I should have seen that coming XD clever)
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  15. No worries! ^^
    And 12% huh? owo *glances at clock* *glances back* Y-yeah...aha...ahm...
    Well, at least my tests will now literally kill me. Yay school.

    Why thank you~ Unlikely, however xD I don't see my own jokes coming.
  16. I really hope those tests end for you soon! Exams and tests suck in every way imaginable.

    I know sleep deprivation wouldn't just cause someone to be irritable early in the morning, but I never had a clue by how easily it could end it all...
    and now that I'm thinking back to those few times I stayed up until daybreak....-shudder-

    I don't make puns or jokes very often.
    I'm blind to them, save for when they come from others XD
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  17. I know how you feel with the whole sleep deprivation, depressing thoughts, and lack of creativity ;-;
    I stay up every night until 3 am, or don't sleep at all, and that's been going on for a very long time

    Don't worry about pushing yourself to prepare everything for the roleplay, I'm willing to wait for it. ^.^

    Hey, wanna hear a joke?
  18. AAAAA
    Twilight! -hug-
    Welcome back!

    Also, sure!
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  19. -hugs back-
    Hello! Thank you

    Okay, so, two men are talking. One says, "The worst job I've ever had is working at a factory that made cowboy records."
    The other one frowned and said, "Howdy pressing."
    Might want to say that part out loud XD
  20. eee

  21. I'm glad we can chat freely since it's summer ^.^

    -bows- thank you, thank you
  22. Definitely! ^^
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  23. Hm. Have you read Excalibur's most recent post?
  24. Not yet. Why?

    EDIT: Well, now I have.
    I was aware that she'd be gone for a bit ^^ I'll probably make the roleplay after her return— I don't want her to miss out on anything and have to catch up entirely.
  25. Says they'll be gone from today until the 21st..
  26. Hey there! I know it's not quite the 21st, but close enough that my patience is barely holding on xD I'm excited to get this started! A status update would be great :3
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  27. Sorry! So much has been going on lately. I've hardly been able to plan anything on the roleplay...
    My apologies for all inconveniences...

    I haven't been doing too well lately: sleep is impossible, I'm nervous about every possible thing...

    I'm entirely worried about getting the roleplay started...and I'm afraid of it not turning out as everyone had expected.

    I'm so, so sorry...

    I can imagine the patience of those waiting on this roleplay is dead and it's been too long for anything to start up...
    I can imagine many just losing interest before it ever does start....

    I'm just trying to make everyone happy: I'm trying to make sure our friend doesn't have a lot to catch up on and I'm trying to get it started as soon as possible...

    Nothing is going as I wished it would.
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  28. Oh! Please don't apologise so much - there's nothing to be sorry about. Life gets in the way, and I didn't realise you'd been so busy.

    Don't underestimate the worth of this roleplay :3 when we were willing to participate, it was because of interest, an interest which shouldn't die out in a few days. Besides, good things to those who wait ;3
    Well, it would probably be a round of posts before Excalibur came back, so fair enough. We'll wait~ :)
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  29. Well...I'm aware it's after the 21st, and I'm sorry for all these delays...
    My great grandfather was sent to the hospital at around 5 AM due to pneumonia..

    Everything is falling apart.
    But I will try to get the roleplay up as soon as possible! If I'm lucky, I might be able to start it tonight, but I'm not very sure...
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  30. Aon


    Seemingly that is closed, but I am just asking. Do you guys take any other roleplayers?
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  31. All places are filled, sadly ^^' I apologize for any inconvenience! Once this one is finished, I'll start up another one that'll take more people.

    My greatest apologies, @Aon !
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  32. Alright...
    You've all been waiting long enough, and I heavily apologize for the long wait...
    So I'll try to get the roleplay up tonight. I'll be more active at night, today, because I have a lot of things to do during the whole day.
    If the roleplay's not up by tonight, then...I'm sorry.
    I was excited to start Stand By me.
    I thought it'd be great and would begin very soon after everyone joined...
    but it's been over a week.

    I know, though, that this roleplay, if it ever starts, will be great with the three others that joined ( @Twilight Nova , @MegaAbsol , and @Excalibur Queen ).
    I know that the impatience is riding high.
    I know that the roleplay's taking far too long to even begin...

    I'm infinitely sorry that it still hasn't started yet.
    I was so ambitious, thinking I could start it shortly after three others joined...
    Thinking that we'd ever go anywhere...

    I'll try to start it tonight.

    Thank you for your patience,
    It is heavily appreciated.

    - @Mythicalis-Majora
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  33. Well, sadly, I think the roleplay's going to start really late tonight (at around 1:00 ;-; )...
    Sorry for the inconvenience! (If it's not up by then, I'll try to set it up in the morning...)
  34. Alright! The roleplay will be ready soon (I'll give you the link in the bottom of the description of the roleplay) and I want to clear this part up for you guys.
    Some of you may have seen art of mine for creatures for Uurjland and Serendaal (formerly Ionia and Senoa). I want to warn you that none of those creatures exist here. They were simoly failures and I've given up on them.
    Feel free to create creatures of your own! However, if you do, try to give them a matching name (For example: Lorhund. Hund meaning dog in Swedish.) in which would be best if part of it was the name for what it represents in a separate language.
    Be sure to describe them well, though. Please refrain from just stating their name..
    Lorhund - Lorhund are very common creatures that roam the forests of all of Desrän. While being weak alone, they hunt and fight in packs of up to 8. They are slim, lithe black wolf-like creatures with a wiry tail that ends in a thick tuft of fur, as well as a mane around their necks. They also bear long fangs that protrude from their mouths, sharp claws/nails, and long ears.
    They often use the tufts at the ends of their tails to attract prey, before leaping out of the shadows and killing whatever it may be within just a few bites.
    Not only that, but they can dig and crawl into burrows, so nothing if really safe from them. They prey on small mammals, birds, and anyone who dares step into their territory...)
    The Lordhund may be used in the roleplay, but I'm not very sure.
    Thoughout the roleplay, I'll have some creatures appear occasionally and probably be recognized.

    Anyways, enjoy the roleplay once it begins!
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