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Ask to Join SSU-Heraldry: Sci-Fi Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. For those of you who aren’t aware SSU/SSI is a Sci-Fi setting of my own creation. Centered around the conflict between Humanity and a swarm like alien race the Ta’Ul (Tah-Oo-L), over a resource known as Star-Hearts. Sources of immense cosmic energy with reality altering properties; properties which fuel the more unrealistic aspects of the story, such as artificial gravity plating, FTL travel and defensive shielding.
    This RP will focus on the crew of the SSU Heraldry; the first of the new third generation Special forces corvettes. As they embark on missions in the Ta’Ul controlled Tantalus Cluster. A collection of of Star systems once rich in resources which have since been stripped of all life and are now used as staging space for Ta’Ul offensives in the sector.

    Star-Hearts explained
    Star-Hearts are a cosmic power source, they are believed to be a concentrated conglomerations of primordial energy left over from the Big Bang. These conglomerations can often be found deep within the cores of certain stars, with some believing them to be the missing link in the origins of life in the universe. When a living being is exposed to the energy of a Star-Heart, the being’s genetic material is greatly altered. The degree of impact of this genetic alteration is dependent upon the level of exposure and the potency of the Star-Heart.

    If you want your character to have powers they need to have been exposed to a Star Heart at some point in time and the powers they develop MUST be logically connected to their exposure. See my bio for explanation

    Meteor-Golems (Meteors)
    The Meteor-Golems are horned, grey stone imp-like monsters that are only strong in high numbers. They serve as the grunts of the more powerful Planet-Killers. Meteor-Golems are forged entirely from the planetary remains of planets which have lost their Sun’s, and while not as strong as beings empowered by Star-hearts to become Planet-Killers, they are still able withstand a great amount of force and energy. Their clay like stone forms allow them to convert their arms into a sharp blades as well as a gun-like weapon, or combine with other Meteor-Golems to create larger, more powerful Golems.

    These monsters take on completely unique forms from each-other. Their rough appearance and attributes will depend upon the living being they were created from as well as the potency of the Star-heart which brought them into existence, with lesser beings often losing their minds in the process creating powerful albeit dimwitted monstrosities.
    If a Planet-Killer is left unchallenged it will begin absorbing the nearest planet’s energy and matter, eventually encasing the creature in a planetary cocoon. Essentially fusing the being with the planet to create an enormous malleable fortress and battle platform for Ta’Ul forces.

    Inter-spacial Gateway Tunneling drive (IGT Drive):
    Induces a field of folded space linking two positions together before opening a temporary gateway between them.
    -Requires a sufficient mass/gravity-well in order to keep the gateways open, all power must be diverted to structural integrity fields in order to prevent severe damage. As such this method is primarily used by Terrain mobile command platforms as opposed to individual assault craft
    -This method also presents a unique risk for smaller vessels, as should the gateways collapse before the vessel has passed through the folded space would ‘snap’ back to normal scattering the object’s atomic materials across space time.

    Quantum Slip-Stream:
    Projects a ‘bubble’ of normal space around a vessel, this bubble is then manipulated into a rudimentary ‘come’ compressed at the front and expanded behind. This exerts a force on the rest of space and propelled the vessel forward.
    -Slowest be safest FTL method as should the drive become unstable during flight, the bubble distortions would revert to normal and the bubble may or may not deteriorate.
    -Most effectient with smaller ships as they require smaller ‘bubbles’ and thus smaller ships are able to squeeze more efficiency out of their Slip-stream drive. As an additional option smaller scout ships or fighters can actually dock/launch while in slip-stream provided they match speed and frequency exactly so that the two spacial bubbles combine.

    Ta’Ul Swarm Wormholes:
    Tears a hole in space-time to create a gateway for vessels to travel through. The wormhole begins as a simple space time distortion before expanding rapidly, allowing large volumes of forces to travel rapidly, though they are also prone to sudden violent collapses. Permanent gateways can be created utilizing a pair of Planetary cocoons and a Star heart to create a stable event horizon for the tear.

    No Mary Sues or being Overpowered especially at the start
    There are a limited number of spaces so I will not be reserving any spaces for people.
    Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar are crucial to this Rp, if I don't think your writing is upto scratch unfortunately I won't be able to accept you.
    Hide the word Stellar in your application to prove you have read the rules

    The SSU Heraldry is a heavily modified and upgraded Terran Corvette capable of operating independently on a variety of mission profiles in deep space. 170 meters long, 90 wide and almost 30 tall, the Heraldry is outfit with a large compliment of offensive and defensive systems to allow the ship to take on an entire Ta’Ul Planet Killer battle group alone. The ship is equipped with a single inbuilt long range coil gun running down the ships central spine, mounted to its dorsal and ventral hull are an assortment of twin heavy laser cannons. While it’s port and starboard sides both sport rapid loading torpedo arrays. The final addition to the ship’s combat capabilities, the Heraldry can carry and deploy two small fighter-craft in both manned and unmanned configurations.

    -if so how did they obtain them?

    Here’s mine
    Name: Alexander James Xavier VII (Ajax)
    Call-sign: Quasar
    Age: 29
    Birthplace: San Francisco
    Appearance: 5’9 with a slim-fit physique. His hair was originally a jet black, however the Star-Heart radiation he was exposed to damaged his hair follicles and now his hair grows in a light grey-Silver hue. His eyes however were stone grey at birth, before also being leeched of colour and rendered a piercing ivory, both of which somehow compliment his tanned skin tone and outwardly harsh demeanor.
    Weapon: Ajax’s combat suit focuses on utilizing his own mutated abilities rather than using traditional weapons, though he still carries a Heavy Laser pistol and a plasma knife with him at all times.
    Special equipment: Ajax carries a pair of Plasma multi-tools integrated into his combat gauntlets, when not in his full suit he wears a more streamlined pair of gauntlet multi-tools at all times

    Powers: His body is essentially a miniature power reactor, allowing him to convert absorbed heat, light or electricity into pure energy. Which can then be fired off as blasts or used to propel him in a form of unassisted flight. Though he needs to absorb energy in order to use his powers, as such he requested a specially built energy chamber to be installed in his private quarters aboard the Heraldry.

    How they were obtained: Ajax's previous post was first officer of a Generation two Saint class patrol ship. While running routine maintenance and solar scans of Star A643-L the ship was hit with a solar flare as such the containment field of the ship’s reactor begun to fail and started leaking energy at an uncontrollable rate, Ajax had entered reactor room in order to evacuate an injured crew member when the automated reactor overload failsafes kicked in. Jettisoning the core into space to explode upon Final deterioration and as well as sealing the contaminated area. The protocols had been designed so that the contaminated areas would be sealed off temporarily, the atmosphere vented into space while any trapped crew could take refuge in an air-locked safe box while awaiting full decontamination. However a second Flare disabled all onboard systems before the atmosphere could even be vented. Thus sealing Ajax in with the severely high levels of Star-Heartenergy already emitted by the core before ejection as well as the baseline radiation already penetrating the ship’s hull and affecting the crew.

    It took over 48 hours for the Star-Saint’s secondary power reactor to be restored to a functional capacity and a further 12 for the full decontamination process to complete itself. The crew member Ajax had rushed in to evacuate had died 16 hours into the ordeal and over the course of the following months he watched as his powers begun to develop.

    Skills: An Expert tactician and combat strategist, Ajax is prone however to underestimating the abilities of his peers if they do not display the same level of discipline and focus he believes they should. His tactical analytical skills also extend to the ability to uncover exploitable design flaws or weaknesses in enemy formations, strongholds and blockades.

    @Dark Soul @Foxex
    @Merciless Medic @Captain Cardboard
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Bam Murphy
    Call-sign: Demon
    Age: 26
    Birthplace: London Earth
    Appearance: Bam is 6'8" kind of skinny, with white blonde hair and storm grey eyes. He has a small x shaped scar on his left cheek from an accident during his flight training and a jagged scar along his back from a spinal enhancement after his spine was damaged in a car accident when his dad was on his phone while driving. In his demonic form he is 7'2", muscular, with white hair and black eyes, his hands and feet become clawed and he gains dark grey horns.
    Weapon(?): A modified laser bladed claymore (Medieval sword). This sword is a Murphy family heirloom given to him by his father.
    Powers(?): He can transform into his demon form, in this form he gains pyrokinesis, regeneration, super strength and the use of black tendrils that come from his back.
    How he got his powers: He joined a Generation two Saint class patrol ship at the age of 20, he was on his last chance with threats of his piloting license being revoked. While the ship was monitoring Star A625-B, a series of small flares struck the ship, Bam was in the bridge when sirens went off to inform that some damages had occurred and that the bridge had been sealed off, he spent his time alone in the bridge thinking of how his father had been furious with him being discharged from so many ships, he couldn't take it anymore, his fathers constant disapproval and his "I'm your superior" demeanor were just so infuriating, this pent up anger and hatred somehow merged with the radiation granting him his demonic form, he eventually lost consciousness awakening a week later in the ships infirmary in his demonic form, he spent approximately a year before perfecting his ability to change back and forth at will and approximately three years to master the rest of his abilities.
    Skills: He is an ace pilot after his dad kept him practicing all the time, he can pull off tight maneuvers and fly almost any kind of ship. He is also poly-linguistic, he speaks most earth languages as well as some alien ones as well, this is due to his mother originally wanting him to become a politician or an admiral.
  3. No, rejected
    Why does he have a laser sword as his only weapon? I don’t really care if it’s an heirloom I want to know WHY he uses it as his only weapon when ranged weapons exist, and no you would not be allowed to deflect laser blasts like a lightsaber
    The demon form really doesn’t fit the setting, how is he going to be able to shape shift in a spacesuit? And why a demon why of all the mutations did he become a demon. What about being angry at his dad summoned a demon?
    the way it was obtained does not work either. Perhaps I needed to be more clear but the powers need to fit with the scenario/environment/situation of exposure. Take Ajax for example her is basically a human power converter because he was exposed to the radiation in a sealed reactor room, so his body mutated to allow him to contain that energy.
    Bam, hate to say it this name really irritates me, being angry at his dad while being irradiated isn’t enough.
  4. Name: Gabriel Zusha
    Call-sign: Angel
    Age: 28
    Birthplace: Atlanta, GA
    Physical Appearance: Gabriel is a fairly tall with a slim, athletic build, standing at 6'2" and weighing 190 lbs. His light-skinned...skin...is pulled tight over his lean muscles, and Gabriel takes great pride in his ability to maintain his form. His shock of curly black hair is streaked with a bleached-blonde color, just one of the many side effects of his exposure to a Star-Core. Gabriel's dark brown eyes are similarly streaked with silvery tendrils, and they are almost constantly narrowed as Gabriel works through one problem or another. While Gabriel's streaked eyes or hair may catch your attention, they are certainly an afterthought when you see his most defining feature: the massive wings. Gabriel has a pair of massive white wings, each being about 7 feet in length from his shoulder blade to the tip. They are both made of an incredibly dense but relatively thin muscle tissue, and they are strong enough that they allow Gabriel to fly up to about 10 feet into the air.
    Clothing: Gabriel might be seen wearing any given outfit on any given day, but whenever he goes into combat there is one thing that doesn't change: the armor. Gabriel wears custom made armor, extremely resistant to physical trauma but with low resistance to lasers and plasma, that loosely resembles the old police riot armor that would be worn way back in the day.
    Weapon: All of Gabriel's kit was designed and built by him, and he specially tailored the entire arsenal to fit his fighting style. He uses a pair of gauntlets, each equipped with shock-coils on the knuckles and heating coils on the inside of the fingers. Each gauntlet also includes one half of a particle-decelerating shield, and when Gabriel folds his arms out in front of him he can activate the shield to protect a doorway's worth of space in front of him from laser and plasma fire. Gabriel also has twin laser blaster on the top of each gauntlet, though they can only be shot a few times before needing to cool down due to their small size.
    Powers: Gabriel's powers are relatively simple: he has "bird" wings and the regenerative power of a starfish. While stationed on a G4Hermes medical research station, Gabriel was the lead engineer on a project codenamed "Lazarus". Lazarus' goal was to produce a quick-deploy serum that could instantly reverse any life threatening injury, and the military had tried to keep it a classified secret. However, the Ta'Ul caught wind of the experiment's progress, and they decided that something had to be done. They sent in a strike team with the sole goal of destroying the station, and they struck quickly and without mercy. During the massacre of the station, Gabriel managed to fight off a trio of Meteor-Golems at the cost of half of his left hand. After he realized that more were in hot pursuit, Gabriel ran as fast as he could to the main research wing that housed the various attempts at the Lazarus serum. After sealing the wing at the behest of several ornery Meteor-Golems just outside the door, Gabriel grabbed the most recent breakthrough of the serum: a version that contained a refined starfish genome that bonded with the hosts, giving them the ability to regenerate minor wounds. This most recent version has completely grown back the severed wing of a Peregrine Falcon, and Gabriel didn't have time to prepare a fresh needle. He used the bird needle on himself, and his hand began to grow back just as the Meteor-Golems burst through the sealed doors. Drawing his laser pistol, Gabriel took aim at the large pillar in the center of the room, the pillar that housed the main housing for the Star-Core that powered all of the medical and research equipment. As it exploded, Gabriel was blasted back by a surge of energy and felt as though his molecules were rearranging themselves. Three months later, Gabriel woke up in the medical bay on the Falconer VIII system, with no lasting physical injury and a pair of small birds wings.
    Skills: Gabriel is a man of many talents, most of which focus around engineering. From a young age he was a prodigy when it came to manipulating machines and electrical currents, and he decided to use his talents to serve the military. There he gained even more engineering progress, and soon became a capable weaponsmith along with refining his electrical and mechanical engineering abilities.

    I can edit the way Gabriel gained the powers if need be.
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  5. The method of obtainment is actually super unique and creative, I really like it
    My issue is with the wings themselves but I think We can come to a pretty simple solution, my idea is that the genetic components of the falcon present upon the syringe mutated were damaged the radiation and as such the bone structure development was flawed despite Gabriels regenerative properties. As such they were fitted with a cybernetic framework/support for the wing tissue to grow upon. This also means you could use the wings in combat much like how Archangel from XMEN would.
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  6. @~Patriot~ feel free to tag anyone you think might be interested

    @Foxex please let me know if you’re interested or know anyone who might be
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  7. Seems interesting, I'm currently in an RP that's a high fantasy/scifi dealing with fractured time and stuff, and i enjoy it. I could use more practice with this though, count me in, give me a bit to read up and familiarize with the stuffs so i can get a proper character going. I'm not too sure who else on this would be interested in a scifi setting, but if any comes to mind i'll definitely give em a tag
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